7 Best Brushes for Beagles w/ 5 Effective Tips for Proper Brushing

Often described as “merry,” the Beagle’s happy-go-lucky attitude has made them the perfect family dog and hunting companion for centuries. Before they were the stars of films like Underdog and Shiloh, beagles were small-game hunters. Originally, English landowners and gentlemen used packs of beagles to hunt smaller prey like rabbits.

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However, the beagle’s keen nose is only one part of their charm—their natural beauty has also been a subject of admiration. With big, brown puppy-dog eyes and floppy ears, this breed isn’t easy to resist. Their soft coats often come in eye-catching colors like red, white, lemon and tricolor, and don’t usually require the same amount of grooming or upkeep that some other breeds do.

That being said, anyone who owns a beagle knows that their coats can become coarse, dirty and smelly after they’ve been chasing after rabbits in the backyard or rolling around in the mud. Regularly brushing your beagle one or two times a week can go a long way in ensuring your pup’s fur stays shiny, healthy, and not all over your furniture.

Weekly brushing is especially important in the springtime and summer. During the winter, the beagle’s coat gets thicker and more durable to protect them from the dropping temperatures, but once the flowers begin blooming, beagles begin shedding all that extra fur. Regular grooming can prevent loose hair from ending up all over your house while also promoting the spread of natural oils on your pup’s skin.

Although brushing your dog might seem as simple as just picking up the nearest comb, the brush that you use to groom your beagle with is crucial. Not all brushes work the same way and many brands may make promises they can’t keep.

Fortunately, you don’t need to guess which dog brushes will perfectly groom your dog and which ones won’t—keep reading to learn the most popular dog brushes for beagles, as well as our reviews for top-rated products of 2024:

Different Types of Popular Beagle Brushes

Although beagle grooming is usually low-maintenance, regular brushing plays a key role in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. While these dogs might require less frequent brushing in the winter or fall, they will need plenty of regular upkeep in the springtime and summer.

It’s not uncommon for beagle owners to assume that all brushes work the same way or have the same purpose. However, there are actually four types of beagle brushes to choose from—and not all of them may suit the needs of your dog:

Slicker Brushes

With small, stiff wires packed closely together, the slicker brush’s main purpose is to remove tangles, mats or loose hair that’s closer to the skin. Since the beagle’s short coat doesn’t usually get tangled or matted, the slicker brush may not be the first choice for a lot of owners.

However, for beagles that shed heavily or frequently get dirt and debris caught in their coats, the slicker brush may be a more effective tool than a pin brush or bristle brush.

It’s important to remember that not all slicker brushes may look the same. While these brushes come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, the short, rigid wires on the comb make them easily recognizable.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes tend to be a popular choice for beagle owners—especially those who regularly groom their dogs at home. Pin brushes look a lot like hair brushes. They contain flexible, longer wires that usually include a plastic or rubber tip. While a pin brush might not get rid of every piece of dirt or debris, they can collect most loose hair.

Unlike slicker brushes, pin brushes usually feel gentler on the dog’s skin and coat. Since the beagle already has a short coat, they may feel more comfortable with a pin brush than some other choices.

Bristle Brushes

For most beagle owners, a bristle brush is a must-have. Unlike pin or slicker brushes, the bristle brush is designed to do more than just remove loose hair or debris—it also stimulates hair growth and the spread of healthy oils on your beagle’s coat.

After combing your beagle with a pin brush, some owners use the bristle brush as a “finishing” tool. Not only may it catch a few loose hairs that the initial brush didn’t, but it will also ensure your beagle’s coat remains soft and shiny.

Keep in mind that a bristle brush may not need to be purchased separately—some pin brushes also contain a bristle head for convenience.

Hound Glove

Although some might argue that the hound glove isn’t necessarily a “brush,” it is a popular grooming tool for beagle owners to use. The wires on a hound glove are similar to that of a slicker brush, but instead of fitting on a comb, the wires are placed on the palm of the mitt.

In some cases, using a glove can be a little more comfortable for the dog since it feels as if you’re petting and grooming them at the same time. For beagles that can’t stand to be brushed, the hound glove may be a better choice than a regular brush.

Best Brush for a Beagle

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

Our Hands Down Favorite

There are plenty of dog brushes out there, but only one can be the best for your beagle—and that’s the Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush. As a multi-purpose groomer, the Furbliss brush is designed to meet all of your beagle’s brushing needs.

Not only will it collect loose hair, dander, and lint, but it also uses gentle bristles to improve blood flow and promote the spread of natural oils. Instead of feeling as if they’re being brushed, your beagle will only feel as if they’re getting pampered.

When you’re done using it, cleaning the Furbliss brush is as simple as placing it in the dishwasher or washing machine.

6 More Top-Rated Beagle Dog Brushes

You might already know what the best beagle brush is, but there’s no reason to quit there—here are six more choices to pick from:

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

During the summer, there’s no better way to remove loose hair from your beagle than with the Safari Combo Brush for Dogs. For beagles that regularly end up with dirty coats, the Safari brush can effectively remove matted fur and tangles.

When you aren’t using the slicker head, you can switch to the bristle side of the brush in order to distribute healthy oils across your pup’s skin. Along with two different sides, the grooming tool also has a sturdy wooden handle that’s designed to last. While the Safari brush works well for most dog breeds, the skinny, flexible bristles make it ideal for the thin coat of a beagle.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Regardless of how dirty or muddy your beagle’s coat gets, the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker brush is designed to make your pup’s fur as good as new.

With unique wires that curve slightly inward, removing embedded debris or tangles in the undercoat is effortless, and won’t irritate the sensitive skin of a beagle.

During long grooming sessions, you don’t need to worry about hand cramps or aching joints, either. The Hertzko brush includes a comfortable anti-slip handle to ensure you can brush your beagle for as long as you need to.

Safari Soft Slicker Brush for Dogs

Although slicker brushes can be incredibly effective at dealing with knots and tangles, their stiff design makes them difficult for some beagles to tolerate. Fortunately, the Safari Soft Slicker Brush solves that issue by using softer, stainless steel bristles that are less likely to make your pup uncomfortable.

Unlike some other brushes, the Safari brush doesn’t tug too harshly on your pup’s fur when untangling knots or collecting debris.

With regular use over time, the Safari Soft Slicker brush can even help promote a fur-free home while also keeping your beagle’s coat shiny and healthy. Since it comes in a variety of sizes, it’s an ideal choice for both fully-grown beagles and developing puppies.

Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove

If you find that your beagle can’t stand to be brushed, your pup may need the comfort and support of a Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove. Not only does the mitt design make the grooming process easier on your beagle, but it also may help you get to those “hard to reach” areas on your dog’s skin and coat.

The rubber bristles function as a multi-use grooming tool by collecting everything from loose hair to dirt, knots, and even pesky fleas.

Because of the glove’s design, you can effortlessly peel off the loose hair or debris you’ve collected when you’re finished and easily dispose of it.

FURminator Curry Comb For Dogs

For beagle owners that enjoy brushing their beagles at home (rather than taking them to an expensive stylist), the FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs has everything you need to get a professional result without leaving your house.

As an ideal choice for dogs with short coats like the beagle, the FURminator comb works by using rubber teeth to loosen hair and stimulate new hair growth. The ergonomic handle also reduces the risk of cramped hands or sore joints after long periods of grooming.

Not to mention, with antimicrobial plastic, the risk of bacteria and germs sticking to the brush (or your dog) is minimal.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

The KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush doesn’t just remove loose hair and help prevent shedding—it also engages your beagle too. You may be grooming your dog, but they’ll only feel as if they’re getting a luxurious massage.

During bathtime, the ZoomGroom brush can help spread shampoo on your beagle’s skin or untangle any knots that may appear while you’re drying them off.

The ZoomGroom brush is designed to stimulate your dog’s capillaries so that their coat remains shiny while also attracting loose hair like a magnet. The convenient size of the brush also makes it a perfect fit for medium breeds like the beagle.

5 Simple Tips to Properly Brush a Beagle

  1. Organize your grooming materials in one spot. Not only is it more convenient for when you go to perform grooming tasks, but a brush can be easily misplaced. By keeping it one area, you’re less likely to lose it when it’s time to brush your beagle.
  2. Begin grooming your beagle as soon as possible. Getting your dog used to the grooming process can be time-consuming—especially if they’re an adult who’s never been brushed before. To make the activity a little easier for both you and your dog, begin brushing them as soon as you can.
  3. Let your beagle sniff the brush before using it. Before you begin brushing your beagle, allow them to sniff it. By familiarizing themselves with the comb, your dog may be less likely to react negatively when you go to brush him.
  4. Desensitize your beagle to touch. Initially, your beagle might not enjoy the feeling of being brushed. In some cases, you may need to start off by “brushing” your beagle with your hand. Once they’re comfortable with your hand, you can then try using the brush.
  5. Be sure to clean the brush on a semi-regular basis. If you’re just picking off loose hair, cleaning the brush might not seem important. However, germs and bacteria can easily stick to the brush. Every once in a while, disinfecting or sterilizing your brush can prevent bacteria from transmitting to your dog.

Knowing what type of brush to buy is important, but understanding the basics of dog brushing can be even more crucial.

FAQ Regarding Beagle Brushing/Grooming

  • How often should I be brushing my beagle? – How frequent you brush your beagle may depend on the season. During the springtime and summer, you may need to brush your pup a couple of times a week since they’re shedding their winter coats. In the winter, you may only have to brush your beagle once a week.
  • Do beagles shed? – While their coats may be short and thin, beagles do shed frequently. Their shedding can be especially noticeable during the spring and summer when they shed their thick winter coats. Keep in mind that every dog is different. Some beagles may shed more heavily than others, and may even need more grooming.
  • Can you overbrush a beagle? – Although it’s difficult, over-brushing your dog is possible. If you dig the brush into your dog’s skin too deeply or stroke them too roughly, you can irritate their skin—which can make the brushing process painful for your dog. For a short-haired breed like the beagle, there’s usually no reason to brush your dog more than a couple of times a week.
  • Which type is the best beagle brush? – The best beagle brush will vary depending on the dog, but many owners do prefer the gentle touch of a bristle or pin brush when they’re trying to groom their pups. If you find that your beagle can’t stand a regular brush, you may need to use a hound glove instead.

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