Boston Terrier Shampoo: Our 6 Picks For The Best Shampoo for Boston Terriers

Always ready to take on the town in their tuxedo, Boston Terriers are aptly nicknamed the American Gentlemen. From their short coat and tail to curiosity and humor, these dogs are every bit made for cities and small apartments. These often close quarters, though, mean that the right shampoo and cleaning regimen is of utmost importance to keep everyone, including little Fido, comfortable.

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A Boston Terrier has a short, shiny coat that sheds just a little. With this, you do not need to bathe your Boston Terrier every week, as their natural oils will keep them shiny and clean for quite some time. Weekly brushing will help distribute the oils and encourage new hair growth. This helps to extend the time needed between baths.

Their short snout, large ears, and endearing eyes, though, take special attention to keep clean. In addition to wiping their face to promote hygiene, the right shampoo can work with your Boston Terrier’s coat to calm their skin, relieve any itching or dandruff, and keep them smelling delightful. This, in turn, will make both owner and dog happy when the Terrier asks for those well-loved lap snuggles – after a quick game of fetch, of course.

Boston Terrier habits and breed characteristics are kept in mind when making their shampoos. With natural ingredients and breed-specific formulas, both dog and owner can be confident that the dog’s coat will shine to the best of its ability. Choosing the best shampoo for your specific dog’s skin and coat will keep them clean and balanced for weeks on end.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Top-Rated Boston Terrier Shampoo

Boston Terriers are unique as their breeding is a delightful pairing of a small-statured dog with the intelligence and family-friendly nature of many larger dogs. But, this gentlemen’s breeding has also made them a bit more prone to allergies. With this, it is vital to have natural and soothing elements in a Boston Terrier shampoo. Here are a few ingredients to consider for your next wash:

Aloe Vera

This thick-skinned, spiky plant is well-known among owners for its soothing relief of sunburns. But, aloe vera is not just for humans. It’s naturally calming properties can calm itchy skin, whether from grass irritation or perhaps an unknown allergen that is causing your Boston Terrier to break out.

By choosing a shampoo with aloe vera, your Boston Terrier will have added protection against skin infections and dandruff. Aloe vera does this by its high concentration of amino acids that rehydrates their skin without any unwanted side effects. Also, aloe vera has an enzyme that reduces inflammation. So, if your dog has any scrapes or small wounds, a shampoo with aloe vera in it will both clean and soothe their cut.

Oatmeal and Wheat Protein

This favorite morning snack for the owner can work wonders on your Boston Terrier if they have worked themselves into a bit of a stink. Oatmeal can soak up offensive odors, similar to baking soda. However, it is much less abrasive to your dog’s coat. So, to keep your Boston Terrier free of any undesirable scents, look for a shampoo with oatmeal or another wheat protein in it.

Additionally, oatmeal acts as a conditioner to your dog’s coat, helping the skin remain elastic. This is important for your Boston Terrier, especially in the dry winter months, when they may be experiencing some hair loss. You can always try and do an oatmeal bath on your own with your dog, but having it in their shampoo is much simpler.

Lavender or Lemongrass

Lavender and lemongrass have impressive antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory attributes. Lavender uses these properties to soothe cuts, bruises, burns, and bug bites on dogs. Boston Terriers are prone to nibbling at their toes quite a bit, so this can be especially helpful for their breed.

This paw-biting usually occurs as they tend to be city dogs that walk on busy sidewalks. The road and de-icing chemicals, hot concrete, or grass allergies found in cities may cause a bit more irritation than a dog who goes to the same backyard every day.

Lemongrass has some antiseptic properties as well to help soothe your Terrier’s woes. However, both lavender and lemongrass can be used as flea, moth, and mosquito repellent. Not only will your dog smell delightful, but many nasty critters will be kept away. So, by bathing your Boston Terrier with a shampoo with either of these herbs, you can soothe any skin irritations and naturally repel insects at the same time.

Natural and Balanced Ingredients

Perhaps the most important of all the things to consider, make sure you get a shampoo that is organic or at least natural for your dog. Harsh chemicals will strip your Boston Terrier’s natural oils, leaving their short fur dull and susceptible to drying out. This may lead to increased hair loss and dandruff, which is unwanted.

By choosing natural and organic products, owners cut down the risk of an allergic reaction as well. A Boston Terrier’s skin has a neutral Ph between 6.2 and 7.4, whereas humans are more acidic around 5.5. By choosing a dog-specific, natural shampoo, you will keep your Boston Terrier’s acid mantle, the top layer of their skin, balanced, allowing them to fight off viruses and bacteria naturally.

The 6 Best Dog Shampoos for Boston Terriers

Learn more about our top picks for Boston Terrier shampoo.

4-Legger Organic, Hypoallergenic Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Best Overall

Many advertised organic or natural shampoos are not 100% natural but are still allowed to put it on the label. But, 4-Legger is 100% organic, sustainably sourced, and made with non-GMO ingredients. The holistic, essential oil blend lathers well without harsh chemicals that would lead your Boston Terrier to lose hair or have dry skin.

4-Legger’s Lemongrass & Aloe dog shampoo also is spectacular for your Boston Terrier’s face. With such large and adorable eyes, cleaning can be precarious. This shampoo can be used safely on their face. If you do get any in their eye, simply wash it out with water, but it will not harm your pup at all. All in all, this shampoo is the best option for a Boston Terrier.

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey for Dogs

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey is for those Boston Terrier owners who prefer their dog not to have a scent. While many love a fresh lavender-scented pup after their bath, some desire them to simply not smell. The oatmeal and oat flour in this shampoo soak up any odor. So, if your Boston Terrier tends to work up a stench, or is very sensitive to scents on their skin, consider this shampoo.

The honey and beeswax also included in this shampoo helps restore moisture and oils to your Boston Terrier’s coat. In the dead of winter, Boston Terrier’s often shed more or have dry skin for the air. By helping moisturizing their skin with honey and locking it in with the beeswax, they will be rejuvenated until their next bath.,

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo

This is one of our favorite holistic pet lines. Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo contains gentle cleansers with no harsh soaps or synthetic fragrances that can overwhelm your pet’s skin. Oatmeal and aloe soothe irritated skin to discourage scratching, while preserving the skin’s natural moisture barrier and rebuilding the outer protective layer.

The formula is never product tested on animals, and it’s 100% biodegradable. It won’t pollute our waterways. It’s safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments and is also a good option for sensitive puppies. It leaves a clean scent behind that isn’t too strong and helps reduce the number of baths you need to give because of odor.

Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Dog Shampoo

Both sourced and made in the USA, Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Dog Shampoo goes well with your all-American Boston Terrier. Used among the fiercest competition at dog shows, this shampoo is always backed by a 100% guarantee. But, with all of the science and beauty put in this shampoo, you won’t need to use it.

This ultra-rich and concentrated shampoo is specially made for owners who want their dog’s coat lush and full, even if they have short hair. The Calendula flower extract and rosemary leaf juice help keep the skin moisturized, and groomers often note this is easy on their hands even after repeated washes. This shampoo’s ingredients also will help your Boston Terrier’s tuxedo shine. It is specially formulated to make those white patches extra white naturally.

HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Essential Fatty Acids for Dogs & Cats

For those Boston Terrier’s with extra sensitive skin, the HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Essential Fatty Acids is a solid choice. HyLyt has manufactured a pH balanced formula with protein for conditioning and emollients for retaining moisture. This keeps your Boston’s hair soft and smooth for all occasions.

To keep the skin soft and supple as well, HyLyt Shampoo uses essential fatty acids to control dandruff flakes and scales that are often caused by secorrhea. This shampoo is often known for its fluffy lather which lets you know that your Boston Terrier will truly be clean at the end.

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Using only natural and whole food ingredients, Buddy Wash brings Boston Terrier owners their Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner. Having this two-in-one option is excellent for those who lead a busy life. The coconut-based liquid is 100% alcohol-free for a safe and tear-free wash. The scent of lavender and mint both work to make bath time a soothing experience, which is suitable for those whose Terriers are a bit anxious.

Also included in this shampoo are aloe vera, chamomile, sage, nettle, rosemary, wheat protein, tea tree oil, and vitamins E and C. This list of ingredients names about every item that can help soothe skin and keep it hydrated, month after month. So, if you’re looking for a go-to wash for your pup, perhaps add this to your list.

3 Tips for Bathing a Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers’ bath time can be quite simple and straightforward. Consider these three tips when it’s time for a bath:

  1. Use a baby wipe or damp washcloth to clean facial wrinkles and around the eyes instead of using shampoo.
  2. Brush their hair before the bath to avoid excessive shedding during bathtime.
  3. Use the kitchen sink instead of a bathtub. The Terrier’s small size allows for this and makes the task easier on your back if they are at counter height.


How Often Should You Bathe a Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier’s short coats should naturally take care of themselves if they are on a proper diet. If all goes well, you should only need to bathe your Boston Terrier when they are dirty or have begun to smell. But, sometimes dry skin or allergies can bring the need to wash more often. If your dog has irritated skin, choose one of the recommended shampoos and bathe weekly.

What Is the Best Brush to Use Before Bathing My Boston Terrier?

A Boston Terrier coat is quite thin, so owners should use a soft brush not to irritate the skin just beneath. A traditional bristle brush or boar bristle brush should work wonders. The bristles are tightly knit together to easily remove loose hair while helping spread the natural oils evenly over their coat.

If you do not have one of these, a rubber curry brush is also a great, soft option. Whichever you choose, just make sure to apply light pressure as not to irritate their skin.

Do I Need to Dry My Boston Terrier After the Bath?

A Boston Terrier’s short coat will dry very quickly on its own in most circumstances. But, their facial folds need to be kept dry to keep bacteria at bay. Use a cotton ball or swab to dry each of their folds gently. Cleaning and drying their folds is a daily task for every Boston Terrier owner, so keep these items somewhere nearby.

Do I Need to Cut My Boston Terrier’s Coat? 

No. If you are not a fan of consistent trips to the groomer, you have chosen well with a Boston Terrier. Their short coat sheds minimally and does not need human involvement to keep it at the right length. Just remember to brush their coat at least once a week, and they will have a beautiful, shining coat.

What Can I Use to Help My Boston Terrier’s Coat Shine?

If you massage your dog’s coat in a circular motion, you will stimulate the release of oil. This natural oil keeps your dog’s skin moist and flake-free, as well as gives them that desired shine. It is also a great bonding activity for both owner and pup. Additionally, you can add a bit of coconut oil to this massage time if needed. It is proven to be a safe and natural moisturizer for most animals.

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