6 Best Muzzles for Bulldogs : Top Brachycephalic-Safe Muzzles for Short Snouts

Not only are they the mascot for the University of Georgia’s football team, Yale University, and the U.S. Marine Corps, but the English Bulldog is also one of the most beloved breeds across the world. With short snouts, bulging eyes, and hanging chops, their dopey faces can be irresistible.

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Before they represented football teams and universities, the English Bulldog had a bloody start. During the 13th-century, bulldogs were bred for bull baiting. British citizens forced packs of these dogs to enter the ring and fight off a staked bull while they bet on the outcome. Once bull baiting and similar blood sports became illegal, the English Bulldog almost became extinct.

However, through careful breeding, breeders across the world were able to refine the English Bulldog’s temperament and appearance. Instead of thirsting for violence, these dogs only craved the affection of their human companions.

What is the Best Bulldog Muzzle?

Today, when the bulldog isn’t the face of military branches and colleges, they’re usually trying to cuddle up to their loved ones. Although this breed isn’t generally aggressive, they may still lash out when provoked or frightened. A trip to the groomer, a painful injury, or a touchy stranger may be all it takes for your bulldog to go on the defensive.

Not to mention, anyone who owns a bulldog is aware that these dogs will try and eat anything they can get their paws on. This might not be an issue at home, but it’s never a good idea to allow your pup to try and lick up garbage off the sidewalk.

It’s for these reasons that many English Bulldog owners may decide to muzzle their dogs in certain situations. While muzzles have gotten a bad rap, organizations like the American Kennel Club advocate for their use in specific scenarios. You don’t want to muzzle your bulldog all the time, but in an appropriate situation, a muzzle can keep you, your dog, and those around you safe.

Most of the time, you’ll find that choosing to use a muzzle isn’t the hard part—finding the best bulldog muzzle is. Since the Bulldogs’ short snout makes them prone to breathing issues, you’ll want to ensure that the muzzle you purchase allows your dog to breathe freely (especially if you already know they have a respiratory problem). Fortunately, we’re here to help—keep reading for tips to train your bulldog to wear a muzzle, when to use one and our top recommendations:

Different Types of Muzzles for Bulldogs

Although fitting a bulldog with a muzzle can be a challenge, there are actually a few different types you can use. In the midst of an emergency, vet exam or outside walk, the kind of muzzle you use can make all the difference:

Plastic Basket Muzzle

Not all plastic basket muzzles may fit your Bulldog’s snout, but those that do may be exactly what you need. Unlike soft muzzles, the plastic basket muzzle doesn’t completely cover your dog’s mouth or prevent them from opening up.

Instead, it only surrounds the snout which means that your bulldog will still be able to drink water or pant, but will be unable to bite or eat off the floor. One of the positives to using a plastic basket muzzle is that you may be able to “mold” or “shape” it for a wider or narrower fit.

Wire Basket Muzzle

A wire basket muzzle, on the other hand, won’t allow you to “mold” or “shape” it. While this can make it trickier to fit onto your bulldog, the upside is that a wire basket muzzle is often more durable than a plastic one. In extreme temperatures, it won’t melt or soften as a plastic basket muzzle might.

When looking for a wire basket muzzle that will fit your bulldog’s short snout, look for choices that are specifically designed for flat-face breeds, or baskets that are wider and rounder. Keep in mind that a wire basket muzzle won’t prevent your bulldog from barking.

Soft Muzzle

If a plastic or wire basket muzzle won’t fit your bulldog, a soft muzzle might. Unlike the basket design, a soft muzzle usually covers your bulldog’s lower face or snout. Most of the time, this prevents your dog from opening up or biting.

Since your bulldog won’t be able to pant or drink water, it’s not a good idea to use a soft muzzle for an extended amount of time—and usually not in extreme heat either.

Leather Basket Muzzle

Some basket muzzles may also use leather material as well. Although the leather will surround your dog’s snout like a cage, it often provides a more snug, comfortable fit. On scorching summer days, the leather material won’t melt as a plastic basket would, and it also won’t heat up like a wire basket either.

It’s important to find a leather basket muzzle that includes adjustable straps so you can ensure it fits your bulldog correctly. If the muzzle is too loose, your dog may slip out of it while one that’s too tight can cause discomfort.

When and Why Would a Bulldog Need a Muzzle?

The English Bulldog may be a relaxed breed, but that doesn’t mean you might not need to muzzle them in specific circumstances. Here are just a few situations where a muzzle might be useful:


Your bulldog might not be capable of hurting a fly when they’re healthy, but it’s not uncommon for injured dogs to try and bite anyone who comes near them. Trying to avoid getting bitten while also treating your dog’s wounds can be a challenge.

Muzzling your dog during an emergency can keep those who treat your bulldog bite-free as well as make the process go much smoother.

Vet Visits or Grooming Sessions

Vet visits or grooming sessions can be terrifying for some dogs to endure. In addition to being poked or prodded by a stranger, they may also have to deal with several other anxious dogs in the same vicinity.

If your bulldog has a history of biting or you suspect it may happen, a muzzle can eliminate the risk. Some vet offices or salons may even have rules that force you to muzzle your bulldog during an examination.

Outside Walks

Even if they aren’t going to try and bite strangers or other dogs that walk by, there may be another reason to muzzle your bulldog while you’re out on a daily walk: eating.

All dogs are curious, and it’s not uncommon for bulldogs to try and eat off the floor. Even if it’s okay in your own home, you might not want your bulldog trying to lick up garbage on the sidewalk or ground. Muzzling your dog can prevent this behavior, and may even save you from having to rush your pup to the vet because they’ve eaten something poisonous.

2024 Best Muzzle for Bulldogs

Many muzzles may work fine or even well for your bulldog, but only a few can go above and beyond. Here’s our best bulldog muzzle recommendation:

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

Although basket muzzles may be the most humane option for a bulldog, the real challenge is finding one that can fit over your dog’s round face and short snout. Fortunately, the Baskerville Ultra Dog muzzle may be up for the task.

Since it uses thermal plastic rubber, this is a “moldable” product. Once you’ve heated it up, you can “mold” the muzzle to be wider or narrower. There are also adjustable head and neck straps to make sure it fits snugly and comfortably around your bulldog’s neck.

5 More Top-Rated Bulldog Muzzles

There’s no reason to stop with only one—here are five more muzzles that can also get the job done:

OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

One issue that plastic basket muzzles can have is withstanding extreme temperatures. In the scorching heat, the plastic that surrounds your dog’s snout may become softer or even start to melt.

Fortunately, the OmniPet Italian Basket Dog muzzle avoids this issue by using flexible polyethylene. In addition to the sturdy cage design, the adjustable straps are made with leather material to ensure they won’t chafe or rub against your bulldog’s sensitive skin. Depending on the color of your bulldog, you can find this product in both tan and black varieties.

CollarDirect Leather Basket Bulldog Muzzle

Bulldogs can be challenging to fit, but there’s one muzzle that’s specifically designed for their wide faces and short snouts: the CollarDirect Leather Basket Bulldog Muzzle. With real leather that’s both soft on your pup’s face and durable enough to endure a little wear and tear, this may be an ideal choice.

In addition to the real, handcrafted leather, there are also two adjustable straps that you can use to ensure that you get the most comfortable fit.

While color might not affect the muzzle’s function, it’s worth noting that the CollarDirect muzzle comes in both brown and black.

Metal Wire Basket Muzzle for Bulldogs

Most of the time, a metal wire basket muzzle may be narrow for your bulldog’s flat, short snout. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with the Metal Wire Basket Muzzle for Bulldogs. Since it’s designed specifically for the English Bulldog, the metal cage is shorter, rounder, and wider.

Unlike some other metal wire basket muzzles, this one uses lightweight materials that won’t weigh your bulldog down. There are two different places to adjust the muzzle, but it’s crucial that you measure your dog’s snout beforehand to ensure you get the correct size.

Goodboy Gentle Dog Muzzle

While not all soft muzzles can correctly fit around a bulldog’s snout, the Goodboy Gentle Dog Muzzle comes in a variety of sizes and uses adjustable straps.

Unlike most soft muzzles, the Goodboy muzzle will prevent your bulldog from biting, but won’t stop them from lapping up water or eating a few treats out of your hand. The soft neoprene padding may be more comfortable around your dog’s snout, and there’s even a bonus collar to ensure it stays in place.

When you’re done using it, taking the muzzle off is as simple as pressing the quick-release buckles and sliding it off your bulldog.

CooZero 7PC Dog Muzzle Suit

If you’re having difficulty finding the right fit, the CooZero 7-Piece Dog Muzzle Suit may be just what you need. Not only does it keep your bulldog from biting, but it provides you with seven different options to pick from.

Chances are, even if one doesn’t fit, another will. With adjustable straps and quick-release buckles, sliding the muzzle on and off your bulldog may only take a matter of seconds. It’s also worth noting that if the product malfunctions or doesn’t happen to fit, there’s a money back guarantee.

5 Tips to Properly use a Muzzle with a Bulldog

  1. Don’t just try and wrestle the muzzle onto your bulldog. Not only will this likely cause a defensive reaction, but your bulldog may be less cooperative with the muzzle in the future. Instead, try putting the muzzle beside him and letting him approach it. When he does, reward him with a treat.
  2. Try placing treats inside the muzzle for your bulldog to snack on. After he eats the treats, don’t let him just walk away. Instead, practice keeping your bulldog’s head inside the muzzle (without strapping it on) for short, thirty-second intervals. As they get more comfortable, you can increase the time.
  3. Once your bulldog is more familiar with the muzzle, try strapping it on. They may not like it at first, but be sure to feed them treats throughout the process.
  4. Take your bulldog on a short walk with the muzzle. This will give your bulldog time to adjust, but also help them associate the muzzle with something positive—like going on a walk.
  5. Don’t forget to stay patient. Correctly training your dog to wear a muzzle isn’t always a piece of cake (especially if your bulldog is stubborn). The important thing to remember is not to lose hope or give up on the process.

As important as it is to find the best bulldog muzzle, being able to correctly train your pup to use it is just as crucial.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Bulldogs

What is the best bulldog muzzle type?

Depending on the size of your dog’s snout, a wire or plastic basket muzzle may be your best option. Not only will your bulldog still be able to open his mouth, drink and eat treats, but they may be more comfortable for extended periods of time as well. However, if you find that a basket muzzle won’t fit your bulldog’s snout, a soft muzzle may be the better choice.

Will wearing a muzzle make my bulldog more aggressive?

No. Although a muzzle will prevent aggressive behavior, it won’t make your bulldog any more aggressive.

Can I use a muzzle to train my bulldog not to bite or bark?

While a muzzle will prevent biting or barking when it’s on, it won’t train your bulldog not to do it while it’s off. Muzzles can be effective at keeping your bulldog safe, but they aren’t good training tools.

How long should I let my bulldog wear a muzzle?

If your bulldog has breathing issues, you should consult a vet before using a muzzle. For healthy bulldogs, they should never wear a muzzle for more than an hour.

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