12 Best Dog Toys for Corgis in 2024

Only weighing around thirty pounds in adulthood, the Corgi offers a big personality in a tiny package. Although these dogs might not win any races, their stubby legs may be more powerful than you think. In fact, the Corgis’ muscular thighs and broad chest make them surprisingly agile and well-suited for labor.

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Originally, Corgis started to become popular after a group of Flemish weavers relocated to Britain and brought along herding dogs that would later be known as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It didn’t take long to realize that the Corgi’s friendly temperament and stout muscular frame made them ideal dogs to herd cattle and livestock.

Today, Corgis might not spend their time herding cattle, but they still love to be busy. In fact, if you aren’t occupying your Corgi’s time well, they might start looking for other ways to burn off their excess energy—like tearing up your couch cushions or chewing through your favorite pair of shoes.

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is by providing your Corgi with plenty of toys to play with during the day. This may seem like an easy solution, but finding the right toy for your pup can be more challenging than you’d think. Not only can some dog toys be made with cheap, perishable materials, but they may not suit the happy-go-lucky personality of a Corgi either.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which ones will keep your Corgi occupied—we’ve already reviewed top-rated Corgi toys and compiled a list of the best ones for you:

Different Types of Dog Toys for Corgis

You might think all toys are the same, but there are actually several different types—and not all of them may work equally as well for your Corgi.

Plush toys, or comfort toys, usually look a lot like soft, stuffed animals. Unlike training or interactive toys, however, plush toys aren’t usually used for playtime. Many dogs end up bonding with their plush toys and even carrying them around—much like a child who carries around a special blanket or stuffed animal.

In some cases, your Corgi may even demand to sleep next to their plush toy at bedtime.

Training toys have two purposes: not only do can they help with teething, but they also let your dog know what’s okay to chew on and what’s not. Although they can come in many forms, training toys tend to be rubber or plastic and durable enough that aggressive chewers won’t destroy them.

The main appeal of a training toy is, besides making the teething process easier, they may be able to prevent your Corgi from chewing up your favorite pair of shoes.

Although interactive toys can range from a tennis ball to play fetch with to an intricate puzzle toy, the purpose of these toys are to build the bond between you and your Corgi. Interactive toys are usually activities that you and your dog can do together—like playing tug of war.

Keep in mind that, regardless of what kind of toy you buy your dog, you should always supervise them initially to make sure they don’t injure themselves (or have an allergy to one of the materials in the object).

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Corgis

When you’re looking for the right toy for your Corgi, you must first ask yourself what separates a good toy from a bad one. Ultimately, finding the right toy comes down to two key elements: durability and activity needs.

You may have found the best toy in the world, but it won’t matter much if your dog tears it up in less than a week. Durability is one of the most important features a toy can have. Although Corgis aren’t typically aggressive chewers, they may still be able to rip apart or unravel something if they have enough time.

While you might not always be able to tell if a toy is durable before you buy it, toys that are constructed with sturdier material and tear-resistant fabrics are likely to last much longer.

Another essential factor is your Corgi’s activity needs. For anyone who’s never owned a Corgi before, it might come as a surprise that these dogs can be pretty active. They’re usually happiest when they’ve got a task at hand, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in toys that are specifically designed for high-energy dogs.

Keep in mind that puppies can be even more high-maintenance while senior Corgis may not need as much stimulation.

Best Corgi Dog Toys 2024

Not all toys work equally well—here are our top picks for Corgi toys:

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Toy 

Best Overall

Many toys may work well for your Corgi, but only one can be the best—and that’s the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Toy. This toy combines the best of both worlds: not only does it offer your dog a soft plushie to cuddle with, but it also gives them a squeaky toy as well.

There are two different squeakers located in the toys to ensure they last longer, and the three-pack contains some of your dog’s favorite Woodland designs. Medium-sized dogs like the Corgi should have no issues holding these toys in their mouths or carrying them around.

NylaBone DuraChew Double Bone Bacon Flavor Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, finding a toy that can survive more than a week can be a challenge. Fortunately, the NylaBone DuraChew Double Bone Bacon Flavor Dog Toy uses durable nylon material that will be tough to destroy, but easy on your dog’s teeth.

In addition to giving your Corgi something to chomp on, the NylaBone also has action nubs that can help reduce harmful plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth. There are four different bone tips for your Corgi to grab on to and play around with.

It’s worth noting that this toy comes vet-recommended as well.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Most Durable Dog Toy

To give your Corgi something to latch on to, the Kong Classic Dog Toy is a durable choice. Not only is it made with highly-durable red rubber, but the unique shape makes it perfect to fill with peanut butter or your dog’s favorite bite-sized treats.

Along with giving your Corgi something that they can nibble on throughout the day, the Kong toy may also be able to reduce separation anxiety and relieve boredom. If you want, you can even turn this bouncy toy into a fetch toy since the hollow rubber material is lightweight and easy to grab.

It’s worth noting that this product is made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Not all toys can provide your Corgi with as much stimulation as the Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Toy can. This game of hide-and-seek uses simple rules: all you need to do is stuff the squirrels into the tree trunk and let your Corgi sniff them out. When he’s got them all, you can stuff them back in again and start the fun over.

The squirrels are plush, squeaky toys that your dog may enjoy carrying around while the plush trunk is made from durable materials that won’t easily rip or tear. Keep in mind that there are several sizes to choose from: while the junior, large, and jumbo sizes come with three squirrels for your Corgi to track down, the ginormous size comes with six.

Chuckit Classic Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

Although fetch may be fun for your Corgi, it might not be quite as enjoyable for you. Not only do you have to continually touch a slobbery ball, but after a couple of throws, your arm will likely begin to tire out.

Fortunately, the Chuckit Classic Launcher solves this problem by throwing the ball for you. All you need to do is use the ergonomic handle to press down on the ball and let it fly. This hands-free pickup will keep your hands clean while also throwing your ball three times farther.

The actual launcher uses lightweight plastic that’s flexible and will fit any 2 ½ inch ball.

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Best Rope Toy

Playing tug-of-war with your Corgi never gets old, but it can become a challenge if your rope toy doesn’t last more than a few days. Luckily, this isn’t an issue with the Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy—since it has three knots, it may be able to last much longer than some other options.

The toy is also made with 100% cotton so it’s unlikely to irritate your dog’s teeth or skin. In fact, the rope fibers can even help floss your Corgi’s teeth while you play. Keep in mind that the Mammoth Cottonblend rope comes in a variety of sizes so you can pick which one works best for your pup.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

When they work correctly, treat dispensing toys can be a great way to keep your dog occupied for hours and reward them for good behavior—and that’s exactly what the Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Toy is designed to do.

This lightweight ball will bounce or roll easily on hard floors and float on the water when your pup is swimming. The Starmark toy can even help promote natural foraging behaviors. If it happens to get dirty, cleaning this toy is as simple as popping it in the dishwasher and then letting it dry.

For pups that may have allergies, it’s worth noting that the Starmark toy is free of vinyl, latex, and phthalates.

ZippyPaws Emojiz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Best Squeaky Dog Toy

If you’re a big fan of emojis online, you’ll probably also be a fan of the ZippyPaws Emojiz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy. The emoticon is pumped full of stuffing and comes with two different squeakers for your Corgi to enjoy. While a good fit for most breeds, the ZippyPaws emoji toys are perfect for medium-sized breeds like the Corgi.

It’s worth noting that, while there might not be different sizes, there are plenty of emoticons to pick from: you can try out a slice of pizza, a pile o’ poo, heart eyes, and the tongue out emoji.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Toy

Made In The USA

For a toy that’s made within the USA with high-quality materials, look no further than the Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Toy. This toy uses real bacon flavoring and durable nylon that will prevent your dog from destroying it in one afternoon.

The deep grooves on the toy and the ergonomically curved handle can help your pup get a better grip and increases the flavor and smell of the toy. In addition to providing your Corgi with something tasty to munch on, your purchase will also go towards supporting the welfare of animals across the nation since a portion of all Benebone sales get donated to animal-centered organizations.

Best Dog Toys for Corgi Puppies

Corgi puppies may have different needs, which is why we’ve highlighted our favorite toys specifically for growing pups:

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Toy

Best for Teething

When your Corgi puppy is teething, the only thing that may be able to stop them from tearing up your prized possession is the Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Toy. Along with helping to soothe the aches and pains of teething, the Nylabone toy can also be used for gentle tug-of-war games that promote the bond between you and your pup.

In some cases, this toy may also be able to freshen your Corgi’s breath and foster better oral hygiene as they get older.  It’s also worth noting that this toy is recommended by veterinarians across the nation.

Kong Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy

Another Great Teething Toy

For another teething toy that can make all the difference during this difficult period of your Corgi’s life, the Kong Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy can make all the difference. The teething stick works by using Denta-Ridges that help soothe aching gums and gently clean your pup’s teeth.

The rubber material is durable enough to withstand any chewing that your Corgi might do, but also soft enough that it won’t harm your puppy’s teeth. If your dog isn’t immediately taken with the toy, you can always stick treats inside the ridges for your Corgi to find and nibble on.

Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy

Best Plush Toy

Plush toys are great for Corgis of all life stages, but they’re especially important for young puppies. When you buy a growing Corgi a plush toy, you want to ensure it’s something that will last the test of time—especially since it’s common for dogs to bond with these kinds of toys.

Even if it isn’t your pup’s birthday, you can still buy them the Multipet Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy so that they can celebrate all-year-round. Every time your Corgi squeezes, the plushie will play the “Happy Birthday” song. Since it’s made with soft, velvety material, the toy is ideal for snuggling and even a great choice to play fetch with.

Tips for Playing With/Entertaining Your Corgi

Entertaining or playing with your Corgi may seem effortless, but it can be more challenging than you might think. Fortunately, we’ve included a list of tips that can make playtime as painless as it’s supposed to be:

  1. Let your Corgi sniff new toys before you try and engage them. By letting your dog familiarize themselves with the new toy, they’ll be more receptive to playing games with it later on.
  2. Stick to the ground rules. In any kind of game you play, there will always be some behaviors that aren’t allowed—like your Corgi trying to tug on your clothes or even snapping at you. Ignoring this behavior will only teach your Corgi that it’s okay. If your Corgi does break the rules, it’s important to let them know that playtime is officially over.
  3. Make sure you train your Corgi to drop the toy when you say the command word like, “Give.” This will help your Corgi understand that you’re still the one in control of playtime.
  4. Along with teaching your Corgi to drop the toy, you also want to train them not to touch the toy unless they have permission (but only for certain toys). For instance, your Corgi might not need permission to carry their plush toy around but may need permission before they bring out a fetch or tug toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of toys are good for a Corgi’s temperament?

Since they tend to be high-energy dogs, Corgis do well with interactive toys and training toys. While they’re teething, a training toy can make all the difference (and prevent them from tearing up things they shouldn’t). However, Corgis also tend to be affectionate dogs and may enjoy having a plush toy to sleep with at night and carry around.

How often should I be playing with my Corgi?

Corgis require a significant amount of exercise. If you can, a daily playtime session can help your dog burn off excess energy and promote bonding between the two of you.

Will toys affect my Corgi’s temperament?

Although actual toys won’t affect your Corgi’s temperament, your dog may think it’s okay to growl or snap during playtime if you let them. This is why, in addition to playing with your dog, you should always stick to the ground rules, and end playtime when your Corgi breaks the rules.


At first glance, finding the perfect Corgi toys may seem easy. However, not only do you have your dog’s preferences to contend with, but you’ve also got to be able to find toys that are durable enough to last the test of time (and well-suited for your pup’s activity levels).

The good news is that you don’t need to guess which toys will work for your Corgi—we’ve already done the hard part for you. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always try one of the top-rated Corgi toys of 2024 that we’ve reviewed above.

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