Best Muzzles for Dachshunds : 6 Bite Control Options for Your Doxie

Dachshunds are a small but mighty breed that is loyal family pets and great with kids. Dachshunds first originated in Germany when breeders mixed pinschers and French pointers to create a dog to hunt badgers.

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There are both standard and miniature Dachshunds, but the standard types are the original breed descended from the first Dachshunds hundreds of years ago.

You can easily recognize Dachshunds by their short but sturdy legs that make it easy for them to burrow and seek out prey. In the past, owners of Dachshunds used the larger breeds for hunting fox and deer, while smaller breeds hunted smaller game like ferrets and hares. Many avid hunters still use Dachshunds, but most families in North America have this breed as a household pet.

Grown Dachshunds can range in weight from 9 to 32 pounds, with standard sized dogs coming in at the 16 to the 32-pound mark. Dachshunds frequently have back problems due to their long torso with sometimes vulnerable discs. With a long face, short legs, and floppy ears, the Dachshund may have a red, white, chocolate, or black coat with spotted markings. Dachshunds can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

What Is the Best Muzzle for a Dachshund?

Check out our picks for the top 6 best muzzles you’ll want to consider for your Dachshund, then keep scrolling for our reviews of each, top tips, and more!

While they may be a relatively small breed, Dachshunds are not one to back down from a challenge and will bravely take on other dogs that are much larger than they are. Sometimes, Dachshunds may display signs of aggression towards other dogs and unfamiliar people. These dogs can be tough to train, but if you treat them well, they are great family pets and good with kids.

Because Dachshunds can tend to have aggressive characteristics and are frequent barkers, choosing the right muzzle to keep your pet as well as other pets and humans safe is essential. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new muzzle for your Dachshund or aren’t sure if you need one, the following guide to the six best Dachshund muzzles is for you.

Different Types of Muzzles for Dachshunds

Buying the right muzzle for your dog is not just about protecting others, but keeping your dog safe as well. If your dog tends to bite or snap at others, avoid unnecessary incidents and reports to your local animal control by investing in a quality muzzle to curb these tendencies. Even for temporary use, muzzles prevent unexpected events and will keep your pet from chewing up objects, reopening a wound, eating random street food, etc.

Occlusion Muzzle

With an occlusion muzzle, you should only use this type for temporary use such as a visit to the vet or to visit the groomers. The reason you don’t want to use these types of muzzles for more extended periods is that they keep your dog’s mouth shut. Your Dachshund may be able to pant and drink water, but they won’t be able to chew or eat.

Occlusion muzzles feature a compact nylon design that is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to avoid irritation. For shorter periods to keep your dog from nipping, biting, or chewing foreign objects, an occlusion muzzle is a could backup option to have on hand.

Basket Muzzle

Basket muzzles are not only a valuable tool for bite prevention but an excellent choice that your Dachshund can wear for more extended periods such as walks or training sessions. Basket muzzles have enough space between the muzzle bars that your dog can pant, drink, and eat as needed, which minimizes their frustration and anxiety as they get used to the device. From plastic muzzles to wire versions, basket muzzles are the most versatile choice for dog owners.

Soft Muzzle

Similar to an occlusion muzzle, you should only use a soft muzzle for short term purposes such as transporting your dog to the vet or the groomers. Soft muzzles feature nylon, mesh, or leather designs to enhance breathability and comfort. If you go with this option, you need to make sure the product you select provides room for your dog to pant.

Not all soft muzzles are created equal, and specific models could prevent your Dachshund from panting as needed, which could be particularly dangerous in warmer temperatures when this is your pet’s only way to distribute heat.

When and Why Would a Dachshund Need a Muzzle?

So, you might be thinking to yourself, why does my Dachshund need a muzzle? Here’s what you need to know.

Incident Prevention

Naturally, the number one reason that comes to mind when considering why you would need a muzzle for your Dachshund is to prevent an incident. Even if your pet doesn’t regularly display signs of aggression, unpredictable situations can sometimes lead to unexpected bite and snapping events. For example, if your dog is injured, and you take them to the vet, their pain and anxiety could make them bite at the technicians.

Even if your dog bites someone because they are in pain from an injury, in most cases, this will mean a call to your local animal control. When that happens, your beloved pet could be in quarantine for at least ten days. Save yourself a major headache and help keep your Dachshund calm and restrained from the start by using a muzzle.

Help Your Pet Adapt to New Situations and People

If your Dachshund is on the shy side and takes a while to get comfortable with other dogs and people, consider using a muzzle both to protect others and signal people around you to give your pooch some space. Even if your Dachshund is friendly and well-trained if they haven’t been around kids much, it is best to use a muzzle before they encounter children.

Back to the scenario of an injury, when your pet has any wound, they may be tempted to bite at it, infecting and reopening the injury. Keep your pet and anyone nearby safe by being proactive with your muzzle use.

Sporting Events and Games

If you are at any dog show or sporting event, you will probably be required to muzzle your Dachshund to avoid any incidents. With so many dogs in one area, even the most well behaved of pets can become hyperactive and antsy. Likewise, if you go to a dog park and your Dachshund tends to get jittery around other dogs, consider muzzling your pet at least initially to give them a chance to warm up to their potential playmates.

Overall Best Muzzles for a Dachshund

Ready to discover which best Dachshund muzzle made it to first place? Check it out!

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Here’s why we chose the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle as the best overall muzzle for Dachshunds.

Best Overall

If you want a muzzle for your Dachshund that you can use for everything from training to exercise to vet visits, you can’t go wrong with the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. Available in a range of sizes, we chose this muzzle because the design is not only extremely comfortable for your pup, but features small openings so your dog can pant, eat, and drink as needed.

The muzzle is an ideal choice to protect both your Dachshund and others in unexpected situations and prevent incidents right out of the gate. With ergonomic safety straps and adjustments, you won’t have to worry about the muzzle slipping off when your pooch starts playing around. From behavioral training to keeping your pup safe after an injury, this padded muzzle does it all.

5 More Top-Rated Dachshund Muzzles

Still unsure which muzzle you want for your pooch? Here are 5 more top-rated Dachshund muzzles you won’t want to miss.

Four-Paws Walk-About Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

We love the Four-Paws Muzzle for quick walks and temporary usage like a trip to the vet’s office. The muzzle is not only budget-friendly, but can help you stop your pet from chewing, screaming, and biting. The nylon design is sturdy and comfortable, and you can easily adjust the muzzle as you need to. You won’t have to worry about your Dachshund pulling the muzzle off, as it is incredibly durable and stays on for a snug but comfortable fit.

CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle Set

Another fantastic best Dachshund muzzle choice for temporary use is the CollarDirect Adjustable Dog Muzzle Set. We love this set of two nylon muzzles that will not only stand the test of time but be comfortable and safe for your dog to wear. Whether you need to make a brief trip to a public place with an environment your pooch might not be used to or have to trim your Dachshunds nails but don’t want to get nipped at, these muzzles are lightweight and secure.

Mark deAndrew Nylon Dog Muzzle

If you like the nylon design but want to give your Dachshund more breathing room to pant and drink water, the Mark deAndrew Nylon Dog Muzzle could be for you. The muzzle is excellent for reactive pets and short term use like for vet visits. With reinforced nylon stitching, you won’t have to worry about this muzzle wearing out if your Dachshund has a heyday at the dog park.

The ergonomic straps are comfortable and easy to use, while the muzzle will prevent your pup from overeating or chewing at random objects. We love that this muzzle is secure enough to moderate your dog’s bite, but provides enough space to yawn and pant freely.

JWPC Anti-Biting Dog Soft Silica Gel Muzzle 

Next on our list of the top 5 best Dachshund muzzle is an excellent basket muzzle that you can use for everything from trips to the dog show to visits to friends to prevent wound reinjury. The silica gel basket muzzle is very comfortable to keep your dog from biting, chewing, or screaming, with an adjustable nylon strap that you can quick-release as you need to.

The JWPC muzzle is a great choice to protect people and other dogs alike and keep your Dachshund from eating icky street leftovers. You can easily feed your Dachshund their favorite treat through the muzzle too if you need to keep it on for more extended periods.

CooZero Dog Muzzles 7-Piece Set 

Our final choice for the best Dachshund muzzle is actually a 7-piece set with a variety of different sizes suited to almost any breed type. If you have more than one dog in your household of different breeds, make the most of your dog muzzle investment with this versatile set. Featuring anti-bite muzzles sporting breathable oxford cloth, these devices are lightweight and comfortable, yet extremely durable.

You can use these muzzles for everything from keeping your dog from eating random street food to preventing bites to keeping your Dachshund from driving the neighbors nuts with excessive barking.

5 Tips to Properly Use a Muzzle with a Dachshund

  1. Begin by allowing your Dachshund to get acquainted with their new muzzle and sniff it out. Repeat several times as needed before progressing to the next step.
  2. Take several training sessions to let your Dachshund tough the muzzle with their nose, before offering them a treat. By doing so, you begin instilling a strong association between the muzzle and treat time.
  3. Next, teach your Dachshund to put their nose in the muzzle to access their treat. You can hold the muzzle in front of your dog’s face with one hand,and hold the treat behind the muzzle with the other. With a basket muzzle, you could even feed the treat to your dog in between the wires.
  4. At this point, you can start putting the muzzle on your Dachshund, but don’t close it. Put it on and take it off again, then offer a treat right away.
  5. You can now count to five before you take off the muzzle. During your training sessions, slowly increase the time you leave on the muzzle before removing it, holding your Dachshunds collar each time.

Don’t forget to offer your pup treats at each stage of training when helping them become comfortable with their new muzzle — as soon as the muzzle comes off, you should have a treat waiting.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Dachshund

Is It Cruel to Use a Muzzle with a Dachshund?

No, it is not cruel to use a muzzle for your pet. It could be cruel both to your pet and others around them to not use a muzzle in certain situations. With any of the best Dachshund muzzles mentioned on our list, you can rest assured that you are picking a comfortable, breathable option that will restrain your pet sufficiently without causing them pain.

Should I Muzzle my Dachshund?

There are a variety of reasons why using a muzzle for your pooch could be the best decision in any given scenario. Perhaps your dog hates getting shots or getting their nails trimmed or has a tendency to react erratically in new environments. Save yourself the stress and protect your beloved pet and other people and pets by using a practical, sturdy muzzle that will prevent injury and secure your dog while they get used to the situation.

Could Using a Muzzle Make my Dachshund More Aggressive?

If you slowly but surely help your Dachshund become comfortable with the muzzle and make strong associations with putting it on, the device should not make your pet more aggressive. Habits such as taking the muzzle on and off frequently or not correctly warming your dog up to wearing it could increase aggression, which is why you must train your pet to wear it.

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