6 Best Dog Beds for Labrador Retrievers in 2021

With their constantly wagging tails and sweet smiles, it is no surprise the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. Labs love their families and are up for any activity as long as their owner is by their side.

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A famously friendly dog, Labradors are quick to bond with humans and other animals. They are skilled athletes that enjoy games of fetch, long walks, and swimming. Keeping fit physically also helps control their high-energy personalities. They balance their laidback and outgoing dispositions with a spirited and vigorous need for activity.

Labradors are medium to large-sized dogs, weighing between 55 and 80 pounds. They have thick, soft coats in yellow, black, or chocolate. When searching for a dog bed for your Lab, considering their size and ability to retain heat is essential.

Choosing the best dog bed for your exuberant Lab will keep him cool during hot summers, warm during cold winters, and support his joints. Giving your pup a designated place to sleep and relax will also make him feel comfortable in his home. Dog beds provide privacy, too, which helps dogs feel safe and protected.

What to Look For in a Good Dog Bed for Labrador Retrievers

There are several ways an excellent dog bed is beneficial to your Lab. Because Labradors have very dense fur, they tend to get hot in the summers. Cooling beds help regulate their temperature while heating ones warm them up during frigid winters. Labs are also susceptible to arthritis, so supportive beds help minimize joint pain and enhance comfort.

Dogs sleep an average of 12 to 14 hours per day. No pup wants to spend that time squeezed into a tiny bed. Labrador Retrievers are large dogs, which means choosing an appropriately sized bed is crucial. If the bed has raised edges, it is even more critical to pick one big enough to accommodate an adult Lab that may want to stretch out sometimes.

Labrador owners also want to consider durability in a dog bed. Labs love physical exercise and do not mind getting dirty during playtime. Because of this, they are tough on their beds. Beds with washable covers are excellent choices for Labs, as are beds made of fabrics that do not trap odor. Also, beds with waterproof linings help reduce damage from accidents.

Dog beds for Labs should be supportive of their joints, as well. Large breeds, like Labradors, often suffer from arthritis as senior dogs. Cushioned beds provide the comfort and support Labs need to relieve pressure from their joints. Making sure the bed is easy to step into is also critical for joint health.

One final consideration is the material of the dog bed. Labs are notoriously tough chewers capable of destroying their toys or beds in a matter of minutes. Most adult and senior labs outgrow their bad chewing habits, but puppies and adolescents are a different story. When shopping for a bed for young labs, keep an eye out for strong, indestructible materials.

Different Types of Dog Beds for Labrador Retrievers

With so many types of dog beds available, choosing the best one for your Lab is challenging. Here are the best, most beneficial kinds of dog beds for Labrador Retrievers.


Orthopedic dog beds are for pets that need extra joint support. Made from thick material that shapes to your dog’s body, they provide maximum comfort to stiff and inflamed joints. As Labs grow older, they develop arthritis and will benefit from using an orthopedic bed that can reduce discomfort from sore joints.

Temperature Control

Dog beds with temperature control come in either heating or cooling varieties. Made from self-heating materials, heating beds use the pet’s body heat to enhance warmth. These beds work well for older dogs and cold climates. Cooling beds use airy material or cooling gel to wick away heat and are a perfect choice for the thick-coated Labrador.


Elevated dog beds are excellent picks for young, active Labs that need assistance cooling down after physical activity. Made of breathable yet supportive fabric, they are also durable and easy to clean. However, they are not the best choice for senior pets since they require a big step onto the bed, which is difficult for older dogs with decreased mobility.

Sofas and Couches

These beds are the most stylish dog bed option, designed to resemble a mini version of your human furniture. Their luxe look, though, also makes them a more expensive choice, so you may want to wait before purchasing one for a growing and teething Lab puppy. Raised edges and ultra-soft pillows make sofa beds supremely comfortable picks.

Flat Beds

One of the most popular types of dog beds, flat beds come in a variety of styles. The one you choose depends on the needs of your pup. Some are more durable, whereas others are softer and plush. Because they are tough chewers, Labs usually require a sturdier flat bed made of strong material that cannot tear up easily.

Overall Best Dog Beds for Labrador Retrievers

The very best dog bed for Labrador Retrievers offers beneficial joint support without sacrificing comfort and style.

Best Overall: Frisco Textured Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Dog Bed

With a nearly perfect 5-star rating, this Frisco Orthopedic Bed combines 1-inch of memory foam with 3-inches of slab foam for ultimate comfort and joint support. A wrap-around bolster adds security and more support, so your Lab feels safe and cozy. The bolster and plush center pillow allow pups to create a nest for a sound, luxurious sleep.

The built-in entry dip makes it easy for pets of all ages to get inside, which is perfect for senior Labs, as well as adults. Seniors will also benefit from the thick layers of foam that mold to joints to reduce stiffness and pain.

With this Frisco bed, you don’t have to wrestle with bulky, puffy material to clean it. The removable cover is machine washable to eradicate dirt and odor quickly. This bed is the perfect choice for adult and senior Labrador Retrievers, providing a warm spot for absolute comfort and protection with multiple layers of soft foam for joint support.

5 More Highly Rated Dog Beds for Labrador Retrievers

Here are several other dog beds that offer a variety of benefits to Labrador Retrievers, from cooling and comfort to support and style.

Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow Cat & Dog Bed with Removable Cover

This traditional flat bed includes 2-inches of support foam with orthopedic memory foam on top to mold to your pet’s pressure points, eliminating discomfort. Some flat beds are thin and unsupportive, but this one plumps up well after unpacking and offers the perfect blend of support and comfort.

Clean up is always straightforward with the Brindle Waterproof bed. A waterproof inner layer prevents permanent damage from wet pets and accidents. It is made of durable material, too, so it lasts against wear and tear from a rambunctious Lab.

Even better, this Brindle bed is for Labradors in all stages of life. Puppies and adults will enjoy its thick, comfortable foam, while seniors can get onto the bed easily and benefit from orthopedic foam. Plus, a non-skid bottom keeps the bed in place, so it won’t move while your pup snuggles up.

FurHaven Ultra Plush Luxe Lounger Cooling Gel Dog Bed with Removable Cover

Labrador Retrievers have a thick coat that holds in heat. This FurHaven Bed is an excellent option because of its cooling micro gel beads that wick away heat, cooling your pup by one to two degrees. The suede and faux fur cover lends supreme softness for cozy sleep on top of conforming joint support.

The therapeutic shape of this bed provides essential support for ailing muscles and joints by contouring to your Lab’s back and neck. As a step-in bed, it is easy for senior dogs to get in without straining. Memory foam layers add additional joint support for furry friends who have arthritis.

Since this bed does not work well for dogs that chew, it may be best to wait until your Lab finishes teething before purchasing it. Adult and senior pups will benefit most.

Keet Fluffy Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed with Removable Cover

This lush sofa bed is one of the most elegant dog beds around. But it’s more than purely style. A memory foam cushion provides relaxation and support, while a plush mink-like covering fabric adds softness and coziness.

Dogs accustomed to sleeping on human furniture will love this bed right away. If you are trying to wean your pup off of the human couch, this bed may help. A removable cover makes cleaning simple, as does the leatherette upholstery that you can easily wipe down.

This bed is not chew-proof, so it is not the best choice for puppies. While it provides some support, other orthopedic beds are more beneficial to the stiff joints of older Labs. It also has a small step up onto the bed that may be challenging for seniors. Adult Labradors, though, will love feeling like they have their very own couch just for them.

Armarkat Bolster Dog Bed

This versatile Armarkat Dog Bed doubles as a bolster bed and a pillow mat. With the corners tied, your Lab will enjoy the safety and protection of bolsters that create a nest-like space. When untied, the plush mat allows your pup to stretch out and take advantage of the entire surface area of the bed.

Many owners worry about keeping a dog bed clean. Luckily, it’s a breeze with this bed’s removable cover and waterproof base. It is also perfect for travel, as it perfectly lines the back of cars for convenient and mess-free transport.

While other beds offer more cushion and support than this one, the Armarkat Bolster Bed is a handy, multifunctional option suitable for adult Labs anytime and older pups during travel or quick rests outside.

K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed

This elevated bed provides a superior cooling experience when your Lab needs to relax after an intense game of fetch or a rigorous walk. The mesh center and raised surface increase airflow to regulate temperature. It is strong and durable and can even support a dog up to 150 pounds.

Although this bed is a bit too high for senior Labs, adults and puppies will love its refreshing comfort. You can easily transport this bed inside or out, wherever your pup decides to cool off. For owners with teething puppies or destructive adults, this resilient bed offers an alternative to plush or stuffed beds that are easily ripped and torn.

There is no need to worry about the cover becoming damaged, either, since K&H Pet Products offers replacement covers for their pet cots.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering why a dog bed is necessary or what qualities are best in a bed for a Labrador that chews, check out our frequently asked questions below.

Does My Labrador Retriever Need a Bed?

Providing your Lab a designated place to sleep gives her a sense of comfort and security. Even the most bonded and sociable dog needs time to herself occasionally, and a dog bed offers just that.

Although your Lab probably loves sleeping with you, her bed gives her more space to stretch out and sleep in whatever positions she finds most comfortable.

A dog bed also helps discourage your pup from taking up space on your couch or bed when you are trying to relax and sleep. Or, if your dog sleeps on the floor, a bed provides a much softer surface for cozier and more supportive sleep.

What is a Good Bed for Dogs that Chew?

Labrador puppies are renowned for their destructive chewing, which is a behavior that often follows them into adulthood. Tough chewers easily tear through toys, so a stuffed bed is no challenge for them. It is best to stick to durable materials instead of plush ones to prevent your pup from ingesting unsafe materials and causing damage.

Several companies, like KONG, design indestructible dog beds specifically for chewers. Avoid purely fluffy material and opt for something sturdier instead. Beds made of strong material, like Kevlar, or ones that make chewing tricky through design, like elevation, are best.

Does My Labrador Retriever Need an Orthopedic Bed?

As an active large breed dog, Labradors are predisposed to arthritis and joint stiffness. They may also suffer from hip dysplasia and muscle soreness. Orthopedic dog beds help alleviate the pain and discomfort that come from these conditions.

While Labrador puppies may not require an orthopedic bed, their adult and senior counterparts benefit significantly from them. The firm support and layers of foam in an orthopedic bed conform to inflamed joints, reducing stiffness and aching. These types of beds may also improve mobility, aiding older pets in getting up from a lying position.


The dog beds described above routinely receive 5-star ratings from pet owners, including owners of Labs. The elevated and cooling beds regulate temperature after intense exercise, while the orthopedic beds provide the support Labs need for muscle and joint stiffness. Other options are easily transportable, perfect for travel, or a quick nap during the day.

Whether you choose an orthopedic bed, an elevated one, or another option from this list, your Labrador Retriever is sure to benefit from a comfortable, safe, and supportive sleep experience.

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