7 Best Dog Car Seats for Safe Travels With Your Fido Friend

Traveling with furry family members has become increasingly popular, especially throughout the last decade. Research shows that 37% of families travel with their pets, which is up a whopping 19% from 10 years ago! That’s a lot of traveling animals!

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If you find yourself in this widespread category, you understand how important it is to keep your pet safe while traveling. Road trips are a common occurrence in the summer and during holiday seasons, where pets are included and welcome. But how exactly do you ensure your canine companion’s safety in the car? A dog car seat, of course! We’ve gathered a handful of excellent dog car seat suggestions for you, so traveling with your Fido friend will be an enjoyable experience for all.

7 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Car Seat

  1. Material: The first thing you’ll likely notice about a dog car seat is the material. Is it a good fit for your dog’s coat and comfort? Is it a good match for your car? Will the material be durable enough for what you need it for?
  2. Size restrictions: Most dog car seats have a specific weight requirement. Don’t just look at the words “small” and “medium.” Pay close attention to the weight limit. For example, the dog car seat’s specifications will tell you that it can accommodate dogs up to 30lbs.
  3. Safety: As a pet parent safety is most likely your first concern. What safety features does the dog car seat have? Does it use safety straps or seat belts for security? The product will tell you on the packaging and description.
  4. Added security: A majority of dog car seats have a tether so you can attach your dog’s harness. This feature will ensure that your dog remains safely in their seat.
  5. Convenience: Do you need to frequently move the car seat or travel with it via multiple vehicles? A folding dog car seat may be best for you.
  6. Storage: Compartments for storing items such as waste bags or treats are a popular benefit on many car seats. There are several great dog car seats to choose from that have anywhere from one to four storage pockets on them.
  7. Ease of washing: Want a dog car seat that’s machine washable? Many car seats offer a cover and plush insert which can easily be tossed into the washing machine.

Different Materials Used in Dog Car Seats

  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Leather
  • Mesh
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Sherpa
  • Microfiber

Best Dog Car Seat for Toy Dogs

Snoozer Luxury Microfiber High Back Console Dog Car Seat

This luxurious car seat is exactly what any spoiled toy dog needs. You know that you want your tiny pup right next to you at all times, and the Snoozer Luxury Microfiber High Back Console Dog Car Seat is right up your alley!

Available in a variety of colors, this dog car seat gives your toy pup all the luxury, comfort and safety that they deserve. The Sherpa lined seat allows your dog to ride in style right next to you, while being securely strapped to the center console. The seat includes a high back and safety strap to keep your dog from jumping out of the car seat.

As if you needed any other convincing as to why the Snoozer Luxury Microfiber High Back Console Dog Car Seat tops our list for toy dogs, the cover of the seat and removable pad insert are machine washable. This fancy dog car seat holds dogs up to 12lbs.

Best Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs

HDP Deluxe Lookout Small Dog Booster Car Seat

What makes the HDP Deluxe Lookout Small Dog Booster Car Seat our favorite choice for small dogs is the versatility it offers. The durable polyester dog car seat is reinforced by a metal frame allowing for the car seat to be lifted for added height via your car’s headrest. It attaches to your passenger seat or back seat with adjustable straps.

A safety strap in the HDP Deluxe Lookout Small Dog Booster Car Seat attaches to your dog’s harness or collar for security. The bottom of the car seat is padded and held by the metal frame so it does not collapse. And don’t forget the wonderful storage space on the front of this car seat. You get a large zipper pocket and three smaller ones for your pup’s prized possessions.

The HDP Deluxe Lookout Small Dog Booster Car Seat holds pooches up to 20lbs.

Best Dog Car Seat for Medium Dogs

Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo makes excellent travel products for pet parents, and the Skybox Rear Dog Booster Seat is no exception. This high-quality dog car seat is a solid choice for medium dogs. It’s comfy, cozy and just high enough to give your dog a little boost so they can enjoy the outdoor scenery.

The Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Booster Seat sits securely in place using your car’s seatbelts. A tether in the booster seat keeps your dog in place so they remain safe allowing you to keep your eyes on the road without distraction. The bottom of this dog car seat is plush to ensure your pup remains comfortable throughout your road trip.

A zippered exterior pocket on the Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Booster Seat is perfect for keeping all of your dog’s necessities in. The entire seat also folds flat for simple storage, and it can hold a dog up to 30lbs.

Best Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs

A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat

Just because your dog is large doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a cozy booster car seat like the little dogs do! The A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat elevates your pooch for the ultimate outdoor view experience. This sturdy dog car seat includes a security leash and two seat belt loops for safety. Plus it can hold a dog up to 300lbs!

The A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat is not only a great choice for your furry friend, but it’s a fantastic choice for pet parents. It easily folds down for storage or traveling, and it’s washable. This dog car seat boasts two convenient front storage pockets for items such as waste bags, toys or treats.

When you’re not traveling in the car with your large dog, the A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat can be used as a bed or couch in your home. It truly is multi-purpose, making this dog car seat the very best for your large dog.

Best Dog Car Seat for Giant Dogs

Solvit Car Seat Cuddler

Finding a car seat for your giant dog has probably been nearly impossible. Unlike a smaller pooch, you can’t simply put your Great Dane into a center console box seat. However, you can nab the cozy Solvit Car Seat Cuddler instead! This plush bed basically turns your back seat into a comfortable couch for your giant dog.

Constructed from micro-suede fabric and faux sheepskin with a polyester fill, the Solvit Car Seat Cuddler keeps your car seat protected while offering a luxurious feel for your canine companion. It will cover an entire standard back seat, and can easily be machine washed for easy cleaning.

5 More Really Good Car Seats for Dogs

  1. Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel: Fully extends on a back seat for large dogs or collapses for smaller dogs. Easy to store, lightweight and attaches to safety belts. Great for any size dog.
  2. K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seat: Elevates your pet in the front or back seat with a machine washable cover. Adjustable tether to keep your pet safe. Good for small or medium dogs.
  3. Pet Gear Large Pet Booster Seat: Dense foam filling and microfiber removable cover for machine washing. Seatbelt holds the car seat in place. Includes plush pillow for luxurious comfort. Great for dogs up to medium size.
  4. Pet Gear Dog Bucket Seat Booster: Strap this simple dog car seat in and let your pup enjoy the plush, machine washable pillow surface while enjoying the view. This dog car seat is available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  5. Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat: Another Kurgo dog car seat made our list. The liner is machine washable and the seat is structured with metal supports and adjustable straps. This Kurgo seat can keep dogs up to 30lbs safe.

Final Notes

Your dog’s safety should be a priority when bringing them along on your travels. Each dog car seat we listed above has unique safety and convenience features, and often the final decision comes down to preference. Dog car seats are a travel necessity, and lucky for us pet parents there are plenty of options on the market today!

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