8 Best Dog Crate Mats: Our Affordable, Indestructible & Waterproof Picks

Does your dog go through a lot of dog crate mats? We can help! In this article we’ll tell you:

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  1. How to choose waterproof crate mats;
  2. The best crate mats for chewers;
  3. Which materials are best for dog crate pads;
  4. Five tips to buying the best possible mat!

Plus, we’ll tell you our pick for the best dog crate mat for aggressive chewers!

Dog crates are useful in so many ways, especially if you have a medium or larger-sized dog. They are great for traveling with your dog. They make a safe, quiet place to sleep. And, they can be helpful when you’re house training your puppy. Of course, whenever your dog spends time in his crate, he needs to have the option of a crate mat. Some dogs and puppies can be pretty rough on crate mats! If your dog likes to chew on mats or pees on them frequently, you could find yourself replacing a lot of mats. Luckily, there are some really good dog crate mats for chewers and even some waterproof dog mats and we can tell you about them.

Different Materials used in Crate Mats

Crate mats come in lots of different materials and styles, depending on your individual dog and situation. For example, if your crate and mat are used outdoors, you would need a different kind of mat and material than if it’s primarily used indoors. Some gel pads can be soaked in water, frozen, and then used to keep your dog cool on hot days. Other mats are heated so they’re ideal for older dogs with arthritis. Some mats have protective covers that you can remove to wash. These mats can be a great choice if you have a puppy or older, incontinent dog.

Here’s a look at some of the materials that are often used for dog crate mats.

Cotton. It’s usually easy to find cotton mats, or at least mats that are partly cotton. Cotton is lightweight and washable. Terry and micro terry mats, as well as canvas mats can also be made of cotton.

Fleece. Fleece is also popular as a crate pad material. You’re less likely to find actual fleece from sheep and more likely to find synthetic fleece. It may also be called sherpa or synthetic sheepskin. Thicker fleece mats are comfortable for dogs and make a good pad for sleeping. Synthetic fleece/sherpa is machine washable. Some fleece mats do not resemble sherpa/sheepskin. They can be colorfully dyed. The fleece for these mats is usually thinner. Check the tags to see if they are machine-washable.

Memory Foam. Memory foam mats for dogs are just like the memory foam that is used for human pillows and mattresses. It molds to your dog’s shape with frequent use. It consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. Memory foam pads/mats are often used in orthopedic dog beds and they are a good choice for older dogs or dogs with joint pain. Memory foam pads usually cost more than other pads. Many of them have removable outer shells so they can be easily washed.

Microfiber. Microfiber is usually made from polyester. We have seen it used as a covering material that soaks up a lot of moisture. Note that we have seen some microfiber mats advertised as door mats that are good for drying off your dog’s dirty paws. These mats are not suitable for your dog to sleep on unless your dog just happens to lie down on one for a short nap. We wouldn’t recommend buying a doormat as a crate pad.

Polyester. Many crate pads are made of polyester or a combination of polyester and cotton. They can be smooth or plush. Some polyester crate pads can be very sturdy while others are not made for heavy wear and tear. Many crate pads, regardless of their outer covering, have a polyester or polyfiber filling.

Velvet. A beautiful material, velvet is usually made from polyester today. Velour is a plush woven fabric look-alike. You can probably find some velvet dog pads but you’re more likely to find velour mats. These fabrics have the advantage of not holding dog hair. Check the tags to see if the mat is machine-washable. Some velvet and velour crate pads are machine-washable.

5 Tips to Buying the Best Possible Mat

  1. Size. When you get ready to buy a mat, you’re going to be asked what size you want to get. Maybe you haven’t considered this before, but it’s one of the most important issues when selecting a mat. A small dog might enjoy a bigger mat but big dogs don’t do well with tiny mats. We generally recommend that you get a crate pad that’s the same size as your dog’s crate. If you have a crate that’s 24×36, get a pad that’s 24×36. This will fill the bottom of the crate when it’s lying flat – as it should be – and your dog can rest on it comfortably. If you will be using the mat outside the crate, it should still be the right size for your dog.
  2. Style. Even though we’re discussing crate mats and not dog beds, you’ll find that mats come in many styles. Some mats are six inches thick and others are one-inch thick. A pad with a polyurethane coating would be close to a waterproof dog crate pad so it would be a good choice for a puppy or older, incontinent dog. Some mats have imitation fur which some dogs like. In short, crate pads come in all different styles. Think about how you will be using the pad and what would appeal to your dog when  you’re selecting a pad.
  3. Does your dog have any special requirements? Before choosing a crate mat, consider if your dog has any special needs. Does he chew or rip up everything you buy him? Then think about buying a crate pad that is especially heavy-duty and hard to destroy. Does he have joint pain? Consider a mat with memory foam.
  4. Is it machine-washable? This is another question that every dog owner needs to consider when buying a mat. We love mats that have a zippered outer shell so you can take it off and pop it in the washing machine. These mats are so easy to wash and keep clean even if your dog has an accident. Even if your mat doesn’t have a zipper and outer shell, many mats can be tossed in the washing machine so they are easy to clean. However, not every mat is is machine-washable. Be sure to read the labels to find out.
  5. Value. When looking at mats, it doesn’t take long to discover they come in a wide range of prices. You can find crate pads from $10 to over $100. Some pads don’t cost much and your dog can tear them up in a few days. Some pads cost a lot – and your dog can tear them up in a few days. A good crate pad should hold up well and won’t cost a fortune. (There are some exceptions, of course, if your dog has some special needs.) Unless you just have money to burn, it’s best to keep some perspective. You’re buying a crate pad. If you can’t find what you like, you can always fold up some bathroom towels or a blanket to place in your dog’s crate. Your dog will still love you.

Overall Best Dog Crate Mat

Big Barker Orthopedic Waterproof and Tear Resistant Pillow Top Dog Crate Pad

If you have a dog that needs a lot of special features with his crate pad, the Big Barker Orthopedic Waterproof and Tear Resistant Pillow Top Dog Crate Pad may well be the best dog crate mat around. For dogs with joint problems, it has four inches of top-of-the-line Certi-PUR US orthopedic foam that contours and molds to your dog’s body and won’t put pressure on sensitive areas. The top two inches of the pad are H10 comfort foam that’s comfortable for your dog and protects from joint pain, arthritis, and hip and elbow dysplasia. The bottom two inches of the pad are made of H24 support foam that provides orthopedic support and keeps your dog’s joints off the crate floor. It’s covered with a military-grade fabric that lets you wipe up moisture easily. The fabric is highly tear-resistant and won’t fade in the sun. The cover is easy to remove and machine-washable. Made in America. Comes in small, medium, large, and x-large and it has a 10-year warranty. More expensive than most crate pads but worth the money.

Best Indestructible Dog Mat for Aggressive Chewers

GoDog BedZzz Bubble Bolstered Dog & Cat Crate Mat

For dogs that like to chew and destroy crate pads, we recommend the GoDog BedZzz Bubble Bolstered Dog & Cat Crate Mat. It may look like an ordinary crate pad but this is a mat that can take a lot of tough love. Made to be extra strong with Chew Guard technology, it has a tough, long-lasting liner and reinforced double-stitched seams. It’s able to stand up to heavy-duty, daily use and your dog’s teeth. It’s soft and cozy with a plush texture and cushioned bolster so it’s perfect whether your dog likes to lounge or snooze. It’s machine-washable. Perfect for use in your dog’s crate or on the floor. The bottom is non-skid so it stays in place even when your dog rolls and plays on it. Available in x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

6 More Really Good Mats for Dog Crates

Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Crate Mat, Natural

If your dog simply needs a fluffy, stuffy crate pad, the Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Cozy Comforter Crate Mat is a good choice. It’s overstuffed with fiberfill for maximum comfort and has an extra plush fabric top. It’s a good choice for any dog that just wants to relax. And the pad has non-skid backing. Can be used in your dog’s crate, on the floor, in a dog house, in an RV, or anywhere your dog sleeps. Machine-washable. And, Precision is a well-known company when it comes to making crates and pads.

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Burgundy/Ivory

The Armarkat Pet Bed Mat is made of soft velvet filled with extra thick 100 percent polyfill for maximum comfort. The outer shell is heavy-duty canvas with a non-skid, waterproof bottom. The shell zips open and it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning. Durable and built to last. The extremely soft pillow is a favorite with pets. Comes in multiple sizes to fit most dog crates.

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad & Cover

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad & Cover is perfect for senior dogs, nursing others and puppies, and dogs that live in dog houses. But it’s also a good choice for dogs in the house who appreciated some extra warmth, especially if you have drafts in the winter. The Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad & Cover has been a favorite with dog owners for many years. Can be used in your garage, too, if you have an outside dog.

Made by the same company that makes high quality mattresses, the Serta Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog & Cat Crate Mat uses the same advanced comfort and support materials that have made Serta the top mattress company in the U.S. The sleep surface is covered with two inches of premium quality orthopedic foam. The slim, compact design of the mat makes this a good travel mat, too. The top of the mat is ultra-soft and plush-quilted, making it super comfortable for your dog. Comes in medium that fits 30-inch crates; large fits 36-inch crates. The cover is removable and machine-washable for easy care.

MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Reversible Pet Bed & Crate Mat, Blue Paw Print

The MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Reversible Pet Bed & Crate Mat is made with ultra soft, synthetic fur on one side. On the other side it has an ultra plush synthetic sheep skin. The pads are extra-stuffed with polyfiber so your dog will be comfortable. These mats are made to last! Machine-washable and machine dry. Available in sizes 18″- 54″, and are great for use in carriers, vehicles, and crates. Keeps your dog cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. MidWest is another well-known name in crates and crate pads. MidWest’s Quiet Time crate pads are available in numerous colors and sizes.

Arf Pets Self Cooling Crate Mat

If your dog gets hot in the summer, the Arf Pets Self-Cooling Crate Mat could be the perfect pad for him. It’s filled with a cooling gel and it’s self-charging. The sturdy nylon mat works to absorb and regulate your dog’s temperature for up to three straight hours. It requires no water, batteries, refrigeration, or electricity. This makes it perfect to use at home, in your car, or anywhere you go with your dog. The pad is lightweight and foldable. The mat recharges in just 15-20 minutes of non-use. This self-cooling crate mat is great to use in hot weather, for ailing dogs, and to soothe a dog that’s recovering from swelling, stress, or a skin problem. Can be used indoors or outdoors. The pad is puncture-resistant and the  gel is non-toxic. The mat is easily wiped clean with soap and water.


There are all kinds of dog crate mats available today. No matter what kind of crate pad your dog needs – waterproof, heated, cooling, orthopedic, or something for an aggressive chewer – you should be able to find a good mat. We hope the mats we have discussed here provide you with some tips in the right direction.

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