6 Best Dog Crates for Pugs in 2024

Pugs have the cutest faces and personalities to match. They’re fun, curious, and love their families, so it’s no wonder they make great pets for a wide range of personalities. They need good activity, but often have trouble breathing if they get too excited. Pug lovers know that one of the best things they can do for their best companions is to have space for them to go to calm down.

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Crates are excellent training tools and provide an area where dogs feel safe. Kennel training your Pug provides stability and helps teach not only manners but provide a place for your Pug to wind down and catch its breath. Many dogs begin to prefer the crate for a sense of security, especially at bedtime.

If you’ve never crate trained a dog before or provided anything like this, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of our favorite crates for you to get started. Plus, we’ve answered questions you may have about choosing a crate, crate training, and what to expect. Let’s get your Pug in order.

What is a Good Crate Size for Pug?

Pugs are small dogs, so they won’t require a ton of space. The general wisdom is that dogs should be able to stand up and sit straight up comfortably, turn around easily, and lay down. Luckily, you won’t need an enormous crate to accomplish that.

You need to measure your Pug to get an idea of the right size. First, measure from the top of the shoulder to the paw to find your Pug’s height. Next, measure from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail to find the length. Follow the crate sizing recommendations for your chosen crate to get the right fit.

Standard crate sizes for Pugs vary between 16 to 22 inches in length depending on the size of your Pug and your chosen crate. You can always go one size bigger if you want to give your Pug extra room. If you have a puppy, talk to your vet about your Pug’s growth and decide on the crate based on the largest estimated size of your Pug.

It’s perfectly fine to get an adult-sized crate for your puppy. You don’t need to buy a puppy crate but do make sure your Pug can’t slip through somewhere. Pugs can row into their kennels, and it could be a good idea to begin training as soon as possible.

What to Look for in a Good Crate for Pugs

Kennels should be safe, comfortable, and secure. To accomplish that, you’ll need to consider a few different things. Let’s take a look.

The crate should be ventilated well so that your Pug doesn’t get uncomfortable temperature-wise or struggle to breathe. Pugs have breathing issues anyway, so having plenty of ventilation is a critical component. Most crates, even if they’re plastic, have plenty of ventilation holes on the sides and top to allow air to flow freely.

You want a crate that has secure doors and doesn’t have any weak points or broken pieces that could harm your Pug. Inspect the crate for loose metal or signs of wear and tear regularly. The crate should also have a solid bottom that removes for easy cleaning to make things easier and more comfortable.

The choice of material is a personal preference. If your dog is traveling, plastic kennels offer better support and structure while wire kennels are best for home use. Wire kennels should be powder coated or coated with something to make them rust-resistant. Plastic should be durable and crack resistant.

Different Types of Dog Crates for Pugs

Different kennels offer different functionality. Here are a few typical types of crates that could suit your specific purpose.

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are designed to clean up easily and offer more coverage for activities like travel. Airlines require plastic crates for more protection for your pets, and many of them come with tie-down points for security during transit.

Metal Crates

Metal or wire crates are great for home use. They offer maximum ventilation and visibility and have removable solid floors for easy cleanup. If you use them for your dog during the night, you can always cover the top and side with a blanket to make them feel more secure, but be sure not to cover them completely (to allow airflow).

Furniture Style Crates

If you’ve got decor and need a permanent crate to fit in, a furniture style could work. These are typically a more significant investment, but they resemble a side table or some other type of furniture. Your dog goes inside, and guests are none the wiser. They also work in a bedroom when you don’t want an unsightly crate in your view.

SUV/Truck Crates

SUV style crates are intended explicitly for the car and are narrower in on the sides to accommodate more than one crate side by side. They wouldn’t be suitable for everyday use at home, but they can keep your companions safe during transport in the car. If your Pug doesn’t wear a seatbelt to stay secure, a small SUV crate could help.

Soft Crates

Soft crates won’t hold a dog determined to get out, but they do provide safety and security for Pugs that need to be separated or have trouble staying calm in the car. They have fabric material for the sides with doors that secure shut. These are easy to store and have multiple uses both in your home and outdoors or in a car.

Overall Best Dog Crates for Pugs

Let’s take a look at our favorite, all-purpose crate. This one offers you a lot of functionality, support, and security.

Midwest LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate

Best Overall

Midwest’s Life Stages crate offers your Pug a full crate with two doors, one on the side and one on the front, for easy entrances. It features a metal design with a removable floor for easy cleaning and comes in a variety of sizes. We recommend the 24 or 30 inches for functional space.

It folds up for storage or easy packing during travel and has a double lock design so that your Pug is always secure. The floor is composite plastic, durable, and easy to clean. Inside, it features rounded corners to keep your Pug safe at all times.

5 More Highly Rated Dog Crates for Pugs

If you need a specific kind of crate, we have some choices for that as well. Let’s take a look at some other options to find your Pug the right crate for your situation.

PetMate Two Door Top Loading Kennel

This is a plastic and metal crate intended for travel or other usage. It offers a versatile access system with a front door and a top door to make it easier to reach your Pug. The steel wire and plastic design keeps your Pug safe and protected while allowing maximum ventilation for comfort.

It comes in a variety of colors and includes a heavy-duty, ergonomic carry handle for convenience. It’s safe to use in the car and in airline travel with the appropriate accessories for securing during transport. Just wipe it down to clean it, and you should be good to go.

Frisco Indoor/Outdoor Soft Pet Crate

For temporary restraint or security, a soft crate option gives your Pug some security when traveling in the car or for a place to go to calm down. It features zip up and down doors and windows and has maximum ventilation for comfort.

It comes in a range of sizes, but we recommend 26 or 30 inches for maximum comfort. It’s easy to set up and take down, and you can wipe it down to clean. It uses a steel frame and water-resistant base and accommodates a mat for your pet’s comfort. Rounded corners and covered feet help protect floors and other surfaces.

Merry Products 2 in 1 Configurable Crate

Merry Products uses a furniture style crate to blend in with your household decor while offering your Pug a safe place to be. It has wood finishes with metal bars that allow maximum ventilation. You can use the flat surface above for storage or as a side table.

You can also reconfigure it to become a barrier to help keep your Pug out of places where it isn’t supposed to be or as a small play area. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble and offers you multiple uses for keeping your Pug contained. It blends well whether it’s in kennel form or barrier form. Go with the medium to give your Pug plenty of room, but you could upgrade to the large if your Pug spends a lot of time in there.

Precision Pet Products Great Crate

For a heavy-duty crate for Pugs that are escape artists, Precision Pet Great Crate is the one. It features a thick, wire gauge for ensuring safety and has both a front and side door for convenient placement whether in the car or your home. It has a leak-proof plate on the bottom and uses a double locking system to secure the doors.

It has safe, rounded corners to prevent injury, and the close wire spacing helps improve safety. Your pet shouldn’t be able to get paws stuck between the bars; plus, it’s thicker and heavier to withstand aggression or Pugs that like to chew. It’s easy to assemble and easy to carry with a convenient top handle.

EliteField 3 Door Folding Soft Crate

The final crate is another soft style that allows you to transport your pet more easily in your car. It uses a three-door system for convenience and has a reinforced carry handle so that you can transport your dog easily from the car to your destination.

It uses a lightweight steel tubing and a polyester cover that you can remove to machine wash. The inside has a simple mat, and the doors zippered doors that let in plenty of sunshine and air. It comes with a carrying case for storage when it’s not in use and a fleece bed for inside.

Tips for Crate Training Pugs

A crate is an excellent asset for Pugs because you can train them to display good manners as well as providing a safe place for your Pug to quiet down during the day or night. It’s secure and an excellent training tool. Here are a few tips for getting your Pug started with crate training.

  1. Before you start, allow your Pug to explore the crate on its own. Don’t force you Pug inside and don’t close the doors yet.
  2. Give your Pug treats for going inside the crate and for laying down. You want to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Stay away from punishing your Pug for not going inside because you don’t want your Pug to associate the crate with bad things.
  3. Once your Pug is comfortable, begin to close the door for just a few seconds to a few minutes while providing your Pug’s favorite treats. Make sure your Pug feels comfortable and don’t force it.
  4. Extend the time your Pug stays in the crate until your Pug is completely comfortable. Once that happens, you can start transporting your Pug in the crate regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my Pug be in the crate?

If your Pug is comfortable with the crate, you could potentially leave your Pug in there for a few hours while you’re running errands. If you’ve got to work and can come home for lunch, this could also work. Make sure your Pug gets plenty of exercise when out of the crate and that you’re spending a lot of time with your Pug to offset crate time.

At night, your Pug could spend the entire time in the crate while you’re sleeping if you keep the crate inside. Listen for any signs of distress and make sure you always take your Pug outside right before and right after crate time.

Is it cruel to crate train a pet?

It’s cruel to leave your pet in the crate for long periods without offering reciprocal time to run and play. It’s cruel to use the crate as a punishment tool for your Pug because you remove the safe feelings of having a place to go for your Pug during the day.

If you’re prepared to help your Pug associate the crate with safety and security and you aren’t leaving your Pug in the crate because you don’t feel like spending time with it, then a crate is an excellent training tool. As with a lot of things, how you use it determines if it’s cruel.

Why should I crate train my Pug?

Crate training is great for helping dogs learn a few things about living in your house. First, it makes manners training easier. If you don’t want your Pug to be on the furniture or jumping on guests when they’re visiting, teaching your Pug to go into the crate is a positive way to deter that behavior. It also helps with anxiety and calming your Pug during high energy times.


Having a crate is an excellent tool for training and for keeping your Pug safe. If you begin training your Pug early, your Pug can benefit from having a secure space to go when it’s time to rest. Crates also help keep your Pug secure during travel and provide a restful place that belongs to your Pug. Begin crate training your Pug and help keep your household in order.

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