Convenient Delivery Right to Your Door: Which Dog Food Subscription Service Is The Best?

Every month you remind yourself to head to the pet store to restock your supply of dog food. You walk in and head to where you remember the product being, only to find a different product it in its place. Maybe you luck out and find that the shelves have just been rearranged, or maybe you don’t, and the product is out of stock. Either way, you’re frustrated by the time you get to the register.

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Shopping for dog food doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, there doesn’t even have to be much shopping involved at all!

Dog food delivery is the way of the future and it will change your life as a pet parent. You’ll never have to wander aimlessly through the pet store again or have to wrack your brain to remember what the bag of dog food even looked like to be able to find it on the shelf. With a dog food subscription your dog’s dinner will be sent right to your door on a monthly basis.

We’ve taken the time to test and review all of the best dog food subscription companies out there right now to help you make the smart choice for your dog. Here are our picks!

The Best Subscription Dog Food Service

As a dog owner, it’s your job to take care of your dog and that means feeding him a wholesome, high-quality diet. The higher the quality of your dog’s diet, the more nutrition he’ll get and the healthier he’ll be. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes easier said than done.

You can’t always trust what you read on a dog food label, but you can trust a company that tells you exactly what goes into their products and how they are made. It’s even better when that company makes the products themselves and sends them right to your door. That’s what you have to look forward to with a fresh dog food subscription. Even if your dog eats raw or dry food, you can find a subscription service with the products you need.

If you’re thinking about giving subscription dog food a try, we recommend these five brands:

Brand Variety Weekly Price
Top Pick Nom Nom 4 options <$40
Budget Pick A Pup Above 3 options <$40
Best Fresh The Farmer’s Dog 3 options <$40
Best Raw Darwin’s 8 options <$40
Best Dry Heed Foods 2 options <$30

*Weekly price estimated for a 30-pound male dog with normal activity level

What is the Best Dog Food Subscription Service?

If you’ve been having your groceries delivered for any length of time, you probably find yourself wondering why you leave the house at all. There’s something so convenient about being able to get exactly what you want without having to wait in line or drag the groceries out to your car. A dog food subscription does the same thing but for your dog!

With dog food delivery you’ll receive regular shipments of your dog’s food sent right to your door – no mess, no hassle. Dog food subscriptions are out there to fit every need, including raw food and kibble, so check out our top picks to see which one might be the best fit for you and your dog.

Top Pick: Nom Nom

Easily one of the top dog food subscription services on the market, Nom Nom is our top pick. This company makes it easy to see why fresh food has become a favorite for many pet owners and you won’t be wondering for long. Choose from four protein-rich recipes (or a variety pack that includes more than one) and receive monthly deliveries of pre-portioned meals customized to your dog’s needs.

Nom Nom uses only real, human grade ingredients including premium proteins like turkey, beef, and chicken. Choose from grain-free or grain-inclusive recipes, all formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Every recipe is guaranteed to provide for your dog’s nutritional requirements (as established by AAFCO) and you have the peace-of-mind knowing the food is prepared in small batches and flash frozen to preserve nutritional quality.


  • Receive customized meal plan recommendations for your dog
  • Meals are pre-portioned according to your dog’s calorie needs
  • Choose from a variety of recipes, all made with quality ingredients


  • May need to contact customer service to cancel your account
  • Small packages sometimes come wrapped together which makes storage tricky

Budget Pick: A Pup Above

Fresh dog food costs a pretty penny but if you want to save money or try the product before you commit, A Pup Above is the fresh food subscription company for you. A Pup Above gives you the option to order a bag of their fresh food or you can try a sampler pack of all three recipes. If you like what you see, you can switch to monthly deliveries for additional savings. You can even create a profile for your dog to receive detailed advice on what recipe to choose and how much to feed your dog.

A Pup Above sends your food in upright bags with portions frozen by the pound. Simply thaw as much food as you need for a day or two and portion out the meal according to the recommendations on the bag (or the custom recommendations for your dog). Every product is cooked with the sous vide method to preserve nutrition and flavor, plus they’re made with USDA meats and non-GMO veggies.


  • Recipes formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionist
  • Order single products to test them or subscribe to monthly deliveries
  • Products cooked sous vide to preserve moisture and nutrition


  • Upright freezer bags take up space compared to portioned packages
  • Meals are frozen in 1-pound patties, not by portion

Best Fresh: The Farmer’s Dog

If you’ve decided that fresh food is the way to go, we recommend checking out The Farmer’s Dog. This company sends pre-portioned packages of fresh dog food right to your door. Simply create a profile for your dog to provide information about his age, breed, weight, and activity level and The Farmer’s Dog will calculate his calorie needs for you. From there, you simply open one package of food per day and divide it into two meals (or more) as you normally would.

The Farmer’s Dog uses wholesome human grade ingredients from USDA suppliers and the food is cooked at low temperatures to preserve the nutritional quality. Every recipe is formulated according to veterinary nutritional advice to deliver nutrition that actually exceeds AAFCO industry standards. You’ll receive convenient monthly deliveries and a personalized plan for your dog – what more do you need?


  • Meals are pre-portioned according to your dog’s calorie needs
  • Recipes made with human-grade ingredients from USDA suppliers
  • The food is cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutritional quality


  • Only three fresh dog food recipes to choose from
  • You have to create an online profile to view recipes

Best Raw: Darwin’s

When it comes to quality nutrition, it’s hard to beat raw dog food. Though the idea of eating raw food may sound strange to you, it’s actually closer to your dog’s natural evolutionary diet and his body is optimized to digest it. Darwin’s is our top pick for raw dog food subscription services because they offer a wide variety of products and the quality simply can’t be beat. You can even choose products made with free-range meats and organic vegetables.

You might expect raw food to be prohibitively expensive, but that isn’t the case with Darwin’s. Not only can you receive your first order of 10 pounds for just $14.95, but the weekly price for a 30-pound dog averages to only $35 a week. The products aren’t pre-portioned for you, but they do come in individually frozen patties perforated for easy separation – thaw a single patty at a time or a pack of four for your convenience.


  • Several product lines with larger variety of products
  • Receive your first order of 10 pounds for $14.95
  • Meals packaged in patties with perforated packaging


  • Raw food requires following safe handling procedures
  • Frozen meals are not pre-portioned for individual needs

Best Dry: Heed Foods

Many pet experts agree that fresh food is more nutritious than dry food in most cases, but Heed gives kibble a good name. This company is focused on optimizing your dog’s digestion to maximize his nutrition. Each recipe is made with functional-first ingredients including real meat sourced from the Americas. Every recipe is loaded with prebiotics to feed the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut that support digestion and nutrient absorption.

If you want a kibble that works for your dog, consider Heed. Choose from protein-rich recipes like Fresh Chicken & Ancient Grains or go grain-free with Fresh Salmon and Superfoods. You can’t go wrong with Heed’s premium kibble loaded with real animal protein and wholesome superfood ingredients. Plus, you can customize your delivery according to your dog’s calorie needs.


  • Food made with prebiotics to support gut health and digestion
  • Human-grade ingredients including real animal protein
  • High protein content and completely free from artificial additives


  • Kibble isn’t pre-portioned for your dog’s calorie needs
  • Much more expensive than the typical kibble

Other Subscription Dog Foods We Like

Though the five companies reviewed above are our absolute favorites, they aren’t the only options out there. Whether you’re looking for another fresh food company or additional options in a custom dry food dog plan, here are a couple more choices to consider:

Spot & Tango

Most subscription dog food services make you choose between fresh food and kibble, but Spot & Tango has both. Enjoy their fresh foods made with human-grade ingredients or the world’s first Fresh Dry food, UnKibble. Spot & Tango doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to the quality of their products and your dog certainly won’t complain. Choose from several protein options and rest easy knowing your dog is getting the nutrition he needs with just 12 simple ingredients per recipe.


  • Both fresh food and Fresh Dry kibble, all human grade
  • No more than 12 ingredients per recipe, absolutely no additives
  • Pre-portioned fresh meals are frozen flat for convenience


  • Only three fresh and dry dog food recipes to choose from
  • Somewhat more expensive than other brands on the market


If fresh food is what you want, Ollie is the company you need. Not only do they use the highest quality human-grade ingredients, but your dog’s meal plan is personalized according to his age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight. He’ll get the perfect portion for optimal health. The only downside is the meals don’t come pre-portioned, but you will receive a scoop with every order as well as detailed serving recommendations according to your dog’s calorie needs. Simply store the leftovers in the container included with your delivery.


  • Four different dog food recipes to choose from
  • Each delivery comes with scoop and reusable leftover container
  • Real animal protein and wholesome veggies and fruits


  • Significant use of plastic materials (can be recycled)
  • Individual meals are not pre-portioned for you

Crafted Kibble

Another option in subscription dry food is Crafted Kibble This company uses real animal protein and other whole foods to deliver complete and balanced nutrition for optimal health. What makes Crafted Kibble unique is that they send your delivery in pre-portioned bags according to your dog’s calorie needs. You’ll end up using a little more plastic, but you won’t have to worry about your dog’s food going bad after opening a big bag. Simply cut open each portion and pour it directly into your dog’s bowl.


  • Quality kibble made with real animal protein and wholesome ingredients
  • Delivered in individually portioned bags according to dog’s calorie needs
  • Customizable deliveries, easy to cancel or change at any time online


  • Must create a profile to get info, no list of recipes available
  • Kibble is produced using the extrusion method which uses high heat

The Benefits of Dog Food Subscriptions

There are tons of options when it comes to pet food and many people like the convenience of walking into the pet store and grabbing their favorite product off the shelf. The trouble with that is you may not be able to get detailed information about the product choices and you’re unlikely to find a store employee who will walk you through the process of choosing the right product for your pet.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to give your dog the best food money can buy, a fresh dog food subscription might be the way to go.

Here are some of the benefits of a fresh dog food delivery service:

  • Dog food subscriptions send monthly deliveries right to your door – you can customize your deliveries and change the shipping date at any time.
  • You fill out a profile for your pet before ordering to make sure the plan you choose is perfectly suited to your dog’s needs.
  • Many dog food subscription companies offer free shipping and discounts on your first order – after that, your monthly fee should be predictable, barring changes to your order.
  • Dog food delivery companies typically own their own manufacturing facilities and pay close attention to the quality of their products from start to finish.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your dog going hungry because you forgot to stop by the pet store – your deliveries are automatic and determined by your dog’s individual needs.

When it comes to choosing a diet for your dog, you have to walk the line between meeting your dog’s nutritional needs and sticking to your budget. Fresh dog food is going to cost you a little more in the long run, but it’s well worth it. Improving the quality of your dog’s diet improves his health which could very well mean fewer vet bills in the future, not to mention a longer, happier life for your dog.

What About Cat Food Subscriptions?

Pet food subscription companies first hit the market with fresh dog food recipes, but cat food companies are out there as well. Some companies like Nom Nom and Darwin’s offer formulas for both dogs and cats. There are also a few companies out there like Smalls that exclusively offer cat food products.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to increase the quality of your pet’s diet, fresh food delivery is the way to go. Not only will you receive regular shipments sent right to your door, but most companies walk you through the subscription process to make sure you get the right product and the right plan for your pet. From there, all you have to do is open the door to receive your delivery!

Dog Food Subscription FAQs

Is fresh dog food better for my dog?

Generally speaking, pet nutrition experts prefer fresh dog food over traditional kibble. Fresh food is generally made with whole ingredients and is often cooked at a much lower temperature which preserves the nutritional integrity of those ingredients. Many fresh dog food delivery companies produce their products in small batches as well which ups the quality. What it really comes down to is the ingredients, however, so it’s perfectly possible for a premium dry food to be rated higher than a poor-quality fresh food. This is why you have to do your research before choosing a company.

Can I change or cancel my dog food delivery?

Yes, most dog food delivery companies have you create an account on their website from which you can change or cancel your subscription at any time. Customer service is typically online as well, via email or chat, though some companies offer help by phone as well. You’ll get an email a few days before your order ships too, just in case you want to make changes before your card is charged.

Where can I find a dog food subscription free trial?

Fresh dog food typically costs more than your average kibble, so you may not be able to find a dog food subscription free trial. Many companies will send you a small sample if you write to request them, or you can start out ordering smaller quantities of the food to try it. Some companies give you the option to designate your subscription a “meal topper” plan where you mix the fresh food with your dog’s current diet, or you might be able to order a starter pack to try the product out before committing.

Does fresh dog food work for dogs with allergies?

If your dog has a food allergy or sensitivity, you’ll need to pay extra attention to what you feed him. The trouble with even the best fresh dog food delivery services is that their product choices are limited. Many do, however, offer products made without grains and made with novel proteins like turkey or lamb. When creating your dog’s profile online, be sure to indicate your dog’s allergy or contact customer service directly so they can help you choose the right plan for your dog.

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