7 Best Dog Harnesses for Labradoodles In 2024

What happens when you cross the friendly nature of a Labrador Retriever with the intelligence of a Poodle? You get an amazingly sociable dog with enough energy for days.

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Labradoodle’s are even better once you get to know them. You’re shocked as to how fast they learn, and how loyal they are to you and your family. Add these attributes together, and you have the near-perfect family dog.

Both parents of the Labradoodle are exceptionally energetic dogs with a surprising abundance of strength. Labrador Retrievers are extraordinarily active breeds known for naughty behavior when they don’t get adequate exercise. Poodles also require daily activity, and they’re very energetic.

Another fascinating tidbit about the Labradoodle is that both of the dog’s parents have history hunting or retrieving ducks. So, don’t be surprised if you see your Labradoodle eagerly chasing waterfowl or any wild game that they encounter while venturing out on your next walk.

That’s why choosing the right harness is critical for your Labradoodle. The last thing you want is your Labradoodle running loose whenever it spots a squirrel or bird. A harness can help to prevent your Labradoodle from chasing wild animals and can also help teach your Labradoodle pup better leash manners.

If you agree that your Labradoodle could benefit from the right harness, then read this guide. You’ll learn how to choose the perfect harness for your Labradoodle, and how to make sure that your Labradoodle’s harness fits perfectly.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses for Labradoodles

Basic Back Clip Harness

If you want the perfectly simple harness for your Labradoodle, then a basic back clip harness is a straightforward and convenient choice. Back clip harnesses are perfect if your Labradoodle isn’t overly aggressive on a leash, and if you want a comfortable and stress-free harness.

Many of the most popular harness brands are of the back-clip variety. Due to their popularity, you can find back clip harnesses with endless styles, sizes, and materials to help accommodate your Labradoodle.

Front Clip Harness

Front clip harnesses are perfect if you have an anxious Labradoodle who loves to tug your leash or runoff in the opposite direction when walking. A front-clip harness easily and gently redirects your Labradoodle to the direction you want when walking with the ultimate leverage and without hurting your dog.

No-Pull Harness

A no-pull harness is probably your best choice if your Labradoodle is especially energetic. If your Labradoodle can’t help but tug on your leash from the moment you put it on, then a no-pull harness provides plenty of support and can help to train your Labradoodle without harm.

Not all no-pull harnesses are equal. You’ll find slightly different designs among brands. Regardless of which vendor you choose, always look for a no-pull harness with thick straps and pads to help absorb any of the stress your Labradoodle experiences when walking.

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for My Labradoodle?

Your Labradoodle’s harness fits if it doesn’t pinch, choke, or cause harm when out and about walking.

If your Labradoodle’s harness fits too snug, they’ll complain. If the harness is too loose, then it’s a tripping hazard. That’s why it’s vitally important that you measure your Labradoodle for a harness. Never listen to any “one size fits all” advice, or estimate your Labradoodle’s size because each Labradoodle is unique.

Consider the following measurements for a proper fit:

  • Chest/Girth: The width (circumference) of the broadest part of your Labradoodle’s chest
  • Neck: The width (circumference) of your Labradoodle’s neck
Also, pay attention to the sizing chart for any harness that you consider. Remember that different vendors have wildly different sizing charts. It’s essential to check the size chart each time you view a harness and compare that to your Labradoodle’s chest and neck measurements.

Best Dog Harnesses for Labradoodles

These are our top picks for the best Labradoodle harnesses.

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness – Best Overall

The Julius-K9 Powerharness is perfect if your Labradoodle loves to enjoy frequent walks and outdoor adventures. The Julius IDC has plenty of heavy-duty features, including freeze-proof buckles, and a water-repellant cover that is perfect for even the hardiest of Labradoodles.

The build of the harness is of exceptional quality, and the material is light, soft, and comfortable enough for daily use. If you walk your Labradoodle at night, then you’ll love the reflective chest strap and the glow-in-the-dark side labels.

You can choose from four colors and four sizes, so you have plenty of options to consider.

6 More Highly Rated Dog Harnesses for Labradoodles

More of our favorite Labradoodle harness options.

Sporn No Pull – Best Training No-Pull

Does your Labradoodle chase every squirrel or duck on their radar? Are they choking themselves and overpowering you in the process? If so, then this Sporn no-pull harness is perfect.

The Sporn harness’s patented design helps to humanely control your Labradoodle without pain, choking, or discomfort. We love the elasticized mesh material that comfortably supports and controls your Labradoodle whenever they try to pull away.

The step-in design makes wearing the harness straightforward, and the mesh chest plate helps to support and absorb any strain on your Labradoodle. We also love the versatile sizing options. The harness easily accommodates dogs from two pounds to 100 pounds.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness – Best for Car

If there’s one thing that Labradoodles love more than anything, it’s going for a ride in your car! That’s why you might appreciate this crash-tested harness from Kurgo that helps to make driving with your Labradoodle safer.

The harness itself is well made and has a padded chest plate to help reduce stress on your Labradoodle. Your Labradoodle will also appreciate the five adjustment points to help increase comfort and ensure a good fit.

When it’s time to ride in your car, then the attachment process is straightforward. The harness smoothly works with any seat belt system, so your make or model vehicle doesn’t matter.

Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness – Best for Walking

This Frisco padded harness is perfect if your Labradoodle is rebellious when walking and if you want a stylish option that grants you total control of the walk.

The front clip attachment provides plenty of leverage for you to gently steer and guide your Labradoodle in the right direction without harm. There’s also a mesh padded chest plate to help absorb any impact on your Labradoodle when walking.

The harness looks great on any Labradoodle and comes in four colors and four sizes so that you can find the perfect match for your unique pup.

Kurgo Journey – Best for Hiking

The Kurgo Journey harness is perfect if you and your Labradoodle love exploring every forest and mountain trail that you can find. With thick, padded chest plate and a back handle, this harness is versatile enough to handle any adventure.

The harness itself is of a light and breathable fabric that’s also perfect for daily use. With four adjustment points, you can ensure a proper and comfortable fit for your Labradoodle. You can easily chuck the harness in the washing machine if it gets dirty, and the fabric itself is rugged enough to last.

You also get a 10-inch lead that’s perfect for training or as a seat belt attachment.

Kurgo Journey Air – Best for Running

The Kurgo Journey Air is easily one of the best harnesses for your Labradoodle, especially if you love to run and exercise regularly. The V-neck design and thick, padded chest plate offer plenty of comfort and support for your Labradoodle when jogging or running.

The harness itself has four adjustment points to ensure that the harness fits your Labradoodle perfectly. If you’re running with your Labradoodle at night, then you’ll appreciate the reflective trim to help your Labradoodle’s visibility.

When it’s time to exercise, you can decide whether to attach your leash on the front or the back. Another standout feature is the quick-release buttons that make wearing the harness a piece of cake.

Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness – Indestructible/Chew Proof

Is your Labradoodle teething? Do they insist on chewing everything in their path? If so, then you’ll love Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness. The harness looks charming and is of a robust and rugged nylon material that’s tough to rip, chew, or tear.

Chai’s harness also has plenty of comfort and safety features. The built-in handle atop the harness makes it simple to secure your Labradoodle when driving. With mesh padding on the chest and belly, your Labradoodle will experience far less pressure and stress when walking.

You also get nine color options and five size options so you can get the perfect fit. The harness also gets double points for having a reflective material that can help illuminate your Labradoodle when walking at night.

Best Harness for a Labradoodle Puppy

Most of the harnesses on this list are perfect for a Labradoodle puppy! However, we made an excellent recommendation to consider.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk is one of our favorite harnesses for Labradoodle puppies. The harness is simple for your Labradoodle to wear thanks to the quick-snack buckles. The martingale loop also helps to prevent twists when your pup is playing.

The harness is perfect for training puppy Labradoodles, and the front leash attachment gives you plenty of opportunities to steer your puppy if it gets distracted or wanders into danger.

Another thing we love about the PetSafe harness is all the sizing and adjustability options. With eight sizes and four adjustment points, you can ensure that your Labradoodle enjoys the perfect fit.

Tips for Getting Your Labradoodle Accustomed to Using A Harness

Your Labradoodle is as intelligent and as loyal as they come. On top of that, they cherish every opportunity to go for a walk. With that in mind, follow these five simple tips to help make your next outdoor adventure a piece of cake.

  1. Train your Labradoodle that the harness means that they get to go out and play. Ask your Labradoodle if they want to go out for a walk, and then put the harness on right after. Your Labradoodle loves going outside so much that they’ll tolerate a harness for a short while.
  2. Your Labradoodle has a massive appetite. Use that to your advantage! Slip a small piece of turkey or chicken into the harness the first time you introduce it to your Labradoodle. That way, your Labradoodle won’t be as offended (if at all) when it’s time to try it for the first time.
  3. Remove the harness immediately after use. The longer your Labradoodle wears the harness, the more likely they are to protest.
  4. Your Labradoodle is a natural companion and wants to make you happy! Tell your Labradoodle that they’re a good dog after you apply the harness. A soothing word and a pat on the back go a far way.
  5. Above everything, try your best to associate your Labradoodle’s harness with good things and positive experiences. That way, they’re much less likely to put up a fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are harnesses better options than collars and leashes?

In many cases, harnesses are superior to a leash and collar.

One of the most significant setbacks of a leash is that they offer little protection against leash pulling and put a strain on your Labradoodle’s neck. That’s the primary advantage of a harness. A harness helps to distribute the force of tugging sensations evenly, so your Labradoodle doesn’t injure itself.

Harnesses can also help to properly train your Labradoodle so that the behave immaculately on a leash. As a bonus, Labradoodles are very easy to train, so they work together wonderfully with a harness.

What style harness is best for my Labradoodle’s temperament?

The main rule to consider is how your Labradoodle currently behaves when walking.

Do they often run off and chase after birds, ducks, or squirrels? If so, then you might want to consider a front attaching harness for added control. If your Labradoodle is energetic and prone to leash-pulling, then a no-pull harness is perfect.

On the other hand, if your Labradoodle is well mannered and never tugs or misbehaves while leashed, then a simple back-clip harness can work wonders for most Labradoodles.

What are the best tips for fitting my Labradoodle puppy for a harness?

The best advice you’ll ever get when fitting your puppy Labradoodle for a harness is to remember to measure your Labradoodle. Measure the circumference of your Labradoodle’s chest at the thickest part, and your Labradoodle’s neck circumference.

Armed with those two numbers, you can then compare your Labradoodle’s size with the sizing chart that any harness vendor provides to you.


One of the best feelings is walking your Labradoodle around your favorite dog park. It’s only then that you realize the full grace, intelligence, and athleticism of the fantastic dogs.

That’s why choosing the right harness is a massive advantage to all Labradoodle owners. So, your loveable Labradoodle doesn’t get lost, or chase after an unsuspecting duck.

Hopefully, this guide gave you plenty of insights so that your harness fits your Labradoodle perfectly and keeps everyone safe.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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