8 Best Dog Toys for Havanese in 2024 

Havanese are one of the most popular toy breeds in the U.S. due to their intelligent, cheerful, and outgoing personalities though their fluffy fur and cute faces help, too. Weighing between 7 and 13 lbs., Havanese are a highly trainable and friendly breed, attracting admirers wherever they go.

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Besides their adorable looks, Havanese possess an adaptable disposition that is ideal for city dwellers. They are remarkably social and are excellent trick learners. Although small in stature, Havanese make excellent guard dogs even if they are not as vocal as some other breeds. Playfulness and friendliness are also hallmarks of the Havanese.

Owing to their smart and charming natures, Havanese need toys that stimulate their minds and provide social interaction. Havanese can make a fun game out of any toy, but the toys should be the appropriate size and made for toy breeds. Any toy engaging both a Havanese’s clever brain and sociable personality is best.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Havanese

One of the most popular dog toys is the chew toy. Most every dog loves gnawing on a hard rubber bone or a tough compressed nylon ring. Havanese are no different. These toys satisfy their desire to chew, focusing their attention on a toy instead of a shoe or pillow. Chew toys are great to use when your Havanese will be alone for a little while.

Enrichment toys are another outstanding option for Havanese. Since they have such active intelligence, enrichment toys provide an outlet for them and prevent boredom. These toys may come as treat dispensers, puzzles, or have unusual shapes to offer mental stimulation.

Interactive toys, like those used for tug and fetch, are crucial to a Havanese’s happiness. They are known to attach themselves like glue to their owners, so they adore any chance to play and socialize with people. Interactive toys help to build a bond between you and your Havanese and boost your affection for each other.

Havanese love to learn, which means training toys are a perfect option for them. These toys make training easy and help your dog understand the difference between a toy acceptable for playtime and a personal belonging that they are not allowed to chew.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Havanese?

Bearers of a charismatic and lively nature, Havanese are friendly and bright companions. They delight in spending as much time as possible with their owners. Because of their intelligence, they are adept learners and are easy to train. Havanese will make you laugh, too, as their extroverted nature lends itself to amusing habits and behaviors.

Because Havanese are such a playful breed, finding a toy they will enjoy is not difficult. Although they do not require intense physical exercise, Havanese need at least a daily walk or playtime to keep them stimulated, in-shape, and happy.

Toys that encourage social interaction are an excellent option for a Havanese. Whether you are playing tug, fetch, or some other game, interacting with their owners is precisely how a Havanese wants to spend the day. In fact, because they are so attached to their owners, Havanese may become anxious if left alone for long periods of time.

Besides interactive toys, Havanese also love toys that engage their minds. Since Havanese are so smart, they may succumb to boredom more easily. Toys with different shapes and textures will provide the stimulation and variety your Havanese craves.

Havanese puppies are very energetic and require a bit more play than their adult counterparts. Like any dog, they will need durable chew toys for teething. Because Havanese puppies are tiny, with some weighing 5 lbs. or under, any toy given to them should be the correct size and designed for toy breeds.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Havanese

To keep your boisterous Havanese entertained, choose any one of these toys for a perfect addition to your pup’s toy box.

Best Overall: Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle Dog Toy

This puzzle toy is perfect for the inquisitive Havanese. You simply stuff the flying saucer with the Martians providing your pup with hours of engaging entertainment as he pulls them out, tossing and squeaking them. Each of the six aliens comes equipped with a squeaker ready to make playtime exciting and interactive.

Once your Havanese gets tired of playing with this toy, the soft plush exterior offers a comfortable place to rest. A hide-and-seek game like this one stimulates your pet’s mind, which prevents boredom and destructive behavior.

With supervision, this toy has proven to hold up to daily play. Pups never tire of pulling the Martians out of the saucer, and additional alien refills are available for purchase if one gets lost or destroyed.

Smart Pet Love Tender Tuff Octopus Dog Toy

A stuffed option great for snuggling or for interactive play, this octopus features with TearBlok technology for extra durability. The squeaker is puncture-proof, so even if play gets a little rough, it should stay intact.

Created for toy breeds, this toy fits in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for a Havanese on the smaller side. They love to carry it around, fetch it, and sleep with it.

You can also adapt this toy to interactive games since the Havanese enjoys playing with somebody. This toy is especially suitable for a game of catch inside as it is soft and will not break anything if your aim is a little off.

Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy, Level 3

Designed for advanced canine gamers, your Havanese will find this puzzle toy a challenge. Hide treats in the hidden compartments and let your pooch figure out how to find them by pulling, pushing, and lifting the cones. There are four levels of play to keep your pet entertained for hours.

Since Havanese are such an intelligent breed, an advanced puzzle toy is perfect for them. It will provide them with the mental stimulation they need to excel, plus finding the treats is a great incentive to figure out the puzzle ensuring they never get bored.

If your Havanese is just too smart for most puzzle toys, this one should prove a challenge with an instruction booklet that offers advice on how to use the toy to its fullest potential.

Gnawsome Squeaker Ball Toy

A squeaker toy is always an excellent choice because the sound of the squeaker excites your pup and lets him know it is playtime. The soft, spiky texture of this ball massages your Havanese’s gums, which makes it great for teething pets.

The interactive nature of this ball makes it perfect for a Havanese. Because they love spending time with their owners, playing fetch with them using this ball will satisfy a Havanese’s need for social engagement.

This ball is made in a small size for toy breeds like the Havanese and is pretty durable for those pups that enjoy destroying their toys. It is also very easy to clean with pet-safe soap and water.

JW Pet Invincible Chains Triple Dog Toy

This toy, made of durable and natural rubber, will satisfy the Havanese’s friendly personality. Three interlocked rubber rings are ideally suited for tug-of-war with a human or with another dog. Once your pup becomes bored with tug, easily switch to fetch or even just chewing, which this toy is designed to withstand.

Since it is created for tug-of-war, the design and material of this toy are comfortable for your pooch and your hands. It will not cause pain or damage to any playing companions.

There are both extra-small and small sizes available to accommodate toy breeds that range from 10 to 20 lbs. Color varies, so be prepared for a surprise when your pup receives her new toy!

Nylabone FlexiChew Twin Pack Chicken & Original Flavors Bone Dog Toys, X-Small

These bones are made for moderate chewers like the Havanese and help clean teeth and prevent tartar buildup as a bonus. Chew toys are great for self-amusement, providing a distraction from boredom.

Because Havanese become so attached to their owners, they may feel anxiety when they are alone. This toy diverts your pet’s attention from stress to play. Infused with real chicken juice, this is an appealing toy for your pup, keeping him entertained and distracted with chicken flavor.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Havanese Puppies

These toys will help train and entertain a tiny, energetic Havanese puppy.

KONG Puppy Activity Ball Dog Toy

This multifunctional rubber ball can be used for fetch, treat dispensing, or chewing. To use as a treat dispenser, fill the center with whatever dog treats your pup likes best. As your puppy rolls and chases the ball, she will discover tasty rewards left for her that keep her stimulated and playful.

The soft rubber is perfect for teething puppies and includes Denta-Ridges to help clean teeth as your little Havanese chews.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Dog Toy

This toy keeps teething puppies in mind with its construction. From a young age, it helps puppies learn what is appropriate to chew, preventing destructive behaviors.

With three different shapes to choose from, your puppy will never get bored. Variety helps your Havanese pup stay engaged with play. Two of the shapes even have raised bumps and ridges to clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar.

Tips for Entertaining Your Havanese

Havanese need moderate exercise, which means a daily walk or playtime is required for their health and happiness. Toys work well for a Havanese because of their keen intelligence and playful nature. They can make a toy out of anything you give them and are even happier when you play with them.

Here are a few tips for playing with your Havanese:

  1. Teach your Havanese new tricks. Havanese love to learn and are naturals with tricks. Using toys to encourage learning in a playful way is a great exercise for your Havanese.
  2. Focus on interactive play. Your Havanese loves nothing more than spending time with you. So much so that being alone tends to make them anxious. Providing plenty of self-amusement toys will help take your Havanese’s mind off of your absence and reduce anxiety.
  3. Make sure your Havanese gets daily exercise. Despite their small stature, Havanese are naturally energetic and playful. They need either a brisk walk or a devoted playtime every day to keep them healthy and invigorated.
  4. Curb destructive behaviors with chew and training toys. Since Havanese are so intelligent, they respond well to training toys that teach them what is appropriate to chew and what is not. Chew toys will help keep your Havanese occupied when they are bored and considering bad behavior.
  5. Introduce new challenges. With such a bright, clever disposition, your Havanese craves mental stimulation. Interactive toys allow your Havanese to develop new skills and provide stimulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Toys are Best for the Energetic Personality of a Havanese?

Because of the Havanese’s intelligence and sociability, a variety of toys is best to keep them stimulated and active. To achieve this, try different shapes and textures. Choosing toys that offer noise stimulation or have treat dispensers are other exciting ways to mix up your pup’s toy chest.

How Can You Engage Your Havanese in Playtime?

Havanese are a companionable breed that enjoy any kind of interaction with their owner. They love nothing more than spending time with you, so choosing a tug or fetch toy encourages the socialization that your Havanese craves.

A Havanese will relish any playtime you can give them and will enjoy playing tug, fetch, hide-and-seek, or any other interactive game.

How Can You Keep Your Havanese Safe While Playing?

Due to the Havanese’s small size, selecting toys that are designed for toy breeds is important. Large toys will be difficult for a small pup to pick up or use to play. Make sure to choose durable toys that will not be destroyed easily. Also, throw away any toys that are starting to show signs of damage.


Havanese are an energetic, intelligent, outgoing breed that love human interaction and crave mental stimulation. Choosing toys that engage their lively minds and provide social interaction will keep them active and healthy, from puppy to adulthood. The toys described here, with their combination of stimulation, durability, and sociability, are perfect options for the clever and companionable Havanese.

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