8 Best Dog Toys for Maltipoos in 2024

Maltipoos are a designer breed that results from mixing a Toy Poodle and a Maltese.

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These small dogs typically weigh between 5 and 12 lbs. They have a playful and outgoing personality, and a lot of owners say that their adult Maltipoo has retained their puppy temperament.

These fun little dogs are always ready to play and easy to train. They are smart, affectionate, and have a strong need for social interactions. It’s easy to find toys that your Maltipoo will love since they are very playful by nature, and you engage in different games to provide your pooch with the social interactions they need to thrive.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Your Maltipoo

Maltipoos are very friendly, playful, and outgoing by nature. Their personality and interests can vary a lot from one dog to another, and those traits are often influenced by the personality of their parents.

Toys for Moderate Exercise Needs

Your Maltipoo needs to go on daily walks and will benefit from playing with you every day. However, these dogs don’t have extensive exercise needs. Walking for twenty minutes a day and playing when you get home should be sufficient to keep your pooch in shape and prevent health problems.

It’s fine if your pup doesn’t fetch toys, run after a ball, or engage in other intensive activities. However, you should look for toys that are fun and stimulating to address boredom and meet your dog’s needs for mental stimulation.

Stimulating Toys

Maltipoos are intelligent little dogs. They are easy to train and love showing off the tricks they know. Their playful nature is one of the reasons why they’re such a popular designer breed.

These dogs are drawn to a wide range of toys and will enjoy discovering new toys. You can provide stimulation by choosing toys with different materials, textures, and shapes. Noise stimulation will make a toy fun and exciting, and some Maltippos love interactive toys that dispense treats.

Indoor and Outdoor Play

Because of their small size, Maltipoos can easily run and play in a house or apartment. They can get exercise and stimulation throughout the day by investigating different toys. Your pooch will thrive if you set up a play area with different activities available to them.

It’s best to complement inside playtime with some outside time. Your dog will enjoy getting the opportunity to run around, chase a ball, and engage in other outdoor activities.

For indoor play, you can encourage your dog to be active by providing a treat-dispensing toy. These toys are appealing because your dog will get food as a reward, and working for their food encourages their natural foraging behavior. Soft toys and chew toys can also be fun.

You can use a variety of toys to play outside. A squeaky ball is ideal for getting your pup to run, but some dogs will prefer rope toys.

Intellectual Stimulation

If your Maltipoo has to be alone during the day or if you can’t always provide entertainment, make sure your pup has access to activities that are mentally stimulating.

These small dogs are very intelligent and can figure out how to interact with puzzles and similar toys. Solving puzzles and playing with interactive toys helps your Maltipoo develop their problem-solving and motor skills.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Maltipoos

It’s not difficult to find a toy your Maltipoo will love. These fun little dogs are very playful and will have a blast with most new toys that you introduce.

Maltipoos thrive on variety since they’re very intelligent dogs. They love learning new games and investigating new toys. You can provide that type of stimulation by looking for toys that have different materials and textures. Chew toys with different flavors can be interesting, and puzzles will help introduce new activities into your pup’s routine.

Because Maltipoos are very social dogs, they will love playing games with their owners. Rope toys are a fun option because you can play tug-of-war, or teach your Maltipoo to grab and bring these toys. Some Maltipoos love fetching balls and other toys because of the social aspect of that game.

Puppies tend to have a lot of energy. You should pick games that will help you bond with your Maltipoo puppy while helping them release their energy. Playing with your puppy will provide you with opportunities to start working on obedience training.

A puppy Maltipoo should have access to plenty of toys adapted to their small size. They will enjoy the variety, and you should use these toys to teach your puppy a few simple commands like leaving or bringing a toy.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Maltipoos

These products are an excellent match for the playful nature of the Maltipoo.

Best Overall:Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy

This interactive dog toy features four rotating discs stacked on top of each other. Your dog can open different small compartments by rotating the discs and access food or treats.

Rotating the discs with their nose or paws is a fun challenge. Your Maltipoo will enjoy working to get to the food or treats. It’s a fun way of helping your dog develop fine motor skills and figure out how to solve problems.

This puzzle is a stimulating indoor activity. You can turn it into a social activity by encouraging your dog, or provide this toy as an option for self-entertainment.

Ethical Pet Dura Brite Treat Ball Dog Toy

This rubber ball features small nubs that will help clean teeth and gums when your dog chews on it. The texture is interesting and will encourage your dog to chew on the ball and interact with it.

The ball glows in the dark. That feature should attract your dog’s attention and encourage play when they’re bored.

You can use the ball for a game of fetch, or let your dog chew on it for self-entertainment. There is a hole inside of the ball that you can fill with food or treats. The food or treats have to get through a maze before falling out of the ball.

Getting food as a reward makes playing with the ball more fun and will keep your Maltipoo entertained when they’re alone.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle Dog Toy

This original interactive toy is going to become one of your pup’s favorite activities. It features a large plush toy shaped like a flying saucer. There are holes in the flying saucer, and you can place smaller soft toys shaped like aliens inside.

Your Maltipoo is going to love the built-in squeakers inside of the little aliens. Getting the aliens out of the flying saucer is a stimulating activity that reproduces natural foraging behavior.

Nylabone DuraChew Flavor Frenzy Triple Pack Pancakes, Roast Beef Club, & Meat Lasagna Flavored Bone Dog Toys

This pack of three bone-shaped nylon chew toys features some unique flavors that your pooch will love. Providing a variety of flavors is important because it makes chew toys more appealing, and it alleviates boredom.

Chewing is an essential activity for a healthy dog. It helps clean teeth and gums, and it prevents destructive behaviors.

Multipet Loofa Dog the Original Plush Dog Toy

We like this toy because its elongated shape makes it easy to grab and carry. It’s a toy that we recommend for gentle chewers. The toy features a durable design, and your dog will love the soft texture.

It’s ideal if your Maltipoo treats soft toys as comfort items and doesn’t attempt to destroy them. If this describes your dog, they will love cuddling with this soft toy.

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Raccoon Dog Toy

This soft toy has a built-in squeaker to encourage interactions and provide stimulation to a bored pup. It’s a cute raccoon-shaped toy with a flat shape. The flat shape makes throwing and catching the toy fun and easy.

Your Maltipoo will love the soft feel of the toy, and there is no stuffing for safety.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Maltipoo Puppies

You can use these toys to start working on obedience training and help your Maltipoo puppy use their energy.

KONG Puppy Dog Toy

It’s important to teach your new puppy that they should play with their toys and not with their owners’ belongings. You can fill this rubber toy with food or treats so that your puppy gets rewards for playing with their toys.

We recommend this toy because the size is ideal for a puppy, and it’s an excellent way of keeping your pup entertained during crate training or alone time.

Your puppy can chew on the rubber exterior of this toy, and you can also throw it to entertain your puppy with the toy’s erratic bouncing behavior.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Rings Dog Toy

This toy features three interlocked rings with different shapes and textures. You can use the toy to start teaching your puppy how to play tugging games. It’s a fun game that promotes bonding and social interactions.

Your teething puppy will love chewing on this toy because the different textures will provide relief.

Tips for Entertaining Your Maltipoo

Maltipoos tend to have unique personalities. These small dogs often have a favorite toy or game, and you will have to figure out how they prefer to play. You should provide your Maltipoo with a variety of toys, teach them new games, and look for new things you can do together.

Here are a few tips to keep your Maltipoo entertained:

  1. You can reduce destructive behaviors and keep a bored Maltipoo busy by providing plenty of chew toys. Flavored chew toys are stimulating, and you can offer these toys as rewards.
  2. Introduce some new challenges. Maltipoos are smart dogs who love learning new things. You can teach your pup some new commands during your playtime sessions and introduce new interactive toys.
  3. Pay attention to how your pooch plays. Are they gentle with their toys? Do they tend to chew on everything? This will help you figure out which toys are best for your pup.
  4. Provide options for indoor entertainment. Maltipoos are lap dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners, but you can make their days more interesting by offering chew toys, soft toys they can cuddle with, and other options.
  5. Remember that Maltipoos are very social. They will love playing games with you and using toys to interact with everyone in the family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best toys for your Maltipoo.

Which Toys Are Adapted to the Playful Nature of Your Maltipoo?

We recommend providing a variety of stimulating toys. Your pup will enjoy exploring their living space and deciding which toys they want to play with.

You can introduce different types of toys, look for toys with different textures, and pick toys that provide noise stimulation.

How Can You Keep Your Maltipoo Safe When Playing?

Choose quality toys that won’t get damaged easily. Don’t offer any toys with stuffing if your Maltipoo tends to destroy their toys.

Make sure the toys you offer are adapted to the small size of your companion. Big toys might be too heavy or difficult to interact with.

Inspect your pooch’s toy regularly and throw away damaged toys. Avoid toys with weak seams and other elements that could be damaged.

What Are the Best Toys for Encouraging Your Dog to Be Active?

Most Maltipoos are playful but don’t have a strong chasing instinct. They might enjoy running after a ball, but fetch might not be a favorite game.

You can introduce rope toys. Playing tug-of-war will keep your pup active, and the social element of that game will make it appealing. Toys with squeakers can get your pooch excited and make them want to play.

You can also use scented or flavored toys to encourage your dog to be active if they’re food-motivated.


The toys we reviewed above are excellent options for Maltipoos because they will provide your dog with different sources of stimulation. We feel confident recommending these toys because they’re adapted to small dogs and have received excellent reviews.

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