Best Fetch Dog Toys for Runners and Jumpers in 2024

Fetch toys are vital for many dog breeds. A good game of fetch will occupy and entertain your dog, but it can also provide necessary exercise and get your dog to expend energy while outside so that it does not run or jump in the house. If your dog is an energetic runner and jumper, the game of fetch will become one of their favorite pastimes.

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Dogs that love to run and jump will be especially excited by games like fetch. The best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers in 2024 will allow you to add different twists to this classic dog game. For example, round fetch toys will roll and bounce, while stick-like fetch toys have different motions while in the air. You may even want to get multiple fetch toys to give your dog different physical and mental challenges.

The best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers can vary depending on your dog’s age, their size, and the amount of space that they have to play. Also, some dogs will react better to specific shapes or to toys that make sounds or hold treats.

Some toys are ideal for puppies as they learn the mechanics of fetch, while others are for older dogs who need a toy that will keep them interested and challenge them so that they get the right amount of exercise and stay engaged while playing. Dogs that are runners and jumpers will benefit from having several different fetch toys.

Of course, you also want to consider safety when choosing toys for your dog. Quality dog toys are non-toxic and won’t break or splinter after use.

What to Look for in a Good Fetch Toy for Runners and Jumpers

The best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers come in different shapes and sizes. When looking for a suitable fetch toy, there are a few things that you need to consider.

First of all, fetch toys need to be heavy enough so that you can throw them while outside in all conditions. If a fetch toy is too light, you won’t be able to throw it very far. Secondly, fetch toys need to be durable. A good fetch toy will get lots of use for its primary purpose, and some dogs will want their fetch stick or rope to double as a tug-of-war toy or chew toy.

Size is critical when it comes to fetching game toys. You will want to find toys that fit in your dog’s mouth without straining their jaw. A tennis ball-sized fetch toy will work for most dogs. However, small puppies and some breeds, such as chihuahuas or Yorkshire terriers, may find a tennis ball size too large.

On the other hand, small toys can be dangerous for larger dogs because they could accidentally swallow them.

Runners and jumpers will want toys that have specific qualities. For example, they may prefer toys that float in the air, such as a frisbee or disc. A runner will be able to cover longer distances, so balls and heavier toys are ideal for more energetic breeds.

They may also appreciate toys that bounce at unexpected angles, which provides another element and additional mental challenge for the dog. Choosing the right toy can help your dog want to learn to play fetch.

You might also want to consider your comfort when getting a fetch toy. You will be an active participant in fetch, so you will probably prefer toys that are comfortable for you to use as well. If you need assistance making those long-distance throws, you can choose a product with a throwing arm or other device that makes repeated tossing easier on your arm muscles.

Overall Best Fetch Dog Toys for Runners and Jumpers

Here are the best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers. These options are suitable for adult dogs.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher Dog Toy

Best Overall Fetch Dog Toy

The Chuckit! is a long stick with a ball at the end. The stick provides leverage so that you can throw the ball farther than usual.

This toy is excellent for dogs because you can toss it further so the dog will have a challenge when chasing it. Also, you won’t have to pick up the wet ball with your hand.

Finally, the Chuckit! Classic will save your arm because you can throw the ball without straining. If your dog likes extended games of fetch, this toy is an excellent investment.

All Kind Squeaky Football Dog Toy

This dog toy has a classic football shape. If you prefer to throw a football rather than a regular, round ball, this could be a good toy for you.

Dogs will appreciate the squeaking sound that the toy emits when they bite down on it. The textured exterior makes the ball easy for both you and the dog to grip.

The rubber material of this ball makes it a very sturdy option for daily use. If the game of fetch is part of your regular playing routine, durable toys like this are going to offer a lot of value.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

These rubber balls are much more durable and safer than standard tennis balls or racquetballs. These balls bounce very high so that you can add bouncing throws into your fetch games.

The rubber is extremely durable, and it takes no effort to clean after each fetch session.

The balls come in packs of two, but they are difficult to lose in the grass because they are brightly colored.

Starmark Easy Glide Durafoam Flying Disc Dog Toy

This toy is a standout for flying disc fetch toys. It is 11 inches in diameter, so it works well for larger dogs. The patented shape makes flying easy, even if you do not know how to throw a frisbee.

The durable rubber material will stand up to repeated fetch sessions. The rubber is also very easy to clean, and it is soft enough that it won’t harm your dog’s teeth. Plus, if your dog needs a drink after fetch, you can flip the disc and use it as a makeshift water bowl.

Overall Best Fetch Toys for Puppies

Puppies need different sizes of fetch toys. Here are three options for younger dogs.

Kong Puppy Flyer Dog Toy

Best Overall Fetch Toy for Puppies

The Kong Puppy Flyer is a disc toy that works well for teaching puppies to play catch and fetch. The toy is a softer form of rubber that will be gentle on the teeth of younger dogs.

Also, the rubber makes this a durable toy that can stand up to repeated use. The rubber is also easy to clean so you can make sure it is always clean and safe for your puppy to have in its mouth.

Finally, this disc’s smaller size makes it ideal for younger dogs who haven’t fully matured yet.

Kong Puppy Activity Ball

This toy is not specifically a fetch toy, but it can be an excellent option for puppies to learn to play the game. Your young dog will naturally want to chase this ball because it has treats inside of it.

In addition to soft rubber, which is gentle on the gums of teething dogs, the ball is easy to carry. If your puppy isn’t ready for fetch, they can use this as an interactive puzzle toy.

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

These tennis balls make a squeaking noise when your dog chews on them. They come in packs of three, so they provide great value.

Puppies and smaller dog breeds can use these balls because the diameter is 2.5 inches. Unlike regular tennis balls, these balls use a non-abrasive felt material that is easy on the gums of teething puppies.

Also, they are soft enough to use indoors if you want to train your puppy to play fetch inside before heading to the dog park.

Tips for Playing with Your Fetch Toys for Runners and Jumpers

Fetch toys are especially important for runners and jumpers. Energetic dogs need exercise. In addition to physical challenges and the chance to expend energy, they need to be challenged mentally as well. The right toy can help get your dog excited about playing fetch. These tips can also make this a fun and safe game for both you and your pet.

Use anticipation to teach your dog interested in playing fetch.

Perhaps your dog has a favorite toy or bone that it really loves to play with and always seems to seek out. You can toss this toy out a short distance.

You can then build anticipation by holding your dog back for a few seconds. You can then release them and let them retrieve the toy.

This idea can be an effective way to teach any dog to play fetch, but it works particularly well for dogs who are not interested in the game.

Choose the right toy.

Dogs will respond to different products. Some dogs won’t be interested in a ball or stick-shaped fetch toy, but they will chase a frisbee all day long if you’d let them.

There can be a bit of trial and error when finding the perfect fetch toy for your runner and jumper. One option is to get toys that have different purposes, such as a toy that can work for fetch or as a chew toy or puzzle toy.

Teach the dog to deliver the toy back to you and drop it.

Some owners forget the aspect of fetch that involves returning the toy to you.

Stay in one place when you do this. You do not want to chase the dog. You want the dog to come to you. Call the dog back after they have picked up the toy. If the dog is reluctant to return, you can offer some positive reinforcement in the form of a treat.

Treats can also be useful if the dog does not want to drop the toy.

Play fetch on an incline.

If you want your dog to expend a lot of energy during the game, you can play on an include. The hill will give your dog more exercise, which will help their fitness and allow them to use energy so that they are not running or jumping in the house.

Playing on an incline usually means throwing the fetch toy downhill and having the dog bring it back uphill. The downhill tosses will be easier on your arm as well.

Always be safe.

Some dogs are aware of their surroundings. However, others will become so focused on the ball or other fetch toy that they will lose track of their surroundings. They could end up chasing the ball into the road, for example. Always avoid this scenario by ensuring that you have plenty of space for your games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common fetch-related questions dog owners ask.

Can I Use Any Toy for Fetch?

Technically, you can use any toy that you can throw for fetch. However, it would help if you considered a few things.

First of all, you need a toy that will be safe for your dog. A dog could choke on a toy that is too small and strain its jaw on something too big.

Second, you will be using the toy outside, so you will want something durable that will withstand throwing and, perhaps, the occasional chewing session.

Finally, you should purchase toys that are easy to wash. The best fetch toys for dogs can go in the washing machine or dishwasher after each use.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like Fetch?

Some energetic dogs will play fetch endlessly. As long as you have the arm strength to toss the toy, they will run and get it. Other dogs may not be interested.

You can use positive reinforcement, such as giving treats or getting a toy that holds treats inside. Also, you can consider different types of toys. A dog may not be interested in a ball or stick, but they may become enthralled with a frisbee or toy that bounces at unexpected angles.

Most dogs can learn to play fetch, but some may never get interested in it. In that case, you will need to find other ways for them to get exercise.

How Can I Make Sure My Dog is Safe during Fetch?

There are a few things that you can do to increase safety. First, make sure you have enough space so that the dog does not chase the toy into the road or some other dangerous area.

Always use toys that are not going to break or contain multiple pieces. A broken toy could cut a dog’s mouth, or the dog could swallow a shard during the game and damage its throat or stomach.

Final Thoughts

The best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers will allow you to challenge your dog with long throws, unexpected bounces, and unique shapes.

Any of our best fetch dog toys for runners and jumpers in 2024 will suit your dog’s fetching needs, though you want to be sure to get a toy that is the correct size and shape for your dog.

Since fetch is an essential game for energetic runners and jumpers, you may even want to invest in multiple toys. Quality fetch toys will be an excellent investment because they will get a lot of use if your dog is a runner and jumper.

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