7 Best Brushes for French Bulldog w/ Tips for Proper Brushing

While some might refer to the French Bulldog as a “mini bulldog,” this breed’s charming personality and unique appearance make these dogs stand out. With wrinkled foreheads, watery eyes and “bat ears,” it isn’t difficult to recognize a Frenchie.

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Originally, French bulldogs began popping up when European breeders starting crossing toy Bulldogs with pugs and terriers. When the Frenchie began to appear with their trademark “bat ears,” this breed swept Paris by storm. Famous artists like Toulouse-Lautrec and Edgar Degas even went as far to frequently paint the Frenchie.

Today, many people still revere the French bulldog for their easy-going temperament and striking looks. However, while this breed may appear to be low maintenance, they often require more brushing and grooming than you might think. Not only do some active Frenchies usually need a bath every couple of months, but they also need routine brushing to maintain their sleek, healthy coats.

The good news is that, since the Frenchie only has one coat layer, they don’t usually shed as often as some other breeds. However, even if loose hair isn’t much of an issue, dirt and debris can be. Adventurous Frenchies can collect dirt or debris that easily sticks to their skin and fur. Without regular brushing, your Frenchie’s coat could begin to smell and you may even notice an excess of dander.

Luckily, unless your Frenchie continuously rolls around in the mud or dirt, you will only need to brush these dogs around once a week to keep them healthy. Not only will this weekly brushing remove dead hair, dirt, and dander, but it will also distribute natural oils across your pooch’s skin and coat.

In many cases, the most difficult part of your dog’s care isn’t the brushing itself—it’s finding the best French Bulldog brush to meet your pup’s needs. While many brands may promise to get the job done, not all brushes are up to the task. Luckily, you don’t have to guess which grooming tool is right for your Frenchie—we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the most popular brush types for French bulldogs as well as our top picks for 2024:

Different Types of Popular French Bulldog Brushes

Although many would consider French Bulldogs to be a low-maintenance breed, they still do require some time and effort to uphold their smooth, shiny coats. While there’s plenty of grooming brush types out there to pick from, not all of them are the right choice for your Frenchie:

Pin Brushes

Many people associate pin brushes with long-haired dogs but don’t realize that these brushes can actually work just as well on the short coat of a Frenchie. With long, rubber or plastic-tipped wires, the pin brush can penetrate even the thickest areas of your dog’s coat.

Since the wires do usually contain a protective covering, pin brushes don’t usually irritate or scratch your dog’s skin like a slicker brush might. Keep in mind that, while a pin brush will easily remove loose hair and dirt, it’s not ideal to handle matted or tangled fur.

Identifying a pin brush is fairly easy as well—just look for the grooming tool that’s identical to a hairbrush.

Bristle Brushes

While bristle brushes are usually designed as a “finishing” tool, these soft brushes actually mesh well with the short, straight coats of a Frenchie. Once you’ve groomed your bulldog with a pin brush, you can use the bristle brush to collect any loose hair or debris that the pin brush didn’t pick up.

</bSince the Frenchie’s coat is fairly short, the bristle brush may work more effectively than it would on a long-haired coat.

In some cases, you might not even need to purchase a bristle brush separately. Some pin brushes may also include a bristle brush head or side for convenience.

Slicker Brushes

While slicker brushes might not always be needed for Frenchies, it’s difficult to find a brush that can groom your dog’s coat as well as the slicker brush can. With soft wires packed closely together, the slicker brush can easily dig deep into your dog’s fur and remove dead hair or debris.

Oftentimes, the bristles are designed to be flexible and soft so that they won’t harm or chafe your French Bulldog’s sensitive skin. Slicker brushes also tend to come in a variety of sizes so that they can work well for Frenchies of all sizes.

Grooming Glove

Grooming gloves, or hound gloves, aren’t usually a primary grooming tool for dogs, but they often work well for the Frenchie’s short fur. While the majority of Frenchies will happily wag their tails and loll their tongues when you’re brushing them, not all of these dogs may enjoy the process—especially if they have lots of loose hair or dirt.

The grooming glove can be one way to make your dog feel more comfortable. Since the glove uses rubber bristles and easily slips over your hand, your dog may feel more like they’re being “massaged” rather than brushed.

Best Brush for a French Bulldog

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush

Our Hands Down Favorite

Many products may promise to be the best French Bulldog brush, but only the Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush can truly claim that spot. As the name suggests, this miracle worker gently detangles any matted fur without harshly tugging on your Frenchie’s sensitive skin.

The pins are angled so that it can easily grab dirt and debris from those “hard to reach” spots and collect dirt or debris embedded in your bulldog’s skin. To prevent slipping or hand cramps after a long grooming session, there’s an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

6 More Top-Rated French Bulldog Brushes

We aren’t done just yet—here are six more highly-rated products that we’ve also reviewed for you:

ConairPRO Dog Pin Brush

The ConairPRO Dog Pin Brush is the perfect size for small breeds like the Frenchie. Not only does it have a non-slip gel handle that fits comfortably in your hand, but it also uses stainless steel pins to pick up anything from loose hair to deeply-embedded dirt.

While the pins can pick up most debris and dead hair, they won’t cause your dog any discomfort—the reinforced comfort tips help ensure that it won’t painfully scrape against the Frenchie’s skin while brushing.

Regardless of how dirty your French bulldog gets, the ConairPRO Dog Pin Brush can always help untangle matted fur and remove dirt.

JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

Grooming your dog might not just be uncomfortable for your Frenchie—it may also cause hand cramping and fatigued joints for you as well. The best way to get around this issue is by using the JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush. The brush uses an ergonomic handle to provide both owners and pets with a comfortable grooming experience.

Besides comfort, the JW brush also has an oval-shaped design and metal wires with round-tipped bristles. Both features can go a long way in ensuring that you won’t accidentally scratch your pup’s skin while trying to remove dirt or loose hair.

FurryFido Pet Deshedding Tool & Grooming Brush

Unlike most brushes, the FurryFido Pet Deshedding Tool & Grooming Brush uses a comb-like design to remove loose hair. Not only is this contoured handle sometimes easier to hold, but the durable steel blades make rake up dead hair better than some other options.

Despite using metal blades, the FurryFido brush is far from rough—the blade has a gentle touch against your pup’s skin.

In some cases, the wooden handle and steel blades may last the test of time much better than plastic or rubber-tipped brushes (and your dog may be less likely to chew on it as well).

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

For a slicker brush that won’t leave a speck of dust behind, the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is the way to go. Unlike some brushes that can feel like a chore to clean, removing the hair from the Safari brush is as easy as pushing a button. Once you do, pins will retract and the hair will fall off.

In addition to its self-cleaning mechanism, the Safari brush also has a padded handle to help you maintain a sturdy grip while avoiding hand cramping or fatigue. If you’re worried about the stainless steel pins irritating your Frenchie’s sensitive skin, there’s no reason to be—they’re soft enough to avoid scraping or pulling.

Four Paws Magic Coat Slicker Brush for Dogs

While the fur of a Frenchie isn’t usually long enough to tangle or knot, it can get matted, especially if their coat becomes damp or dirty. That’s where the Four Paws Magic Coat Slicker Brush comes in—with fine, angled bristles, you can safely remove mats without damaging your Frenchie’s delicate skin.

Not to mention, the Four Paws brush is also a great tool to stimulate blood flow and circulation within your pup. As you rake it across their coat, you’ll also be spreading natural oils on their skin too. After regular use, you may even find that your Frenchie’s coat becomes sleek and healthier.

K9konnection Self Cleaning Slicker Dog & Cat Brush

It’s difficult to find a high-quality brush like the K9konnection Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush. Not only will it remove dead hair that builds up, but the high-density bristles are designed to effectively remove deep knots and matted fur as well.

When you’ve filled up your brush with loose hair and debris, cleaning it is as simple as pushing a button to retract the pins. The hair will fall away, and the K9konnection brush will be as good as new. Besides its ergonomic handle, keep in mind that this brush is recommended by vets and groomers alike.

5 Simple Tips to Properly Brush a French Bulldog

  1. Begin brushing your Frenchie while they’re still young. If possible, it’s best to start brushing your pup while they’re still a puppy. The earlier you begin the process, the more cooperative they’ll usually be in adulthood. However, in many cases, adult Frenchies that have never been brushed can still learn to enjoy it.
  2. Positively reward your French Bulldog after brushing. In order to instill the idea that brushing is a good thing—especially for those pups that may not initially like it—it’s a good idea to use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement can be as simple as giving your pup their favorite treat after a brushing session. Your Frenchie may even begin to look forward to these sessions.
  3. Brush your Frenchie from head to toe. Instead of focusing on one area, it’s best to use long, vertical strokes when brushing your dog. Not only is this generally more comfortable for the dog, but it can also prevent overbrushing.
  4. Never focus on the same area more than three times in a session. While some areas of your dog’s coat might produce more dead hair than others, you don’t want to hyperfocus on one spot. Even the softest brushes can cause skin irritation when you repeatedly rake them in the same area.
  5. Use grooming scissors to cut out tough mats. While the majority of brushes will be able to handle even the most tangled fur, you never want to brush hard enough to hurt your dog. If the mat doesn’t break up within a few strokes, using a pair of grooming scissors to cut away the tangled fur can save your dog a lot of pain.

FAQ Regarding French Bulldog Brushing/Grooming

  • Is it possible to over-brush a French bulldog? – For breeds like the Frenchie that have short coats, over-brushing your dog is easier than you might think. Over-brushing can even cause brush burn, which can leave your dog’s skin irritated and red for days. To avoid over-brushing your dog, be sure to check how often you should be grooming your dog, and follow those guidelines. Generally, you don’t need to brush a Frenchie more than once a week.
  • Do French bulldogs shed? – While their coats might be short, Frenchies are capable of shedding. In fact, unless you regularly brush their coats, you could end up with fur all over your house and clothing.
  • How often should I be brushing my French bulldog? – Generally, you should be brushing your French bulldog around once a week. In some cases, an active French bulldog who frequently rolls around in the dirt or plays outside may need to be brushed a couple of times a week to remove mats, dirt, and debris from their fur.
  • What is the best French bulldog brush type to use? – Although it can change from dog to dog, you can easily groom your Frenchie with a pin or bristle brush. If you find that your dog’s fur mats or tangles easily, a slicker brush might be a better alternative. In some cases, Frenchies who don’t enjoy brushing may appreciate the added comfort of a grooming glove. Even if they are being brushed, they usually won’t feel like it.
  • How often should I be bathing my French bulldog? – While there isn’t an exact science to how often you should bathe your Frenchie, many owners aim to clean their dogs once or twice a month. For less active dogs who spend time indoors, they may only need to bathe twice a year.

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