7 Best Goldendoodle Dog Hair Clippers: Our 2022 Doodle Clipper Guide

Trying to choose clippers for grooming your Goldendoodle? We’ve got you covered! We can tell you what kind of clippers to buy as well as which clipper blades you need. In this article we’ll discuss:

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  1. The different types of clippers and blades.
  2. Tips for determining the best clippers and blades for your Goldendoodle.
  3. The best dog clippers for your Goldendoodle.
  4. And, tips for using your clippers on a Goldendoodle.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Many Goldendoodles may be non-shedding (more or less), but that doesn’t mean these dogs don’t need grooming – including clipping. If you’re in the market for hair clippers for a Goldendoodle, you’ve come to the right place. There are quite a few clippers available today for pet owners ranging from inexpensive trimmers to professional grooming clippers. You have your choice of cordless and electric; single speed and multi-speed; and clippers for touch-ups and clippers that could shear sheep. We can help you choose the product that’s just right for your dog and his mop of hair.

Different Types of Clippers and Blades


Pet trimmers for Goldendoodles – Trying to choose the best hair clippers for a Goldendoodle? If you’ve been looking at various clippers online you may think you don’t need a professional-style clipper. Professional clippers are more expensive than simple pet trimmers. Pet trimmers are often sold in kits with combs that fit over their attached blade so they can slide through different lengths of coat. Pet trimmers are usually battery-operated. If you have a Goldendoodle, chances are that your dog’s coat is heavy enough and perhaps wavy or curly enough that you need professional clippers. A pet trimmer probably won’t do the job on your dog’s coat. Pet trimmers are good for touch-ups on dogs that have already had their coat groomed; and they are good for dogs that don’t have very heavy coats or need much trimming. Pet trimmers are very good for trimming a dog’s face, ears, and paws.

Corded clippers for Goldendoodles – Corded clippers are usually favored by professional groomers and anyone who keeps dogs as a hobby. They have an electric cord so you don’t have to worry about a battery running low. They are generally durable and powerful enough to clip through any coat, no matter how thick or heavy. Mats are no problem. They are hard to break. One of these clippers, with heavy use, can last for years. And, they are made to stay cool. These clippers are workhorses. Corded clippers can come in 1-speed, 2-speed, or up to 5-speed settings so you can control how fast they work. Some of them are fancier such as being extra quiet or low-vibrating, but the basic corded clipper is a terrific product for anyone considering a clipper for a Goldendoodle. These are often the clippers groomers use.

Cordless hair clippers for Goldendoodles – Cordless clippers can be battery-operated or rechargeable. Most battery-operated cordless clippers fall into the pet trimmer category. Rechargeable cordless clippers operate very much like corded clippers. Some of them will run up to 90 minutes before you have to recharge them but many of them run for shorter times. Many people like the ease and convenience of using cordless clippers because you can use them anywhere. You aren’t limited to grooming your dog near an electrical outlet. In our experience, some of these clippers aren’t quite as powerful as corded dog clippers, but they are close. You will probably have to replace these clippers after a couple of years because they won’t hold a charge any longer.

Some clippers are both corded and cordless. You can use them cordless but while they are recharging, you can plug in the cord to continue working. Many people like clippers with this feature.

There are other clippers, some very powerful which would be suitable for dogs as well as livestock, but you don’t need sheep shears for a Goldendoodle.


One very nice thing about hair clippers and clipper blades is that the blades are generally interchangeable, regardless of the manufacturer. Oster, Andis, and Wahl are the three big companies that make dog clippers. If you buy “detachable” clipper blades made by Oster, they will fit your Andis clipper, and vice versa. (This is true with all of the pet clippers and blades that we know about. If you are buying an unusual blade for some kind of work like shearing sheep or clipping your horse, please double check.)

Most professional clippers today will come with a #10 blade attached to the clipper when you buy it. This is nice because a good #10 blade will usually cost about $25 if you have to purchase it separately. This is a basic blade that is suitable for use on many different dog breeds so it’s very useful. It’s good for trimming the body, especially. The lower the blade number, the longer your dog’s hair will be afterwards. A #10 blade means that the coat is left 1/16 of an inch from the body. If you want your dog’s coat to be longer, you could use a #5 blade, for example, which would leave the hair ¼ of an inch from the body. Professional groomers may use several different blades when grooming a dog so the dog has longer coat in some places and shorter hair around the face and paws. The #7 skiptooth and full blades are also popular for many dogs. A #7 blade leaves 1/8 of an inch of hair. Very high numbers such as a #40 would only be used by a veterinarian to shave a dog for surgery.

Fine tooth or full cut blades (the blades may have an “F” after the number) are used to give a finished look to your dog’s coat. Blades 3F, 4F, and 7F come in this style. These blades can make your dog look smoother. They are a good choice for dogs with fine, soft coats, dogs that are brushed and clipped often, and dogs that don’t have a heavy undercoat. If your dog has a thick undercoat or is matted, these blades may not work for you.

A skiptooth blade looks like it is missing some teeth. These blades are sometimes used before bathing a dog, especially if he has a very rough or matted coat. They can also be used for the final cut if you like a layered, touseled look.

Most clipper blades today are either made of stainless steel or ceramic material. They include elements of carbon, chrome, silver, or titanium. The different elements have their benefits. Carbon-infused steel has a harder cutting surface and may stay sharper longer. Blades that have a chrome finish may have more rust-resistance. Oster’s Cryogen blades use silver. It has antimicrobial properties which may help control the growth of bacteria – something that could be especially important for professional groomers. Some blades are ice-tempered to prevent rust and help them stay cool longer.

Clipper blades can also have different “edgings” to affect their performance.

  • UltraEdge Blades are made from carbon-infused steel which is supposed to be a harder cutting surface and help the blade last longer.
  • CeramicEdge Blades are made from high-grade ceramic material. They are said to stay sharper longer than steel-edged blades and resist heat so they stay cool.
  • ShowEdge Blades are made to create the smoothest finish on the dog’s coat. They leave no tracks in the coat. These blades are especially useful to show dogs.

There are also wide blades and special blades for clipping near the paws.

Tips for Determining the Best Possible Clipper and Blade for Goldendoodles

We would suggest using a good professional clipper for clipping a Goldendoodle. Many Goldendoodles have thicker coats. Some of them are quite wavy and curly. A pet trimmer probably won’t be powerful enough to trim this kind of coat. A nice clipper with one or two speeds should do a very good job.

When it comes to what clipper blade to use on a Goldendoodle or what size clipper blade for a Goldendoodle, most sources recommend a #7 blade for clipping them. That’s fine, if you want your dog to have a shorter coat. If you would prefer your Goldendoodle to keep a longer coat, we suggest using a #3 blade or even a #4. You do need to prepare the coat before you clip it, making sure it’s brushed out. You’ll get much better results that way.

You can use a #10 blade or something similar under your dog’s tail to keep the area clean. You can also use a #7 blade (or the #10 blade) around your dog’s paws so he won’t track in a lot of mud and snow in the house.

We have tried a lot of blades over the years and both Andis and Oster blades are very good. The CeramicEdge blades are nice and do seem to stay cooler a little longer than other blades. This is helpful if you are grooming for a long time since the blade can get hot – which makes it uncomfortable for your dog. You need to take a break when this happens or use a cooling product to cool the blade off.

Overall Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles

Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper

Our top choice for the best dog clippers for Goldendoodles is the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper. This model has been around for years and it’s still outstanding. Many professional groomers, veterinarians, and people who show dogs start out with these clippers – and still have them, years later. These are heavy duty clippers so they can easily groom one or more dogs in a day. They are quiet and reliable and they don’t get too hot. They are durable and made to last. This is a corded clipper. Comes in a one or two-speed model. This kit comes with a #10 Cryogen-X blade, blade guard, blade oil, grease, cleaning brush, carbon brush and spring assemblies, and operating and blade care manuals. Oster has an outstanding reputation for making clippers.


  • Durable
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Available in one or two-speeds


  • This is not the fastest or most powerful clipper made today
  • This clipper may seem old-fashioned compared to newer models

6 More Top-Rated Grooming Clippers for Goldendoodles

Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

If you like the idea of a cordless dog clipper, the Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper gets rave reviews. It’s quiet and lightweight, too, so you can groom your dog just about anywhere. And it runs for 80 minutes before you have to recharge. It’s a good choice for clipping around paws and face and finishing up. It would be a good clipper for clipping the body on dogs that don’t have coats that are too heavy. Comes with a kit that includes the clipper, two NiMH rechargeable battery packs, a storage case, a charging base with an indicator light, four snap-on attachment guide combs (#1: 1/8”, #2: 1/4”, #3: 1/3” #4: 1/2”), a cleaning brush, and blade oil.


  • Quiet, lightweight, cordless
  • Includes four snap-on attachment guide combs


  • Not a good choice for dogs with heavier coats
  • Only runs for 80 minutes before it has to be recharged

Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper

The Andis AGC 2-Speed Professional Detachable Blade Clipper runs cool and quiet. It’s powerful and good for any breed and coat type. It has a 14’ heavy duty cord and the motor is encased in break-resistant housing. This is a durable clipper that is hard to break. It’s also maintenance free. You don’t have to oil or grease the internal parts. Comes with the clipper, #10 UltraEdge blade, and clipper oil. Also available in a one-speed.


  • Two speeds
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Maintenance-free


  • These are not the fastest or most powerful clippers available
  • Some people may prefer a cordless clipper

Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed Pet Clipper

The Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed Pet Clipper is faster and more powerful than the Oster A5 Golden model. This is a heavy duty, professional pet clipper with two speeds. It’s compatible with all of Oster’s Cryogen X detachable blades. Suitable for clipping any dog with a heavier coat. The motor is quiet and reliable. The casing is virtually unbreakable. Comes with a #10 Cryogen X Detachable blade.


  • Faster and more powerful than similar Oster models
  • Two speeds
  • Quiet, reliable
  • Great for heavy duty clipping


  • May be more clipper than some pet owners want

Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper

If you have a whole house full of Goldendoodles or just several pets you want to clip, you might like the Andis ProClip  Excel 5-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper. With five speeds, this clipper gives you more options than just about any other clipper. It has a powerful motor so you can use lower speeds to keep things cool and clip around sensitive areas. Use higher speeds to zip through easy coats. It’s 10 percent faster than the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed. Lightweight with up to 4500 spm gives you more speed and control. It comes with a #10 CeramicEdge Detachable Blade that stays up to 75 percent cooler than steel and gives you increased durability and a lasting edge. The clipper also has new anti-slip grip housing that is contoured to fit your hand.


  • Fast and powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip grip housing to avoid hand fatigue
  • Great for people who clip more than one dog


  • Could be more clipper than some pet owners want
  • Expensive

Wahl KM10 Brushless 2-Speed Professional Dog & Cat Clipper

The Wahl KM10 Brushless 2-Speed Professional Clippers are German-engineered with maximum power and constant speed control. You have more power when clipping thick coats. You can expect the motor in these clippers to last up to 10,000 hours. These are professional, two-speed, corded clippers. To reduce hand and wrist fatigue, the clippers are designed with superior comfort and control. They are correctly balanced, lightweight, with low vibration and an ergonomic design. Comes with a #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade set for better clipping performance.


  • Powerful, long-lasting clippers
  • Two speeds
  • Ergonomic design


  • You have to remove screws to change blades
  • Expensive

Oster Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pet Clipper

If you want a cordless clipper, people love the Oster Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pet Clipper. It’s lightweight, runs up to two hours on a lithium ion battery, and it’s far more powerful than most other cordless clippers. Uses other Oster A5 detachable blades. Comes with a #10 Cryogen X blade.


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Runs up to two hours on a single battery charge


  • Still not quite as powerful as most corded clippers

7 Tips to Using Clippers on a Goldendoodle

There are really no secrets to using clippers on your dog and getting good results but you do need to follow some basics.

  1. Brush your goldendoodle before you start clipping. It’s much easier to clip a dog if his coat is brushed out and free of tangles and mats. However, if he does have mats, try to work them loose, away from the skin, as much as possible. This will let you use the clippers to trim under the mats and remove them.
  2. Hold your dog still when you’re using clippers. If you don’t, you could accidentally cut him. Clippers aren’t quite as sharp as scissors but you can still nick your dog if he moves at an awkward time. There are good reasons why groomers put dogs on grooming tables and hold them in position so they can’t wiggle around too much. If you don’t have a grooming table, you can use the top of a kennel or crate or a table top. We suggest putting a collar and leash on your dog and asking a friend to help hold him still while you are clipping. If you plan to use clippers on your dog often, you might think about buying an inexpensive grooming table.
  3. If your dog isn’t used to clippers, introduce them before you use them. Show them to your dog when you’re both relaxing. Have some treats with you and turn the clippers on – but not very close to your dog. Let him investigate them. Give him a few treats. Praise him for not being scared of them. You can touch him with the clippers when they are turned off. Let your dog get used to them and the noise they make. It’s very helpful if you do this when your dog is a puppy but even if your dog is older, he can learn to accept the clippers.
  4. We suggest when you start using the clippers on your dog that you just have a short session the first time. You may be nervous. Your dog is probably nervous. Just do a little bit of clipping, praise your dog, reward him, and end the session on a good note. Clipping your dog is not always fun so at least start off on the right foot.
  5. Getting good results takes practice, like anything else. The first hair cut you give your dog may not turn out the way you want. Don’t worry about it. Hair grows back and your dog won’t care. You’ll get better at clipping your dog and it will get easier.
  6. Praise your dog and keep lots of treats in your pocket at all times when you are grooming. If you get frustrated or feel yourself getting angry (and it does happen), put the clippers down. Let your dog get down. Start again later. Your relationship with your dog is more important than a silly hair cut.
  7. Do take care of your clippers. Good clippers are an investment. If you take care of them, they will last a long time. Most of them need oiling occasionally. You usually need to brush out the inside of the blade assembly to remove the hair that can accumulate. Your blades may start to become dull. You may get them sharpened or you might have to buy new blades. Once in a while you may have to replace a part in your clippers. Parts are sold online and from the manufacturers. Take care of them and they will probably last at least 10 years.


Goldendoodles can be very handsome dogs if they are well-groomed and that can include clipping. There are lots of good clippers available today. Most owners are more than capable of learning to clip and groom their dogs. A good one or two-speed clipper is a good choice for most Goldendoodle owners. It’s up to you whether you prefer a corded or cordless clipper or if you want to invest in a very expensive clipper. Good luck to you as you learn to groom your Goldendoodle!

Goldendoodle Hair Clipping Guide

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  1. Biggest load of misinforation and sponsor driven rubbish I have read in a long time. I have been grooming dogs for nearly 30 years and have used nearly all of the clippers mentioned. For example, I found from experience the older style of Oster A5 to be heavy, noisy, slow, heat up quickly and difficult to repair.
    In comparison I have been using the Wahl KM 10 for the past 3 years. They are light weight, quiet, powerful, stay cool, easy to repair and You DO NOT have to remove screws to change blades.
    Only con, is they can feel flimsy to use when clipping heavy coated dogs.
    Regards Mark.

    1. Hi, we are not sponsored by any of these clipper brands. I have personally used most of the clippers I have recommended for the past 30+ years. It’s great that you like your Wahl KM 10 but I’m generally recommending clippers for owners that will be clipping their dogs at home. I look for clippers that will be durable and easy to use. They don’t have to be the most powerful clippers for home use. I consider it a bonus if the clippers have been around for a while, proving that the design lasts. I have the Oster A5 Golden and the Andis UltraEdge AGC 2-speed on my grooming table right now, along with a small Wahl cordless clipper for my dogs. That’s just what I like for my dogs with long coats. I try to recommend clippers with a good reputation that will last for the people reading the article.

      1. Carlotta, I SO appreciate your helpful article on clippers!
        I have an 8 mo Bernedoodle that I am desperate to clip/groom myself to save money. I own Oster A5 clippers that I had previously for horse use, but this dog’s coat is amazing/thick…
        Your article convinced me to not give up! I’m planning to get a new blade to leave a bit more length than “shaved” but give him relief from hot weather. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll consider new clippers, but you give me hope!
        Peace, Shelley

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