6 Best Harnesses for Great Danes

Great Danes are known as the “gentle giant” of dog breeds.

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Sweet by nature, these giant breed dogs make loyal family dogs and wonderful guardians. While they generally walk slowly with great stride, Great Danes can be potentially difficult to control if they become alerted to a threat.

Purchasing a harness for a Great Dane can be a seemingly challenging task due to their enormous size and elegant shape. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of quality dog harnesses that will fit your Great Dane.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Great Danes

With Great Danes potentially weighing around 175lbs, it’s important that you choose a dog harness that will properly fit your furry friend. A harness that is too tight can cause injury, muscle strain, skin irritation and chafing. To avoid inflicting any harm to your Great Dane, it’s absolutely imperative that you start by choosing a dog harness that will properly fit their stature. In the FAQ section, we cover how to go about picking the appropriate size harness.

Since your Great Dane is most likely taller than you when they stand on their hind legs, you will want a harness that is easy to equip. Can you imagine attempting to put a complicated harness on a 175lb dog?! You will absolutely want a dog harness that takes very little effort to put on and adjust, as you don’t want to end up having to wrestle a pup that weighs as much as you do.

Great Danes have wide chests, so a good dog harness for this breed will have the ability to adjust accordingly. Many dog harnesses have multiple adjustment points, but having one on the chest area will be highly beneficial. If you have a Great Dane puppy who is still growing, you can avoid purchasing multiple harnesses by choosing one that is adjustable at the chest and girth.

A good Great Dane harness will be made out of heavy-duty material. It’s crucial that your pup’s harness is built from material that can withstand the strength of such a large dog. These materials include leather, braided cord, and reinforced polyester nylon. Some harnesses are also made from German military-grade materials and come equipped with metal buckles and leash connection rings.

A known health issue for Great Danes is hip dysplasia. Since these beautiful dogs are so massive, it can be difficult to help them get around when they become elderly or suffer from arthritis. Some dog harnesses assist with mobility and have handles to help lift your Great Dane into the car or onto furniture. Sometimes these sorts of harnesses offer hip and waist support, making it easier for you to help your Great Dane in old age.

Different Types of Harnesses for Great Danes

Great Danes typically aren’t aggressive walkers, as they move slowly with grace and poise. However, if your dog gets excited about something they see, you may find that they start pulling on the leash. Great Dane puppies may be especially difficult to control because of their young energy. A no-pull dog harness will be great for these types of situations. They allow you to refocus your dog’s attention and get them on a straight path if they begin pulling.

Front clip dog harnesses are a specific type of no-pull harness. Rather than the main leash connection being attached to the back of the harness, the D-ring is on the chest piece. This design discourages dogs from continuing to pull at the leash, making walks more enjoyable for everyone. They also help avoid strain and injury because you won’t be struggling with your Great Dane to keep them on a straight path.

Dog harnesses made for handicapped support are especially helpful for Great Dane parents. Great Danes need assistance like any dog when they become senior or injured, but it can be difficult to lift a 175lb dog! Mobility assistance dog harnesses are fantastic for Great Danes who need a little extra boost, no matter what your situation is.

Standard dog harnesses are effective for Great Danes because they tend to have such a mellow demeanor. They typically walk calmly on a leash, making a standard harness a solid option for any outdoor adventure. Standard dog harnesses are inexpensive and come in a multitude of colors and designs. They also have multiple adjustment points, perfect for large dogs.

Utility harnesses are popular for Great Danes. These types of harnesses are versatile, each with different or multiple uses. A good utility harness can be used for car safety, pulling objects like wagons or sleds, and sometimes have removable pouches for hiking or hunting. You can also purchase a utility harness if your Great Dane is a service dog.

Overall Best Great Dane Harness

Harness Lead Dog Harness

We’ve chosen this dog harness as the best for Great Danes because it’s easy to equipped, it can stand up to 3,700lbs of pressure and it’s crafted to be comfortable. Made in the USA, this dog harness can fit perfectly on your giant breed dog, no matter their stature. The design helps reduce unwanted pulling on the leash, as it tightens around your Great Dane’s torso. The soft braided nylon won’t cause chafing, as it can tighten and loosen as needed. We also like that the Harness Lead Dog Harness is made in the USA and can be thrown in the washing machine for convenient cleaning.

5 More High Rated Harnesses for Great Danes

Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Dog Harness

For pet parents who like eco-friendly products, we love this Planet Dog harness. Pure hemp is incredibly strong, making this harness a great option for handling your Great Dane’s strength. The hemp material is lined with fleece for added comfort so you don’t have to worry about chafing. If your Great Dane enjoys getting dirty and wet, this dog harness might be perfect for them! It is machine washable for easy cleaning after a fun day outdoors.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness & Leash

We recommend this no-pull dog harness for larger Great Danes and pups who tend to pull on the leash. There is a D-ring leash connection on the back of the harness as well as the front, giving you the option to steer your dog as necessary. With two points of leash attachment, you have the ability to maintain control of your Great Dane when they get excited or start pulling. The harnesses is made of heavy-duty nylon and it’s lined with Swiss velvet behind the legs for maximum comfort. Four points of adjustment mean that it will snugly fit a dog of any build. We appreciate the fact that the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness is made in the USA.

Solvit CareLift Full Front & Back Lifting Dog Harness

Mobility dog harnesses are extremely helpful for Great Danes who need assistance walking up the stairs, getting into the car or relaxing on furniture. The Solvit CareLift dog harness is comprised of two parts – one for the chest and abdomen and one for the hips and back legs. Using this type of harness provides comfortable assistance for your dog if they are elderly or recovering from an injury. We like this particular harness because you can use the entire apparatus, or separate the pieces to use for your Great Dane’s back or front side. We strongly recommend this dog harness for mobility and rehabilitation.

Sporn Training Dog Halter

The Sporn Training Dog Halter is highly rated for large and giant breed dogs. It’s designed for premium comfort without sacrificing your ability to control your dog on the leash. The padded sleeves fit under your Great Dane’s legs, and the material is durable braided nylon. If your dog is pulling, their neck and throat will not be strained, which is obviously a huge benefit. It’s built to allow your beloved pup to move freely without any sort of restriction. This cozy harness can easily fit a full grown Great Dane. We also like this harness because it converts into a collar instantly!

Halti Dog Harness

One of our favorite Great Dane harnesses is the Halti Dog Harness. The front leash attachment keeps your dog steered in the right direction even if they are pulling on the leash. And if your Great Dane does start pulling forcefully, there won’t be any painful pressure on one portion of their body. There’s a D-ring attachment at the back of the harness as well, giving you the option for extra control. This comfortable harness is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a no-pull Great Dane harness.

Tips for Getting Your Great Dane Accustomed to a Harness

Is your Great Dane unsure about their new harness? Every dog is new to the concept at some point, and some Great Danes warm up to the idea more slowly than others. If you’re struggling to get your pup accustomed to wearing a dog harness, use the tips below for positive and effective training.

  1. We encourage you to use positive reinforcement training when getting your Great Dane accustomed to their harness. Positive reinforcement requires lots of treats, praise or a toy that your pup loves.
  2. If your Great Dane is especially weary of the harness, start by laying it on the floor. Your dog will be able to sniff it and get used to the sight of it at their own pace. It’s important that you don’t force the harness on them, as that can be detrimental to their training. While your Great Dane is sniffing the harness, treat them to reward the positive behavior.
  3. After the initial harness introduction, it’s time to put the harness on your dog. While you are equipping and adjusting it, keep treating your dog. This will help your Great Dane learn that putting on the harness is a fun experience!
  4. When you have the harness on your Great Dane, watch them walk around the house in it, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Make sure the harness is not restricting their movement or irritating their skin. As long as your dog isn’t trying to escape the harness or chew on it, keep praising them and rewarding with treats.
  5. Now it’s time for a walk, as long as your Great Dane is comfortable in the harness. It’s okay to repeat steps three and four as much as necessary. If your dog seems okay in the harness but isn’t sure about attaching a leash for walk time, start with short strolls around the block. You can work your way up to longer walks over time. Make sure you bring treats along!
  6. Never force your Great Dane against their will. If they resist the harness, slow the process down and use more treats. If you get frustrated, your furry friend will, too. Be as patient as necessary to ensure the most effective dog harness training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Great Dane? – We know that it can be quite the challenge to find a dog harness that will fit your Great Dane. The most important measurement you’ll need when choosing one from our list above is their girth. The girth measurement is taking at your dog’s ribcage, or the widest part of their chest. You will want to choose a dog harness based on measurements, not on general size. Sizes vary from brand to brand, which is why it’s imperative that you order a harness according to measurements.

What should I do if my Great Dane is escaping their harness? – If your Great Dane has earned the nickname “Houdini” you may need to consider a different size harness, or a unique design. You can first try adjusting the harness to fit more snugly. Make sure you can fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s body. If that doesn’t work, you may need to purchase a new harness. Dog harnesses with belly straps are great for dogs who enjoy the challenge of wriggling out of their harness.

My Great Dane likes to pull on the leash. Which harness is best? – From our list above, we recommend the Harness Lead Dog Harness, 2 Hounds Design Freedom Dog Harness, Sporn Training Dog Halter or Halti Dog Harness for Great Danes who frequently pull on the leash.


Great Danes are friendly and courageous but they are absolutely huge, making finding the perfect harness more difficult. The list of Great Dane harnesses we’ve compiled are sure to make walks and outdoor time stress-free and enjoyable. Be sure to keep any tags associated with your new harness and the proof of purchase in case you need to return or exchange it.

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