6 Best Muzzles for Great Danes in 2022

A dominant breed many dog owners lovingly refer to as the Apollo of dogs, Great Danes are a powerful yet sweet breed that makes ideal family pets. Great Danes can grow to massive proportions, with heights up to 32 inches in mature dogs. Great Danes stand much taller than most other breeds and often tower over their owners when they stand on their hind legs.

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Grown Great Dane males typically weigh between 140 and 175 pounds, while females reach mature weights between 110 and 140 pounds. Their coats feature a range of patterns and hues, with the most common being a black and white harlequin pattern. While Great Danes are loving and sweet, they also make excellent home watchdogs due to their monumental proportions and energetic spirit.

During much of the year, Great Danes shed very little. However, because they are so large, owners often still have a decent amount of hair to contend with. It is best to brush Great Danes every week to manage the shedding and increase grooming session to a daily ritual during peak shedding periods.

What Is the Best Muzzle for a Great Dane?

Check out our list of the top 6 best muzzles for a Great Dane that you’ll want to consider if you’re in the market for a quality, durable, and comfortable restraint for your pet.

It is vital to exercise Great Danes daily. Even a quick, but refreshing walk a few times a day will suffice. Great Danes are excellent hiking and running companions, but you shouldn’t take them on your daily jog until they have reached at least two years of age and have mature joints. Great Danes have a strong sense of smell and tend to go wherever the smell leads, so it is wise to keep them on a leash and only let them loose in secured areas.

Whether your Great Dane is your favorite hiking partner or you’re a fan of dog racing like tracking events, selecting the correct muzzle for your faithful companion is critical to keep both your pet and those around them safe at all times. If you’re just now considering getting a muzzle for your dog or are on the fence about buying one at all — this guide to the top 6 best Great Dane muzzles is for you.

Different Types of Muzzles for Great Danes

While some people think that muzzles are only for dogs who display signs of agitation or aggression, buying a quality muzzle is an essential step for any responsible dog owner. Even for temporary use, a muzzle is a valuable addition to your pet supply toolkit. From trips to the groomer’s salon to sporting events to vet visits, your usage needs for a muzzle will dictate the type of muzzle you need.

Basket Muzzles

While basket muzzles are a bulkier choice, they make it easy to give your dog treats and food through the muzzle slots. Basket muzzles are also an excellent option to provide your Great Dane sufficient room to pant and drink. If you’re taking your Great Dane out to play, traveling with your pet, or planning any other long excursion, a basket muzzle is a top-notch pick. Some basket muzzles feature leather designs, while others use plastic or wire.

Mesh Muzzles

Mesh muzzles are your best bet for temporary usages, such as a trip to the vet or the groomer’s office. They are easy to transport from one place to the next and are much more lightweight than the basket variety.

Mesh muzzles don’t let your Great Dane pant and keep their mouth closed more, so you should never use this type of muzzle for more extended periods.

Soft Muzzles

Soft muzzles are a quality option that falls somewhere in the middle between basket muzzles and mesh muzzles. Soft muzzles are very comfortable and also give your Great Dane room to pant. These muzzles may not be ideal for more aggressive pets, as some owners have reported that their dog can bite right through the sides. Otherwise, for more docile Great Danes, a soft muzzle is another right choice for temporary use, exercise, and activities.

When and Why Would a Great Dane Need a Muzzle?

If you’re not sure whether your Great Dane needs a muzzle or not, here’s what you need to know about these helpful devices.

Plan for an Emergency

Part of being a responsible pet owner is being a proactive planner. If you train your Great Dane to be comfortable with and like their muzzle before your next trip to the vet, this will reduce any necessary restraint or handling by the clinic staff. Once your dog knows and loves their muzzle, you can bring the muzzle to vet appointments and use it to play games so the vet staff doesn’t have to battle with your pet to take them to the back.

If your dog ever sustains injuries, making sure your Great Dane is already comfortable with the muzzle will avoid any risk of bites to the vet staff who are trying to treat the issue. When your dog bites someone, even because they are in pain, this usually means a report to Animal Control which could see your Great Dane quarantined for 10 days or more. If your pet is in pain, putting the muzzle on before moving them could also save you from a nasty bite.

Teaching Your Dog to Accept Touch

Getting your Great Dane comfortable with a muzzle is also an excellent method to help them accept touch so they keep their teeth and mouths away from you and others. With muzzle training, you can teach your dog to associate human touch with tasty treats, so they will quickly get into the muzzle and not try teeth with your hands. If your Great Dane thinks of muzzles as a game, they will not only accept the device sooner but be safer around other dogs and humans.

Help Your Pet to Accept New Friends and Situations

A muzzle is an essential device for behavioral training if your pup tends to be reactive or aggressive. Not only will the muzzle protect you and others while you work with a trainer, but if a person or other dog unknowingly crosses a boundary, it will prevent bites and risk of injury. Whether you’re taking your Great Dane to a new dog park or traveling abroad with your faithful companion, don’t risk ruining your experience with an unwanted mishap.

Depending on the country or city you’re traveling to, you must muzzle certain breeds and dogs of particular weights by law. Be prepared and plan for unexpected scenarios by using a comfortable, secure muzzle.

Overall Best Muzzles for a Great Dane

Check out our top pick for the best Great Dane muzzle.

BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle 

Wondering how this muzzle made it to the top of our list? Here’s the breakdown.

Best Overall

We chose the BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle as the best Great Dane muzzle overall for its sturdy design geared explicitly towards large breeds like your pet. The leather and metal basket is durable enough to prevent any bites and keep your Great Dane from overeating, but the metal bars also provide sufficient room for eating, drinking, and panting.

Whether you need to groom, walk, train your dog, or take them for a trip to the vet, the BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is a varied selection to serve your usage needs for both short and long durations.

5 More Top-Rated Great Dane Muzzles

Here are the best Great Dane muzzle contenders that made it to our top 5 list.

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

For short term use, the Four Paws Wall-About Quick-Fit Muzzle is an excellent option. The nylon design is soft and comfortable for your Great Dane to wear while offering sufficient ventilation, so their nose doesn’t get too sweaty. You should not use this muzzle for more extended periods, as the straps fit securely around the nose, so it doesn’t allow for eating.

However, to prevent bite incidents and barking for things like trips to the vet or walks, your pet will still be able to drink and pant with ease. If you’re trying to stop your Great Dane from chewing up objects or overeating, this muzzle is also a good pick.

Dogs My Love Secure Leather Mesh Basket Dog Muzzle

The Dogs My Love Secure Leather Mesh Basket Muzzle made it to our top 5 list for its lightweight and comfortable design that you can depend on for everything from trips to the vet to extended road trips. The leather and nickel-plated basket muzzle offer superior ventilation so your dog can pant, eat, and drink with ease.

The muzzle features rivets for enhanced security and is geared mainly towards large breeds like Great Danes and other dogs with distinctive snouts. You can also adjust the straps with ease, and they won’t stretch with prolonged use, so no need to worry about the muzzle slipping off during a strenuous run or play session.

Wintchuk Soft Silicone Basket Dog Muzzle

The Wintchuk Soft Silicone muzzle is another favorite pick from the basket muzzles on the market. The muzzle caught our eye because it is also designed for larger breeds and serves a wide range of user needs, from keeping your dog from biting or barking to curbing chewing tendencies. The silicone design is very safe and breathable and is soft enough that it won’t irritate your Great Dane’s snout after hours of wear.

You can adjust the head and neck straps as you need to, and the spaces between the muzzle’s bars are large enough so your dog can drink, eat, and pant without issue. Whether you need to stop your Great Dane from biting other pooches or are tired of muzzles that squeeze your dog’s face too tightly, this soft silicone muzzle solves both problems.

GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle

If you’re only on the hunt for a muzzle for temporary use like transporting your Great Dane to the groom, the park, etc., the GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle is an excellent padded option for additional comfort and security. The muzzle is a great pick to keep your dog from chewing and barking, but it still provides sufficient room for panting and drinking. We also liked that this muzzle comes with a connection strap and collar to secure the muzzle so it won’t slide.

If past muzzles have caused chafing in your Great Dane’s snout and skin, the GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle eliminates that problem with neoprene padding that ventilates and soothes.

Wintchuk Adjustable Soft Dog Muzzle 

Our final choice for the best Great Dane muzzle is another exceptional product by Wintchuk, featuring a soft muzzle design that provides plenty of room for breathing and panting. Use this muzzle to stop your dog from excess chewing and prevent bites to others. The muzzle’s nylon design is comfortable and ventilated yet sturdy. We liked the fact that the muzzle includes a plastic buckle to prevent the device from slipping off during strenuous activities.

If your Great Dane is brand new to muzzles and you want a comfortable yet secure option for occasional use, the Wintchuck Adjustable Soft Dog Muzzle could be for you.

5 Tips to Properly Use a Muzzle with a Great Dane

  1. When selecting the right size for your Great Dane’s basket muzzle, start by locating the bony ridge on their snout at the end of their nose leather.
  2. Next, pinpoint the middle between the ridge and the front of your Great Dane’s eyes. Use a tape measure to circle your pet’s muzzle and tack 3 additional inches to your measurements to provide for any errors.
  3. You must also measure your Great Dane’s neck from their larynx to the base of your dog’s ears. Don’t forget to measure their jaw, running the tape measure from the top of the Great Dane’s nose to their throat.
  4. For open-ended muzzles, measure from the bone ridge and circle the tape measure around your Great Dane’s muzzle.
  5. Select the size muzzle that keeps their mouth closed but leaves space for breathing and panting.

Remember that open-ended muzzles like mesh devices are mainly for temporary use and bite prevention, while basket muzzles are better for more extended periods to allow your Great Dane to eat as well.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Great Danes

What Are Some Treats I can Use When Training My Great Dane to Wear a Muzzle?

When training your Great Dane to be more comfortable with muzzles, making a game of it with their favorite treats will help your pet make good associations when they wear their muzzle. Treats like Kibble, meat or cheese on a stick, peanut butter, baby food, and pureed dog food are all fantastic choices. By making muzzle training time an opportunity for treats, your Great Dane will be far more likely to put their head in the device.

Does a Muzzle Make My Great Dane More Aggressive?

Any situation that could aggravate your pet has the potential to cause aggression. There are a few ways to avoid this. First, take your dog’s muzzle on and off to prevent them from becoming frustrated with extended wear. Desensitize your dog to wearing the muzzle by making a game of it, offering treats, slipping on the muzzle, taking it off, and repeating. Don’t leave the muzzle on too long without respite, as this could cause aggression.

Are There Alternatives to Muzzles?

Alternatives like tethering or crating are both options if you’re unsure how your Great Dane will respond to a muzzle right off the bat. However, these methods could instigate more aggression and make them feel trapped. Make sure things that trigger these reactions don’t come close to your pet if you decide to tether or fence them. Practice slow but steady muzzle training so that wearing one becomes comfortable and second nature.

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