6 Best High Velocity Dog Dryers: Our 2024 Guide to High Velocity Dryers

Do you have a dog with lots of fur? Does it normally take forever for your dog to dry after a bath? Do you bathe lots of dogs? If so, a high velocity dryer might be a dream come true for you. Also known as force dog dryers because they blow air with force and “force” moisture from a dog’s coat, these dryers are more expensive than a simple blow dryer but they can dry a dog quickly and leave the coat looking fluffy or smooth, depending on how you brush the hair out. Some dryers come with stands and some are portable. Most of them come with lots of accessories. In this article we’ll look at:

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  1. Different types of popular high velocity dog dryers.
  2. The best high velocity dog dryers.
  3. And, we’ll give you some tips for using a force dryer.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Professional groomers, dog breeders, people who show dogs, and some pet owners all use high velocity dryers. If you have a short-haired dog one of these dryers you may not need this kind of dryer; but if you have a long-haired dog, a dog with a corded coat, or any kind of dog that tends to take a long time to dry after a bath, a force dog dryer can be a huge time-saver. They can be great for many designer dog breeds, making dogs look fluffy.

There are several different types of high velocity dryers. The choice of which dryer is best for you depends on how you will be using the dryer. We’ll look at the best dryers below.

Different Types of Force Dog Dryers

  • Portable Dryers – Portable dryers are very popular. They are relatively lightweight so you can take them with you if you are traveling with your dog – such as going to a dog show. They look like old time canister vacuum cleaners. They are also popular because, in general, they are less expensive than the stand dryers. They come in a range of prices and some are more powerful than others. Some have a single speed and some have more than one air speed. Prices generally range from a little under $100 up to over $700. You can easily find a good portable force dryer for a couple of hundred dollars.
  • Stand Dryers – If you won’t be traveling and you will always be drying your dog at home, a stand dryer could be a good choice. Some stand dryers can be removed from the stand to become portable. Some stand dryers can be programmed. You can position the dryer above your dog, especially if your dog is in a wire kennel, so the warm air can dry his coat. This can be especially useful for dogs that take a long time to dry, such as dogs with corded coats. Stand dryers can range in price from about $200 to $800.
  • Flexi Dryers – A flexi dryer is a hands-free dryer with a flexible gooseneck. It attaches to a grooming table with a heavy-duty clamb. You can position the dryer and aim it at a specific place on the dog. Your hands are free so you can brush or comb the hair while the dryer blows on the dog’s coat. These dryers are less than $100 and they can be very useful if you are trying to comb your dog’s coat to get it to lie flat or smooth. (If you have tried to hold a blow dryer in one hand, a brush in the other, and keep your dog still while you groom, you know how hard it can be to brush out a coat sometimes!)
  • Mini Dryers – Mini dryers are portable and small. They probably aren’t a good choice for drying dogs after baths but they can be good for spot drying, drying faces, and fluff drying small dogs.
  • 2-in-1 Dryers – A 2-in-1 dryer is both a pet dryer AND a vacuum. No, you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet with it but it does a great job of picking up loose hair and debris after you finish grooming your dog. There are several of these 2-in-1 dryers and most of them sell for under $100.
  • Cage Dryers – Cage dryers are generally used in grooming businesses and kennels. The blower fits into the dog’s crate so the dog can be dried while resting after the bath. They can have sensors to monitor the air temperature and turn themselves on and off, depending on the temperature in the crate. They’re not really used in home situations unless you are a larger breeder.

Best Overall High Velocity Dog Dryer

Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity Dog & Cat Grooming Dryer

While Metro Air Force and other dryer brands have been making force dryers forever, Flying Pig is relatively new on the scene but it’s getting good reviews from owners and groomers. This portable dryer has a 4.0 horsepower motor so it has lots of power. The flexible grooming hose measures 10 feet. It has adjustable air speeds and two heat settings. It also has a removable filter so it’s easy to clean. The dryer has a durable steel frame so it can stand up to heavy-duty use. Plus, you’ll like it because it’s very quiet. Comes with interchangeable nozzle heads. Sells for under $200.

5 More Top-Rated High Velocity Dog Dryers

Metro Air Force Commander Dryers

The Metro Air Force Commander Dryers are the best selling pet dryers in the world. These dryers have two speeds. They are powerful and lightweight. And, they can be used on the floor or on a table so they’re good to use at home or they can be portable. They are available in three different horsepower versions: 1.17 horsepower; 1.7 horsepower; and 4.0 horsepower. The airspeed increases with the higher horsepower. As with most other high velocity dryers, these dryers have warm air heat (no heating element is used). Prices range from about $150-$170.

XPOWER B-2 “Pro-At-Home” Pet Dryer and Vacuum

If the idea of a 2-in-1 dryer and vacuum appeals to you, we really like the Xpower B-2 “Pro-At-Home” Pet Dryer and Vacuum. Powerful and lightweight, it does a great job drying your dog’s coat. It has a two horsepower motor so it’s relatively quiet. Most dogs accept it without fuss. It also has a two-speed switch to let you control the airflow. And, it works as a vacuum, too. You can pick up loose hair and debris after you’re finished grooming your dog. This vacuum has five times the power of a human hair dryer so it will work even on the thickest dog’s coat. It’s also safer than a human hair dryer. Comes with a six-foot flexible hose and four kinds of nozzles. Available in several colors. Costs less than $100.

Metro Air Force Cadet Mini Dryers

If you have a tiny dog or you are just looking for a dryer to dry small areas on your dog such as his face, you might like a mini dryer. The Metro Air Force Cadet Mini Dryer is portable and powerful for its size. It has a 0.75 horsepower motor, 1.73 Amps, and 500 watts. It only weighs three pounds. Comes with an accessory kit that contains a wide nylon shoulder strap for the dryer. It also comes with a six-foot flexible hose with air flow control, an air concentrator, an air flare and a groomer rake. It’s about $90, depending where you buy it.

Metro Air Force FlexDri Dryers

If you use a table when you dry and groom your dog, especially if you like to brush your dog out into a smoother style, we can recommend the Metro Air Force FlexiDri Dryer. This dryer has a flexible gooseneck and attaches to the table with a heavy-duty clamp so it will stay in place. You can aim the dryer where you want it to blow. Your hands are free so you can groom your dog without trying to hold a dryer nozzle! You can angle the dryer to any position, even hard-to-reach areas. Comes with the gooseneck, air concentrator, and a 12-foot-long cord. The motor is 0.75 horsepower and it has 500 watts and 1.73 Amps. Sells for under $100.

MetroVac Air Force Commander Pet Dryer, Variable-Speed Control

If you visit the grooming area of a dog show (“backstage”), you will find the MetroVac Air Force Commander Pet Dryer everywhere. This popular force dryer has been made for years and it’s a favorite with people who bathe and groom their dogs often. It’s portable, compact, and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. It has three variable speeds so you can select how much air you want to use on your dog. It’s also powerful with a 4 horsepower motor. It runs at 11.5 Amps and 1,380 watts. It has a 12-foot heavy-duty cord and a 6-foot hose. Come with several useful accessories. Plus, it costs less than $200 so it won’t break the bank. This is a great high velocity dog dryer for pet lovers who want to be able to dry their dogs quickly at home – or traveling.

5 Simple Tips for Using a Force Dryer

It’s not really difficult to use a force dryer. Here are some simple tips that can help you.

  1. Be careful using the dryer around your dog’s face and head – though some dogs seem to like the air on their face. Like anything else, you should introduce the dryer slowly to your dog at first so he can get used to it. Have some treats ready and reward him for cooperating.
  2. We recommend that your dog be on a table or grooming table when you use the dryer. It’s easier to dry your dog when he’s standing because you can reach everywhere. Ask a friend to help hold your dog if your dog won’t stand still. If you have a grooming table, you can use the grooming arm to help him stand still.
  3. You can turn the dryer on and let him get used to the noise. If the dryer has different settings, use the lowest setting.
  4. Start by blowing some air on your dog’s ribs and mid-section instead of a more sensitive area and give him some treats. You can slowly work up to using the dryer elsewhere.
  5. Remember that you don’t have to use the dryer to completely dry your dog the first time you use it. You’re just trying to help him get used to it. He doesn’t even have to be wet the first time you introduce him to the dryer! Consider it play time.

This video shows (in a basic way) how to use a force dryer to get the moisture out of a dog’s coat. As you can see, the air from the dryer blasts the fur, getting rid of the moisture. Some people also like to use these dryers for deshedding since they can blow out loose coat. (It’s best to use the dryer on your dog outdoors if he’s shedding.)

In this video the dog has a medium trim and the groomer demonstrates how to get the coat dry using the high velocity dryer. You will notice that the groomer places cotton in the dog’s ears to muffle the noise from the dryer. She also wears a head piece to protect her own hearing. If you are only using the dryer occasionally, you probably don’t need to do this, though it’s always good to be safety-conscious. Most people who groom their dogs as a hobby don’t use the ear protection. However, if you groom professionally or if you are drying multiple dogs, the ear protection is a good idea. The dryer is loud and you don’t want it to damage your hearing.


High velocity dryers can be very helpful if you’re grooming a wet dog, getting rid of dead hair on a shedding dog, or trying to fluff a dog. There’s a wide variety of force driers and some of them even do double duty as vacuum cleaners. Consider what kind of dryer would work for you and your dog and how much money you want to spend. Fortunately, many of these dryers are less than $100 and you can find some great force dryers for less than $200. Good luck with your grooming and drying!

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