10 Best Labradoodle Dog Hair Clippers with Answers to FAQs

When it comes to choosing the best Labradoodle hair clippers, you’ll find that there is no shortage of options for you to choose from. But how exactly do you choose the best Labradoodle hair clippers? Well, the answer really depends on what your Labradoodle needs.

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In our helpful buyer’s guide, we will dive into the details about how different types of hair clippers can differ from one another and what different hair clippers have to offer. More importantly, we’ll discuss how your Labradoodles specific needs will determine the best Labradoodle hair clippers to invest in.

To help make your search for the best Labradoodle hair clippers even easier, we’ve got 10 of our favorite hair clippers for you to choose from at the end of our buyer’s guide. Let’s get started!

Different Types Of Clippers And Blades

When it comes to the best Labradoodle hair clippers, you will want to know the difference between the major types of clippers on the market and how they differ from one another. Generally, there are three types of clippers. They include trimmers, corded and cordless clippers. Let’s take a look at how each works.

Corded Dog Clippers

Corded dog clippers have an electric cord that you plug into the outlet to generate power. They’re the most traditional kind of clippers you will find, and because they tend to offer the most power, they are usually the most favored clippers of groomers and dog owners.

Corded clippers are extremely dependable because you don’t have to worry about charging any batteries, and you can use them for as long as you need without the clippers failing you. In addition to power, they are extremely durable. The outer shell is sturdy and strong. And if you invest in a good pair of corded dog clippers, they should last you quite a long time.

Depending on the type of corded clippers you purchase, you will find that they vary in speed options. Most corded clippers will offer anywhere between 1 and 5 speed options. Because not all Labradoodles will require the same powerful clipper for grooming, there are a variety of options available so that you can choose the one that best fits your dog’s needs.

Plus, corded clippers come with all sorts of features, including low vibrating and low motor noise, which is great for pups who get scared during a grooming session.

The only major downside with corded clippers is that the electric cord can sometimes get in the way of a grooming session. For some dogs, the cord can be frightening as well. For the most part, cordless clippers remain the favorite amongst dog grooming professionals and Labradoodle owners.

Cordless Dog Clippers

Cordless dog clippers can be a great option to go with if you don’t like corded clippers because of the cord’s interference during the grooming session. Cordless dog clippers run on batteries, and you will find that they either take AA batteries or rechargeable battery packs.

Unlike corded clippers, the downsides of cordless are that you always need to make sure you have the proper battery life to groom your Labradoodle. The runtime on corded clippers depends on the brand, with some lasting only 30 minutes and others lasting up to two hours.

Another downside that you might run into is the reality that cordless clippers are not as powerful as corded clippers. However, if you need clippers for occasional trims and cuts between the professional grooming services, then the power discrepancy is not that big of an issue.

Unlike corded clippers, the major upside with cordless is that they are super portable, and they give you a lot more freedom to clip without dealing with a cord in your way. For many dogs who get scared during grooming because of the cord, a compact cordless clipper can be a great solution to ease their fears.

Know Your Blades

Having the right type of blades is just as important as having the right type of clippers. Blades are the removable part of your clippers that allow you to get the desired length in a cut. While there are many different types of blades you can choose from, the #10 blade is the standard size that you will find on most clippers.

The #10 blade will give your dog a coat that is 1/16 of an inch from their body. Generally, the lower the blade number, the longer your dog’s coat will remain. Some clipper kits come with other size blades while others do not. The blade is easily detached so that you can clean it after a grooming session.

When it comes to your Labradoodle, knowing which set of clippers to buy really depends on the blade, as the blade will dictate the cut. Because not all Labradoodles get groomed the same, your Labradoodle might need blades that are different from another.

Tips For Determining The Best Possible Clipper And Blade For Labradoodles

When choosing the blades, it can be helpful to observe your Labradoodles grooming session to see what type of cut the groomer gives them. Their fresh cut can be the outline for you to understand how to groom their hair when you do it independently.

If your dog doesn’t have a regular groomer, then it’s always best to start with a low number blade like a #3 so that way you do not cut off too much hair. You can always increase the blade number so that you can get a closer cut.

The great thing about blades is that some clipper blades are interchangeable with others. For example, popular brands Oster, Wahl, and Andis are all interchangeable. This means that one blade that works on an Oster Clipper will also work on an Andis clipper.

Overall Best Hair Clippers for Labradoodles

Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

If your labradoodle requires a lot of maintenance, then a great pair of clippers to have on hand is the Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clippers Kit. This Clipper kit features five different functions that allow you to clip every part of your labradoodle’s coat.

You can use it on the face, the feet, for full-body clipping, and other delicate places on your pup. The beautiful thing about these clippers is that they were built for all sized dogs. No matter your labradoodle size, the Wahl Arco cordless Pet Clipper kit can get the job done.

The set comes with two NiMH rechargeable battery packs that allow you to steer clear of any cords that might get in your way while you work. The clippers come with a charging base that will enable you to boot up your batteries in about 75 minutes.

Once your batteries are on a full charge, you can expect to get about 80 minutes of run time, which is more than enough time to groom your little pup in one session. The kit also includes a soft zippered storage case, a charging stand and charger, different attachment clippers ranging from 1/8th of an inch to 1/2 an inch, a cleaning brush, and blade oil.


  • The batteries last 80 minutes on a full charge.
  • The set comes with two battery packs.
  • There are a range of clippers attachments that come with your set.


  • This Wahl clipper is a bit higher in terms of price point when compared to other clippers.

9 More Top-Rated Grooming Clippers for Labradoodles

Andis Excel 5-speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper

Another great clipper set for any Labradoodle is the Andis Excel 5-speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper. This Andis clipper features a powerful rotary motor that allows you to tackle every aspect of your dog’s grooming.

Five different speeds allow you to adjust grooming from delicate areas like around the eyes and underneath the tail to more demanding areas like the full body. The great thing about the Andis Excel 5-speed Clipper is that it will work not only on your labradoodle but any dog breed. The motor provides up to 4500 SPM for a flawless finish.

As you work, the comfortable soft-grip housing is anti-slip so that you can be sure you are clipping safely. This set comes with a size #10 CeramicEdge detachable blade and a bottle of blade oil.


  • This durable clipper is great for all grooming jobs because of the 5 speed power options.
  • The powerful 4500 SPM motor gives your pup a clean cut.


  • The motor is a bit louder than other units and may be frightening to some dogs.

ConairPro Dog 2 in 1 Pet Clipper

The ConairPro Dog 2 in 1 Pet Clipper is a great set to purchase if your labradoodle has a very demanding grooming routine. What makes this dog clipper great is that it can do anything from heavy duty clipping to delicate trimmings.

Underneath the clippers’ shell, there is a powerful 420 rotary DC motor that gives you an added 15% power-boost so that you can tackle difficult to clip fur. And with that difficult to clip fur, a beautiful cut is guaranteed every time thanks to the diamond sharpened steel blades.

These steel blades can adjust to five different positions, and when you add in one of the seven guard comb attachments, you will have a total of 40 different cutting lengths to choose from. The blades are detachable so that you can replace them with a special trimmer blade that allows you to work on those delicate parts or your pup.

With all the options you have with clipping, the ConairPro Dog 2 in 1 Pet Clipper is certainly a set that will allow you to tackle all your dogs grooming needs.


  • The clipper features a 420 rotary DC motor with an added 15% powerboost.
  • This clipper is great for full body grooming.
  • The durable outer shell helps to keep your clippers safe from damage.
  • There are 40 different cutting lengths to choose from.


  • The motor can be a little louder than other clippers and may scare some pups.

ConairPRO Dog Palm Pro Micro-Trimmer

If you have got a little labradoodle on your hands, The ConairPRO Dog Palm Pro Micro-Trimmer can be a great pair of dog hair clippers to go with. This compact-sized dog clipper fits right into your palm, allowing you to maneuver into small areas.

The clipper features a lightweight rotary DC motor designed for moderate styling and clipping thin full-body coats. As you clip, a handy turbo button allows you to cut through thick patches of the coat as well.

With the adjustable five positions the blade offers, you can get a total of 45 cutting lengths, and because it is a lot smaller than other clippers, and because it fits snugly into your hands, it’s a great tool to use if your labradoodle gets a little jumpy around clippers or loud noises.

This cordless clipper has a runtime of 35 minutes though you can use it as a corded unit as well. With 16 pieces in this set, this can be a great pair of clippers to invest in if you are looking for a great starter set.


  • This trimmer is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent choice for travel.
  • The 8 comb attachments allow you to have 45 settings for clipping.
  • There is a taper lever that will enable you to adjust your cut while you work.


  • The outer shell is not as strong as other trimmers.
  • You only get 35 mins of run time on a full charge.

Andis Endurance Brushless Motor Clipper

If you’re looking for a straightforward pair of clippers for your labradoodle that is free of any extra bells and whistles, then the Andis Endurance Brushless Motor Clipper is a great tool to start with. This dog trimmer is great for Labradoodles with heavy coats and need a powerful motor to get through them.

These clippers offer a robust, brushless motor that delivers between 3000 and 38000 strokes per minute. This power gives your dog a smooth cut that is professional quality.

The clipper comes with a #10 UltraEdge blade that offers a clean finish every time. It also provides ample freedom in movement with the lengthy 17 feet cord that is conveniently tangle-free. The swivel cord will not bother you as you clip away.


  • For low maintenance pups, this is a great first pair of clippers.
  • The powerful motor tackles tough coats with a clean cut each time.


  • The motor runs louder than your average pair of clippers.

Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper

Another great set of clippers that will allow you to do frequent touch-ups or full-body cuts on your labradoodle is the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper. This clipper is great for working around delicate areas, including the face, behind the ears, the paws, and other sensitive areas of your labradoodle, as well as tackling thicker coats.

The clippers feature a strong motor that delivers 2100 strokes per minute. This gives you a clean and even cut every time. The clippers come standard with a #10 Cryogen-X blade, but it is also compatible with other Oster A5 detachable Cryogen-X blades, the Elite Cryogen-X blade, and the Take Down Quick Wide blades.

This clipper also runs very quietly thanks to it’s muted motor allowing you to work without scaring your labradoodle in the process.


  • The motor runs quietly and cool so that your pup remains comfortable.
  • The motor has two speeds for varying coat needs.


  • The clippers work best for full-body clips as opposed to touch-ups and trims

Andis AGC2 UltraEdge 2 Speed Clipper

Whether you have a little Labradoodle on your hands or a big boy, the Andis AGC2 UltraEdge 2 Speed Clipper can be a great pair of dog hair clippers to go with. This compact-sized dog clipper fits right into your palm, allowing you to maneuver into small areas, all while delivering a precise and salon-quality cut.

The clipper features a two-speed rotary motor that is exceptionally quiet, making it a great tool if your Labradoodle gets a little jumpy around clippers or loud noises. The motor delivers 3400 and 4400 strokes per minute for a clean-cut and is housed inside a sturdy, break-resistant shell giving it a long life. Finally, the clippers offer a spacious 14-foot cord that allows you to have more than enough space to move around while you work.


  • This premium grade clipper comes in two bright color options.
  • The clippers work with Oster A-5, ShowEdge, UltraEdge, and CeramicEdge blades.
  • Lengthy cord for freedom in movement while you work.
  • The motor runs quietly.


  • The grip is not as comfortable as other clippers.

Oster Power Max 2 Speed Pet Clippers

The Oster Power Max 2 Speed Pet Clippers can be the perfect grooming tool for you if your labradoodle requires routine yet uncomplicated grooming needs. The Oster Power Max has two different speeds that allow you to switch between low-intensity grooming for those delicate areas and high-intensity grooming for tougher coats.

The blade on Andis Clippers is a CryogenX blade which features an antibacterial coating. This coating allows you to have not only a clean cut, but a smooth and consistent one.

Lastly, the quiet motor is great for use with dogs that get easily frightened by a grooming session. As you work, the contoured shape of the clippers along with the soft rubber grip keeps you comfortable and your pup at ease as you clip.


  • There are two different speed settings available.
  • The CryogenX blade will keep your pup clean from bacterial introduction.
  • Quiet motor.


  • This might not be the best for dogs who require heavy grooming.

Wahl KM10 Brushless 2 Speed Professional Clippers

Whether you are a professional groomer or just really like maintaining your Labradoodles coat, the Wahl KM10 Brushless 2 Speed Professional Clippers is a great dog clipper to invest in if you want something that gives you flexibility, power, and control. The motor features an extended life that guarantees up to 10,000 hours of power, and because of the powerful motor, you can easily get through thick coats no matter the size.


  • The German-engineered motor delivers consistent power for a great cut.
  • It is comfortable and easy to work with, making it an excellent option for grooming professionals.


  • For a heavy-duty pair of clippers, it is disappointing that it only offers two speeds.

Wahl Bravura Lithium Ion Cordless Dog Clipper Kit

The Wahl Bravura Lithium Ion Cordless Dog Clipper Kit Is a great pair of Clippers to go with if you are looking for something with optimal flexibility. The clippers feature of 5 in 1 blade option including #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. These different blades allow you to get a variety of different cuts.

Though these clippers are cordless, the battery life is pretty impressive, as you can get up to 90 minutes of run time on a single session. If you do run out of battery life, these clippers offer the advantage of plugging them into the corded unit so that the clippers charge while you use them. The clipper kit also comes in a variety of different colors, including gray, blue, purple, and black.


  • The kit comes with five different blade options for a variety of cut lengths.
  • The battery life is impressive at 90 minutes and a charge time of 60 minutes.
  • The unit can operate as a corded unit as well.


  • The power of these clippers make them the best option for heavy-coated Labradoodles

3 Tips For Determining The Best Labradoodle Clipper

  • Know your Labradoodle grooming demands. If they require a lot of maintenance, then a corded clipper would be the best option to go with. If your Labradoodle only needs occasional trims between grooming sessions, then a cordless clipper or a pet trimmer might be the best option to deal with.
  • Pet trimmers and cordless clippers are best reserved for dogs who get scared easily during grooming sessions. If this describes your Labradoodle, then this type of clipper may be the best one to start with.
  • With any pair of clippers, it’s always best to wash, dry, and brush your Labradoodle before you clip them. This will give you an even and consistent cut.

FAQ on the Best Labradoodle Hair Clippers

Do all clippers provide the same amount of power?

Corded clippers will typically deliver more power than cordless clippers. But you should also compare the power of the motor as well as some are stronger than others.

Can I use the blades of an old clipper on a new clipper?

That depends. Some clipper brands like Wahl, Oster, and Andis have interchangeable blades while others do not.

What is the difference between dog clippers and scissors?

Scissors help you to trim around sensitive parts, while clippers allow you to get a smooth, even cut on larger areas of your dog.

Final Thoughts on the Best Labradoodle Hair Clippers

It can be tempting to purchase the first pair of clippers you see when you start your hunt for the best clippers for your Labradoodle. But as with any tool, the best clippers are the ones that meet your Labradoodles needs. Hopefully, our buyer’s guide has helped you understand those needs a bit better. If you have a Labradoodle, let us know what your favorite pair of clippers is and why!

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