8 Best Muzzles for Mastiffs in 2022 and Tips for Proper Muzzle Wearing

If you’re the proud owner of a Mastiff, you already know what excellent, loyal companions these powerful dogs are. Descended from the mighty molossus which lived more than 5,000 years ago, these dogs were once warm animals, a far cry from the gentle giant of modern times. Mastiffs are renowned for the kind nature and unwavering courage.

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These massive dogs can reach heights up to 30 inches for males, and 27.5 inches or more in females. Mature male mastiffs can weigh anywhere from 160 to 230 pounds, while females typically weigh between 120 to 170 pounds once they reach adulthood. Mastiffs frequently outweigh grown men, with a rectangular bone structure featuring powerful muscles and short fur.

Mastiffs grow quickly, so it is vital to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition from the time they are puppies to the point they reach two years. Mastiffs thrive when they grow slowly but progressively. Because Mastiffs are vulnerable to skeletal issues, they should begin with adult food featuring a maximum of 26 percent protein as puppies and adhere to strict eating schedules.

What Is the Best Muzzle for a Mastiff?

Check out the following list of the best muzzles for a Mastiff, then keep reading for an in-depth look at each.

A mastiff’s coat can range from apricot to fawn hues. They have large heads with a wrinkled brow. Because their coat is short, it is easy to keep groomed, so owners usually need only brush it once every few days. When Mastiffs are in peak shedding season, it is best to use a fine-toothed comb frequently to combat dead hair and mats. It is also essential to regularly clean in and around the Mastiff’s wrinkles and ears, along with keeping their nails trimmed.

Mastiff dogs are patient and loving, and will fiercely protect their owners. Mastiffs are naturally inclined to be wary of strange dogs and people, which makes it critical to train them well in behavioral and social habits from an early age. An essential instrument to train your dog and prevent any chance of injury to themselves, you, or others, is to use a muzzle.

Muzzles are not just for dogs that show signs of aggression but can help with behavioral modification and aid in warming your dog up to accepting touch and handling. For a look at the top 6 best Mastiff muzzles on the market, plus muzzle usage tips and more — keep scrolling!

Different Types of Muzzles for Mastiffs

If you’re new to muzzles and general and are unsure how to pick the right one for your Mastiff, you’ve come to the right place. Not all muzzles are created equal, and certain varieties are better suited to large breeds like Mastiffs than others. Here’s what you need to know.

Slip Muzzle

Slip muzzles are an excellent option to use for short periods, such as if you need to clip your Mastiff’s nails, take them to the vet, or take an excursion to the groomers. These types of muzzles feature mesh or fabric designs with an opening at the tip where your pet’s nose will go through. Slip muzzles are similar to a tube that you can slip with ease over your dog’s snout and secure firmly in place with a neck strap.

You may have seen a slip muzzle at your vet’s office because they are not only cost-effective but come in a range of sizes to fit many different kinds of dog breeds. If you and your dog are new to using muzzles, slip muzzles a good choice for comfortable wear and flexible usage.

Basket Muzzle

Basket muzzles are the other common variety you’ll see. Unlike slip muzzles, basket muzzles are stiff and cover the entire mouth. They can feature leather, plastic, wire, or a combination of materials. While these muzzles may look constricting, they actually provide the most flexibility.

You can typically keep a basket muzzle on your Mastiff for more extended periods than you could with other muzzles because the basket design gives your pet room to eat, drink, and pant without issue. Basket muzzles are often mandatory in environments like dog events to ensure the safety of other pets and people by keeping your pet’s mouth shut securely.

Soft Muzzle

Soft muzzles could feature mesh or nylon like a slip muzzle, or leather materials as many basket muzzles do. Thes muzzles are best for short periods of use such as grooming or taking your pet to the vet. Some soft muzzles can inhibit your Mastiff from panting correctly, so it is vital to ensure you choose a model that will distribute heat sufficiently and provide enough breathing room for your dog.

When and Why Would a Mastiff Need a Muzzle?

While muzzles are essential if your dog shows signs of aggression and reactive tendencies, these are not the only reasons why a muzzle is a valuable asset for any Mastiff owner.

Prevent Bite Risks

The first and most obvious reason that comes to mind as to why you would need to muzzle your Mastiff is to prevent bite risks. Remember, Mastiffs protect their family with religious devotion, which can make them unfriendly towards strangers upon first meeting. Your Mastiff may have a sweet and generous nature, but their wariness of strange people and environments could pose a risk if someone unknowingly crosses a boundary.

Whether your dog has a bite history or not, you must be proactive. One bite from your Mastiff could result in a call to animal control, which could see your dog quarantined for a minimum of 10 days.

If you know you’ll be encountering unfamiliar ground, whether you are traveling to a new place or there will be children unknown to your dog present, prevent a bite event before it ever happens by using a muzzle.

For Grooming

When you train and desensitize your Mastiff to use a muzzle from a very early age, this can serve you well in the long run for a range of situations, including when it comes to grooming time. Some dogs are very antsy when you groom them, and Mastiffs are no exception. Avoid any unwelcome bites, nips, or snap by using a muzzle when you groom your pet.

To Comply with Local Laws

Depending on the state or city you live in or intend to travel to with your Mastiff, certain areas have legislation geared towards particular breeds. If you plan on traveling abroad with your pet, there are country-specific muzzling laws to be aware of which you must comply with to enter with your pooch.

Best Muzzles for a Mastiff

Check out our top pick for the best Mastiff Muzzle!

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

The Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle doggy has a flexible fit for wider noses and an opening so your pup can still eat while it’s on. This muzzle protects other pets and people from bites while also considering the comfort and security of your Mastiff. The ergonomically designed safety strapping and two additional points of secure attachment will ensure the muzzle doesn’t fall off. The over-head strap is removable, and the muzzle also has a loop at the bottom for your dog’s collar. Finally, the metal buckle has pre-holed webbing, making it fully adjustable for quick on and off. The Baskerville Ultra Dog muzzle is made of tough and durable malleable thermal plastic rubber to provide protection. It can even be heated and shape for a more custom fit!

7 More Top-Rated Mastiff Muzzles

Take a look at these seven top-rated muzzles you’ll want to consider for your Mastiff.

Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle

The Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Muzzle has a hook and loop chin strap to provide a custom fit. The elastic across the top prevents the muzzle from covering your dog’s eyes, too. The design of this muzzle allows for ample breathability and air flow, and the durable nylon will last a long time. It comes in multiple sizes to best suit your dog’s shape and size. It is easy to get on and off without hurting your dog, and it will not only protect other pets and people but will keep your dog comfortable and secure. Dog owners who buy this muzzle report that it fits dogs of many different sizes and that it is not only comfortable but secure.

Dogs My Love Leather Mesh Muzzle

The Dogs My Love Leather Mesh Muzzle made it to our number one spot for its large and breathable design made specifically for bigger breeds like Mastiffs. The leather is comfortable and will slide with ease onto your dog’s nose, while the mesh features ensure breathability and ventilation so your dog won’t get overheated. The basket elements of this muzzle mean that your dog can still pant with ease.

From trips to the vet to more prolonged excursions at the dog park, the Dogs My Leather Mesh Muzzle is a perfect choice. You can use it daily as needed and keep your Mastiff secure when you travel. The muzzle has an ear strap so the device won’t slide off your pet if they get active.

Pro Guard Softie Muzzle

We loved the Pro Guard Softie Muzzle because it is not only incredibly comfortable for the large Mastiff nose, but is also geared mainly towards the more substantial breeds like Mastiffs and St. Bernards. For short periods where you need a temporary restraint for your Mastiff, such a trip to the vet or the store, the Pro Guard Softie Muzzle will get the job done.

If you’re still training your pooch, this dependable restraint is soft on the sensitive snout skin, while being durable enough to hold up against slippage or abrasions.

BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

If a basket muzzle is more suited to your usage needs for your beloved Mastiff, you can’t go wrong with the BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle. We loved this product for its adjustable design and metal wires with gaps in between that will give your pet room to pant, eat, and drink while wearing the muzzle. The genuine leather straps will stand the test of time while being soft and comfortable for your Mastiff to wear.
The BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is also a versatile choice. Use it for activities ranging from training your dog to taking them for long walks to grooming sessions.

Dean and Tyler Wire Basket Muzzle

Another excellent basket muzzle option, the Dean and Tyler version puts a new twist on the versatile muzzle with superior ventilation and breathing room. You can rest assured that your pup will remain secure and can’t chew or bite at what it shouldn’t, while still being able to drink and pant without a problem.

Whether your Mastiff has been giving you grief at the groomers or keeps chewing on pebbles on walks, this muzzle will help you retrain and prevent these behaviors.

Dogs My Love Real Leather Basket Muzzle

Another strong muzzle by Dogs My Life, this real leather version is also very breathable with proper ventilation that won’t prevent your dog from panting when it needs getting sufficient air.  The riveted leather ensures the basket muzzle won’t slip off if you enjoy some high activity fun and games with your mastiff, but the material is soft enough that it won’t cause unwanted chafing or irritation.

You can easily adjust the straps as you need to without worrying about the muzzle stretching and slipping off your Mastiff’s nose.

Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle

The name of our final pick says it all. If you’re on the hunt for a smooth, breezy, breathable muzzle option for temporary use only, the Canine Friendly Muzzle is a worthy contender for your shortlist. The nylon and mesh material is not just highly breathable, but easy to slip on and off without having to worry about irritating your dog’s sensitive nose skin. The muzzle also features cushioned bumpers around the eyes so the mesh won’t cause chafing.

Whether you need to keep your Mastiff from nipping at you when it’s time to clip their nails or they were injured recently and keep biting at their wound area, this product is a safe and comfortable option to warm your pet up to wearing a muzzle.

5 Tips to Properly Use a Muzzle with a Mastiff

  1. The first step to ensure you pick the proper muzzle to determine what you need it for in the first place. Do you plan on using the muzzle every day or only for occasional hikes or trips to the vet? For more frequent usage, you’ll want a durable leather or metal muzzle. If you only need a muzzle for shorter periods less regularly, a mesh or nylon option will do.
  2. Pick a muzzle that is easy for you to put on your Mastiff. If your dog has a history of biting or aggression, you want to make sure you can get the muzzle on without risking a bite yourself.
  3. Use positive reinforcement to warm your Mastiff up to a muzzle. Introduce the muzzle slowly and provide treats as rewards when they touch the muzzle, put their nose in it, and start to wear it.
  4. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to helping your Mastiff get comfortable wearing a muzzle.
  5. Start by just having the muzzle around your Mastiff, then work your way up to touch it to their nose. Next, put it on and off your dog for very brief intervals, before working up to putting it on them for more extended periods.

Use your muzzle as part of your training, as muzzles should not be a replacement for dealing with behavioral or social issues your pet might have.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Mastiffs

Does My Mastiff Need a Muzzle?

From trips to the vet to walks in the park, it is always a good idea to have a durable muzzle on hand to prevent any risk of bites both to yourself, other pets, and their owners. Even if your Mastiff has never shown signs of aggression, encountering new situations or an injury can make them reactive and unpredictable. Because of their propensity to be wary of strangers, plan for any emergency, and ensure it never happens in the first place.

Can a Muzzle Make My Mastiff More Aggressive?

Not if you use your muzzle correctly. First, you should never keep the muzzle on your Mastiff for very prolonged periods without interruption, as this can cause frustration, which may lead to aggression. Also, avoid repeatedly taking the muzzle on and off your Mastiff, as this can also irritate them and make your pet reactive.

Should I Muzzle My Mastiff Puppy?

The best time to train your Mastiff to accept and love muzzles is from the time they are still a puppy. If they learn to enjoy wearing a muzzle from a very young age and associate it with happy things like treats, whether you need to travel to another city or go to the vet for a routine checkup, putting the muzzle on will be a breeze.

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