6 Best Muzzles for Pugs : Top Options for Short Snout Toy Breeds

If there’s one breed that stands out among the others, it’s the pug. With flat faces and irresistible puppy-dog eyes, these dogs might not win any fights, but they can be affectionate companions.

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Originally, pugs, along with several other toy breeds, began to spring up because the emperors of Ancient China liked the look of these small dogs. During the 1500s, one pug supposedly saved the Prince of Orange’s life and later became the mascot for the House of Orange. Once William and Mary of Orange ascended to the English throne, their pugs stole the hearts of the British too.

Nowadays, your pug might not be saving anyone’s life, but that doesn’t stop them from being the perfect family dog. As tiny as they may be, this breed is full of personality, and they’ll gladly let you know it. Pugs tend to be vocal, and if you let them, they’ll spend all day yapping at you.

Many assume that, just because the pug is a small dog, they won’t bite—however, when they’re irritated or frightened, pugs can be just as aggressive as any other dog. When they’re being groomed or examined by the vet, it’s not uncommon for your pug to go on the defensive. There may also be situations where your pug isn’t allowed to bark, but they’re being more vocal than ever.

What is the Best Pug Muzzle?

It’s for these reasons that many pug owners may choose to muzzle their dogs in appropriate situations. Although muzzles remain a controversial tool, organizations like the American Kennel Club have clarified that, while you should never use a muzzle all the time, they can be the best way to keep your dog safe in certain situations.

Your biggest issue probably won’t be deciding whether or not to use a muzzle, but finding the right muzzle for your pug. This is complicated by the fact that pugs are a brachycephalic, or flat-faced, breed. Not only can their exaggerated features cause several health issues, but it also makes it challenging to find a good muzzle. In addition to making sure your dog is comfortable, you’ll also want to ensure your pug can breathe correctly too.

Fortunately, you don’t need to search by yourself—we’ve already compiled a list of some of our favorite top-rated products for you. Keep reading for a look at the different pug muzzles, when to use them, and which ones are best:

Different Types of Muzzles for Pugs

Whether you’re at a vet visit, a grooming session, or a walk through a crowded area, you’ll never know when you might need to use a muzzle on your pug. Before picking out which one to purchase, it’s important to understand the different types of muzzles:

Plastic Basket Muzzle

Although it might be difficult to find a basket muzzle that fits your pug, these muzzles are often the most humane. Instead of forcing your pup to keep their mouth closed, the cage-like design only encloses the lower part of their face.

With a basket muzzle, your pug will still be able to pant, drink water, and even eat any treats you feed them. However, it also won’t stop your pug from barking either. If your primary reason for using a muzzle is to keep your dog from being vocal in specific situations, the basket muzzle may not be an ideal choice.

Short Snout Mesh Muzzles

Mesh muzzles, which often cover your pug’s entire face, usually leave open areas around your pug’s nose and eyes so they can still see and breathe. These mesh muzzles are also specifically designed for flat-faced dogs like the pug to wear.

The biggest difference between a soft muzzle and a mesh muzzle is the material. Mesh muzzles often use nylon mesh which can be more breathable—especially on those scorching summer days.

Short Snout Soft Muzzles

Although there may be different types of soft muzzles, the most commonly used design for pugs is soft, black material that covers the lower part of their face. When used correctly, a soft muzzle can stop your pug from barking or biting while still letting them breathe freely.

However, it can be tricky to find a soft muzzle that also doesn’t cover your pug’s eyes or obscure their vision. Before purchasing, you’ll want to make sure your measurements are correct.

When and Why Would a Pug Need a Muzzle?

To some dog owners, using a muzzle on your dog can seem cruel. However, there may be specific circumstances when a muzzle can keep both you, your pug, and those around you safe:

Vet Visits or Grooming Sessions

While a pug is unlikely to bite unless they’re scared or angry, a visit to the vet or the groomer can bring out those rare behaviors. If you already know your pug has a history of biting other people, muzzling them during a vet examination or grooming session may be a precaution.

In some cases, your vet or groomer may even ask you to muzzle your pug—regardless of whether or not they’ve acted aggressively in the past.

Walks Through Crowded Areas

For pugs that tend to bite frequently (or lash out at strangers), it may be a good idea to muzzle them on walks through crowded or busy areas. Not only will this protect anyone who reaches down to pet your dog, but it may also be able to stop your pug from getting into a confrontation with someone else’s dog as well.

Depending on where you live, some cities or states may require that most dog breeds be muzzled when they aren’t on private property.

When It’s Time to Keep Quiet

It’s no secret that pugs like to bark—a lot. There may be some situations, like walking through a store or appointment, where you need to keep your pug from barking for a short period of time. Muzzles can be highly-effective at helping your pug stay quiet.

It’s important to remember that muzzles aren’t a training tool. While your pug might not be able to bark while they’re wearing one, a muzzle won’t curb barking when it’s off. If you’re trying to teach your pug not to bark, a muzzle won’t be much help.

2024 Best Muzzle for Pugs

There may be plenty of good muzzles out there, but only one can be the best pug muzzle. Here’s the product we recommend:

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

Best Overall

Four Paws has a slip style muzzle designed to keep vision free while temporarily restraining the jaw. If your Pug has a slightly longer snout, you can choose the option for short-nosed breeds to prevent biting. It fits around your Pug’s snout but leaves the eyes free. It buckles in the back and is gently padded to prevent rubbing or causing sore spots. The stitching is ultra-durable, and you can throw the muzzle in the wash to clean it after use. Make sure you don’t use this one long term because it does restrict panting.

5 More Top-Rated Pug Muzzles

There’s no reason to name just one muzzle—here are five more that may be perfect for your pug:

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Upon first glance, the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle might not look like it would fit your flat-faced pug’s snout correctly. However, the Baskerville muzzle uses thermal plastic rubber which can be molded and reformed when you heat it up. The major advantage of this design is, not only can you get a custom fit, but your pug will also be able to pant or drink water without any issues.

Once you’ve gotten the Baskerville muzzle into the perfect shape, you can take advantage of the safety straps, and the over-the-head strap. With two different points of adjustment, it’s unlikely that your pug will be able to slip out of it anytime soon.

JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle

With a breathable mesh and durable nylon, the JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle can withstand whatever adventures you and your pug embark on. Not only does it contain an opening around the nose so your pug can breathe without restriction, but there are also eye-holes to ensure their vision won’t be obstructed either.

The adjustable nylon strap can help you get the right fit while the quick-release buckle will also make sure that taking the muzzle on and off is painless. Since it comes in multiple sizes, be sure to measure your pug’s head beforehand to get the perfect fit.

Real Pet Short Snout Dog Muzzle

Finding a muzzle that fits the wide, flat face of a pug can be a challenge, but the Real Pet Short Snout Dog Muzzle may be an ideal choice. Unlike some muzzles, the Real Pet muzzle is unlikely to fall off—and can’t be pulled off by your pug either.

The eye and nose-hole design allow your pup to breathe and see freely without mesh chafing against sensitive areas of their face. Although pugs may be difficult to fit, the Real Pet muzzle uses adjustable straps and a quick-release buckle to make the process effortless and less time-consuming.

Petneces Dog Muzzle for Puppies

For a muzzle that’s designed specifically for playful or overactive puppies, there’s no need to look further than the Petneces Dog Muzzle for Puppies. Not only will it keep your pug puppy from biting other people, but it may also stop an injured pug from trying to lick an open wound as well.

To prevent the mesh from rubbing against their eyes and nose, the Petneces muzzle uses blue-tinted glasses and an opening around the snout. In addition to offering a comfortable and durable product, Petneces promises to return any customer calls or complaints within 24-hours of contact.

Pro Guard Mesh Dog Muzzle

For a simple muzzle that does just what you need it to, the Pro Guard Mesh Dog Muzzle may be your best option. Recommended by professional groomers, the Pro Guard muzzle is designed to be a flexible, one-size-fits-all option.

It uses comfortable mesh that won’t restrict your pup’s breathing and fits snugly around their face. There’s even a cushioned chin strap to ensure it won’t rub against your pug’s jaw while they wear it. Besides being an anti-bite implement, many owners also find the Pro Guard muzzle is a good tool to keep their pup from eating things they shouldn’t.

5 Tips to Properly use a Muzzle with a Pug

  1. Start by placing the muzzle near your pug. Before fitting the muzzle onto your pug, you want to give them a few hours to familiarize themselves with it first. You can start by placing the muzzle on the ground and allowing your pug to discover it for themselves. Every time they sniff it, be sure to give them a treat.
  2. Depending on the material of the muzzle, you can also wipe a swab of peanut butter or wet food onto it and let your pug lick it off. This can be another way to help your dog get close to the garment.
  3. Once they’ve gotten comfortable with sticking their head near it, try placing a few treats inside the muzzle. When your pug has finished eating them, practice keeping their head inside the muzzle for short periods of time (start with thirty seconds).
  4. Now that they will keep their head in the muzzle for longer amounts of time, you can begin actually fitting the muzzle onto your dog. The first few times you do this, you should only let your pug wear it for a few moments, and then gradually increase the time.
  5. The first outing with the muzzle is important. Since you want your pug to associate it with positive memories, don’t forget to take them to their favorite area or spot.

Identifying the best pug muzzle is crucial, but knowing how to correctly train your pug to wear it can be just as important.

FAQ’s Regarding Muzzles for Pugs

Is it cruel to use a muzzle on my pug?

While some dog owners might have an aversion to muzzles, it’s not cruel to make your pug wear one. However, you’ll want to make sure they can still breathe easily—and you never should make your pug wear a muzzle for more than an hour or so. If your pug has breathing problems, you may only want them to wear it for less than twenty minutes.

Does my pug need a muzzle?

If your pug has a history of biting or trying to eat things off the floor, a muzzle may be the best way to protect your dog and those around him. Keep in mind that a muzzle won’t train your dog to stop biting or barking—it will only prevent them from doing so while they’re wearing the muzzle.

Will a muzzle make my pug more aggressive?

Contrary to what some dog owners might think, a muzzle will not make your pug any more aggressive than they already are.

What is the best pug muzzle type?

While it may depend on your specific pug’s needs, a short snout mesh muzzle with eye and nose-holes may be the best pug muzzle for your dog. Not only will this prevent the material from rubbing against your pug’s eyes, but it will also allow them to breathe openly out of their noses.

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