12 Best Dog Toys for Pugs in 2024

Pugs are such cute lap dogs. They have big personalities and distinctive faces with lots of love for their owners and families. Because of their nose shape, they need care when exercising, but they still need activity and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy.

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Toys can be a huge part of your Pug’s wellbeing. They can curb chewing, help keep teeth healthy, enrich minds, and encourage vigorous activity. While they aren’t supposed to take the place of interaction with you, toys can be a healthy way to help your Pug be happy.

We’ve got our list of favorite toys that your Pug will love. They’re durable and designed to withstand the energy of a puppy or a particularly rambunctious dog. They can address all types of Pug needs and provide vital engagement in between activities. Toys aren’t a luxury. They’re a necessary part of your Pug’s happiness.

We’ve put together a list of toys that are great for your Pug. They’re durable, provide excellent activity, and help keep your dog’s mind sharp. Let’s take a look and find the toys you need to show your Pug some love.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Pugs

Different types of dog toys accomplish different things. Let’s take a look at some examples of toys and how they can fit into your Pug’s life.

Chew Toys

This type of toy is probably one of the most important. Chew toys not only help curb destructive tendencies, but many can help keep your dog’s teeth cleaner in between brushings. For puppies, gum massage can help with some of the pain and itching as well.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys stimulate your Pug’s mind and help keep them busy without necessarily the activity part. Puzzles encourage your Pug to think and can keep them engaged in play during long stretches. Most puzzle games use some type of food reward so make sure you consider your Pug’s daily calorie needs, so you don’t accidentally overfeed them.

Active Toys

Toys that encourage some form of exercise help keep your Pug fit and happy. THese could be a simple as balls in a game of fetch, toy launchers, or any other toy that helps your Pug get moving. The best ones can handle a little chewing along the way and provide a means for you to exercise your Pug even if you aren’t feeling very energetic yourself.

Plush Toys

Dogs need comfort and companionship, so for some, a plush toy can help soothe anxiety and offer friendship while you’re away or when you can’t provide a comfy lap. Plush toys are great for smaller dogs because they can sometimes feel intimidated by their surrounds, and they aren’t as likely to destroy the toy in the first few seconds.

Sound Toys

Sound toys also provide excellent stimulation because they encourage your dog to remain engaged and interested. Whether it’s a squeaker sound, a crinkle, or a bell, toys that provide sound rewards as your pug plays are usually a huge hit.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Pugs

Pugs have strong personalities, but they don’t always have the energy a working dog has. They can have trouble breathing and trouble regulating their temperature. Toys that help them stay active without going through long periods of exercise can keep weight down, keep hearts healthy, and encourage pugs to keep moving in little spurts throughout the day.

The toys should be durable enough to withstand a little chewing and offer your Pug some room to play harder. Look for durable fabrics and materials, reinforced seaming, and rust-resistant hardware. Your Pug can chew, play, and run without you worrying about your toys tearing up too quickly.

Puzzle games should be challenging enough to keep interest, but not so challenging that your Pug loses interest. Some of the best ones are adjustable so you can alter the challenge to meet your Pug’s individual needs. Pugs also need to watch their weight, so puzzle toys that allow you to use kibble sized treats could help keep weight down while still encouraging your Pug to play.

Some toys are suitable for companionship, but be sure your Pug doesn’t end up pulling out stuffing and watch for smaller pieces that could be ingested. Plush toys are the least durable of any of the types of toys, but they can play a significant role in your Pug’s mental health, so be sure to keep them around if your Pug responds well to them.

Best Pug Dog Toys 2024

Here are our favorites for the best toys for your sweet Pug. They offer physical or mental stimulation, comfort, and a lot of chances for you to bond with your dog. Let’s take a look.

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Plush

Best Overall

Outward Hound’s puzzle toy is a soft, fun toy that engages your Pug’s mind and could keep them busy for a long time without the use of extra treats. It’s made of a durable yet soft plush, and each of the squirrels has a squeaker that provides fun interest. Simply hide the squirrels inside the toy, and your Pug can sniff them out. The company also sells replacement squirrels if you lose one and they’re safe for hours of fun.

The squirrels are fun to play with by themselves, but together, they give your Pug a chance to explore and to problem solve to get to teach of the squirrels. It comes in four different sizes to suit your individual Pug’s personality.

Nylabone Durachew Double Bone

Best for Aggressive Chewers

This bacon-flavored bone has plenty of interest with different pieces and a textured surface that helps clean teeth. It’s bacon flavored and offers your friend plenty of chances to chew for hours. Nylabone is a long lasting bone that won’t stain floors or carpets, and it’s safe to use for a variety of chewers. Your Pug can get it to the back teeth or use the front, and the scraping action soothes itchy gums and feels great.

It’s a satisfying alternative to toys that fall apart under some chewing, and your Pug can enjoy this particular toy for yours. Make sure you supervise chewing times, however, to ensure no pieces come off.

Kong Extreme Small

Most Durable Dog Toy

Kong Extreme is meant for aggressive chewers, and it can withstand hours of chewing without tearing apart like typical toys. It’s made of a safe to chew rubber and feature’s Kong’s classic three-tier design. You can put a treat or even peanut butter on the inside and give your Pug hours of enjoyment.

The Kong toy is an excellent way for your Pug to get chewing behaviors out, and it offers a satisfying crunch that won’t give way under pressure. It can gently massage gums, and it comes in a few different sizes. We recommend the small for your Pug’s mouth size, but you can always go up a size if you have a larger PUg.

Pet IQ Treat Ball

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

This little ball provides hours of fun by making your Pug run, turn, and tumble the ball over to get treats to fall out. It uses small, kibble sized treats, and through manipulation, your Pug is rewarded with a little snack. It uses resilient plastic and can be disassembled completely to wash.

Your Pug must turn the ball this way and that to get to the treats. It could be a great way to help Pugs slow down when eating by reserving a bit of food from meal time for use in the ball. Make sure you clean it regularly to prevent bacteria.

Chuck It Rink Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

Your Pug may have trouble with tennis balls because of the mouth size, but this ring launcher should provide a comfortable grip even for Pugs on the small side. It’s made of fun colors, and the design causes the ring to bounce erratically, which can be really interesting for your dog to chase.

You can clean it by wiping it clean with water, and the ring design helps your Pug exercise without wearing you out. When you’re finished, your Pug can play along with the ring for a while. It won’t come apart with some chewing, and it may end up being your Pug’s favorite toy yet.

Frisco Plus Rope Monkey

Best Rope Toy

This plush toy with rope detail is perfect for a little chewing. It offers your dog comfort, but the rope sections are great for when your dog is in a chewing mood. Cotton rope is perfectly safe, and it’s wound in a way that prevents it from unraveling too soon. The plush can be thrown in the wash, and it even comes with a built-in squeaker for extra fun.

There’s minimal stuffing so it won’t make a mess if your PUg manages to chew through it. It’s ultra soft and could be an excellent comfort for your dog in times of stress. It’s also suitable for light tug of war or fetch games.

Starmark Pickle Pocket

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

This simple toy is suitable for chewers and for the smaller mouth of your Pug. Fit treats into the pocket itself, and your Pug must chew, roll, and manipulate to get them out. It provides hours of fun with an indestructible plastic design, and it’s bright green to make it easy to find.

Sometimes simple toys are better. You can’t get a lot of treats in this one, but it could be great for a snack or for when your dog is stuck indoors on a rainy day. It’s definitely not instant gratification, but since your PUg can easily smell the treats inside, it could be an excellent way to keep your companion occupied for a while.

ZippyPaws Skinny Pelts Squeaky Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

This set of three toys has fun squeakers on the inside, but there’s no stuffing that can find its way out. They’re thin enough for your Pug’s mouth, and provide hours of fun for chewing, chasing, and playing. The three pack features three woods animals, and you can use all three for a fun game or use two as a backup if your PUg manages to destroy one.

They’re safe to use and non-toxic. Seaming is reinforced, and you can throw them in the wash on the gentle cycle to freshen them up when they start to look a little used.

USA Bones and Chews Rope Toy

Made In The USA

This rope toy adds appealing animal hooves to keep your Pug interested. Hooves are minimally processed and smoothed to discourage splintering while chewing. They may not smell great to you, but dogs typically love these types of toys. If you have a bored chewer, this could be your saving grace.

All parts of the toy are made in the United States. The hooves have no toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or bleach, so you know it’s safe for your sweet companion. The rope is cotton with tassels for even more interest.

Best Dog Toys for Pug Puppies

Pug puppies need toys too. They’re teething and curious about the world. Toys that address both of these concerns help your Pug to grow up healthy and happy. Here are our favorites.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier

Best for Teething

This choice is excellent for puppies in the throes of teething. The ring and both of the attachments are chewable, and the texture of the two accessories massage sore, itchy gums to help give some relief. Nylabone is super durable, so your puppy should be able to chew for hours without destroying the toy.

It’s safe for all pets, including those who don’t have permanent teeth yet. Bright colors are engaging, and the toy feels good in your puppy’s mouth. Make sure you inspect the toy regularly for sharp pieces and discard any that are coming apart.

Kong Puppy Teething Stick

Another Great Teething Toy

Kong makes indestructible toys, and this puppy teething toy could be an excellent option for your Pug. It features a simple design that helps massage gums and soothe pain and irritation. It’s safe for dogs that don’t have permanent teeth, and it comes in two different colors that ship at random.

Kong is a great toy that will last forever. Its exclusive design helps keep your Pug occupied, and you can even wedge little treats inside for an extra fun time. Always inspect the toy for damage before allowing your Pug to play, but it should last long enough that your Pug will get a lot of use.

Multipet Lambchop Plush

Best Plush Dog Toy

The Lambchop plush is a soothing, soft toy that features one of our most beloved characters. It’s soft, and it squeaks. Perfect for your new puppy or a long time companion in need of some comfort when you’re not around.

It comes in three different sizes, and the plush is extra soft. You can gently wash it to keep it fresh, and it’s suitable for a variety of play types including fetch and gentle tug of war. Make sure you keep an eye on the toy and watch for any tearing or stuffing coming out. Remove any toy that’s damaged.

Tips For Playing With/Entertaining Your Pug

Toys are great for Pugs because they’re a curious dog that appreciates mental stimulation. Different types of toys to prevent boredom and help fill in time between activities or bonding moments. Toys can also help you manage things like chewing or overactive dogs. Read on for a few tips for playing with your Pug safely and effectively.

  1. Make sure you provide plenty of water for your Pug to drink during playtime. Water keeps your dog hydrated and helps regulate temperature. Watch carefully for signs of dehydration or fatigue so you can rest when appropriate.
  2. Inspect toys regularly for signs of damage. If your Pug manages to swallow a piece, it could be very dangerous. Also, if a chew toy develops sharp edges, you could cause damage to your dog’s teeth or gums. Keep an eye on toys.
  3. Try to mix up activities and toys to help keep your Pug interested. You could play fetch with a toy that squeaks for example or use a puzzle toy to deliver part of a meal. If your Pug has to use both its brain and its body, you’re going to have a much better time keeping it happy and satisfied.
  4. Use treat dispensing toys carefully. Pugs can be susceptible to weight gain, so make sure you aren’t adding a ton of extra calories to your Pug’s diet. You could reserve a bit of each dinner serving to use in a treat dispensing ball, for example, or choose treats that don’t have many calories but make sure you’re paying attention to the overall consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of toys are suitable for Pugs?

Pugs are curious little dogs that need gentle exercise. Any toy that gets them moving around and using their brains is going to be a good option. Make sure you check them frequently for chewing damage, but overall, toys should be engaging and durable.

Can toys clean my Pug’s teeth?

Dental chews can definitely keep your Pug’s teeth cleaner between brushings, they can’t take the place of regular cleanings. Make sure you or your vet is brushing your Pug’s teeth regularly to keep them healthy.

How do I keep my Pug safe during playtimes?

Make sure your Pug has plenty of water and always provide time to rest. Check your Pug for signs of dehydration or fatigue and make sure you take precautions in the heat of the day. Check toys regularly so that your dog doesn’t play with damaged toys that can injure.

What toys are best for puppies?

Puppies have a lot going on, but toys that help them curb that tendency to chew are the first thing to look for. You should also make sure your puppy has plenty of chance to exercise that growing brain with puzzle toys and rope toys that they can slowly unknot. They can demonstrate critical thinking and ensure proper brain development.


Pugs need a lot of love, and they also need a chance to exercise their mental skills. They’re great lap dogs, but they do need a way to get out some energy and help keep weight down. Toys that stimulate the mind while getting Pugs active are great ways to ensure your Pug is healthy and happy. Address these two things, and you could have a really great companion for many years.

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