6 Best Harnesses for Rottweilers

Rottweilers have gained an unfortunate reputation over the years for being aggressive dogs. However, this is absolutely not the case, as Rottweilers are loyal, social dogs who love people and playtime. Rottie parents know that this breed is gentle and social, making them outstanding family dogs.

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This magnificent breed is tall with a muscular build. Rottweilers have incredible strength, which can make exercise a challenge.

Find the best harness for your Rottie is the first key to low-stress walks and enjoyable outdoor activities. To help you choose a good harness for your Rottweiler, we’ve put together a list of our top picks.

What is the Best Harness for a Rottweiler?

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Rottweilers

Rottweilers borderline on being large or giant breed dogs. Some Rotties can weigh upwards of 135lbs. The most important factor in purchasing a dog harness for your Rottweiler is the durability of the fabric and materials. A basic mesh harness won’t stand up to a 100lb dog pulling on the leash. When choosing a good harness for your Rottweiler, consider premium nylon, leather or other military-grade materials. Metal buckles and D-rings are a must, as they will be able to handle the force of a large dog tugging at the leash.

The second most crucial factor is the design of the harness. Harnesses built for dogs who pull are excellent for Rottweilers. You will want to make sure the dog harness does not restrict your Rottie’s movement, and doesn’t cause any chafing or irritation to their skin. That’s where proper sizing comes into play.

Dog harnesses with multiple adjustment points will be best for your Rottweiler. Being able to adjust the harness in several areas will ensure a nice, snug fit. This also helps when you have a dog who likes to escape the harness. When the harness fits well on your Rottweiler’s body, it will be comfortable, allowing your pup to move freely when walking, running or playing.

Rottweilers are family protectors, and will no doubt want to be included in activities such as hiking or camping with the crew. A dog harness with safety features is best for these types of fun outings. These features can include reflective trim, an assistance handle, LED light attachment, removable pouches and more.

Since Rottweilers can weigh as much as an adult human, it’s important that you buy a harness which can be used to control them under any circumstance. A dog harness with a leash attachment at the chest can help with that. Some giant breed harnesses even come with a D-ring on the chest and back of the harness, so that you can properly steer them when necessary. Two points of leash attachment will be incredibly helpful for Rottweilers who get excited during walk time.

Different Types of Harnesses for Rottweilers

No-pull dog harnesses are a popular solution for Rottweilers who like to control walk time. Since they are such large dogs, it can be difficult to keep them on a straight path if they are enthusiastic walkers. Seeing other dogs or friendly people may also cause your Rottie to jump or become extra excited. A good no-pull dog harness will not put pressure on any one portion of your dog’s body. Rather, it will distribute weight and pressure evenly, so if your Rottweiler is pulling or jumping, they won’t become injured.

Using a front lead dog harness can also be effective for Rottweilers who pull on the leash. On these types of dog harnesses, the D-ring leash attachment is on the chest piece, rather than on the back of the harness. This design helps deter your Rottie from pulling, and it assists in redirecting their attention. Front lead dog harnesses won’t strain your Rottweilers neck, and often times they come with a D-ring on the back of the harness also just in case you decide to use it as a traditional harness.

If your Rottweiler enjoys adventures in the car, then you’ll want to consider purchasing a vehicle safety harness. These harnesses are multi-purpose, as they can be used to strap your dog in when going on car rides, then used as a standard harness. By using a car safety dog harness, you avoid having to spend money on multiple harnesses. Plus you can trust that your beloved Rottie will be secure on your journeys!

Standard step-in dog harnesses can work well for Rottweilers. They are easy to equip and typically have several points of adjustment. They are also cost-effective and often come in vibrant colors and designs. Standard dog harnesses are generally made from reinforced nylon or polyester, which are both heavy-duty materials for a strong Rottie.

Overall Best Harness for Rottweilers

Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness

We like this dog harness for Rottweilers because of its innovative design. The padded chest piece is comfortable and the straps are made from nylon webbing. These two elements working together create a secure, snug fit for your Rottie. The Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness slips over your pup’s head and securely fastens with quick release buckles. We like that this dog harness has a belly strap to ensure a custom-like fit, and it’s great for dogs who like to escape their harness. The chest piece D-ring leash attachment allows Rottweiler parents to maintain control over a pup who is pulling. This dog harness is versatile, as you can also connect the leash at the back of the harness if you prefer a more traditional feel. This front lead dog harness can fit dogs with a girth of up to 50 inches, which means it’s the perfect choice for a massive Rottweiler!

5 More High Rated Harnesses for Rottweilers

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness & Leash

Leash training and walking will be a more enjoyable experience with this harness and leash set. You can connect the leash at two points on this dog harness so you can redirect your Rottweiler who is pulling. The design is simple and adjustable at four points. The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull dog harness is made from premium reinforced nylon, and it’s lined with cozy velvet for superior comfort. We like that this harness is easy to use, made in the USA and comes with a leash. If your Rottweiler borders on the line of being a giant breed, this dog harness can fit dogs up to 250lbs!

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness

Does your Rottweiler enjoy car rides? The Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness doubles as a secure vehicle restraint and a walking harness.  Available for dogs up to 120lbs, this dog harness will keep your Rottweiler safe in the car and during outdoor adventures. The chest piece is padded yet breathable, and it’s fully adjustable for a snug fit. This Solvit car safety dog harness is crash tested and meets industry standards, so you can be confident that your pup will be a safe passenger in your car. After the car ride, unbuckle the seat belt and attach the leash to use as a standard harness.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness

We chose the PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness for Rottweilers because of its versatility and trustworthy components. This dog harness may look standard, but it offers several different solutions for your Rottweilers. It can be used in the car as a vehicle restraint so you can drive distraction free, while your Rottie remains safe. When you’re ready for walks or hiking, this PetSafe dog harness has a D-ring clip on the back for a more traditional walking experience, and a front clip for a no-pull solution. This harness has reflective stitching to keep your Rottweiler safe in low visibility conditions. The straps on the PetSafe 3 in 1 harness are lined with neoprene, meaning it will be comfortable for extended use. Does your Rottweiler weight more than 130lbs? Don’t you worry – this harness will fit!

Sporn Training Dog Halter

The Sporn Training Dog Halter harness features padded restraint sleeves that fit under your Rottweiler’s legs. The harness is made from high-quality materials and is equipped with steel fasteners for ultimate durability. The braided cord design is built to stand up against the strength of your active Rottweiler. Even if your dog is pulling on the leash, this harness will not put any strain on their neck. We like that your Rottweiler will be comfortable and easy to control with this dog harness, plus it’s super easy to put on! A special benefit of this dog harness is that it quickly turns into a standard collar if necessary.

Halti Dog Harness

This dog harness was built with the strongest leash pullers in mind. If your Rottweiler lets their nose lead them during walks, the Halti Dog Harness can help you steer them in the right direction. It has two leash attachments that will help you refocus your Rottie’s attention when necessary without putting pressure on one area of their body. The Halti Dog Harness is simple yet comfortable and secure, and it fits the largest dog breeds.

Tips for Getting Your Rottweiler Accustomed to a Harness

Rottweilers are a confident breed, as they stand tall and muscular with a playful demeanor. But just because your Rottie is confident, doesn’t mean they will easily take to the concept of a harness right away. If you have a puppy or your just adopted an adult Rottweiler, they made need some extra guidance when learning to walk properly on a harness. Use these tips we’ve listed to ensure a smooth transition to using a dog harness.

  1. Rottweilers are highly trainable dogs, and the best means of training them is through reward based methods. Positive reinforcement training will be the most effective way of getting your Rottie accustomed to a harness. Be sure to have plenty of their favorite treats on hand!
  2. To start the training process with a nervous pup, place your new dog harness on the floor. Let your Rottweiler become acquainted with it by allowing them to sniff it.
  3. The next step will be to equip the harness on your Rottie. Give them lots of treats while you put it on and adjust it. The process should be positive and exciting!
  4. Now you will want to have your Rottweiler wear the harness around the house for a bit. Watch them walk in it so you can be sure that the harness is not restricting their movement or causing skin rash or irritation. Give them plenty of treats to encourage behavior as long as your dog is not biting at the harness or trying to wriggle out of it.
  5. If you’ve successfully put the harness on your Rottweiler and they seem comfortable, it’s time for a walk! Attach the leash and head out for a short walk. If they are already confident, you can take a normal stroll. But if your Rottweiler is acting cautious with the harness, start small and work your way up to normal length walks.
  6. You will always want to be patient and positive with dog harness training. Some dogs take longer to get used to the feel of the harness, and that’s okay! Go at their pace to ensure productive, effective training.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Rottweiler? – To choose the most appropriate sized harness, measure your pup’s neck, body length and girth. Typically harnesses are measured by girth, so have this measurement on hand when picking out a size. Sizing charts often come associated with purchasing a dog harness online. Reference that guide to choose a size rather than simply guessing what general size will fit your Rottie. A good fitting dog harness will fit your Rottweiler snugly, and they won’t be able to escape out of it. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s body.
  • How do I know if my Rottweiler’s harness is too big? – Your Rottie’s harness is too big if they can wriggle out of it, if they are still pulling on a “no-pull” harness or you can fit more than two fingers between the harness and your Rottweiler’s body. Be sure to keep your receipt and product tags in case you need to return or exchange the harness.
  • Can I just use a collar and leash to walk my Rottweiler? – Harnesses are safer to use for walking your Rottweiler. A good dog harness won’t strain their neck or throat, whereas if you are using a collar to walk your Rottweiler and they start pulling, it can cause them to choke. For large, active dogs it’s generally recommended that you use a sturdy harness.


Rottweilers are family dogs who deserve to be in on all of the action whether it’s during family walk time, hikes, camping or hunting. We recommend that you choose a dog harness for your Rottweiler that will be comfortable and secure. The dog harnesses we listed above are all quality choices that we believe will be great for a Rottweiler of any size or activity level.

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