8 Best Sweaters for Corgis

Corgis aren’t the smallest breed out there, but they still stick low to the ground. Their size and other factors also mean that they’re not the best at handling cold temperatures. If you live in an area where winter kicks in, your corgi may have a hard time going outside.

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While it might feel tempting to stick indoors and wait out the winter, corgis are just active enough to need regular exercise throughout the day. So how can we keep our furry friends warm while still keeping them healthy?

Dog sweaters can be an excellent option for those trips outside. Since they can keep in the heat, your corgi can comfortably enjoy some short exercise while dressed in protective clothes. However, not all sweaters work for all pups.

Aside from the size differences, the various breeds of dogs have their temperaments that come into play. Since corgis are low to the ground and can enjoy exercise, you need something flexible enough not to limit their movement, while also durable to last through frequent use.

Our best sweaters for corgis guide has everything you need, from tips to working with your pup and clothing to our top product recommendations!

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Corgis

Smaller dog sizes tend not to handle cold temperatures well, and corgis are no exception. Since corgis need to go outside several times a day to stay in shape, the winter months can pose some challenges to that idea. Corgi sweaters give plenty of warmth to your pup, but not all your options will be as well-suited to your dog as others.

To get the best results, you should keep an eye on these factors.


The fabric can make or break a dog sweater, especially since it impacts the comfort of your dog. An uncomfortable shirt means that your corgi won’t cooperate when it comes to wearing it. Scratchy fabrics can irritate your dog’s skin, which won’t be fun for you or your pup. Softer and flexible materials like cotton, flannel, and fleece can make for comfortable options that are easy to get on your dog.

When it comes to corgis, cotton and flannel are excellent fabric options. They can both keep heat in, while also giving enough breathability so that your dog doesn’t overheat when it goes outside. Corgis play a lot in short bursts, and a non breathable fabric will make them too hot, even in colder temperatures. Soft sweaters will also let your corgi move about freely. Washable materials also make cleaning much more manageable.


If you’ve had your corgi for any amount of time, then you already know that they love to chew. Depending on how far they’ve gotten in training, that urge to chew may end up worked out on their new sweater. Combined with the fact that corgis like to play outside, you’ll want something that can stand up to any regular activity.

While fabric can play a role in this area, well-constructed sweaters will stay together for far longer than other options. Once a shirt starts to fray or comes apart, you’re going to want to replace it, since it won’t help your corgi stay comfortable in the cold if there are holes in it.

Additionally, a torn apart sweater can cause safety risks for your corgi. If your dog starts to bite off pieces of the shirt, then it can create a choking hazard, or the fabric can get caught on something. Like you would with dog toys, keep an eye on your corgi whenever they’re wearing their sweater, especially if they’re playing outside.


While you should prioritize the other categories in this section when picking out a sweater for your corgi, it can be fun to play around with different designs. So long as your dog is comfortable, they’re not going to have any problems with the design you pick out. Even so, there are a few more practical factors you should keep in mind.

Though they may be cute, you should avoid designs that use adornments like buttons or pom poms. They can look cute, but they’re more of a danger for your dog than anything else. Corgis are small, and things like buttons can quickly become a choking hazard, especially if your pup chews them off.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these things, but other than that, feel free to have fun picking out a design to bring out even more of your dog’s charm!

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for my Corgi?

Naturally, the above elements make up a quality dog sweater, but there’s one more area to keep in mind: the fit. Just like people, dogs come in all sizes, and you want to have the right fit for your corgi. A sweater that’s too tight won’t be comfortable, while one that’s too loose won’t help keep heat in.

Before you start looking at sweater options, it’s best to take measurements of your corgi. There are three core measurements you need:

  • Body length: The distance between the base of the tail to the bottom of the neck, between the shoulders.
  • Girth: The measurement around the widest part of the chest.
  • Neck: The measurement around the neck.

For all of these areas, you can use a measuring tape. When getting the neck measurement, be sure to keep the tape loose, so you don’t get too tight of a fit, which will be uncomfortable for your pup. You can use these measurements to compare against the sizing guides for your corgi sweaters of choice.

Just like when you try on clothes, you should check that the sweater you’ve considered does fit your corgi. If shopping at a pet store, there shouldn’t be any issues with trying it on in person.

To start, slip the sweater over your corgi’s head, making sure the fit isn’t too tight around the neck. From there, work on getting the front paws through the sleeves, and make sure your dog can still move freely. The sweater should also fit close over the body, but with enough room to use the bathroom without trouble. Letting your corgi walk around to make sure they’re comfortable is also great at this stage.

Trying dog sweaters on also gives you a chance to make sure they’re easy to get on and off. If your dog seems uncomfortable at all, it’s best to pick another option.

Best Corgi Sweater for Winter

Frisco Dog Cable Knitted Sweater

For the ultimate sweater experience for your corgi, we recommend Frisco’s cable knitted sweater option. The top comes with the “cable knitted” design, which gives some design elements without creating a safety hazard. You have your pick of six different colors to give your pup a bit of flair.

The material is a soft and stretchy acrylic, making it comfortable for your dog while also being easy to put on and off as necessary. The price point is also accessible for budgets of all kinds. While the build of the sweater stays close for warmth, the underbelly is open enough so there won’t be any problems when your pup needs to use the restroom.

7 More Top-Rated Corgi Sweaters

If you want a little more variety in your corgi’s sweater options, consider these other products.

Eddie Bauer Two Tone Cable Dog Sweater

This acrylic sweater comes in a cable design with two colors in one design. It is also machine washable, so you can quickly clean it up if your corgi makes a mess while playing. Getting ready to go outside is easy, since the sweater goes on smooth, and there is a leash opening for when you head out for a walk together.

While the overall design is appealing, and the material is comfortable for pups that need some extra warmth, sizing can be tricky. This sweater can run a bit on the bigger side, so be aware of that when you purchase. Once you get a good fit, your corgi is sure to enjoy the coziness that this sweater has to offer.

Frisco Dog Argyle Sweater

If you like the benefits of our top corgi sweater pick, but you want a different design, then consider the argyle sweater variant. This pattern comes in two color variants, and the material is a knit polyester that stays comfortable and is easy to put on and off as you need it during chillier days. The sweater is also machine washable.

For added convenience when heading out for a walk, there is a hole to hook your dog’s collar to your leash. The design has enough length to cover your dog’s body while staying snug enough that it won’t drag along the ground when outside. Frisco’s size chart is also simple to navigate and determine which will work best for your corgi!

Blueberry Pet Tinsel Knit Fair Isle Dog Sweater

The Blueberry Pet Tinsel Knit sweater option makes use of one-hundred percent acrylic material, which is perfect for keeping your corgi warm. The durability of the material will also stand up to your corgi being active. The fabric is also safe to go into the machine, making it easy to tidy up as necessary.

When it comes to getting ready to go outside, the material is stretchy enough to go on smooth. The leash and harness hole in the back also adds to the convenience. Blueberry Pet also includes a bag and hanger to make it easy to store in the warmer months, and this style comes in two colors with gold tinsel accents.

Chilly Dog Black Southwest Dog Sweater

As a brand, Chilly Dog focuses on making organic and sustainable products, and this sweater is no exception. The handknitted design contributes to the chic look and gives your corgi a unique way to stay cozy. The organic wool is comfortable while also being good for the wellbeing of the environment.

On the practical side, this sweater is capable of resisting dirt and holding up to active corgi adventures. The fabric is also breathable enough that overheating while heading outside shouldn’t be an issue, and the bottom is open to eliminate problems when using the restroom. The sweater will also retain its shape after washing so that you can count on it over time.

Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodie Orange

For a more casual look, Zack & Zoey give this bright orange hoodie style. While the hood is more for aesthetics than anything else, there is a leash hole underneath for convenience. The cotton and polyester material makes an excellent option for dogs who need some extra warmth in environments that are more on the chilly side.

While not a necessity for an excellent corgi sweater, this hoodie’s pocket adds some convenience to store waste bags or even treats when you head out for a walk. The hems also are fray resistant, so your corgi can play as they please when all dressed up! You should pay attention to the size since the material options mean this hoodie can shrink in the wash.

Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Eddie Baur’s Snowflake Fair style brings a class sweater design for your pup to enjoy. Between three different colors, your puppy can have a look that’s suitable for the holidays and staying warm when you head outdoors. The acrylic materials clean up quickly in the washer, and they can also slip into the dryer as needed.

If you live in a freezing area, the material for this sweater can run on the thinner side, so it isn’t as reliable in frigid temperatures. You’re better off with this product if you have a more mild winter. Slipping it on your corgi is secure, and there’s a leash hole in the back for easy access to the collar.

Chilly Dog Black Polka Dot Sweater

Chilly Dog’s black polka dot sweater gives plenty of smaller sizing options, making it possible to find the right size for your corgi’s needs. The design is both stylish and durable, so it will last while going outside. You can count on the fabric to be dirt-resistant, too.

Chilly Dog also prioritizes organic wool materials, which are non-allergenic and shouldn’t irritate your corgi while wearing it. As a bonus, it’s good for the environment as well. This material is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your pup overheating, either. The polka dot design is cute. While the accessory flower isn’t very sturdy, it’s better to remove it anyway for your dog’s safety.

Tips for Getting Your Corgi to Wear Clothing

If you’ve never gotten your corgi into clothes before, it can be a new experience. Try some of these tips to help with wearing their new sweater:

  1. Reward them like you would when training to do anything else. Giving treats whenever they touch the sweater or put it on without a fuss can provide positive reinforcement.
  2. If your corgi struggles whenever you try to put the sweater on, don’t force it. Respect their boundaries. Some pups don’t like wearing clothes.
  3. Some dogs will start to panic once the sweater is on. You should take it off, but don’t rush to do so in a panic. Comfort them first, so they can learn the sweater is there to help. Taking it off too quickly can reinforce their fears.
  4. Introduce your corgi to the sweater early on. Even without wearing it, they’ll start to get used to it.
  5. Wear clothes for a short amount of time and build it up. Slow acclimation will keep your corgi from worrying.

The key is to be patient!

FAQs About Sweaters for Corgis

Is it okay to have dogs wear clothing?

Since dogs have their natural fur, it may seem strange to dress them up. If your dog is prone to the cold, though, clothing can help them stay cozy while going outside. However, dogs shouldn’t wear sweaters at all times, as it can make them overheat.

How do I know if my dog is cold?

In general, when dogs start to feel cold, their ears are more chilled. Feeling their ears can give you a clue of when you should begin to move your corgi inside. If a dog has become cold enough that they’re at risk, they’ll likely start to fidget. Other warning signs include whining, slowing down, or holding paws off the top of the ground to avoid the cold.

How cold is too cold for a dog?

The answer to this question depends on the type of dog you have, but almost all breeds tend to stay comfortable until forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Once temperatures start to get close to freezing (thirty-two degrees F), smaller breeds like corgis shouldn’t spend too much time in these cold environments.

Wrapping Up

Corgis aren’t cold weather dogs by a long shot, but they still need time to go outside and get some activity in. You can help your pup out in the winter by picking out a sweater. With the right fit, flexible fabric, and a little bit of style, your corgi can stay warm and comfortable, even while the weather gets cold!

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