8 Best Sweaters for Dachshunds

Winter comes around every year, and we as people tend to bundle up to handle the change of weather. And while your dachshund has a coat of fur, that’s not always enough to handle winter temperatures. If you live in a chillier area, your dachshund may benefit from a sweater for regular play and bathroom trips outside.

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Due to their size and body shape, dachshunds tend to stick close to the ground. This build means that they’re close to a lot of cold in the winter, especially when the snow has fallen. A dog sweater can help them stay warm through chilly months until the weather warms up again.

If you don’t think carefully about what sweater you get, you can restrict your dachshund and even cause a hazard. That’s why it’s essential to think about what will sort your breed best.

Dachshund sweaters should be easy to clean, thanks to their proximity to the ground. You also want them to be durable, as well as fit correctly to stay effective!

With a little know-how, you can shop for dachshund sweaters like a pro. Our best sweaters for dachshunds guide is here to give you tips for shopping, sizing, product recommendations, and more!

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Dachshunds

Overall dachshunds are not a breed well suited to cold environments. Once the temperature starts to drop, your dachshund likely isn’t going to be comfortable heading outside. A well made dog sweater can help keep your pup warm throughout the colder months. So what does a useful dog sweater look like?


Dog sweaters can come in all sorts of fabrics, just like those made for people. Ideally, you want something comfortable and uses natural materials, as others can irritate your pupper’s skin. Flexible fabrics, like cotton, make it easy to take the sweater on and off as needed, but still fit close on your dachshund for heat retention when outside.

Flannel and fleece also make for excellent options when selecting a dog sweater. Flannel, in particular, allows the shirt to keep in warmth while still providing enough breathability, so your dog doesn’t overheat. Fleece tends to be on the thicker side, and it’s also stretchy enough to make dressing your dog simple, rather than a struggle.

If you think that a fabric will make your dog uncomfortable, it’s best to avoid it. Easily washable fabrics are also a bonus.


From a practicality standpoint, your dachshund won’t care how they look in their sweater. Thinking about style tends to be a concern more for owners and how you want your pup to look. If aesthetic appeal is worth it to you, there’s no harm in looking over your dachshund sweater options from that point of view.

However, all dachshund owners should pay attention to if a dog sweater has any extra adornments, like hooks or buttons. While they can look cute, these are more of a danger to dogs than anything else. Especially for dachshunds, which are on the smaller side, any of these accessories can become a choking hazard to your dog. Generally, pups find them uncomfortable as well.

Plain sweaters without any extras on it are best for dachshunds.


Just like with anything else you purchase for your dog, strength is essential. No dog sweater will last forever, but you want to get as much mileage as possible from your purchase to make it worth the money.

Durability is critical for your dog’s comfort. A sweater that’s starting to fall apart won’t do much good to keep your dachshund warm in the face of cold temperatures. As such, you want a sweater that’s durable enough to go through regular use and won’t start to fray shortly after you buy it.

The sweater’s durability will also contribute to safety. Like we’ve mentioned when talking about adornments above, loose pieces can easily make their way into your dachshund’s mouths and cause a choking hazard. Loose threads can also get tangled up in your pup, which isn’t good for them when walking around.

Thankfully, dachshunds aren’t a breed that tends to chew through everything, and they aren’t loud players. You won’t need any heavy-duty sweaters for your pup, but having one that lasts is more than worth it.

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for my Dachshund?

A well-fitting dog sweater is essential to keep your dog comfortable. Dachshunds can also be somewhat tricky to find a shirt that covers them well thanks to the longer lengths of their necks. Thankfully, you can work around this issue by looking into turtleneck style dog sweaters.

For best results, you’ll want to have your dachshund try on the sweater before you buy it. As you put on the shirt, check how it fits. Starting with putting it on over the head, check that the fit isn’t too tight around the neck. From there, you can put your dog’s front paws through the sleeves. The sleeves shouldn’t restrict your pup’s movement. Lastly, you can check how it fits over the stomach, making sure it’s snug, but not restrictive.

Before you go trying on whatever sweater you come across, though, you can check the size. When looking at dog sweater size guides, you’ll see usually see comparisons to three main measurements. With some measuring tape, you can quickly take the measures at home, so long as you can get your pup to stand still for a moment.

You need to measure:

  • Between the shoulders at the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail, for the body length
  • Around the widest part of the neck for your dog’s girth
  • Around the neck, making sure not to pull the tape too tight

When shopping in person at a pet store, you have a better chance of getting an excellent fit. For those shopping online, you can get a suitable result, but don’t feel surprised if you need a couple of sweaters to get the right fit. Your dog has preferences for what they wear, just like you do!

Best Dachshund Sweaters for Winter

Here are our top picks for Dachshund sweaters.

Frisco Dog Cable Knitted Sweater

If you’re looking for the best option when it comes to putting your dachshund in your sweater, then you’re going to want Frisco’s cable knitted dog sweater. As you can tell by the name, this pup clothing gives you a cute design that doesn’t have anything that can get in the way of your pup moving around or cause a choking hazard in the process.

Frisco uses an acrylic material, which is comfortable for your pup to wear and move around in. You won’t have any trouble with getting it onto your dachshund once they get used to wearing it. The overall design allows for movement and going to the bathroom. You also have your pick of six different color options if you want some variety!

7 More Top-Rated Dachshund Sweaters

Check out more of our favorites.

Chilly Dog Black Southwest Dog Sweater

To start our list of other possibilities for dachshund sweaters is Chilly Dog’s Southwest design option. Chilly Dog uses an organic wool material that is comfortable and shouldn’t have any risk of irritating your dog’s skin while wearing it. The fabric is also resistant to dirt, so you shouldn’t have any issues with staining, and it will keep your dachshund warm.

Overheating can sometimes be an issue with dog sweaters, but the breathable material means you should be safe so long as you’re watching your dog while they wear it. The design gives your pup plenty of room to use the restroom, and you can put it in the wash as needed. This sweater is durable enough to hold up over time.

Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodie Orange

A slightly different design for a sweater, this option gives you more of a hoodie look to put your dachshund into. Aside from the aesthetic look, this design provides plenty of coverage for your pup, and the material is suitable for winters that are on the more mild side. The cotton-polyester blend is safe to go in the wash, though you should account for possible shrinkage when picking out your size.

The bright orange color makes it easy to keep an eye on your dog, and there’s a leash and harness hole under the hood for convenience. The fray resistant hems will help the hoodie stay together after extended use. The pocket completes the hoodie look while also providing a place to store extra treats or even poop bags.

Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater

For areas with milder winters that don’t drop too down into too freezing temperatures, this sweater option from Eddie Baur will get the job done. Depending on your preferences, the material can seem somewhat on the thin side. Still, there’s enough coverage to keep heat in for your dachshund, plus you get the convenience of a leash access hole.

The use of acrylic material gives that mix of warmth and flexibility you want to in a dog sweater. You shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to getting it on and off your dog, so long as they cooperate through the process, and the fit is also reliable over time. You can run the sweater through washer and dryer alike, making for a simple clean.

Chilly Dog Black Polka Dot Sweater

Another Chilly Dog sweater option comes in a black and white polka dot design. This brand gives plenty of smaller size options, which can help when getting the best fir for your dachshund. The organic wool material is breathable, durable, and also dirt-resistant for fewer worries when you head outside. Chilly Dog’s priorities in sustainability are also lovely to see when shopping for your pup.

One thing we don’t like about this sweater is that it comes with an accessory flower that, while it looks cute, can pose a hazard to your dog. However, it’s easy to remove, and the rest of the top looks fine without it. Overall, though, the commitment to creating sustainable dog sweaters is an excellent bonus for environmentally conscious dog parents.

Blueberry Pet Tinsel Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Coming in with two different color options is the Blueberry Pet tinsel fair isle dog sweater. Whichever primary color you choose, there is a golden tinsel accent for some extra flair. When it comes to maintenance, you can slip it into the washing machine for no issues. When you buy the sweater, it comes with a hanger and bag for secure storage.

Getting the sweater on is easy, and the design is flexible enough to let your dachshund stay comfy while outside. They can also pee freely without making a mess. The acrylic material provides plenty of warmth in cold temperatures, and you can attach a leash to your pup with no issues thanks to the harness hole in the back.

Frisco Dog Argyle Sweater

When it comes to getting your dog a sweater, keeping them warm and comfortable is the priority, and Frisco’s argyle design does just that. The material is a knit polyester, which provides plenty of warmth while also having a snug fit on your dachshund. So long as you use the sizing chart for comparison, you should have no troubles finding the right fit.

Thanks to the stretchiness of the material, getting ready to go outside is a breeze. The leash hole means you won’t have to struggle to reach your dog’s collar when heading out for a walk. When it’s time to clean up, the sweater can run through the washer for a quick wash. Available designs include two different color patterns.

Eddie Bauer Two Tone Cable Dog Sweater

To wrap things up, we have another cable style sweater, this time from Eddie Bauer. The design has two primary solid colors along with cabling to make for a stylish look that also will keep your dachshund warm. The materials are comfortable to the touch, and they’ll stay in good shape with a less commonly athletic breed like dachshunds.

While Eddie Bauer does provide a complete size chart, this product can run on the larger size, so keep that in mind if you decide to order one. Once you get the right size, though, you can expect to get your pup in and out of it without ease, making it simple to head outside and not have your dog overheat while being inside.

Tips for Getting Your Dachshund to Wear Clothing

For dachshunds that haven’t worn clothes before, it can be a challenge to get them to cooperate when putting on a sweater. Thankfully, you can train them to get used to it. Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Never force your dachshund to wear the sweater. If they start to fight you, don’t push the issue.
  1. Let them get used to having the sweater around before they wear it. By letting them sniff or touch the shirt, they’ll acclimate to it easier.
  1. Use whatever training methods have worked in the past. Treats and verbal praise can help your pup associate the sweater with positive things, just like when you’ve taught them to sit.
  1. If your dachshund panics after getting the sweater on, soothe them first before taking it off. This gentle reinforcement will help your pup recognize the shirt is there to help them.
  2. Not all dogs will want to wear clothes, but with some patience, you can ease them into the process.

FAQs About Sweaters for Dachshunds

How cold is too cold for a dog?

When it comes to keeping our furry friends comfortable, watching the temperature is essential. Once temperatures start to get around forty-five degrees, your pup is going to feel some chill. As a smaller breed, dachshunds shouldn’t spend much time outdoors once temperatures start to go below freezing.

How do I know if my dog is cold?

When the cold starts to make your pup uncomfortable, they tend to show it. Most dogs will begin to whine or fidget whenever the chill is too much, usually holding up their paws to keep them off the ground. Their movements can also become slower. If you want to check before your dog gets to this point, you can feel their ears, which get cold as they do.

Is it okay to have dogs wear clothing?

So long as you’re paying attention to your dog, there’s no problem with them wearing clothing. Sweaters can make a pup overheat if they wear them too long, so save the dress up for when you head outside. You should also always keep an eye out to make sure the clothes don’t restrict your dog or make them uncomfortable in any way.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this guide has given you all the info you need on dog sweaters and picking out the best option for your dachshund. Even a little bit of extra warmth can make it easier to get your pup outside when they need it—and then you can spend the rest of the winter enjoying time cuddling indoors.

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