8 Best Sweaters for Great Danes

Few dogs garner as much attention as a Great Dane walking down the sidewalk. Their commanding presence belies the fact that they are sweethearts that are quite affectionate. Their size gets in the way of them showing it with a dog that can get up to 175 pounds or more. They are also tall animals, with a height of over 30 inches at their withers.

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Great Danes need interaction with other people and animals. It’s essential given their size so that they learn how to behave without hurting children and pets inadvertently. That said, the breed makes an excellent family companion that will provide much-needed protection for your home. They have a keen sense of territoriality and will defend their space if forced to act.

For as big as they are, Great Danes are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. You only need to brush their short coats regularly to keep their fur and skin healthy. However, they do shed. These facts may influence your decision about a sweater for your pet. Tough isn’t synonymous with this breed when it comes to chilly winter weather. They’ll get cold just like you when the temperatures get cold.

That’s where a sweater can help ensure that your pet gets enough exercise all year-round. The tall size of a Great Dane means that there’s a lot of cold air circulating all around his body. Clothing can keep a layer of warm air next to his skin to help him stay more comfortable for those late-season walks. Spring and fall are especially hard when they’re shedding and in between getting their full coat back again.

This article will cover all the must-know things you should consider when buying a sweater for your Great Dane. We’ll tell you what you should look for in a product for this breed, along with tips about how to get the right size and type for your dog. We’ll include our picks for the best items to get you started. Finally, we’ll wrap up with pointers on getting your Dane used to a sweater and other advice.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Sweater for Your Great Dane

If you’ve noticed your Great Dane shivering when out for his daily walk, it’s time to invest in a sweater. You’ll find a plethora of choices, which can make the task seem overwhelming. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It’s essential, therefore, to consider the specifics of the breed to ensure a good fit. There are also numerous types, so which will work better than others. We’ll cover the main points in detail.


Style is a vital consideration when dealing with a dog as large as a Great Dane. Some are easier to put on your pet than others. The simplest are pullovers that you put over the pet’s head. Some have only holes for the legs, whereas others have sleeves. You’ll see products with no enclosures and others with buttons or Velcro straps.

The latter are excellent choices if you have or anticipate resistance from your Great Dane to get dressed. They’re good options too, if just to make the task quicker for both of you.


You’ll find an array of fabrics from wool to cotton blends to fleece. The essential factor to keep in mind is your pet’s comfort. Dogs with sensitive skin may experience chaffing from coarser materials. You have to balance your choice with the weight, especially when looking for your Dane’s winter coat. Don’t forget to check on the care of the sweater. Many are machine washable but not safe for the dryer.

The weight of the material also varies and plays an influential role in comfort. We suggest using your judgment as a guide. If it feels soft to you, it probably won’t irritate your dog’s skin.


Many people and manufacturers associate sweaters and other garments with small animals. You may find limited choices because of the size of your dog. Don’t be tempted to go for the smaller one. A snug product won’t endear itself to your Dane. It should fit comfortably without binding or sagging to keep him warm.

Because of their size, you’ll likely be replacing sweaters frequently as he grows into them. That’s part of the bane of a large breed. We’d recommend sticking with a brand that works with your dog as a puppy to ensure that it will continue to fit as he gets bigger.

How Do I Ensure the Best Fit for My Great Dane?

Size matters when selecting a sweater for your dog. Three measurements will give you the best information for narrowing down your choices to get an ideal fit. Bear in mind that you may see slight variances between the manufacturers. Most provide sizing charts with smaller ranges of inches for each one.

Start with your Great Dane’s neck. Measure it at it as you would for a collar, adding two inches of wiggle room. That will ensure that you can get it over your dog’s head and that it won’t be too tight. Next, move onto his girth. This breed has a broad chest. Therefore, you must measure it accurately. Finally, you need to know the length of his body from the base of his neck to the tail.

Many products are either open or have a high-cut on the belly. It makes it easier to put a sweater on your dog, and it keeps it cleaner. You’ll also see garments with a leash hole. It’s a welcome feature but not necessarily a vital one. You’ll most likely find them on items with little chance of fraying because of the opening. Otherwise, you can just slip down the neck of the sweater to attach the lead.

Best Great Dane Sweater for Winter 2024/2020

Frisco Dog & Cat Cable Knitted Sweater

Best Overall

The Frisco Dog & Cat Cable Knitted Sweater ticks off a lot of boxes as an ideal sweater for a Great Dane. It’s big enough, for one. It comes in six attractive colors and six sizes to color coordinate with all of your pets. We love the classic look of this knit, which never goes out of style. The leg holes are reinforced but not binding to give your dog freedom of movement.

The sweater looks good and lays flat across your dog’s back. The fit is excellent throughout the construction. The fact that it is machine washable only makes it better. You can dry it on tumble low too. It’s a great companion of versatility and easy care.

7 More Top-Rated Great Dane Sweaters

Gooby Stretch Fleece Dog & Cat Vest

The Gooby Stretch Fleece Dog & Cat Vest goes out of its way to being accommodating to pet owners with eight color choices and 10 sizes. The fleece is lightweight and oh, so comfortable for your dog. The sweater has plenty of give to help you with getting it on and off of your Dane. If he’s hesitant about getting dressed, at least you’ll get it on quickly.

The vest is an excellent choice for longer jaunts. You can toss it in the washer and let it line dry before your next outing.

PetRageous Designs Baxter’s Basic Dog & Cat Sweater

The PetRageous Designs Baxter’s Basic Dog & Cat Sweater fits the personality of a Great Dane to a tee. It’s relaxed and casual to suit the mood of a leisurely afternoon walk around the neighborhood. The product is well-designed with the pet owner in mind. It has a high-cut to keep things tidy. The 100-percent acrylic sweater is machine washable that you can toss in the dryer afterward.

It has a lot of give that keeps its shape even with repeated use. Great Dane pet owners will appreciate how easy it is to put on their dogs without a lot of trouble.

ADIDOG Dog Tracksuit

The ADIDOG Dog Tracksuit is so darn cute that it can stand in as a Halloween costume if need be. You can think of its design as inspiration for both of you to get some exercise. We like the black version best, but it also comes in five other colors. The sizes include two-inch intervals to ensure a good fit. It has the classic styling that the brand name suggests.

It does have sleeves for all four legs. That makes it more appropriate for pets used to wearing garments and you putting them on your dogs. We think it’s a small inconvenience if your Great Dane is willing to wear it.

Canada Pooch Cambridge Cable Knit Premium Dog Sweater

The Canada Pooch Cambridge Cable Knit Premium Dog Sweater is a loose-fitting garment that packs a lot of style. It comes in both maroon and navy, though we prefer the latter. It also sports that relaxed look that speaks to its vibe and makes it easy to put on your dog. The fit is excellent with classic branding that makes it stand out from the rest.

The cotton-blend sweater has a leash hole if that’s essential for you. It’s lightweight for chilly fall days. It is also machine washable, although you’ll need to dry it flat to keep its shape and size. Think of it as a special occasion option for when the relatives visit.

Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater

The Eddie Bauer Snowflake Fair Isle Dog Sweater caught our attention just with the brand name. After all, nothing says outdoors like Eddie Bauer. It also speaks to style, which this product has in spades. The elaborate stitching speaks to its quality, which is evident throughout the design. You’ll notice the difference once you open the package.

We like the seasonal pattern that keeps it far from the line of ugly Christmas sweaters. This one is cool and tasteful. Even the color choices are conservative in keeping with the classy vibe. It’s an excellent choice if you’re gifting another Great Dane owner with a garment for their pet.

Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater

The Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater is a must-have if just because of the classic pattern. We love this look for fall and winter. Yes, it is a part of our considerations. It is a handmade wool garment. That means it’s your go-to sweater when the weather turns cold, and only the best will do. The fabric is breathable yet warm on even on the most frigid winter days.

The only downside is care. Wool means handwashing, which isn’t unique to this product. If you have clothes made with this fabric, you get it and know that the dryer is a no-no. We didn’t think that it was a deal breaker but just par for the course.

Frisco Dog & Cat Hoodie With Trim

The Frisco Dog & Cat Hoodie With Trim is a fun choice for days when it’s chilly but not enough for a heavy garment. It has a sporty look that is fitting for the season too. The sweater is flexible, which makes it easy to put on a reluctant pet. Your Great Dane might not use the hoodie, but its presence looks cool. We can easily see ourselves jogging a path through the woods with our canine companion in this one.

The addition of the kangaroo pouch is a boon that we loved. Your Dane can hold your keys or ID. It also has a leash hole to make walks in the neighborhood more convenient. We loved the athletic look that this product brings to the table.

Tips for Getting Your Great Dane to Wear Clothing

We understand how difficult it is sometimes to get a pet to try new things. It’s especially hard when you’re dealing with a dog as big as a Great Dane. We have some advice to help make the transition easier on both of you. The chances are that once he learns how warm he feels, he won’t put up too much of a fight to let you put one on him.

  1. Let your Great Dane get used to the sweater before putting it on him by letting him sniff it or even putting it in his bed.
  2. Make wearing the sweater a positive experience with plenty of treats and high praise from you to tap into his affectionate nature.
  3. Start walking right away after putting it on him to distract him so that he’ll forget he’s wearing it.
  4. Always walk him when he’s wearing it so that he’ll associate it with things he likes.
  5. Be patient with your gentle giant and give it another go if he objects the first time.

Getting a dog to do something when he weighs just as much or more than you is a battle that you can win with plenty of patience and persistence.

FAQs About Sweater for a Great Dane

Is Putting Clothes on My Great Dane Necessary?

Great Danes don’t have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm. As apartment-friendly as they are, they still need to go outside for those daily walks even if it gets cold. Getting your pet used to wear a sweater will make those times more comfortable for him and maybe help both of you get more steps in each day. We’d suggest getting sweaters of different weights to match the weather conditions.

Are There Risks If My Great Dane Gets Too Cold?

Great Danes, like people, can get frostbite or suffer from hypothermia, especially with their thinner coats. If he’s uncomfortable, you’ll see it in his behavior. He may seem depressed with his ears and tail hanging low. Dogs also shiver when they’re cold too. It’s nature’s way of trying to warm up to protect ourselves.

Our advice is to pay attention to your pet’s behavior. He’ll let you know if he wants to go back inside and get out of the elements. Listlessness and shivering are sure signs it’s time to go back home.

How Does Wearing a Sweater Help My Great Dane?

Just like clothes on people, sweaters and other garments trap warm air close to your dog’s skin. It adds another layer of protection against the cold. As you both walk, your bodies generate more heat to keep the furnace stoked to counter any heat loss. That will help prevent his internal temperature get too low and keep the blood flowing to his extremities to prevent frostbite.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a sweater is a failsafe against the elements. It’ll keep your Great Dane comfortable, but it’s not going to protect him from extreme temperatures. Use common sense. If it’s too cold for you, the chances are that he won’t like it either. A sweater, no matter how well-made, can only do so much to keeping your dog safe.

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