6 Best Dog Harnesses for Yorkshire Terriers in 2024

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are popular city dogs. They are a tenacious breed that is full of personality, but their small stature makes them attracted to city dwellers and pet parents who enjoy traveling. These tiny watchdogs are loyal companions who prefer to be right next to their owner.

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Yorkies are known for their stunning, silky coats. These brave dogs give off a feisty vibe wherever they go, and they do prefer to be on-the-go! Yorkies make excellent adventure companions, and they like romping around a campground or hiking trail like other dogs. We have to remember that Yorkies are terriers, and they were originally bred for hunting vermin.

Since Yorkshire Terriers have a keen sense of curiosity and prey drive, they need a harness that will match their activity level. We’ve come up with a helpful list of the best harnesses for Yorkshire Terriers. Even if you have a teacup Yorkie, this list has you covered.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Yorkshire Terriers

Since Yorkies are so tiny, weighing in around 7lbs, they will need an extra-small harness. Some styles of dog harness don’t come small enough to fit a Yorkie, and you’ll need to consider that when deciding on a harness. Before you come attached to a specific harness, be sure it’s available in an appropriate size. Most dog harnesses have more than one point of adjustment, which helps fit even the smallest dogs.

A good dog harness for your Yorkshire Terrier will be cozy and will not restrict movement. Choose a harness with soft lining and sides as to not cause any harm to your Yorkie’s skin. Polyester mesh material will feel delightful, and sometimes it’s padded for additional comfort.

Yorkies may be a small breed dog but they have big personalities that deserve to be in the spotlight! Luckily, tiny dog harnesses often come in various designs and colors. Show off your Yorkie’s unique style with a fancy harness, as long as you aren’t sacrificing safety or comfort.

Yorkshire Terriers have long, flowing hair that requires a lot of maintenance and attention. A good harness for your dainty pup won’t pull on their hair or cause matting. You don’t want to purchase a harness that their hair can get easily snagged in. We can imagine that’d be terribly painful! Softer materials will be best for preserving your Yorkie’s haircut.

If you take your Yorkie on adventures, we recommend a dog harness with safety features. These can include reflective trim, reinforced buckles and threading, metal leash attachment rings or an LED light attachment option. A Yorkshire Terrier’s small stature makes them fun and easy to travel, hike and camp with. If you plan to take your Yorkie on these sorts of outings, you’ll want to strongly consider some of these safety benefits.

Different Types of Harnesses for Yorkshire Terriers

Soft mesh dog harnesses are popular among Yorkie parents because they are often available in XX-Small sizes. These breathable harnesses also tend to come in a wide variety of designs and colors, perfect for your sprightly canine companion. Generally speaking, mesh harnesses won’t rub against your Yorkie’s skin in a way as to cause irritation, which makes them a trustworthy choice.

Standard step-in harnesses are also available for Yorkshire Terriers. Their design is simplistic and the materials are typically grosgrain ribbon and nylon. Much like mesh harnesses, standard harnesses are widely available in a plethora of adorable designs and vibrant colors. They are also an inexpensive option for Yorkie parents on a budget.

If you’re interested in a more fashion-forward dog harness for your Yorkie, you may consider one made from leather or hemp. While these types of harnesses are not as common as others, they do exist and would work nicely for a small breed dog. Leather dog harnesses can be cleaned easily, making them an attractive choice if your Yorkshire Terrier likes to get messy!

Some dog harnesses double as car safety restraints. Simply put the harness on your Yorkie then secure them in your vehicle via a seatbelt. The best car safety dog harnesses are crash-tested and made with high-quality materials that won’t easily tear or snap. We like multi-use dog harnesses because they are a great investment, and you only have to handle one harness as opposed to two.

Overall Best Yorkshire Terrier Harness

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Dog Harness

We chose a soft mesh dog harness as our top pick for Yorkshire Terriers. This dog harness is extremely comfortable, easy to equip with its step-in design and is available in an extra small size. The material of this dog harness will be gentle on your Yorkie’s skin and fur. Even on warmer days the soft mesh won’t mat or tangle your pup’s beautiful hair, as the fabric is breathable. The Best Pet Voyager harness is built to be sturdy with two D-rings for leash attachment. For your stylish Yorkshire Terrier, this harness is available in multiple colors that can easily be paired with a matching leash.

5 More High Rated Harnesses for Yorkshire Terriers

Frisco Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Much like our overall top pick, this Frisco dog harness is made from soft mesh, but it also has sturdy nylon fabric components. This Yorkie dog harness has a belly strap to ensure a custom fit. The belly strap also helps in case you have an escape artist on your hands. The Frisco Soft Mesh Dog Harness easily equips over your Yorkie’s head, then securely buckles. We like that this harness is comfortable, great for Yorkies who want to wriggle out of their harness and easy to take on and off.

Red Dingo Classic Dog Harness

If you prefer a standard design, we like the Red Dingo Classic Dog Harness. The premium nylon webbing is trustworthy and tough in the case that your Yorkie likes to take you on a walk. It will also stand up to abrasions from rugged adventures or camping outings. The Red Dingo dog harness comes equipped with its trademarked Bucklebone, one of the strongest release buckles on the market. Attach a leash and your Yorkie’s ID tags to the D-ring, and you’ll be set! This Yorkshire Terrier dog harness comes in 10 colors for your spunky canine companion.

Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness

Next on our list is the Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness. For your Yorkie fashionista, this dog harness is available for purchase in several colors. This dog harness was built with comfort in mind, as the polyester mesh material is comfortable, breathable and lightweight. We like that this harness won’t put any pressure on your Yorkie’s neck or throat, especially for those who struggle with tracheal collapse. Whether you’re strolling through the park or heading to a local trail, this dog harness will be great for your Yorkshire Terrier!

Alfie Pet Vince Sailor Harness

An inexpensive yet adorable dog harness for your Yorkie is this one from Alfie. The precious nautical design is sure to turn heads when you’re running errands with your pooch. This is the only dog harness on our list that is made from fabric and fits like a shirt. A great benefit of this Yorkie dog harness is the fact that it is machine washable. The Alfie dog harness is designed to evenly distribute weight, and even the best Houdini won’t be able to wriggle out of it. And bonus – this dog harness comes with a matching leash to ensure your Yorkie is looking their very best while strutting their stuff.

EcoBark Maximum Comfort Dog Harness

The vibrant EcoBark dog harness is made from non-toxic polyester mesh. The padded harness is lightweight and breathable, with thick nylon webbing components. This harness will give your Yorkshire Terrier a full range of motion without putting any sort of pressure on their neck or throat. We like that this Yorkie dog harness is eco-friendly and offered in a multitude of bright colors – great for visibility when romping outdoors. Even if your Yorkshire Terrier is super tiny, around 4lbs, this harness will still fit them like a glove!

Tips for Getting Your Yorkshire Terrier Accustomed to a Harness

If you have a Yorkshire Terrier puppy or newly adopted adult Yorkie, you may need to get them adjusted to the use of a harness. This breed may be small, but they require just as much training and guidance as other dogs. Follow these tips for getting your Yorkshire Terrier Accustomed to a harness.

  1. Positive reinforcement is key when training your new Yorkie to be comfortable with their harness. Before beginning your training, you’ll want to have lots of treats on hand. If your Yorkie isn’t a fan of dog treats, try using a high-value reward such as chicken. Positive reinforcement also includes a lot of praise accompanied with the treats.
  2. Your new dog harness just came in the mail, so what now? Your Yorkie is skittish and unsure. Simply lay the harness on the floor. Let your pup sniff it, get used to site and investigate on their terms. Treat your Yorkie as they sniff it and present positive body language toward the harness.
  3. When they seem comfortable with the concept, it’s time to put it on! As you are adjusting the harness, continue to treat them. We want the entire experience to be a happy, fun one. If they are squirming or acting fearful, give them a break and come back to it later.
  4. Once you have successfully put the dog harness on your Yorkshire Terrier, allow them to wear it around the house for a few minutes. This will help them get used to how it feels on their body. Observe their motions to be sure that the harness is not restricting movement, and adjust it how you see fit.
  5. Next, it’s time to go on walks! Start with short outings and gradually increase the length as your Yorkie becomes more accustomed to their harness.
  6. Of course if your Yorkie has taken to the concept of their new harness flawlessly, you can skip some of these steps. But if they are taking a while to get used to it, that’s okay! Be patience and don’t force the issue, as that can cause a longer, more frustrating process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Yorkie? –If you are purchasing a dog harness online, it is likely that there is a sizing chart associated with it. You will want to measure your Yorkie’s neck, body length and girth – the circumference of their ribcage area. After you have those measurements, consult the sizing guide to determine which dog harness will be best. Remember that an XX-Small from one pet brand may vary greatly in size from another brand, so it’s best to order by measurements.
  • Which harness will best fit my teacup Yorkie? – We know that Yorkies can be very petitie. Most of the harnesses listed come in extremely small sizes that will fit a Yorkie who weighs less than the standard 7lbs. Just remember to take their measurements and consult the sizing chart.
  • What harness should I buy my Yorkie who has collapsed trachea? – All of the dog harnesses we listed will be appropriate for a Yorkie who suffers from tracheal collapse. The designs take all pressure of your dog’s neck and throat, so even if they are pulling hard, the harness won’t place any restriction on their trachea.


Yorkies make great lapdogs but they are also willing to join you for your weekly camping outing. These versatile dogs require regular exercise and can be extremely active, despite their small figure. The Yorkie dog harnesses on this list are appropriate for several different lifestyles and will fit many needs. And of course you can always purchase more than one harness for different activities such as walking, hiking or running.

When you purchase any dog harness, remember to keep proof of purchase and any tags or packaging that came with it. These components will be necessary if you need to return or exchange the harness.


  1. I have two Yorkies and bought a xxs harnesses and they have got out of them. We live in the country and they are never off leash because of wildlife and hawks
    So when they can escape i almost have a panic attack I need something that has good solid buckles and something they can’t wiggle out off. Any ideas would be great. I Own so may harnesses now that I don’t trust and will never use again

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