Bulldog Toys : 12 Best Dog Toys for Bulldogs in 2024

If you’re the owner of a bulldog, you’ve probably noticed that they have charming personality traits. When they feel relaxed, this breed is very prone to lying around and taking it easy. However, they also enjoy playtime and can become pretty active when the mood fits them. And because a part of any dog’s life is regular activity, toys can help encourage that.

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While no one bulldog is the same as another, some distinctive physical traits can impact their behavior. Because of their flat faces, they don’t have the same mouth structure or breathing capabilities as other breeds, which affects how they can safely and enjoyably play on their own or with others.

Thankfully, numerous dog toys consider these factors, making it possible to keep your bulldog healthy and happy. Between size considerations and appropriate types of play, there are plenty of toys out there that can let you enjoy some quality time with your dog or give them some quick distraction when you head out of the house or need to get something done.

Since it’s essential to pick out the kinds of toys that are appropriate for your breed, we’ve done the scouting work of finding quality products that will make an excellent fit for your bulldog buddy.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Bulldogs

Like many other types of dogs, bulldogs enjoy chewing as a form of entertainment. And since you don’t want your furniture and possessions to become the object of their interest, chew toys make for an excellent pick for this breed. They love having something to gnaw on to stay occupied—especially if you choose a variation of these toys that give out treats once they chew enough.

Alternatively, plenty of chew toys are the treats themselves, which also have the benefit of coming in different flavors that catch your pet’s interest. Many of these types of chew toys have dental benefits, which make an excellent match for bulldogs, which can have issues with their teeth as they get older.

Additionally, bulldogs are an intelligent breed, which means they enjoy mental stimulation. Puzzle toys can provide hours of fun, especially when they have various configurations and solutions. These types of products also help this breed have playtime since they aren’t suited for high levels of vigorous exercise, which assists with avoiding boredom in your pup.

Bulldogs also enjoy having plush toys around, which can provide levels of comfort when they’re feeling ready to laze about while also being a fun companion for more rambunctious playtime. While the breed has a strong jaw, plenty of dog toy manufacturers have prepared for this, and they have heavy-duty plushes available that can stand up to the task of being your pup’s best friend!

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Bulldogs

Since a bulldog’s biology impacts the structure of its jaw, they can have a hard time picking up toys that would fit well inside a similar-sized breed’s mouth. Additionally, their teeth can be a bit crowded as well, which adds to the carrying difficulty, and bulldogs can even have trouble breathing with too much in the way of their noses.

You’ll want to keep these factors in mind when shopping for toys, and not purchase anything too large for your bulldog to carry around comfortably. This consideration will involve buying toys somewhat smaller than you’d get for similar sized breeds, but without any tiny pieces that could break off and become a hazard.

Even so, bulldogs love to chew when they get in the mood, so you’ll want to look at toys with high durability. Even with their medium size, their jaws are powerful, and you don’t want to be continually replacing toys. You’ll save money in the long run by picking out quality toys that last when chewed upon regularly.

A bulldog may not need a lot of time on high energy activities, but they can enjoy a light game of fetch or other interactive games like tug of war. Other than these broader considerations, you want to avoid toys that require water play to work, as bulldog’s airways aren’t very suitable for being in these conditions. So long as you’re thinking about these points, you can let your dog find the toys they prefer!

Best Dog Toys for Bulldogs in 2024

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano Puzzle Toy

Best Overall

If bulldogs love both interactive toys and plushes to have around for relaxing, why not bring both into one with this volcano puzzle toy from Frisco? The set involves a mini volcano with dinosaur plushies that go inside. The mental challenge comes from finding the dinos and pulling them out, and it’s suitable for pups no matter their level of game experience.

This toy is one you’ll want to supervise, so your dog doesn’t go overboard if they’re the chewing sort, but, otherwise, bulldogs can have fun hunting for the dinosaurs. The dinos themselves will last a decent amount of time if taken care of, and they can withstand a sharp bite to tug them out. They also have squeakers inside to encourage play!

Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone Original Flavor Dog Toy

Best for Aggressive Chewers

If your bulldog is on the more aggressive chewer side, you’ll need a chew toy to engage and interest them while standing up to the test of their teeth. This hard plastic design can hold up under pressure while it has a natural chicken flavor that’s enough to make dogs want to come back to it for more (instead of chewing on more valuable things in your home).

Like some other chew toys, this imitation wishbone has small bristles that work during chewing, promoting healthy teeth by cutting back tartar and plaque in one package. Nylabone also has other flavors available if your pup’s tastes fall into a different category or allergies are a concern!

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Most Durable Dog Toy

Another durable chew toy option comes from KONG, which specializes in making sustainable products that stand up to even the bites of bulldogs. Made in the USA from globally sourced materials, the extreme dog toy is at the top of the toughness scale, and you can get it in multiple sizes to best fit your dog’s maw, as is essential for bulldogs.

Aside from giving a chewable option that will last, this toy also has an interactive element in that it can dispense snacks like treat paste and peanut butter as your dog chews, allowing for some basic puzzle solving to stimulate your dog’s mental side. Whether you use it at home, for playing fetch, or when you’re traveling out and about, KONG’s Extreme Dog Toy is ready to deliver!

Trixie Activity Flip Board

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

While our top pick is a puzzle toy, there’s more than just the one style that can help engage your bulldog. This activity flip board has cones, slides, and other types of compartments that your dog will need to move around in specific ways to get at the treats inside.

If your bulldog already has experience with puzzle toys, this one can make for an excellent upgrade to their playtime. Other bonuses of this design are that it has rubber pads to prevent the base from sliding, and it is dishwasher safe need be.

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

Catch is an excellent game to play with nearly any type of dog, but it can be hard on the human end of things. Tossing a ball far repeatedly can cause strain, and even the strongest of dog lovers can get tired of handling a ball covered in dog slobber.

Chuckit!’s classic launcher makes it much easier for you to toss the ball farther, plus it offers hands-free pickup to help you stay clean. Additionally, this launcher comes with an included ball, or you can use it with regular-sized tennis balls if your pup already has a favorite!

USA Bones & Chews Cotton Rope with Bones

Best Rope Toy

This toy is more than just an individual rope, but it also has bones on it, providing opportunities for both tug of war and something to chew on when your bulldog is ready to relax and have something to gnaw on and enjoy. Both the bones themselves and the cotton of the ropes are all-natural products.

Overall, bulldogs that like bones should have an interest in this toy on its thanks to the bones’ flavor, and the fact that it doubles as a toy rather than just a chew means there are other ways to enjoy it. Some heavier chewers might make their way through the rope, but if they focus on the treats, you should have a lasting product on your hands.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

This toy is another example of an interactive toy that will engage your dog. This ball has an opening in it that will dispense treats whenever rolled the correct way. Your bulldog will be able to enjoy figuring out the best way to get snacks out, plus it encourages activity without being too much that could cause strain on your dog’s respiratory system.

This toy also doubles as a chew ball, meaning it can provide fun entertainment even when food isn’t inside. While you likely won’t play with your bulldog near water, this toy is floatable, which can be helpful in case it falls somewhere it shouldn’t. When you want to give the product a washup, it can go inside the dishwasher for an easy clean.

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Toys

Best Squeaky Toy

For a trio of squeaky toys all in one, ZippyPaws offers this three-pack of plush animals with two squeakers apiece. The set includes a fox, a raccoon, and a squirrel, which are both cute and overall durable. Even better, the only thing inside these toys is the squeakers, so once your bulldog’s teeth get to work, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up any stuffing.

Even so, the overall design is rather durable, so long as your dog isn’t an excessive chewer, and the animals’ eyes and noses are stitched-on, rather than anything detachable that could become swallowed if it pops off. This toy set also scores points because each piece is rather long, making them suitable for games like tug of war as well as squeaking enjoyment.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew

Made in the USA

If you’re looking for a suitable toy for your bulldog that also is made in the US, then a few items on our list will fit the bill. In particular, we want to recommend Petstages’s dogwood stick toy, which has all the enjoyment of gnawing on real wood without the risk of having bark and splinters near your pet’s mouth.

All materials in this chew toy are non-toxic and durable, so it’s both safe and capable of lasting for a while with your bulldog. It’s also suitable for playing fetch, and it can float in the water, making it easy to retrieve if it slips in somewhere while playing outside.

Best Dog Toys for Bulldog Puppies

KONG Puppy Dog Toy

Best for Teething

Teaching puppies what’s appropriate to chew on is a critical stage in training, especially for bulldogs, as they’ll grow up to have strong jaws. However, chew toys meant for older dogs can be too tough on a puppy’s baby teeth, so you’ll want specialized products for the first bits of life.  KONG’s puppy toy delivers in this area.

The material has the KONG durability you’d expect while still being suitable for your young bulldog. Like the adult dog versions of this toy, you can put snacks inside to encourage chewing. Additionally, if your baby dog has teething pains, you can also freeze this product to help alleviate the pressure, promoting both comfort and fun.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Rings

Another Great Teething Toy

For another teething option, this link of puppy teething rings gives your little bulldog something safe to chew on while also promoting healthy teeth, as the nubs work to cut down on tartar and plaque. This latter feature means the toy helps out wonderfully when it comes to combating puppy breath!

Because the rings form a link, you can also use this toy to start teaching tug-of-war games while your bulldog is still young, which will encourage playing for years to come. All materials are BPA free, so you can let your puppy chew to their hearts’ content without worry!

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Toy

Best Plush Toy

While bulldogs of all ages will enjoy plush toys, but they can be especially helpful for puppies going through separation anxiety. The Snuggle Puppy toy from Smart Pet Love makes for an excellent option when it comes to helping your dog feel like it has company, both in its softness and that it has heat pack and simulated heartbeat options.

This toy can be especially helpful during nights. If you take out the electronic heart, the rest of the toy is machine washable, making for simple cleanup. While this toy is on the pricier end, it is well worth it when you’re having trouble getting your puppy to sleep comfortably.

Tips for Playing Entertaining Your Bulldog

  1. Bulldogs don’t need as much activity as some other breeds. Because of the potential respiratory issues they can have, it’s best to only engage in moderate exercise, with one short walk in their daily routine. About half an hour of play is the recommended amount for this breed, and it’s enough to keep your furry friend healthy but not overexerting them. If your bulldog becomes fatigued, it’s best to stop activity in favor of giving them water and letting them rest.
  2. Give your bulldog the opportunity to interact with other dogs. Bulldogs get a lot of enjoyment out of socializing with new people and dogs they haven’t been around before. If you have other pets at home, this can be easy to do, but if you only have one dog in the house, take your pal to places like dog parks where they can get some much needed social interaction.
  3. Be careful during extreme temperatures. Bulldogs are sensitive to high heat and icy environments, and hot temperatures can even cause troubles with their breathing. If you can, try to avoid these extreme heat conditions by walking in the early morning or evening, and get them a dog coat for the winter months.
  4. Stay aware of your bulldog’s heath. Aside from potential breathing issues, bulldogs have other health concerns that can occur, such as proneness to becoming deaf or developing arthritis. Naturally, these conditions can impact how they play, so you want to be aware and considerate of your bulldog’s health and adjust activities accordingly. Regular vet visits are also crucial!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which toys can stand up to my bulldog’s bite?

With just a glance, it can be tricky to tell just how long a toy will last, especially when you own a breed like a bulldog, who has a powerful jaw. Generally, companies will mention if a chew toy is suitable for heavy-duty chewing or not, and there’s almost no more reliable source than the comments of dog owners themselves!

Do I need to replace my dog toys regularly?

While we want our dogs to be happy and have fun, we also want them to stay safe when they’re playing. Even the most durable of products will ultimately reach the end of its days. Any time you start to see signs of damage (pieces breaking off of chew toys, tug of war ropes fraying, etc.), it’s best to remove it from the cycle and find a replacement.

What sizes of toys right for bulldogs?

When it comes to dog toys, manufacturers usually include recommendations for which sized breeds are best suited to which products. Categorically, bulldogs fit into the “medium” category, but their jaw sizes mean that some of these toys may end up being too big for them to carry comfortably. If a toy is significantly bigger than your pet’s mouth, you may want to downgrade.

How do I tell if a toy is safe?

Most dog toys will end up in your pet’s mouth one or another, and it’s critical to pick toys that don’t contain harmful materials when bit or accidentally ingested.

Brands with safety recommendations can help, and you should always check the product information carefully. Your vet can also help you make smart toy selections, both breed-specific and also in general.


When it comes to bulldogs, comfort toys help them when they want to relax, chewable ones will help give them something to work their jaws on, and interactive toys can help stimulate their minds when they need a break from exercise. Even relaxed breeds need some entertainment in their lives, and these highly recommended products are excellent choices for your dog to enjoy!

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