Dallas Cowboys Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

Who doesn’t love the Cowboys? The stadium, the flash, the roaring fans. The Cowboys aren’t a team so much as a football icon, and this dynasty deserves some love. You can get your whole family in on the action, including your dog, with sports gear designed to show support.

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Yes, your dog can have its very own cowboys gear. Gear specifically for dogs is an awesome way to get into the spirit of the game, show other Cowboys fans that you’re one of the team, and make sure your team knows you aren’t a fair weather fan. In fact, dressing up your dog might be the easiest part of the equation because your dog won’t protest the way your spouse or children might. It’s the perfect situation.

Choosing your dog’s gear requires a balance of both durability and style. Dog gear needs to withstand that doggie energy and keep coming back for more. Making sure that your dog has the gear it needs to support the Cowboys is easy with our list of our favorite Dallas Cowboys pet gear.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve picked so you can get your dog everyday wear, things for special occasions, and everything in between. Make sure your dog is outfitted right and show the cowboys you’re their number one fan.

The Best Dallas Cowboys Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Cowboys Dog Jerseys

Jerseys are great options for special occasions when your dog needs to show support. They should be durable yet comfortable, and you have a lot of different choices to fit your dog’s personality. Here are some of our favorites.

Pets First Classic Dog Jersey

Our first jersey uses those classic Cowboy colors for a fun bit of pet spirit apparel. It’s navy and white with the team name written across the top and woven sleeves and neck to keep the jersey in place. It has a clean, tailored look and should be comfortable to wear for most doggos.

It’s available in a few different sizes for different dog breeds, and the woven mesh material is highly breathable. Your dog should be able to wear it throughout the game, and once it’s over, you can throw it in the wash to make sure it’s ready for next time. It even has a “property of…” athletic tag sewn into the bottom for full customization.

NFL Premium Pet Jersey

Our next jersey is a little fancier, but still uses those traditional Cowboys colors. It has fun stripes on the shoulders with the Cowboys logo displayed on the back and the team name across the top. It mimics the players’ jerseys and uses woven sleeves and neck to keep the jersey from getting tangled up as your dog moves around.

The mesh fabric lays well across multiple fur types while remaining comfortable and breathable for the entire game. It has lots of style, and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit most pets. It’s washable but make sure you put it on the gentle cycle. The dazzle fabric looks great against your dog’s fur, and it should stay in place even when your dog is at its most energetic.

NFL Pink Pet Apparel

If your pet needs something more nontraditional, you can’t go wrong with a fun, pink jersey. It takes the Cowboys theme to a fun, spunky place perfect for dogs with cute personalities. The mesh fabric is still breathable, and the team name across the top lets everyone know where your loyalties are.

It could be a fun matching option for your spouse or child’s pink jersey. Woven sleeves and neck help keep the jersey in place so your dog can be more comfortable and you can wash it to keep it clean. All around, it’s a charming alternative to the classic jersey.

Cowboys Dog Collars

Cowboys gear as everyday wear? Yes, please. Use this time to show your Cowboys love with a fun collar that shows your total support. Here are some great options.

Pets First NFL Dog Collar

Our first collar is a classic design with the Cowboys navy and silver color scheme. It has large, bold team name printings around the entire collar with the logo in between. Silver border stripes highlight the text, and it’s printed on both the front and the back.

Woven nylon is durable and won’t fray or tear after just a few uses. The plastic buckle is easy to secure and won’t come undone. Reinforced stitching and a silver D-ring make it a secure leash point for keeping your dog safe and under control. It can be cleaned easily with just a damp cloth to keep the colors bright, or you can throw it in the wash periodically and allow it to air dry.

Sparo Cowboys Pet Collar

Sparo uses an inverse color scheme for this silver collar. It’s printed with navy lettering with the team name and logo on the outside and inside of the collar. It has a durable plastic buckle that’s easy to secure and won’t come undone. Reinforced seaming keeps the collar from fraying at weak points, and the nylon webbing can stand up to your dog’s energy.

It has a silver D-ring for leash attachments, and it’s lightweight enough for comfortable everyday wear. You can throw it in the wash to keep the colors vibrant, and it comes in a few different sizes for different dog breeds. Plus, it’s adjustable for a more customized fit. When you need something that stays true to classic cowboy styling but provides a twist, this is a good option.

Dallas Cowboys Reflective Pink Collar

This one is truly unique. It has a reflective strip to give your dog more visibility in low light, and it features a fun pink stripe that’s unlike anything you’ve seen in your Cowboys gear. It features the team name printed around the exterior of the collar with reflective stitching and an adjustable buckle for a customized fit.

It’s safe for everyday use and doesn’t look like your other classic Cowboys gear. If you need something that stands out, what could be better than pink and reflective strips? Plus, you can gently wash it to keep the colors bright, and it comes in a few different sizes to accommodate different breeds. It has a D-ring leash attachment so you can take your dog on walks without worry.

Cowboys Dog Bandanas

If your dog hates to put on a jersey, a bandana might be a better option. It’s lightweight and comfortable for even anxious dogs to wear. Plus, it’s easy to clean. These are our top picks for best Cowboys bandanas for dogs.

Littlearth Cowboys Bandana

The first bandana is a good option for those of you that already have a collar you like. It uses the classic Cowboys navy with the logo printed on top of a fun silver stripe. The team name is on the top flanked by Cowboys helmets. The collar of your choice slips through your bandana for a secure fit that won’t move around or get tangled.

The bandana is lightweight cotton, and you can wash it on a gentle cycle to keep it fresh. The colors are classic, and it’s a really convenient bandana to wear when your dog just won’t tolerate that super cute doggie jersey you bought. Plus, it’s highly affordable and comes in a few different sizes so you can outfit your whole furry family.

NFL Pet Reversible Cowboys Bandana

This bandana is another style that uses your existing collar to stay put. It features an all navy design with the Cowboys logo on one side and a white and navy design with the team name on the other side. Both sides are comfortable to wear and should keep your picky dog from complaining too much about wearing it.

You can wash the bandana gently in cold water to keep it fresh, but be sure to leave it out to air dry. The bandana comes in a few different sizes so everyone from your smallest dog to your largest can have their very own Cowboys gear. Get everyone in the house in on the action for Sunday’s game and stop worrying that your dogs will scratch themselves to death trying to get a jersey off.

Littlearth Pink Cowboys Bandana

Once again, we’ve got a nontraditional bit of gear, but this cute pink bandana is too good to pass up. It features a simple design with the team name printed in white over a hot pink mesh fabric. The mesh is comfortable and breathable, and the bandana simply slips over your existing collar for a bit of fun.

You can wash the bandana on gentle and leave it to air dry to keep that pink nice and bright. The bandana comes in a few different sizes so each of your dogs can be sweetly pink in preparation for the game. It can match your spouse or child’s pink jersey and let everyone know that your dog has a personality of its own.

Cowboys Dog Leashes

If you’re on a walk, you have the chance to connect with Cowboys fans in the wild. Don’t let that leash space go to waste. Here are our favorite Cowboys-inspired leashes to get you going. You might even be excited about exercising for a change!

Pet’s First Cowboy Dog Leash

Our classic dog leash matches the Pets First classic collar. It uses the same navy and silver color scheme with the silver border and has a silver back for a fun color twist. The Cowboys team name and logo are printed all down the front, giving you over five feet of space to showcase your team love and walk your dog comfortably. The silver clip is easy to attach and won’t come undone. Reinforced stitching keeps traditional weak points from fraying or breaking, so you’re always secure on your walks.

Wash the leash on the gentle cycle to keep colors bright. Woven nylon is secure and suitable for even energetic dogs that like to pull. It’s simple, timeless, and an awesome addition to your growing Cowboys pet gear collection.

NFL Team Pet Leash

Sometimes you just need something simple. This lightweight leash is an excellent option for pet owners who need something comfortable for their dog to wear while remaining robust enough to control a rambunctious dog. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds, and the hand loop gives you plenty of control.

It has an all navy design with the team name printed over and over on the front and the back. The silver clip is durable and quick to attach, but it’s exceptionally strong. Plus, reinforced stitching prevents fraying and tears at that weak spot where leashes attach to clips. There’s no mistaking where your loyalties are; you’ve got an awesome bit of team gear and a secure leash point.

Gades Gifts NFL Pet Leash

Our final leash is a well stitched, silver, and navy design with the team name on the front. It features the logo at places like where the clip meets the leash, and the design is meant to give your dog a comfortable walk while allowing you to remain in control. It comes in three different lengths, and every inch is dedicated to the Cowboys.

The clip is simple to attach, sturdy enough to hold a rambunctious dog, and held in place with reinforced seaming. Contrast white stitching is a fun detail, and the entire leash is a super fun, affordable design that looks custom.

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Final Thoughts

The Cowboys deserve your love, and you can make sure your pet is in on the action with all our super fun Cowboys gear for dogs. It’s a great way to get into the spirit during game time or just let everyone know where your loyalties are. Complete your collection with all the gear pieces, and you’ll be ready to go next Sunday and beyond.

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