Green Bay Packers Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

The Green Bay Packers are a football dynasty, garnering fan obsession nearly around the world. Your passion is shared with millions of people, and you can show your love with all the best gear to celebrate.

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One way to show love for your team is by giving your dog the best Green Bay Packers gear too. Collars, bandanas, even jerseys, there’s no limit to how you can dress your favorite pup up to show some love to the third oldest franchise in the NFL. And since it’s the only community-owned major sports league in the United States, it’s no wonder the team’s fans are so obsessed.

Your dog can get in on the action with awesome Packers gear made just for our furry companion. We’ve put together a list of our favorite gear designed to show off your love, bring your whole family into the action, and show everyone just how much of a number one fan you are.

We’ve got gear for Sunday afternoon games and every other day of the week. We’ve got things you can bring for your giant dog and precious accessories for your tiny dog. Whatever your companion looks like, there’s a piece of Packers gear that’s just right. Take a look.

The Best Green Bay Packers Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Packers Dog Jerseys

Obviously, your dog needs a sweet jersey for Sunday afternoon games. Bring your pup into the action with a jersey made just for dogs. Let’s take a look at our favorite Packers dog jerseys.

Pets First NFL Dog and Cat Jerseys

Our first jersey is a classic Packers jersey with the name of the team and the green and yellow color scheme the Packers are known for. It’s a breathable nylon mesh designed to help your dog feel comfortable for the entire game. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit large and small dogs and is even comfortable for double coated breeds.

There’s a stitched “property of…” label on the back so you can customize your furry friend’s jersey. It’s easy to clean and highly durable. It uses a woven trim on the neck and sleeves so that the jersey is fitted and doesn’t get in the way of your pup’s movement. It’s a tailored look that will make your dog the best dressed at the game.

NFL Premium Pet Jersey

Our next jersey is a light polyester blend designed for comfort and style. It uses a close approximation of the actual jerseys of the Packers. It features the Packers’ logo on the pack with the team name and distinctive yellow striping across the shoulders. It’s easy to clean and breathable even for dogs with a double coat.

It has a jersey mesh front and a dazzling fabric back designed to stand out. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breed sizes and has stitched sleeves for a more tailored look. The sizing is easy to measure, but we recommend going a size up if your dog is in between sizes. Make sure you leave a little slack as you’re measuring.

NFL Pink Pet Apparel

For your sweet girl dog or especially forward boy dog, a pink NFL jersey is the thing to help your pup stand out. This adorable pink jersey is sleek and durable. It’s made of nylon mesh, designed to be breathable and comfortable for a variety of coat types. It comes in a few different sizes for different breeds and uses stitched seaming at the neck and shoulders for a tailored look.

It can match your spouse or child’s pink jersey while adding a fun twist to the traditional Packers’ style. It has a small Green Bay logo and a team name at the top with a stitched jock tag to customize a little more. Your sweet girl dog has never looked like such a number one fan.

Packers Dog Collars

A collar is a must for everyday wear, but why waste that precious space? You can add in your team logo right to the collar and rep the Packers every minute of every day. Let’s find that perfect one.

Pets First NFL Dog Collar

Our first collar is a classic Packers design with the traditional colors. It features a nylon webbing for durability that’s easy to wipe clean. It’s a great, traditional option that allows everyone in the area to know what team you and your dog love. It’s an entertaining option that can take a beating from everyday use without giving up.

It’s a robust design that provides a durable safety for everyday use. It uses a strong D-ring attachment for leashes while the stitching prevents accidental tearing from even rambunctious dogs. It’s adjustable for a customized fit and comes in a few different sizes for different breed types. The collar uses a simple buckle system that can click in place easily and stay secure.

Rico Industries Packers Collar

This collar also uses the traditional Packers colors with stunning brightness. The material is durable woven nylon that won’t show dirt, and that wipes clean easily. It comes in a few different sizes to accommodate different breeds, and it also adjusts for a more customized fit. The material is comfortable and lightweight while providing bright, clear colors that scream Packers from anywhere you look.

It has a basic clip system that uses durable plastic to provide secure closure. The design uses the Packers logo alternated with the team name all around the collar so no matter its position, you can still see the team’s name clearly. It’s printed with heat transfer to provide vibrant coloring and long-lasting wear. It’s classic, dependable, and an excellent clean design.

GameWear Football Lace Collar

Our final collar is a fun throwback to classic pigskin. It features a football design with lace detail in genuine. The Packers logo and team name flank the lacing on either side so no matter which way the collar is turned, you have a clear view of the logo. It has a premium look with silver hardware and vibrant team colors. It’s a really unique design that lets everyone know your pup is a real fan of the Packers.

It’s officially licensed and comes in a few different sizes to accommodate different breeds. It doesn’t have an adjustment point, so make sure you measure carefully and go up a size if your dog falls between sizes. Be careful when cleaning the collar because the lacing can come undone if you’re not careful with it.

Packers Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are an excellent addition to your gear. They’re an easy way to decorate a collar and a good alternative if your dog has trouble wearing a full jersey. Here are our top picks.

Pets First Packers Bandana

This collar style bandana is a brilliant white with yellow and green accents. The logo is clear and recognizable even from far away, and the team name is right at the top. The yellow collar is easy to attach and adjust with several hook positions. The bandana is cotton, so it’s soft and lightweight, fitting over a variety of fur types without becoming uncomfortable.

It’s easy to clean and comes in three different sizes for different breeds. The adjustment points give your dog a more customized fit, and the buckle keeps it in place securely. It’s a good option for game day when you need a unique pop of color or if you’re headed to a tailgate with your pup and need something that stands out.

Little Earth Packers Bandana

If your dog has a collar you love, a bandana that simply wraps through the collar could be a good option. This one uses the classic Packers green with yellow accents, and the logo emblazoned clearly across the front. It’s a good choice if you need something lightweight and comfortable and you don’t want to interfere with your dog’s current collar.

You can just throw it in the wash on gentle and allow to air dry for a quick clean that stays bright and vibrant. It’s soft and comfortable, fitting over a variety of fur types while remaining in place even with rambunctious dogs. It’s an excellent bit of gear to have for those special occasions when you need a classic Green Bay piece of apparel.

NFL Pet Bandana

Our final bandana is another classic white, green, and yellow design. It uses a bright packers logo on a white background with the team name embroidered above. The green band is a nice contrast, and it ties into a collar with no issues. It’s simple, fun, and a classic Green Bay design.

The bandana itself can be washed on gentle and air dried to remain clean and bright. The design is comfortable and lightweight, laying well across even puffy fur. It won’t interfere with your pup’s activities and should stay in place well even when your dog is as excited as you are about the Packers’ success.

Packers Dog Leashes

Your leash can broadcast to the world where your loyalties are. Use that space to show some love for your favorite team. These are our top picks.

Pets First Packers Leash

The Packers colors are on full display with this green and yellow leash. It features a durable, nylon webbing material with the logo and team name across the top in a repeating design. The back is a bright yellow. It uses a sturdy clip to attach to a leash, and it swivels to keep your leash from getting tangled up.

You can wipe it clean pretty well, and the material is comfortable for you to hold. It offers your pet space to walk beside you without feeling pressure and gives you a convenient hand grip to make sure everything is secure. It’s bright, classic, and obvious where your loyalties lie. It’s even affordable enough to have more than one, so you’re never without a proper leash.

Packers Premium Nylon Leash

This officially licensed leash uses an all green design that won’t show dirt or grime. It uses the logo with a large Packers print on the entire leash so everyone can see your team fandom. It has sturdy clips that attach quickly to a collar and swivel, so your leash doesn’t keep getting tangled up. It also has plenty of personality and style.

It’s extra thick for durability and could be an excellent choice for rambunctious dogs that need a slightly thicker leash. It features a full six feet of length so your dog can explore a little bit without feeling hemmed in. Seaming is reinforced to prevent tears, and you can wipe it clean when you need to. The colors are great for dogs that like to get a little messy outdoors, too.

Green Bay Packers Hot Pink Leash

Does your dog need something cuter and unexpected? This pink leash takes the classic Packers design and logo and reimagines it with a fun twist. It has a pink logo with grosgrain ribbon background and a hot pink nylon weave. The seaming is reinforced to prevent tears and fraying. It’s thick but still comfortable to hold and to wear.

It’s bright and vibrant and such a fun way to show your Packers love. It’s great for those of you who want something non-traditional, who love pink, or who already have a ton of classic green and yellow gear. It gives your pup enough room to explore while maintaining important control, and it wipes clean pretty easily to keep the colors fresh.

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Fuel the Rivalry

Have a friend rooting for your worst enemy? Get them some gear and send us a pic of your pooches squaring off. We’ll post it to social media when the teams match up!

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Final Thoughts

Your dog can rep your Packers love every day with this special gear. It’s a great way to get the entire family into the obsession and show your support for a community-led team that provides entertainment and great seasons. Make sure your dog isn’t left out of your love with the right gear that shows everyone you two are loyal fans.

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