Ollie Dog Food Review : We Really Tried It…And We Really Liked It

Ollie – The Smarter Way to Feed Your Pet

Many people are turning to a whole foods diet and moving away from processed foods, preservatives, and unnecessary fillers. The outcome is almost always improved physical and mental health. Now, with the development of companies such as Ollie, we are able to provide the other much-loved members of our families-our pets with the same optimum nutrition that we want for ourselves.

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Ollie is a subscription-based dog food company that cooks fresh, human-grade meals personalized for your dog based on his or her breed, age, weight, health, activity level, and allergies.

Ollie boasts the use of only human-grade ingredients such as high-quality meat, fruits and veggies that are gently cooked to preserve their nutrients, and superfoods such as chia seeds, full of omega-6 fatty acids. Ollie dog food has zero filler and no by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Ollie delivers fresh food to your doorstep on a flexible delivery schedule to meet your dog’s needs, and deliver is always free.

One thing I loved to see on their site is that they are committed to donating 1% of  revenue to their rescue organization partners, including the Sato Project. So every meal our dog eats contributes to the cause. I am always a fan of companies who are not only health-minded but looking to serve the community, too.

Ollie’s Beginnings

Ollie was founded by pet owners just like us, who were looking for a way to feed their dogs healthy food that, basically, didn’t have a bunch of ingredients they couldn’t pronounce on the label. They wanted to combine food with the nutrients pets need with convenience that pet owners need. And with those ideas in mind, Ollie came to life! They developed an algorithm that helps determine what recipe will be best for your pet based on information you provide, and the food is delivered to your doorstep, personalized for your dog–healthy and convenient just as they had hoped.

What kind of food does Ollie make?

Ollie has 4 different recipes: Turkey, beef, chicken, and lamb. The ingredients for each recipe can be found on their website. They work with a veterinarian to develop the recipes, deriving the nutrients your dog needs from food instead of added supplements. The food is cooked at a low temperature so all of the health benefits are preserved, and regulators oversee the entire process to make sure that it is truly human-grade from start to finish.

What are the benefits of feeding my dog a fresh diet?

Ollie’s human-grade dog food is unlike the dog foods you are used to purchasing. It’s cooked to human standards at a low temperature and all the recipes are veterinarian-approved. A few benefits noted by real Ollie customers:

  • Better digestion: Customers report less gas and digestive issues and more digestive regularity.
  • Weight maintenance: Whether your dog is overweight and needs to lose or is underweight due to a medical condition, Ollie customers say that their recipes will help.
  • Increased energy: The fresh recipes and vital nutrients derived straight from the food will give your dog more energy to live an active and healthy life.
  • Shiny, healthy coat: Ollie customers report that changing to a fresh food diet has helped their dog to have a shinier, healthier looking coat.

How is the food personalized for my dog?

When you sign up for an Ollie subscription, you will be asked many questions about your dog. Ollie uses an algorithm specifically designed to select the right recipe for your dog. They will not only choose the right recipe for your pet, but they will also tell you how much your dog should be eating each day.

How does the food stay fresh?

The meals are delivered just days after being prepared and are packed with dry ice. They guarantee freshness when they arrive, or you can contact them for replacements. The meals should be taken from the box and placed in the freezer to maintain freshness. Ollie provides a container and scoop that perfectly fits a package of the food, as well, so that you can keep your thawed package in the refrigerator sealed and fresh, as well.

How does the delivery schedule work?

Ollie allows for flexible delivery that can be changed based on your needs. You are able to login to your personal account and update your delivery preferences, as needed. Ollie also sends real-time shipping and delivery update emails that are very helpful so that you are aware when your food is delivered and can retrieve it and get it in the freezer to stay fresh.

Personal Experience

So now that we have provided some background and basic information about Ollie, it’s time for the part you are probably most interested in! Our personal experience with Ollie! We have an 8 year old pitbull/boxer mix (who I also believe has a bit of lab in him!) named Miles. We have 4 kids, so Miles is always pretty active, whether he is choosing to be or not. He is healthy, doesn’t have any allergies, and is at a good weight for his breed and age. Miles has a knee that sometimes bothers him, so this was something I was interested in paying close attention to as we made the change from his regular food to fresh, human-grade dog food. He previously ate store-bought, average quality, grain-free dog food. We have tried one other human-grade, subscription-based company prior to this, so we do have a little something to compare to, as well. (More on that another day, too!)

Ordering Process

Ordering was pretty simple online. You are asked to create an account and then enter information about your pet such as his name, breed, age, weight, activity level, and any known allergies. You can also then choose how often you would like your food delivered based on if you will be feeding your dog just part Ollie or an entirely Ollie diet. Once you have set up your account and activated it, you receive an email letting you know that your Ollie is on the way!

The Delivery

When my Ollie arrived, I got an email letting me know that it was there. I saw the email about a half hour after it was delivered, and sure enough, it was there. I like the notification email since the food needs to stay fresh. If no one was home, I am confident based on the packaging that the food would have been okay, but since we were home, I went right out and got it!

The Ollie was packaged in dry ice neatly in the box. Mine had only been outside for a very short time after delivery, and a few of the packages at the bottom of the box had already gotten a little bit soft. They weren’t warm at all, and inside the box they do say that if you are not confident the food is still fresh, you should contact them. I was confident that it was still fresh and not concerned that it was a bit soft. We decided to use those packages first since they had already thawed a bit.

I unpacked each of the frozen packages of food and the container they included with the scoop. Inside the container was some reading material about how to transition a dog from another food to fresh food as well as some other information about human-grade dog food. They also include an invoice and directions for how much to feed your pet.

I really love the packaging and the container and scoop. The packaging of each dog food portion is easy to open and doesn’t create a mess when you are scooping it out. The side of the plastic peels back so you are able to scoop out all of the food rather than trying to squeeze out everything in the package. I also really liked the container because it is a nice, clean way to store the thawed package in the refrigerator rather than just having an open package of dog food in there or having to stuff it in a plastic sandwich bag or something like that.

A Real Dog’s Opinion

We had tried fresh food dog before, like I said earlier, so I already knew that Miles was probably going to love it. I was right. The first scoop I gave him was gone within a minute and he was pushing the bowl around with his nose trying to get every last bite. One thing I noticed about Ollie compared to the other brand was that the caloric intake they recommended was different and we have to give Miles more of the Ollie to fulfill his calorie needs, which means we will go through the Ollie faster than we did the other brand we have tried.

It didn’t seem to take Miles any time at all to get used to Ollie. He devours his meals each time. He always seems to be looking for more food after, but I don’t think it’s because he is hungry, I think it’s just because he loves it.


I have definitely noticed some benefits of giving Miles fresh dog food, one of which is very obvious increased energy levels. He is a pretty active dog since we do have kids and we have a large yard for him to run and play, but I have noticed that he plays for a lot longer and is more rambunctious that he was when he was just eating his dry dog food. As I mentioned, he has a back knee that sometimes bothers him, and I don’t notice as much limping after hours of running around outside. I do think that fresh dog food is giving him more of the nutrients he needs to support his joints and muscles and continue to live his active lifestyle. I am really interested to see what benefits we see over a longer period of time!

In Summary – What Makes Ollie Great

  • Increased energy and vitality. I love to see my dog running and playing like a puppy again with more energy and endurance. Although he has always been an active dog, I can see a difference in his overall energy level and stamina and I don’t notice him nursing his sore knee nearly as much.
  • I know I’m getting quality. I feel really confident that Ollie dog food is fresh and human-grade as they say, and I know that it is the best food for my pet. As Miles gets older, I want to know that I am giving him food that will increase his quality of life and make sure that he is part of our family for a long time. I believe in feeding the human members of my family whole foods as much as I can, so why not Miles, too?
  • No more trips to the pet store. It’s pretty awesome to just have the food delivered to your doorstep, unpack it, and be ready to go. No more lugging dog food from the store to the car.
  • My dog loves it. I love seeing Miles eat his food so quickly and with such excitement. I can tell that he really loves it. It never sits in the bowl for more than a few minutes. When I was feeding him dry dog food, sometimes it would take him an entire day to eat one dish of it.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Cost. If you’re used to buying dog food from the pet store or grocery store, Ollie is going to seem expensive. I like to think that you can’t put a price on the quality of life of a member of your family, but I am also really realistic. Over time, though, if we see many other health benefits by feeding our dog Ollie, we are potentially saving on veterinarian trips and medications, so the food might pay for itself in that way. Because of how much he loves it, the benefits I have already seen, the detail and care taken by Ollie as a company, and the convenience of it, I think it is definitely worth the price.
  • It has to stay cold. If you travel with your dog, you might find that keeping the food cold, thawing, etc., might be more difficult than just bringing the dry dog food with you in a container.

The Final Verdict

Feeding your dog fresh, human-grade dog food is going to give him or her more energy, among other health benefits. Our dog loves the taste of Ollie and we really love how detail-oriented the company is. We also really love the convenience of the ordering and delivery process. The packaging makes it easy to serve and store and the company obviously has both the pets and their owners in mind every step of the way. I know that Miles is getting high quality ingredients that are minimally processed, and I am aware of everything that is in his food – no guesswork and no concerns about what he is eating. As our dog gets older, it is really important to us to make sure he has the best quality of life and that he is part of our family for as long as possible, and I think that the human-grade dog food is the answer. If you are looking for high-quality, healthy food to feed your dog, but you also need a streamlined, convenient way to do it, we highly suggest you give Ollie a try!

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