Pirate Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

If you’re stuck on finding a perfect dog costume for when you attend the office Halloween party, don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. One classic look is a  pirate costume, and this can very easily extend to your dog with the right outfit. Pirate costumes are often hilarious and over-the-top on purpose, so they’re ready-made for dogs dressed as people.

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Pirate costumes make great cosplay for themed appearances. For instance, you can easily dress up as Peter Pan and have your dog show up as a pirate like Capt. Hook. Or, you could have your dog show up as a pirate and dress yourself as a colonial marine, chasing them down in ship-to-ship battle! The opportunities are limitless.

Just make sure that your dog has a few key components that clearly mark them as a scurvy buccaneer. These features are things that everyone can identify immediately, such as a hook arm, a black pirate hat, or clothing with a bunch of skull and crossbones icons scattered across the surface. Let’s take a look at some of the best pirate costumes for dogs on the Internet.

What Is the Best Pirate Costume for a Dog?

5 Best Pirate Costumes for Dogs

Let’s take a look at some of the best pirate costumes for dogs on the Internet.

Pet Krewe Pirate Dog and Cat Costume

This costume can actually be transferred very easily between a dog or a cat, so feel free to pick this up if you have one or more of each! The costume comes in sizes from medium to extra-large and is a three piece set. There’s a skull and crossbones hat, a tunic for the front paws of your dog and a cape that hangs off the back to complete the look. The hat is perfectly cut to allow your dog’s ears to stick up from beneath the brim!

All of the pieces are made from non-toxic materials that are durable enough to last for several wearing sessions without an issue. The entire kit is colorful and feels soft and smooth, and a pair of hook-boasting arms are positioned on the side of your dog’s neck for added hilarity and cuteness.

It’s one of the best “complete” pirate costumes you’ll find anywhere.

Rubie’s Costume Company Pirate Boy Dog and Cat Costume

Another costume that’s sized well enough for dogs or cats, this outfit has its own separate hat with an additional striped red and black scarf that will surely provide a great target for chewing as your dog wears it throughout the night! The scarf can also be used as a bandanna you tie it appropriately.

The other piece to the costume is a brown and red jacket with golden buttons on the back. The jacket is even tastefully distressed to really sell the pirate aesthetic and give the appearance of wear and tear. Despite this, the costume is well-made if a little thin. It won’t last forever but it’s not flimsy, either.

One final thing to note about this costume is that it should be hand washed only. Machine wash is a little too rough on its fabric and will cause it to thin out and potentially tear up on your next use. Be sure to take note of the number of buttons, too, as these small pieces stick out a little from the jacket’s surface and might accidentally be caught on the environment.

Rubie’s Costume Company Pirate Girl Dog and Cat Costume

This is another costume from Rubie’s, so the same hand washing advice we gave for the outfit above still applies. This outfit boasts its own colorful red and brown dress with a gold lace up detail. In addition, the skirts are all properly poofy thanks to some well-designed laced sleeves. These are rather thin and easy to tear, so be careful when handling the costume. A petticoat completes the look along with the skull and crossbones undershirt and matching hat.

The hat has a little lace outline of its own to make it a little more feminine than its companion costume. The hat is also really light and is liable to blow off your dog’s head in a breeze, so keep an eye on the hat to avoid losing it at an inopportune moment.

The costume comes from sizes ranging from small to extra-large to accommodate dogs of all shapes. In addition, the lace dries only when given enough time to lie flat, so upon hand-washing let the costume rest before putting it back on your dog. Crumpling the lace as it dries may result in it bunching up and ruining the aesthetic appeal of the costume.

Dog Pirate Halloween Costume

This affordable dog costume comes in two pieces. The first piece is a jacket that is specifically cut to appear like it’s actually two individual pieces but in reality is one encompassing shirt that allows the front paws to poke through and which covers the back paws. The jacket is black and red with black and white pants that don’t limit your dog’s movement at all.

The second piece is a hat with gold trimming and skull and crossbones as well as some red yarn hair to complete the look. The yarn is well-attached to the inside of the hat and shouldn’t be at risk of falling out with normal use.

The costume is very easy to put on your dog and its light and soft enough that most pups shouldn’t have any issue with wearing it for an extended period of time. However, it’s not the most flexible of dog costumes, so be sure to get the larger of the two available sizes if you’re not exactly sure what the right dimensions might be. It’s better to give your dog a little extra room to maneuver than to trap him or her within the tight jacket.

NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of the Caribbean Style

Finally, this hilarious dog costume is meant to be put on the front of your dog and give him or her an extra pair of wavy pirate arms complete with hooks! The arms dangle comedically at the side of the shirt, which has tight leggings designed to wrap around your dog’s front paws. The rest of the shirt is a neutral brown with a bold belt and golden buckle.

In addition to the shirt, the costume comes with a traditional pirate hat and a red string to let you adjust the fitting and keep it secure even as your dog moves across the room. The hat and the shirt are both made from a durable cloth that’s perfect for withstanding daily wear and tear. The only flimsy part is the hooks at the end of the arms, which are thin enough that they might accidentally be torn.

The soft cotton material used for the costume can be machine washed on gentle to allow for easy maintenance. You can also get this costume from sizes ranging from extra small to large, so it’s ideal for dogs that are a little more diminutive than their fellows.

4 Accessories to Complete the Pirate Look

Looking for some accessories to complete the look? Here are some ideas.

Rubie’s Costume Company Pet Pirate Hat

This adorable pirate hat is the perfect accessory to any pirate costume that lacks one already. Or you can purchase this pirate hat if the one that came with your pirate costume is too flimsy for continual use. This hat has a fuzzy trim and can come in small to large sizes, so make sure to measure your dog’s head before purchasing.

The hat has the traditional skull and crossbones symbol and an adjustable strap that extends far beneath your dog’s chin. This reduces the likelihood that it’ll be too tight for their comfort.

Rubie’s Pirate Girl Hat Costume Accessory

This cute pirate hat is based on the traditional pirate tricorn design, often seen on the heads of colonial people. It’s black and has golden trim as well as two red bows that are positioned on either side of the hat’s frontal edge. The hat also comes from sizes ranging from small to large so most dogs should be able to wear it comfortably.

The elastic strap beneath the hat can be adjusted so that it fits comfortably beneath your dog’s chin and is small enough so that it doesn’t take away attention from the hat itself.

Rubie’s Skulls and Bones Pet Bandana

Enough about hats. How about a cute bandanna to go with your pet’s pirate costume? This can be a perfect accessory for dogs that have a front shirt that could be a little busier. This bandanna is read it with skulls and crossbones decorated all across its length, which can be customized from small to large sizes depending on your preference.

The downside is that it’s a little expensive for what amounts to a regular square of cloth without any class or clip. You’ll have to tie the bandanna yourself to make sure that it’s secure.

Disney Tails Pirate Dog Bandana

This is the ideal accessory for those of you with multiple dogs or if you just want to change your only dog’s fashion relatively frequently. This pack comes with three different bandannas that are all Pirates of the Caribbean themed. Each of the bandannas has a classic symbol from the Pirates films, such as the skull and crossbones with the recognizable silhouette of Jack Sparrow.

Each of the bandannas is made from durable cloth that is designed to last for a significant amount of time before they show signs of wear and tear. However, they are relatively pricey for just three bandannas. Presumably, you pay a little extra so that you get to enjoy the licensed images from the Pirates films.

DIY Pirate Costume: How to Make it at Home Yourself

Let’s take a look at a cute homemade dog pirate costume.

First, find a red and white infinity scarf and cut out a piece that should be large enough to fit around your dog’s body. You may need to take some measurements beforehand. Cut out some leg holes once you are sure that the sizes are accurate. Any excess fabric space should be tied beneath your dog’s belly.

When it comes to cutting out the leg holes, be generous with your measurements so that your dog has room to move his or her legs freely. If you just cut enough that they can stick through, their legs won’t have much mobility and they’ll feel constrained. This will cause them to detest the outfit, which is what we don’t want.

This is already most of the costume since it parodies the classic “striped” pirate look that you might remember from many Disney cartoons. But to go a little further, all you need to do is find a skull and crossbones bandanna. You can purchase a regular bandanna from a normal store, or even use a sock and cut the clothing apart so that it can be stretched to its maximum length. This bandanna can then be wrapped around your dog’s neck.

For further amusement, consider adding a pirate-themed jewel, trinket, or toy to the bandana. Just make sure that the trinket is it’s too heavy so that it tightens the bandana around your dog. Just like that, you’ve created a handmade dog pirate costume.

Pirate Dog Costume Ideas from Around the Internet

Need some inspiration? Check out these creative pirate dog costumes.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpexrQnArkW/
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/Byvw6m6BDSJ/

More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

If you’ve got a couple of canine companions or just want to expand your sole dog’s wardrobe, there are some other pirate themed costumes you might consider adding to the dresser. These can even be used to accompany your pirate costume depending on your exact clothing. These are:

  • Sailor
  • Colonial dress
  • Fish
  • Peter Pan

Final Thoughts

Dogs in pirate costumes are a classic that will never grow old. It’s a good thing, too, since it’s just too adorable and amusing to see our four-legged friends run around with little hooked arms and crooked pirate hats. If you have enough dogs, consider addressing them all in pirate outfits and walk around calling yourself “captain” just for kicks.

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