Pope Dog Costumes: Our Fave 5 Retail Options Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

Dressing up your pet for family photos or events can be a lot of fun for you and your pet, but with so many options, it can be hard to choose a good costume that stands out and is unique.

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Of course, you are going to need something that doesn’t bother your pet, or they will never wear it.  A costume that is not too tight fitting and doesn’t have a lot of pieces involved to create the look is going to make a great choice.

You are also going to want something non-toxic without any metal pieces. Pets tend to chew, and even swallow a lot of things when no one is looking, so we need to make sure our costume is safe to eat.

A Pope costume can make an excellent choice if you live in a religious household, and especially if you have religious events coming up like a baptism or a first holy communion.

Christmas, Easter, and weddings are all great times to have your pet wear a Pope costume besides Halloween night. There are also several cosplay opportunities to use a Pope costume. The Pope is a central figure in many horror movies, and these costumes will pair well with characters from those movies.

What are the Best Pope Costumes for Dogs?

Our Top Picks: Best Pope Costumes for Dogs

Check out our favorite picks for dressing your pup like the Pope.

California Costumes Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume

The California Costumes Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume is an award-winning costume that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face and it is an officially licensed product of Animal Planet.

This often-imitated costume by California Costumes features a high-quality outfit made from 100% polyester. Polyester is a durable material that will last the lifetime of your pet, it will not hold any odors, and the colors will not fade.

The Holy Hound costume is a three-piece outfit that features a miter headpiece with finely detailed and puppy themed printing. A white robe with red trim features a printed gold cross, and a removable red stole features a bright gold printing.

An elastic strap will hold the headpiece on firmly without crushing your pet’s ears while hidden fuzzy fasteners will keep the robe secure and prevent it from falling off your pet. The stole lays across the shoulder of your pet, and keeping it in place is the most challenging part of the costume.

There are four sizes of this costume available to fit a wide range of puppies and even cats. The sizes range from extra small to large and should accommodate pets eight to twenty inches long.

Midlee Pope Dog Costume

The Midlee Pope Dog Costume is a high-quality pope costume that is sure to entertain friends and family.

This soft, polyester fabric Pope costume will not irritate your pet. It reduces static build up, and it is easy to keep clean. The colors will not bleed together or fade over time, and it is non-toxic.

The two-piece outfit includes a white miter hat that features finely detailed gold print and high-quality stitching. It is attached to the head with an elastic band.

The body of this Pope costume is white with red trim, and the red collar features a gold print of a cross and necklace. The stole is permanently attached to the body of the costume. It is red with a gold border and a gold printed design on one side. It features the same durable, high-quality stitching as the miter hat and is attached to the body with Velcro-style fasteners.

This costume comes in four sizes to fit a wide range of pets, including cats. The length of the body piece that covers the back of your pet depends on the size of the costume and ranges from a small with a ten inch back, to an extra large with a sixteen inch back.

Coppthinktu Holy Pope Hound Dog Pet Costume Halloween Godfather Suit with Hat

The Coppthinktu Holy Pope Hound Dog Pet Costume Halloween Godfather Suit with Hat is an excellent choice for a pope or godfather costume.

A soft polyester material will help ensure that this Pope costume will be comfortable for your pet to wear. The fabric is lightweight, durable, and washable.

The miter hat is white with a detailed gold print of a cross and some puppy paw prints. A chin strap holds the lightweight headpiece in place and prevents it from moving around.

The white body piece features a red trim neck area that has a gold printed cross and necklace. The body section and the stole are permanently connected, The stole is red with gold borders, and it features finely detailed printing on one side.

This pope costume is available in four sizes that range from small to extra large and can fit a wide range of pets. The length of the back part of the costume changes with the size of the costume and is nine and a half to sixteen inches long.

Many customers warn that the sizing for this outfit runs slightly smaller than advertised. This Pope costume seems to be best suited for smaller dogs and cats.

PetDream Pet Halloween Vest,Pope Cloak,Cosplay Costume for Dogs

The PetDream Pet Halloween Vest, Pope Cloak, Cosplay Costume for Dogs is a high-quality Pope costume from the hard working people at PetDream.

This Pope outfit is a two-piece costume made from a high-quality terylene polyester material that is easy to clean and can even be carefully washed.

It features a lightweight miter hat that is white with finely detailed gold printing. It is put on your pet quickly with a chin strap, and this miter hat is one of the few on this list that allows you to adjust the size slightly by using Velcro-style fasteners.

The body part of the costume features a white section that extends to cover the back of your pet. It has a red neck section that features a gold printed necklace with a cross.

The stole is permanently attached to the body part of the costume and is red with thick gold borders. A detailed printed pattern on one side completes the look.

This costume is available in four sizes from small to extra large to accommodate a wide array of pets. The size of the changes the length and the length ranges from nine and a half inches to almost sixteen inches.

Fashion Holy Pope Hound Dog Pet Costume

The Fashion Holy Pope Hound Dog Pet Costume is a competition ready costume from the General company.

This  Pope costume uses high-quality polyester material that is soft and comfortable for your pet and will not irritate their skin. It is easy to keep clean and is even washable and resists wrinkling. This well-constructed costume with heavy-duty stitching will last for years and still look great.

The miter hat is white with finely detailed gold printing. It’s lightweight and fastened to your pet with an adjustable strap. The underside of the headpiece is covered with a piece of polyester-silk fabric to provide extra comfort for your pet’s ears.

The body section is white and covers the back of your pet and will help it stay warm during cold Halloween nights. It features a red trim section around the neck with a gold printed necklace and cross.

The stole is permanently attached to the body section of the outfit and is red with a white border and features a highly detailed gold print on one side.

This pope costume is available in four sizes from extra small to large and can accommodate dogs or cats that range from ten to twenty inches long.

4 Accessories to Complete the Pope Look

Consider these “must have” accessories to complete your dog’s Pope costume.

Holy Bowl

If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to go with your Pope costume, a great place to start is with the dog bowl. Start with a silver or gold food bowl, and then you can decorate it with religious-themed stickers or writing.

Cross stickers are a great idea, as are passages from the Bible, the words Holy Water, or Pope will also work very well.

You can also decorate the feeding area to look more like a church altar with some fancy white and gold cloth, a Bible, and some unlit candles to help set the stage for your pets grand entrance.

Dog House Church

Another great idea for an accessory to a Pope costume is to decorate your pets dog house so that it looks like a church. There are many things online that can help you create something fancy, but you shouldn’t need to fuss too much unless it’s something you like to do.

You can start with a simple Cross on top of the house, and quite often, this simple step will go a long way toward achieving the desired result. There are many other things you can do as well, like put some tombstones around the yard and if you have a fog machine, now is the perfect time to use it.

Scary Nun Toy

A great accessory to any Pope costume is undoubtedly the Scary Nun Doll. There are many versions of these dolls, and any kind will be a fantastic way to help solidify your costume theme.

The more expensive robot dolls can get quite scary with moving parts voices and lights while a simple stuffed version can be carried around by your pet.

Buy as many of these as you can and place them around your home. When you find one again act surprised and call your pet to remove it. Children will love to play this game, and your pet will love the attention.

Shepherd Staff

No Pope costume can be complete without a shepherd’s staff to keep his flock in line with the Lord. These toy staves are found in many children’s toy stores and come in all sorts of styles. You want to try to find one that is gold in color and looks fancy but is light enough to be carried around by your pet without struggling.

The staff that we linked to here is a very inexpensive bishop staff made from lightweight plastic. It looks fancy enough for a Pope and should do the job nicely. When not being used to herd the flock, the Shepherd Staff will make a great fetch toy.

DIY Pope Costume. How To Make it At Home Yourself

Let’s get started building our homemade Pope dog costume.

We are going to make it very easy on ourselves and begin this project with a white pair of lightweight dog pajamas. The pajamas with provide an excellent base for our Pope costume, and they will take a lot of the hard work out of our project.

We now have a costume that won’t slide or fall off.

The next step will require a few pieces of red and gold felt material.

We will use the felt to create the red chest area of the Pope costume, but before we attach it to the pajamas, we need to cut out a gold cross and sew it to the front-center of the red chest piece.

Next, you will cut the Stole out of the red felt and decorate it as intricately as you like with the gold felt.

When sticking the pieces of felt together, or applying them to the pajamas, it’s better to sew them if you can instead of gluing them. There are many advantages to sewing, including a longer lasting costume that’s non-toxic and is likely machine washable.

To create the Miter Hat, we will need a large, thick piece of white cardboard.

Start by cutting a strip of cardboard and make a ring out of it to create a well fitting crown for your pet that’s one to two inches tall, depending on the size of your pet.

Once you have the crown finished you cut out the front and back of the Miter Hat and glue or staple them to the crown.

Decorate the headpiece with more gold felt or with a gold marker and attach an elastic band that you can use to help keep the hat on.

You have completed your costume.

Pope Dog Costume Ideas From Around The Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

This article presents a great bunch of Pope costumes to choose from and even helps you make one. If you have more than one pet, you might be wondering what sort of ensemble your other pet can wear that will match a Papal theme. We are going to try to help you get your thought process moving with these next few examples.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up this article concerning Pope costumes. Hopefully, it will help clear up any questions that you have about these costumes and the costumes that might pair well with it.

The Pope costume has a rare ability to be positive when it wants too, like at a Baptism, or a First Holy Communion, but it can be a scary horror figure as well.

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