Seattle Seahawks Dog Gear: Must-Have Team Jerseys, Collars, Bandanas & Leashes For Your Dog

Seahawks fans have set a record twice for loudest fans around, so be prepared to bring that energy right into your home with gear for your nearest and dearest. You’ve got your jersey, your kids have theirs, your spouse and even your mom are in on the action. Now it’s time to let your furry companion show the love with that 12th Man gear.

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Getting your dog into the team spirit is a great way to show your love for your team. You can rep during a game or day to day with clothes, collars, and even leashes with your beloved Seahawks logos right on the front. They’re a conversation piece and a way to signal to other fans that you’re all a big family.

If you aren’t sure where to start looking for Seattle pet gear, we’ve got you covered. There are wonderful, quality items for your dog that will show the world you’re the Seahawk’s number one fan. You may not have been around to set that decibel record, but that doesn’t mean you bring any less energy to the games every Sunday. Show your team some love with our collection of the best Seahawks fan gear for pets.

The list includes everything you’ll need for your pup to rep your team every day. Let’s take a look and find your perfect collection.

The Best Seattle Seahawks Dog Gear: Our Top Picks

Seahawks Dog Jerseys

Jerseys are great for game day and let your pup be part of the whole family. Let’s take a look at some awesome, dog-inspired jerseys for your furry Seattle fan.

Pet’s First Russell Wilson Mesh Jersey

This classic jersey style is made for the dogs (and cats) in your life. It features the classic blue design made from a highly breathable satin mesh. It sports Wilson’s name and number, plus a woven trim on the neck and arms to keep things in place. On the back, there’s a stitched jock tag where you can personalize the jersey just for your furry friend.

It’s easily machine washable, so it will always look its best. The polymesh is comfortable for dogs with different types of fur, and it comes in sizes extra small to extra large to accommodate different breed sizes. It’s an officially licensed team jersey, so you’ll never have to make do with second-hand gear. Once you measure three different points – body, neck, and chest – you’ll have a great fitting, well-made, official jersey for your collection.

NFL Premium Pet Jersey

This pet jersey is a full-color version of the Seahawks famed logo with stripe details on the sleeve and perfectly dyed fabric. It’s made of 100% polyester and is breathable enough to be comfortable for the entire game. It has a printed team name and logo emblazoned across the back, so there’s no doubt who your pup roots for.

The sizing accommodates a variety of breeds and runs from extra small to extra large. Measure your dog’s length, neck, and chest to find the best fit and make sure to go a size up if your dog falls between sizes. It’s well stitched and should offer a comfortable fit that stays put even for highly energetic dogs.

NFL Pink Pet Apparel Seahawks Jersey

For your sweet girl dogs, this adorable pink jersey shows the Seahawks some love. It’s great for when you want a fun girly color or if your spouse or child wants to match with their sweet, pink jersey. It’s made of breathable polyester mesh and features the number 12 (12th man anyone?) It’s a great way to show support and stand out from a crowd of blue jerseys.

It’s lightweight and accommodates a variety of breed sizes. It’s also pretty comfortable for various coat types. Make sure you measure the length, neck size, and the chest girth, and go up a size for those that fall between sizes. It’s even got a woven jock tag to personalize the jersey for your sweet pup.

Seahawks Dog Collars

Your dog has to wear a collar anyway so why not make it a team shout-out? Collars are essential team gear for your furry companion, so let’s find the perfect one.

Pets First NFL Dog Collar

Our first collar is an affordable option for Seahawks fans. It’s a classic blue and silver design with Seahawks name all around it. It’s made of nylon webbing, and the stitching is reinforced around the edges for better stability. It’s fully adjustable and comes in sizes small to extra large to accommodate a variety of breed sizes.

The buckle is a snap style made of durable plastic. The collar is a nylon weave that’s easy to wipe clean. It’s great for showing your everyday support for the Seahawks with an officially licensed logo and team name. It has a silver D-ring for a leash attachment, and it’s sturdy hardware even for dogs that pull.

Rico Industries Adjustable Dog Collar

Another classic style with blue and silver, this dog collar features the Seahawks name and logo around the circumference of the collar. It’s a nylon weave, easy to wipe clean, and comfortable for your dog to wear every day. It comes in a few different sizes and adjusts for a more customized fit.

The plastic buckle is easy to secure and ensures the collar stays put. Reinforced hardware with a D-ring style leash attachment keeps your dog under control when on walks. The styling is a classic design and lets you show your support every single day. The logos are printed through a heat transfer and won’t peel or tear even with everyday use.

Oxford’s Sew and Sew Pink Dog Collar

For those of you looking for something for your best girl, this pink dog collar shows the Seahawks some love without looking like every other collar on the block. It can match your spouse’s or child’s pink jersey on game day and lets everyone know who your dog supports.

It’s a durable, woven nylon webbing with grosgrain ribbon and a welded D-ring for a leash attachment. It features the Seattle team name plus official logo in a circle all around the collar for a fun addition to your dog’s gear. The collar is durable enough for everyday use and wipes clean pretty easily.

Seahawks Dog Bandanas

Pet’s First NFL Bandana

Our first bandana is an adorable, white bandana with the Seattle Seahawks logo on the back. The collar attachment is a really durable webbing material that wipes clean while the soft, cotton bandana is comfortable for your dog to wear even during long games. It comes in a variety of sizes and adjusts for a customized fit.

It’s officially licensed gear so your dog will be repping the team with the highest quality gear you can get. It’s easy to wash and looks great against most dogs and fur types. The bandana itself is 100% cotton and logo is sewn in for a great look. It’s simple, classic, and the design is a beacon for Seahawks fans everywhere who want to show off their love.

Pet’s First 12th Man Bandana

Our second bandana makes your pup the 12th man on the team. It features a large, sewn number 12 with the Seattle Seahawks team name sewn in above. The collar is a silver grosgrain webbing that’s simple to wipe clean, and the bandana itself is soft cotton. It’s comfortable for wearing long term and looks good against multiple fur types.

It comes in a variety of sizes and adjusts for a customized fit. It has silver grommets for a better fit overall and a reinforced D-ring for a leash attachment. The team logo is embroidered in, and it looks and feels great. What an excellent way to bring your furry companion into your team love and show your support all around.

Hunter MFG Mesh Dog Bandana

If you’ve already got a collar you love, this mesh bandana ties neatly around your dog’s existing collar for an extra boost of team support. It’s the classic Seahawks colors in a breathable mesh with a light fabric that’s breathable and durable. It’s a simple addition to your dog’s team gear and completely adorable.

It’s washable and fits medium and large dogs. You’ll need a collar that can slip through it in order for it to fit well, but it is a straightforward option for a quick bit of team memorabilia. The design is the official logo with the team name and city below a larger logo. Its unmistakably classic design allows you to show off your team love with a classic bandana design.

Seahawks Dog Leashes

Wanna rep your team on a walk? Branded leashes are great for repping your team on the go. Here are our top picks for Seahawks dog leashes.

Pet’s First Seahawks Dog Leash

Pet’s First dog leash is a classic design meant to attach to a D-ring on a collar. It uses a durable nylon webbing with reinforced seaming. The clasp is tough hardware with a swivel mount to keep the leash from getting tangled up in your dog’s legs or twisted around. It features the Seattle Seahawks team name with the logo printed down the length of the leash.

The leash itself is a nylon webbing with a ribbon attached. It displays the official logo with team colors and attaches to any collar. The leash comes in three different sizes from small for small breeds to large for giant breeds. It’s not too heavy and comfortable for you to hold even on longer walks.

Hunter Bungee Style Seahawks Leash

The Hunter leash is a bungee style designed to give your dog a bit of freedom and leeway while walking. It features the Seattle logo with team name down the length of the leash in the team’s classic colors. The dark navy doesn’t show dirt easily, and it’s easy to clean on days when your pet is extra rambunctious.

The bungee extends up to eight feet, giving your dog plenty of leeway to walk. It has a clasp on a swivel mount designed to attach to any D-ring clip. The clip is made of robust hardware, and the leash comes in two different sizes for small or larger dogs. It’s easy to hold and comfortable for both of you during short or long walks.

Home Comforts and Moore Dog Leash

Our final leash is a really fun, bright leash style with a chevron pattern in the team colors plus the Seattle team logo and name down the center of the leash. It’s a durable webbing design and uses a grosgrain ribbon across the top. It has tough hardware designed to control even rambunctious dogs, and the simple clasp should be quick to attach to a D-ring style collar.

The clasp is reinforced to keep it from breaking, and you can wipe the leash clean after long walks. The pattern shouldn’t show dirt too easily, giving you a long life out of the leash. It’s just over five feet long and about an inch wide. It’s perfect for most sized dogs without being too uncomfortable. It’s a unique pattern you don’t often see, giving you a cool way to support your team.

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Fuel the Rivalry

Have a friend rooting for your worst enemy? Get them some gear and send us a pic of your pooches squaring off. We’ll post it to social media when the teams match up!

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  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Los Angeles Rams

Final Thoughts

Repping the Seahawks is a great way to keep your team spirit alive and making sure that everyone in your household is on board is a great way to show support. Our gear is an excellent option for dog owners who are obsessed with their teams and want to build their own 12th Man cheering section that can light up Sunday afternoons whether at the neighborhood barbecue or on the couch with a few close friends.

The gear we chose is well made and able to withstand the wear and tear dogs frequently put on their collars or leashes. Your furry companion can be the most adorable Seahawks fan on the block and help you show your eternal love and support.

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