Shark Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

Dressing up dogs in costumes is fun and hilarious, but which costumes are the best? Certainly, you can’t go wrong with a good shark costume. These outfits often have large fins that can help you keep track of your dog and which provide ample opportunity for laughter from you and your friends.

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Shark costumes are also great because there are varieties that are suitable for dogs that both hate wearing a lot of bulky clothes and the dogs that don’t mind.

The potential for dressing up along with your dog by adhering to a theme is also very high. There are plenty of costumes that go well with the shark outfit; you could be a fisherman, for instance, or even a colorful fish running away from the “scary” shark! You can even be a pirate and still maintain a good theme with your pup. The advantage is in how variable your choices are.

Let’s go through some of the best shark costumes you’ll find anywhere.

What are the best shark costumes for dogs?

5 Best Shark Costumes for Dogs


Frisco Shark Dog and Cat Costume

This adorable shark costume is light enough that most dogs won’t feel constrained while they wear it. There’s a simple strap that reaches down beneath your dog’s belly to secure the costume, and your dog’s head is fitted through the shark’s mouth. There are a few soft fins on either side of the costume and at the top, and everything is made with a soft material that won’t be likely to irritate.

The head is well decorated with brightly colored eyes in the cute little teeth, and the sins are all plushy and perfect for chewing (but not too much!). Overall, this is one of the most comfortable shark costumes for dogs of variable sizes. However, there isn’t a large size for this costume, so beware buying one if your pup is larger than average. You might still be able to make it fit thanks to the adjustable belly strap, though.

Casual Canine Shark Dog Costume

Another great shark costume, this one is a little more secure since it has a strap on the front near your dog’s chest as well as a strap beneath your dog’s belly. Both of the straps are adjustable and are fuzzy so that they are both comfortable and can be quickly changed in terms of tightness if your dog seems uncomfortable.

This is a good thing since this costume only comes in the extra small size. It’s a great pick for a tiny pup, particularly if you can manage to make the costume fits snugly over your dog’s back. The shark costume is fitted with a couple of thin fins and a wide tail that’s plush and soft.

This is an ideal dog costume for thinner canines. It’ll look hilarious as the fins and the top of the shark’s head waddle about with the movement of your dog. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the costume can be very easily made too tight for comfort. Use the adjustable straps frequently until you’re satisfied.

Rubie’s Costume Company Shark Dog Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company is back again with another excellent costume. This shark costume is a bright blue instead of the real world gray color that most sharkskin actually is. The bright blue is fine, though, since the point of dog costumes is often to amuse, right? In this case, the color adds to the hilarity and cuteness of the overall aesthetic.

The entire costume is super soft and is secured to your dog via two adjustable straps: one around the chest and the other around the belly. There are soft fins and an extended tail that sticks up above your dog’s back. It doesn’t look very realistic, but it does look really silly, so it’ll be perfect for an office party or Halloween get together.

This costume only comes in a small size, so be sure to measure your dog before making a final purchase. However, you might be able to extend the size up to around medium depending on how far you stretch the adjustable straps. Overall, it’s a great pick for dogs that don’t like a ton of costume riding on their back. The entire outfit is relatively light and soft and shouldn’t promote any discomfort.

Gimilife Pet Shark Costume

Here’s another bright blue shark costume, although this one is more encompassing and is better for dogs that are more tolerant of clothing covering the majority of their body. You can select this costume from sizes ranging from medium to extra extra extra large. The costume reaches all the way around your dog’s back and slightly down the front paws, as well as encircling your dog’s head. Be sure that your pup is comfortable with this before fitting them for the costume.

Due to its embrace, the costume is also quite comfortable. This makes it a great pick for dogs that have only a thin layer of fur or who might otherwise be a little cold when going trick-or-treating during Halloween. The comfortable surface will be enjoyable for both you and your dog; it’s made of high-quality cotton and shorn velvet.

The shark head is cute and not menacing at all. The only downside to this costume is that putting on the outfit sometimes takes a little longer than with less-involved costumes. But if you want a shark costume that transforms your dog in a hilarious way rather than simply having “half” a costume, this is one of the better picks you can make.

Rubie’s Costume Shark Fin Dog Costume

Finally, let’s take a look at another costume from Rubie’s. This one is ideal for dogs that are the polar opposite of the ones we discussed above. It’s a simple harness with a shark fin, so there isn’t much material touching your dog at all. It also crucially leaves your dog’s head totally unobstructed. This can be beneficial if your dog hates having their head covered or has trust issues when it comes to encompassing clothes.

The shark fin is soft and pliable and attached directly to the harness, which is shaped like a traditional leash-attaching harness you might find at a pet store. Everything is held together via two elastic bands to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. The elastic also makes putting the harness on relatively easy, even if the fit is a little tight.

You can get this costume in small to large sizes so it’s perfect for most dogs and breeds. Most of all, we would recommend this minimalist shark fin costume for pups that wants to attend a Halloween party but who don’t like putting on a bulky costume beforehand. It’s a nice compromise for finicky dogs that still provides a shark aesthetic to the audience and keeps your dog comfortable at the same time.

3 Accessories to Complete the Shark Dog Look

Queenmore Dog Life Jacket

This might be the perfect accessory if your dog loves to swim. This is a simple life jacket that has a gray color much like a real-life shark scales. More importantly, it also has a notable dark gray fin at the back so that you can easily keep an eye on your dog even if they swim some distance away. There are plenty of straps to secure your dog to the life best and the handle at the top of the back for easy retrieval of your dog in emergency situations.

The Worthy Dog Chomp Shark Attack Pattern Bow Tie

This bowtie is the perfect cute accessory for any existing shark costume provided that your dog is wearing a collar. It’s easy to attach to said collar thanks to a double-sided fastener located on the back of the bow. The tie is a bright blue and depicts a bunch of silly open shark mouths across its surface. There are small and large sizes to choose from depending on which will go better with the size of your dog’s neck.

FLAdorepet 3D Halloween Pet Costume for Dog

This silly shark Is the perfect accessory to a shark costume that doesn’t have a head covering already. The shark is made of soft fleece and soft polyester on the inside; both of these ensure constant comfort for your pet as long as they aren’t against headwear entirely. The hat depicts a shark with its tail sticking up into the air. You’ll be able to easily recognize your dog even in a crowd. The harness is adjustable but is sized for small or medium dogs by default so measure your pup’s throat before making a final purchase.

DIY Shark Dog Costume: How to Make it at Home Yourself

Now let’s get into how you can make a homemade dog shark costume of your very own. This is only going to require a few pieces of simple material and some scissors, as well as a drawing implement of some kind. It should only take you a few minutes to complete in its entirety.

For this costume, you must first purchase some cheap felt. This felt should usually be a gray color to elicit the shaded that we typically associate with sharks. After you’ve selected the felt, simply trace a line in the shape of a fin across the felt and used small scissors to cut the shape out appropriately.

Next, get some chipboard and match the shape of the fin to the chipboard as well; this should be one piece, with both fins taking space on either side of the chipboard. You’ll cut the same shape out so that both the chipboard and the fin are matching in dimensions. Now glue the fins to the chipboard and make sure everything is secure. You’ll want to leave the flaps of the chipboard unattached, so leave a little extra space if you haven’t already.

Fold the chipboard flaps out in opposite directions. Now you need to cut out 21 inches of elastic, which you can purchase from most typical art stores. This elastic will form the harness that secures the fin to your dog’s belly. You’ll glue one end of the elastic to the top of one of the folded chipboard flaps, then glue 3 inches of Velcro to the top of the other chipboard folded flap.

Glue everything to the elastic and, if necessary, secure the Velcro more firmly to the chipboard with needle and thread. You can then use cardboard flaps and glue the felt flap piece to the bottom. There you have it: one handmade shark costume!

Shark Dog Costume Ideas from Around the Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

Shark costumes are great, but you might want to switch it up with some other fishy ideas every now and then. Or you might have several dogs and want them each to have their own unique outfit. Thankfully, dogs look hilarious and cute in many nautical costumes. Some of the best alternatives to a shark costume are:

  • Finding Nemo fish
  • Crab
  • Pirate
  • Boat
  • Dolphin

Final Thoughts

Shark costumes are some of the most hilarious for dogs to wear. They look adorable and amusing, particularly if the costume has an extra large fin that waves around as your dog walks around. With any of the above costumes, your dog will be one of the best-dressed for your next Halloween or office party. Thanks for reading!

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