Taco Dog Costumes: Where to Find Them Plus DIY Tips and Dress-Up Ideas

Nearly a quarter of American pets join in on the Halloween fun and get dressed up for the holiday. Households spent about $44 million on costumes and accessories for their four-legged friends. You may have done themes for couples, but what about getting decked out with your pet? It’ll add a new twist on the holiday and be sure to make a hit with everyone. And Cinco de Mayo, anyone?

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Traditional choices like a witch or monster are always popular for Halloween. But creativity is the order of the day. That’s one reason while a taco dog costume is so much fun. It’s unexpected but adorable. It’s whimsical and a hilarious take on Halloween. However, it’s not just for that holiday. Many festivals include a dog theme or contest for the best-dressed pooch. And he might just take home first prize.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got it all to wow and inspire you from the best costumes you can get to ideas to make your Halloween or special event paw-fect. We have tips for creating a theme and even ways to make a DIY ensemble. Keep reading to learn more about outfitting your pooch in an amusing way that is sure to turn heads. It’s easier than you think to get suited up right and ride the cosplay wave.

What are the best taco costumes for dogs?

4 Best Taco Dog Costumes


Taco dog costumes run the gamut between elaborate outfits where you can make out the individual ingredients to simpler shirts with an appropriate pattern. If your pooch is leery of wearing an ensemble, you can take the easier route with the t-shirt and still keep with your theme. We have both options to help you decide.

Frisco Taco Dog & Cat Costume

Your dog will love to be a taco in this one-piece costume. It’s easy to put on with neck and belly straps with hook and loop fasteners, and comes with all the toppings. It also comes in different sizes so it will work great for any size pet. It can be worn by a dog or cat. Another great thing about this taco costume is that it doesn’t restrict the use of a collar or leash so you can take your dog or cat trick or treating or they can just be a walking taco! This is a great costume for Halloween parties or even just cute photo ops.

Spot on Dog Taco Halloween Costume

The Spot on Dog Taco Halloween Costume fits like the previous product with the main part on top and belly straps on the bottom to keep it in place. The design is a keeper. This one includes more of the taco shell on the sides and front. The colors are right too. You’ll need to take the appropriate measurements to make sure that it fits well.

The costume is well-made and of decent quality. The price is a little higher, but the outfit is more elaborate than most. The fabric is soft too, so even leery pets might keep it on for a while. The seller is responsive to customer questions. If you have any concerns about it fitting or staying on, you’ll get the advice you need up front.

Unfortunately, there is no leash hole. You’ll need to either cut one or slip your pet’s collar in front of the costume to attach it. Overall, it is an adorable taco dog costume. No one will have to guess what your pooch is portraying. Your dog will certainly be the star of the day.

PawsomeCrochet Taco Pet Costume

The PawsomeCrochet Taco Pet Costume will steal the show for adorable. The crochet outfit says it all with a handmade feel that will make you smile. The taco part goes across the back with elastic band under your pet’s belly and across his chest. The colors are accurate too. The seller can make it to order based on the measurements of your pet. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The costume is made of acrylic yarn, giving you some flexibility to put in on your pet. The material is soft so that it won’t irritate his skin. The product ships from Turkey, so allow for extra time to receive it. Returns and exchanges are accepted.

CafePress “You Had Me at Tacos” Dog T-Shirt

The CafePress “You Had Me at Tacos” Dog T-Shirt gets to the point with a message that says it all. The costume is white with a graphic of a taco on the back along with the saying in black letters. The reinforced trim is also black. It comes in six sizes to fit almost any size pet. While it’s machine-washable, it isn’t preshrunk and may shrink.

The design is cute and certainly fits the theme. The price isn’t bad either. The white color is problematic only if your pet tries to roll around to get the shirt off of him. It’s lightweight, so even reluctant pooches may give it a go. Nevertheless, it will stay on your dog with a snug fit around the legs to keep him from getting out of it.

Products are made to order with a couple of days for the turnaround and shipping. Overall, it’s a good buy if you want something simple that your dog can wear year-round.

4 Accessories to Complete the Taco Look

There are plenty of colorful extras to carry on the festive theme and kick it up a notch. Many are excellent additions to the full taco dog costume. We found so many choices that it was hard to limit them to four.

Rubies Pet Sombrero Hat

Rubies Pet Sombrero Hat is the perfect addition to any ensemble. It is so darn cute that it’s hard not to get one to complete the look. The hat comes in two sizes. Both measure 7 inches across. The brim and band are multi-colored, so it’s impossible not to notice it. Your pooch will be the hit of the day even if the hat is the only part of his taco dog costume.

It has an elastic strap to fit under his chin to keep it in place. It’s lightweight, so even reluctant pets may tolerate it. And it’s too darling not to get one for your dog.

csspet Dog Collar Bow Tie

The csspet Dog Collar Bow Tie lets you make your favorite food the theme every day with a collar that your pooch can wear all the time. It has a light blue background with images of tacos and all the fixings on it. It is adjustable to make it easy to get the right fit. It comes in five sizes with a decent range for each one. It also has a bow tie attachment for fancy dress occasions.

The product is handmade with cotton fabric. And if you want to step it up a notch, the seller has a matching leash with the same pattern.

DesignsbyCristal Taco Dog Bandana

The DesignsbyCristal Taco Dog Bandana stands out with its bright colors and cool design. The images of tacos and the accompaniments pop against the black background. It comes in seven sizes with variable openings for your pet’s collar. It’s machine-washable so that you can use it again and again. The product is not returnable, so measure accurately to avoid issues.

We love the look of the bandana. It is certainly a smart choice whenever you want to dress up your pooch. The price is right too.

DesignsbyCristal Taco Dog Collar

The DesignsbyCristal Taco Dog Collar gets to the point loud and clear. It is a regular collar that you can keep on your pet all the time. It has the “I Love Taco” message on the webbing with a plastic clip and nickel D-ring to attach a leash. The seller, by the way, sells matching ones. It is adjustable and comes in five sizes. The ranges are generous to ensure a good fit. We love its simple message.

Purchases ship within seven days. The seller accepts exchanges if the collar doesn’t fit properly.

DIY Taco Costume. How to Make It at Home Yourself

From the array of products we featured, you can see that you have lots of DIY options if you prefer to go with a homemade outfit. A bandana with a taco pattern is the easiest route. We like the simplicity and the fact that it is such a handsome choice.  It’s also an excellent compromise if your dog doesn’t want to wear anything on his back.

All you’ll need is a swatch of fabric with the appropriate design. You can then use a pattern to cut it to size. It works best if you sew a sleeve to slip through his collar. Then, you’ll know that it will stay in place, and he won’t be able to take it off of him. It’s an excellent way to make a handmade product. You can also create additional ones to keep your dog in style year-round.

Making the full ensemble isn’t difficult. You’ll need felt in colors for the shell and all the fixings inside of the taco. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you want. YOu’ll also have to have basic sewing supplies along with cardboard to support the side portions and Velcro to secure it. The advantage of going this route is that you can fit it to size. You can also add reinforcements on the fly to keep it on your pooch.

Taco Dog Costume Ideas From Around the Internet


More Ideas for Multi-Dog Families

The taco dog costume is a winner on its own. But if you have more than one pooch, you’ll have several options for adding to the fun. Stay on the Mexican fare theme or serve it up with other fast foods. Some ideas include:

  • Jalapeno
  • Piñata
  • Hotdog
  • Hamburger

Final Thoughts

Outfits for both adults and pets have moved well beyond the traditional cosplay like ghosts or witches. You’ll find that humor and creativity are on the menu with choices like a taco dog costume or other quirky outfits sure to score a hit. The great thing about it is you can let your imagination run wild. There are no rules. And this outfit lends itself well for pet contests or themed parties.

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