12 Best Dog Toys for Yorkies in 2023

Yorkies have huge personalities and are some of the original lap dogs. Don’t let their small size fool you. They’re fierce and curious, preferring to explore their environments with or without their favorite people depending on how the mood suits them.

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Your Yorkie will need a lot of activity to stimulate both the mind and discourage weight gain and bored destructiveness. They’re an active breed of dog and are prone to weight gain if left alone with no exercise. Even a little weight gain can have some pretty detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing, so toys that get them moving around are awesome.

As a small breed of dog, they could benefit from toys that provide comfort as well, including soft toys. Whether you choose these or puzzle toys, active toys or chew toys, toys are an essential part of your Yorkie’s life and can help keep its mind sharp and its body healthy.

No matter what kind of toy you’re looking for, we’ve got great options for you. We’ve put together a list of our top picks for a range of Yorkie toys that cover a variety of purposes. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you may have about what to look for and how to play with your Yorkie. Let’s take a look.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Yorkie

There are lots of options for toys, and not all of them accomplish the same thing. Let’s look at some common choices that can help keep your Yorkie happy and healthy.

  • Chew toys – These are some of the most popular toys we have because nearly everyone is familiar with a dog’s love of chewing. If dogs don’t get an outlet for their chewing tendencies, they can become destructive and highly frustrated. With a chew toy, your dog can indulge this urge in a safe and controlled way.
  • Puzzle toys – Dogs need an outlet for they’re boredom or curiosity, so puzzles toys give them the chance to use their brains to the fullest extent. Puzzle toys are great for breeds that have a natural curiosity drive and could be a great way to get your dog engaged in between walks or playtime with you.
  • Active toys – Toys like frisbees, balls, and rope toys encourage your dog to be as active as possible. They get your dog moving and can help your Yorkie exercise fully without you having to expend a ton of energy, perfect for after those long days at work.
  • Soft toys – Dogs need comfort, too, and soft toys can help your dog feel safe and comforted. Soft toys provide sweet relief for when your dog feels anxious or sad, and many dogs can sleep better with at least one soft toy at hand.  Yorkies are great options for soft toys because their small jaws are less likely to shred the toy to pieces, unlike some larger breeds.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Yorkies

Yorkies may be small, but they’re little athletic powerhouses. They’ll require a lot of exercise and stimulation and will need frequent bathroom breaks because of their small bladders. If you’re looking for a chill dog that can spend lots of time indoors, this isn’t the breed for you.

Yorkies thrive with the proper socialization and exercise, so toys that encourage the dog to use that famed agility and play with other dogs are great options. They’re also great at figuring out puzzles and were initially bred to chase down rats in the city. If you give on a stuffed mouse, you’ll be able to see this behavior in full action.

Their jaws are tiny, but toys still need to be good quality, so they don’t fall apart upon first glance. You’ll need to look for good seaming, durable materials, and preferably nothing that will shred or tear too easily.

Be aware that these dogs won’t back down from larger ones, so toys need to be supervised, especially in the presence of larger dogs. However, if your Yorkie is properly socialized and has a few friends, toys that encourage interaction and play can be a great way to keep your Yorkie happy and prevent destructive tendencies.

Toys are a vital part of your Yorkie’s life, so look for a range of toys that can accomplish different things. Your Yorkie needs plenty of activity and plenty of things to enrich its mind. Durable, quality toys are a great way to make sure that happens.

Best Dog Toys for Yorkie

Our list makes sure to address everything your Yorkie could want or need. These toys offer durability and plenty of enrichment for your Yorkie, whether for physical activity or mental stimulation. Let’s take a look and find the perfect collection for your feisty dog.

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy – Small

Best Overall

The Kong Wobbler is a classic Kong toy that should tackle your Yorkie’s urge to chew, urge to play, and urge to explore. It features Kong’s classic wobble design with a hole that dispenses kibble sized treats as your Yorkie moves it around. It encourages your Yorkie to play for a while, making treats fall out and remaining active for a longer period.

It’s excellent for Yorkies that need a lot of activity. You can use some of your Yorkie’s food serving if your dog has a hard time eating slowly, and it can encourage your Yorkie to act out all that energy and drive. Because it tackles so many different activities, it’s sure to be a favorite.

Nylabone Durachew Small Wishbone

Best for Aggressive Chewers

If your Yorkie has a consistent chewing problem, a Nylabone is an excellent option. It uses a sturdy material that can withstand even tough chewing, and the material can help soothe itchy gums and prevent plaque build-up. Plus, it helps ease the urge your dog has to chew and keeps them happily chewing on something that isn’t your shoes or the couch. Win, win.

Your Yorkie can use the natural shape of the wishbone to reach both the front and the back teeth, and the toy won’t crack or splinter the way other chewables sometimes will. It also won’t stain your carpet or floors the way other chewing toys will.

Kong Extreme Medium Bone

Most Durable Dog Toy

Kong’s toys are excellent for extreme chewers, and this medium bone toy is excellent for especially exuberant Yorkies. It’s best for larger sized Yorkies because of the bone size, but it can withstand plenty of chewing from even the biggest chewer around.

You can add little treats into the ends of the bone to make things more interesting, and the sturdy rubber material helps massage gums and prevent some plaque build-up. Make sure you toss the toy if it ever splits, but you should be able to get a lot of wear and tear out of it before that happens.

Outward Hound Puzzle Squirrel Toy

Best Interactive Puzzle Toy

If your Yorkie likes to corners small animals in real life or pretend, take advantage of that urge with this adorable squirrel toy. It comes with a log and several squirrels that you can stuff inside. Your Yorkie can sniff out the squirrels, digging them out of the holes one by one.

They each squeak so your Yorkie can play with the squirrels or the whole toy. You can also buy replacement squirrels if your dog happens to get one apart. It’s soft and offers excellent and fun play while also stimulating your Yorkie’s brain.

Chuckit Ultra Ring Launcher

Best Dog Launcher

For a fun toy that launches and bounces all over the place, a Chuckit ring launcher is a great option. It has a ring that bounces erratically, sending your Yorkie running and jumping to track it down. The design is easy for most Yorkies to put into their mouths, and the material is durable enough to withstand some chewing along the way.

The launcher helps you send the ring further without stressing out your shoulder. If your Yorkie is a huge fetch fan, this can help your sessions last for longer without tiring you out.

Rope with Squeaky Ball Toy

Best Rope Toy

There’s nothing Yorkies love more than a squeaky ball toy. This rope toy has plenty to unravel but also has the bouncy advantage of a fun ball that makes plenty of noise. The ball encourages your Yorkie to play in many different ways while the rope toy is fun for your dog to unravel. It’s a toy that is interesting and features plenty of long term fun.

The tight rope weave should hold up through many play sessions, and it’s also got enough rope around the ball if you want to play tug of war. Overall, a fun, multipurpose rope toy.

Petzone IQ Treat Toy

Best Treat Dispenser Toy

This dispenser toy is excellent for giving your Yorkie some treats now and again. It has space inside for kibble style treats, and as your dog moves the ball around, the treats come out one by one. It encourages your dog to explore and to move around.

You can take it completely apart to clean it and remove any grime or leftover bits of treats from inside. It’s a durable material and rolls well even on carpet, so your Yorkie can play regardless of the surface. It comes in two different sizes to accommodate different sizes of Yorkie.

ZippyPaws Pizza Toy

Best Squeaky Toy

This soft squeaky toy is an excellent option for Yorkies because the pizza isn’t too big and it has a fun noise in the middle. It’s cuddly and encourages your dog to engage. The toy is a durable material with reinforced seaming and low stuffing, so there’s less of a chance your dog will get it all over the place if it happens to come apart.

However, we think this durable toy will offer plenty of fun for your Yorkie. It’s intended for smaller dogs, so it fits well with your Yorkie’s bite pattern and won’t be too overwhelming.

USA Bones with Hooves Chew Rope Toy

Made in the USA

Rope toys with a little extra help keep your dog engaged and encourage your Yorkie to chew on something other than your couch. This one features hooves that have been sanded down to a curve to prevent splintering during chewing. Dogs love the smell, and this toy is sure to be a favorite. It addresses chewing, encourages active play, and stimulates your dog’s mind as it unravels the rope. The best part is that all parts of the toy are made in the United States, so you can support your local economy while offering your dog the best toys available.

Best Dog Toys for Yorkie Puppies

Puppies need love too. Toys can help encourage developing brains and build strength and agility, so don’t skimp on the toys just because your sweet Yorkie is a puppy. There are lots of toys that can help with development and bring a whole lot of fun. These are our favorites.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Ring

Best Teething Toy

Nylabone’s puppy toy uses a series of rings to help soothe gums and get to the back teeth. They’re enjoyable to chew and have texture so that your puppy never gets bored. Nylabone’s material is ultra-durable and won’t splinter or crack even with heavy chewing. If your puppy is chewing up your things constantly, this can help stop that. Make sure you check the toy regularly for signs of wear and tear, but overall, it should last a long time.

Fido Puppy’s First Bone

Another Great Teething Toy

The Fido bone is a textured chewing toy that encourages safe chewing habits. It gently massages your puppy’s itchy gums and helps keep teeth cleaner in between brushings. It’s flavored, so it will keep interest and it won’t stain your flooring as your dog chews. It’s a great option for smaller dogs and is safe for your puppy’s developing teeth. Inspect it regularly for signs of cracking or sharp bits that can hurt gums.

ZippyPaws Skinny Pelts Toys

Best Plush Toy

This three-pack of toys use soft plush on the exterior with no stuffing on the inside. They make fun noises and should be able to withstand some serious chewing. The toys resemble forest animals and have squeakers on the inside for a fun addition to your Yorkie’s toy collection.

When your dog wants comfort, their soft exterior offers it. They’re easy to spot clean, and you can use them all at once for a fun collection, or gently replace the toys as each gets some wear and tear. Plus, they’re affordable and look cute.

Tips for Entertaining Your Yorkie

Toys are great for a Yorkie’s health and wellbeing. They’re essential pieces to keeping your Yorkie happy and content. They go a long way to reducing boredom and destructive behaviors as well as helping you bond with your Yorkie at any age.

  1. Make sure you provide plenty of water during playtimes with your Yorkie. Yorkies are driven dogs, and you may not notice signs of heat overload or exhaustion until it’s a serious issue. Give your Yorkie frequent breaks so that it can rest.
  2. Toys that get your Yorkie moving while allowing you to rest are a fun way to fill in time when you don’t feel like going on a run or long walk. Fetch toys that you can launch to give your Yorkie something to chase help reduce energy. If the toy also bounces erratically, your little companion can tap into that natural energy to chase it all over the place like the small animals it was bred to catch.
  3. Puzzle toys can be good options for giving your Yorkie treats or helping your Yorkie slow down when eating. Serving sizes for Yorkies are very small, so make sure you aren’t adding in extra calories with treats throughout the day. Count those serving sizes and calories carefully.
  4. Yorkies are naturally curious and prone to tracking small animals, so use that energy to your advantage. You can hide toys around the house and help your Yorkie sniff them out. Squeaky toys are great for this because they mimic the sounds of small prey. Any toy or game that taps into what your dog was bred to do is going to be a huge favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toys are appropriate for a Yorkie?

Yorkies were bred to hunt and corner small animals without growing tired in the process, so you’ll need toys that help keep that energy in check. Squeaky toys could be particularly effective with this breed because they sound like small prey, getting your Yorkie excited and keeping it more engaged.

Can toys eliminate chewing?

If your Yorkie is prone to chewing, or you have a puppy currently, a chew toy can certainly help curb that behavior. However, you need to make an effort to supervise your Yorkie and prevent boredom overall as a way to manage any destructive behaviors.

What’s the best toy for a Yorkie puppy?

Puppies need support for both growing minds and bodies. Chew toys are great for soothing irritated gums, but puzzle toys can help your puppy practice critical thinking skills while active toys like small balls or rope toys help with socialization and activity levels. Yorkies can be terrors if not trained and socialized correctly, so the use of toys can help mitigate those negative behaviors.

How do I keep my Yorkie safe during playtime?

Yorkies should always be supervised during play. They can fit into tight spaces and have no fear of either bigger dogs and animals or unknown areas. If you don’t have a watchful eye, your Yorkie can get into a lot of trouble. Outdoors, your Yorkie should always be supervised. Inside, make sure you examine toys regularly for signs of wear and discard any that are falling apart.

Can toys help with socialization?

Absolutely, but make sure you always supervise any playtime your Yorkie has with other dogs. Yorkies don’t know their own size or abilities and could quickly get into trouble it can’t handle. However, your Yorkie needs time socializing because negative behaviors such as aggression or jealousy can quickly become an issue.


Yorkies have big personalities and fun-loving curiosity. Toys that tap into that natural energy and drive with toys, and you’ll have a seriously happy Yorkie on your hands. They also love to explore and need plenty of time outdoors if for no other reason than their small bladders, so a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor toys can go a long way to keeping your Yorkie satisfied.

Be sure you always supervise playtime, but that’s just one more reason to spend time with your favorite little hunter.

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