Australian Shepherd Shampoo: Our 6 Picks For The Best Shampoo for Australian Shepherds

The stunning gaze of an Australian Shepherd has captivated dog lovers for years. But, these beautiful dogs are not just for looks. Their hard work has earned them a spot among the hardest working dogs in the world. From rescue and disaster dogs to herding cattle or assisting someone with a disability, Australian Shepherds are up to the most challenging task. However, all of this energy and intelligence needs to be guided wisely to do well.

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An Australian Shepherd’s loyalty, hard work, and incredible smarts make them a spectacular working and or adventure dog. But, as these intelligent dogs are always on the move, running and herding, they are not for the faint of heart or a first-time dog owner. Additionally, their long, luscious hair needs a bit of upkeep to be kept looking good.

The coat of an Australian Shepherd is double-layered, with the outer layer being quite long. If they are a working dog, this could mean getting messy and potentially having matted hair if not taken care of properly. With this, it is crucial to have a penetrating shampoo that you can work in well into the undercoat. This will help keep your Australian Shepherd’s skin moisturized and keep it from flaking.

Lastly, a good shampoo for an Australian Shepherd will retain the hair’s natural oils to help keep dirt and mud at bay. With the natural oils intact, an Australian Shepherd’s long, luscious hair will tangle less and be more comfortable to brush through when you do need to. The right shampoo will also slow down shedding, which is essential if they spend any time inside. So, focus on choosing a solid shampoo for your dog, and you will have a much easier time with the upkeep of their coat.

Each of these shampoo options will keep your Australian Shepherd’s coat balance, smooth, and ready for anything you throw at it.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Top-Rated Australian Shepherd Shampoo

The double-layered coat of a working Australian Shepherd has unique characteristics that need to be cared for. With proper care, the shedding will be lessened, brushing will be smoother, and your dog will be softer. Make sure to brush your Aussie thoroughly before their bath to loosen hair and dirt beforehand. If you do not, even the best shampoo job will leave you frustrated. For the most effective shampoo for your Australian Shepherd, check out these things to consider.

Rosemary Extract or Oil

Rosemary is incredible for any dogs’ health. It has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. So, for an Australian shepherd, this is especially helpful if they are outside working and find themselves in different bodies of water or getting an occasional scratch from brambles.

Along with this, rosemary acts as a natural bug repellent. When working dogs are outside running all day, it is essential to keep them protected from ticks and fleas. Having rosemary in the shampoo will add extra protection to whatever regimen you already use. Between these properties, it is truly beneficial if you can find a shampoo for your Australian Shepherd that has rosemary extract or oil in it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been soothing burns and sores for thousands of years. But, it can also be used to keep a dog’s coat soft and moisturized. When Australian Shepherds are outside for long periods, they tend to accumulate a bit of dirt that can work its way down next to the skin. This dirt can be irritating and can dry out the dog’s skin. So, having a shampoo with aloe vera can help clean and moisturize these areas at the same time.

Additionally, if your Australian Shepherd tends to get a few bumps on their journeys, the aloe can soothe their bumps and scrapes and speed healing. So, between the softness, moisturizing capabilities, and healing properties, aloe is a must in any good shampoo for Australian Shepherds.

Alcohol-Free Cleanser

Alcohol-based shampoos effectively sanitize and dry out a dog. If something is infected, then alcohol ointments can be great, but it is not right in a shampoo, especially for an Australian Shepherd. Instead, look for natural cleansing agents, such as oatmeal, wheat protein, and bentonite clay. These are still able to bind to dirt and grease to rinse them away without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

These natural cleansers also moisturize and soothe as they work. They can do double duty, removing dirt and grime will simultaneously restore moisture to the skin. This, in turn, keeps your Australian Shepherd’s skin elastic and supple, which is essential when they are working hard and running outside.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerhouse when it comes to the benefits it provides. It contains capric and caprylic acid, which have antifungal uses. This can help immensely if an Australian Shepherd has gotten any bumps, bites, or scrapes. The calming properties of coconut oil help calm your dog, making bath time even more comfortable. Also, coconut oil deodorizes. So, if your dog has trouble getting the stink off, consider coconut oil in their next shampoo.

Coconut oil may also help repel fleas and can keep flea allergy dermatitis at bay. Finally, coconut oil is an energizing compound. For some owners, that may sound daunting, But, most Australian Shepherds are working dogs, and some, especially older ones, may need an extra boost now and then.

The 6 Best Dog Shampoos for Australian Shepherd

Skout’s Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

Best Overall

Skout’s Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Pet Shampoo & Conditioner combines knowledge of probiotics with a 97% natural formula to work with your Australian Shepherd’s natural coat. Incorporating both avocado and coconut oil, this shampoo moisturizes and keeps the omega-3’s on their skin balanced. This allows them to not only look good but feel it, too.

The rosemary, aloe, and argan oil also help keep allergies at bay. Depending on the genetics and exposure, some Australian Shepherds develop skin allergies, especially along their legs and rear end. This shampoo works at the root of the issue, helping the skin and coat build up their natural protective layer.

4-Legger Organic, Hypoallergenic Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Some of the best shampoos have a few, simple ingredients. That is how 4-Legger’s Organic, Hypoallergenic Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo quickly made it on this list. With six simple ingredients, this shampoo is best for Australian Shepherds, who have skin sensitivities or allergies. The organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils cleanse your dog’s coat without interfering with the natural pH balance.

Next, the lemongrass and rosemary essential oils combat any fungus or bacteria trying to form on their short undercoat. All the while, the aloe vera in this shampoo calms the skin and smooths the coat. These simple ingredients help immensely with red, itchy skin and hair loss. So, if you need help restoring or keeping your Australian Shepherd’s coat, 4-Legger is an excellent place to start.

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey for Dogs

Burt’s Bees entered the world of dog shampoo with their Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey for Dogs. They chose the combination of colloidal oat flour to clean and honey and beeswax to hydrate. Some Australian Shepherds develop hot spots if they have places that are irritated regularly, such as on their paws. The beeswax and honey help create a protective, almost waxy barrier, to help heal these spots.

In addition, Burt’s Bees put green tea extract in this shampoo. Green tea is a potent antioxidant, protecting skin against pollutants in the environment. The flavonoids in green tea assist the immune response of the skin, helping your dog fight external pollutants on their own. So, this shampoo is a great choice when trying to rejuvenate a shepherd’s coat.

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Made with a desire to promote optimal health in man’s best friend, Buddy Wash’s Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is a budget-friendly yet excellent option. The alcohol-free formula helps keep moisture where it should be: in the skin and coat of your Australian Shepherd. For these high-energy pooches, the relaxing green tea and bergamot help keep them calm when they are getting bathed.

Buddy Wash also includes nettle, sage, chamomile, and tea tree oil and extracts to help your Australian Shepherd smell delightful for a few days after their bath. These herbs also pair well with the vitamin E and C to nourish each hair on their coat, leaving them extra soft. So, Buddy Wash is a reliable choice if you need a deep clean and a softening conditioner for your Australian Shepherd.

Fieldworks Moosh Dog Shampoo with Neem and Argan Oil

The Moosh Dog Shampoo is a unique product that can be especially helpful with the thicker coat on an Australian Shepherd. The bentonite clay in this shampoo is the cleansing agent. It is much easier to rinse than many alternatives. After lathering a dog up in shampoo, it is just as important to rinse thoroughly so that extra product is not left weighing down their coat.

Moreover, Fieldwork’s included neem and argan oils for their natural antiseptic powers to keep the skin calm, even after a long, hard day of work. The shea butter adds to the shine and silk of the naturally beautiful coat of this breed without being cumbersome. Lastly, this shampoo is 100% organic, so you can have full confidence that it is safe for your furry friend.

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

For those long days herding cattle or service their master, an Australian Shepherd deserves a deep clean. Earthbath has combined their natural and environmentally safe passion into a shampoo. Complete with oatmeal, aloe, vanilla, and almond, they have created a healthy and natural option for your Australian Shepherd.

With few ingredients to interact with the valuable properties of the colloidal oatmeal, this is one of the most moisturizing shampoos we have found. For any itchy or dry skin on your Australian Shepherd, the aloe will help calm the redness. The best part may be that you can use this shampoo outside without worrying about any chemical runoff. Made of completely natural ingredients, the sudsy shampoo runoff can go back into the ground without any environmental concerns.

3 Tips for Bathing an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are smart, cunning, and have quite a bit of hair, meaning bath time can pose some challenge. Here are a few tips for keeping it simple:

  1. Prep for drying in advance. An Australian Shepherd loves to shake off the excess water then roll in mud or leaves soon after a bath. So, have towels at the ready to minimize the time they can shower their surroundings with water. Make sure they are dry before letting them roll around outside to keep their coat cleaner for longer.
  2. Apply shampoo with your hands. Aussie’s have a thick coat and undercoat. By putting the shampoo on your hands rather than directly onto the dog, you can apply and massage the shampoo into the undercoat much easier, producing a deeper clean.
  3. Block off the escape route. Australian Shepherds are masters at herding cattle into small spaces, and they are ingenious at escaping through them, too. So, make sure they have nowhere to run when starting a bath, or you may just end up chasing them down.


How Often Should You Bathe an Australian Shepherd?

If your Australian Shepherd is a working dog, they will likely need to be bathed every four to six weeks, depending on how messy they get. When dirt is accumulating or when any signs of tangles, irritated skin, or allergies appear, it is time to bathe. For an indoor Aussie, you can go up to every four to six months between baths.

Will Shampoo Remove Tree Sap or Other Sticky Substances From My Shepherd’s Coat?

Most natural dog shampoos will not be strong enough to remove sap or gum from a dog’s coat. But, this is still quite common with working dogs. Instead, use a fine-toothed comb to work out the stickiness. If that does not work, try rubbing an ice cube over the area. Lastly, you can trim off the hair if needed.

Do I Need to Dry My Australian Shepherd After Their Bath?

Usually, Australian Shepherds should be dried after a bath. They are used to warm climates. On a hot summer day, you can skip drying them. But, if a breeze or cooler temperatures is rolling in, it is crucial to dry them. Their thick coat can stay wet for a long time, which may cool some Aussies more than they are comfortable.

What Is the Best Shampoo to Deodorize My Australian Shepherd?

Natural shampoo with oatmeal, wheat, or clay will quickly deodorize any dog. These ingredients bind to the smelliest dirt and grime to hurry them away. Many shampoos have additional, natural scents to keep your dog smelling good. From citrus and vanilla to nutmeg or rosemary, you can find almost any smell under the sun.

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