8 Best Dog Collars for Corgis in 2024

Whether you have a Cardigan or Pembroke, the Welsh Corgi is a wonderful dog. Interestingly, though these two Corgis share a name and have quite a few common traits, they’re completely different breeds.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a popular breed in the U.S., taking 12th in the AKC’s popular breeds rankings. The tailless Pembroke is well known for their short-legged stance and waggly bottoms. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is too, except that they also sport a bushy tail on their hindquarters.

Both are sturdy, deep-chested, and friendly dogs that belong to the “herding” group, so they have the energy needed to herd cattle. They’re also loyal and loving house dogs, with a “big dog” bark that belies their diminutive stature.

They are also a dwarf species, with larger heads and bodies on tiny little legs. They are, however, pretty healthy for a purebred dog, with only a few well-known health problems.

These little dogs have great big personalities and need a collar that fits them right, as well as that properly accentuates the cuteness of the breed. After all, when you have a Corgi, why not make sure they’re as adorable as possible?

In this article, we’ve gathered the best Corgi collars that money can buy. We’ll also be referring to the breeds by the simple term Corgi, as their collar needs are nearly identical. No matter which breed you have, you’ll find the best Corgi collar on our list.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Collar for Corgis

As working dogs, Corgis are stronger and more energetic than their short legs may clue you in on. They love to run and do so more smoothly than non-Corgi owners would imagine. They are agreeable, outgoing, and easily trainable dogs who melt stranger’s hearts in the park.

Corgis are known for becoming overweight, so they need plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. Have we mentioned they’re adorable? Their cuteness may lead to too many treats or even human foods being in their diet, so you may want to purchase a highly adjustable one, in case they gain a little weight.

Another thing to keep in mind for Corgi collars is that you don’t want them too wide, or they may cause the dog’s neck to look short. Sturdy, high-quality collars with the appropriate length and width and a reliable clasp are a must for every breed.

Corgi’s necks are wider and gently sloped, generally averaging 14 to 16 inches in diameter, and their head slightly smaller, with big ears. You don’t want a collar that’s too loose, or it may end up slipping over their heads. Collars should also have sturdy D-rings or circular rings to hold licensing information and other tags required by your local and state regulations.

As a final consideration, the Corgi’s double coat sheds a lot. All the time. Daily slicker brushing can keep the amount of hair in your home down. You’ll want a collar that isn’t too tough to remove when it’s time to give them proper brushing.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Corgis

Your Corgi may be the best-behaved dog in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they should be off-leash when out and about. It’s not just merely polite to keep even well-mannered and trained animals leashed, in most areas, it’s the law.

A well-made and trustworthy collar with a quality clasp is essential for your Corgi. You’ll also want to be sure that it has spaces for any necessary tags, including rabies vaccination tags, registration, and “My Name Is” vanity tags, to help get them home if they wander.

There are plenty of types of collars for Corgis. There are also different types of clasps, including belt-style buckles, seat belt style, and the common side-release plastic or metal closures.

Personalized collars can say your dog’s name and phone number, or a short message, and help keep your Corgi safe if their tags become detached. They’re also super cute, in general.

Reflective collars appear to light up when hit by lights, like car headlights. They don’t have a light source, but reflect light at the viewer, making the collar stand out when you have to do night walks with your dog. These collars add a little extra safety.

Vanity collars for corgis are cute, and that’s the point. From bowties to awesome handkerchiefs looks, these collars are unapologetically about dressing your dog up a little, without you having to change a thing.

Leather collars are strong, reliable, and generally come with simple and strong buckles. They may not be your first thought, but good leather looks good on about anyone, including your Corgi.

Woven collars are made of fabric or other textiles and appear to be “clothlike.” Many are highly adjustable, and in general, they’re plenty sturdy. When it comes to colors and patterns available, the sky’s the limit for woven dog collars.

Overall Best Dog Collars for Corgis

We’ve chosen our winner based on great reviews, sturdy construction, and unique styling. This collar takes the prize as our top option, but make sure to check out our entire list for more unique collars.

Buckle-Down Vintage U.S. Flag Dog Collar

Best Overall

Featuring patriotic styling, the Buckle-Down Vintage U.S. Flag dog collar is just what it sounds like. The unique buckle closure is exactly like a car buckle. Slide the male clasp portion into the buckle, click in for safe and tight connection, and then simply press the center button to release it.

Not only does this make taking the collar off easier than ever, but putting it on an uncooperative Corgi shouldn’t be too much trouble either. This collar is perfect for patriotic pups, who love a little kitsch in their collar—but not too much.

7 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for Corgis

Not every dog lover has the same taste, and not every Corgi has the same personality. These collars are all winners in their own right, having earned a place on our list due to unique features, looks, and high ratings.

Weaver Pet Sundance Leather Dog Collar

The Sundance is a gorgeous tooled leather collar that perfectly fits your BoHo styling. This whimsically shaped collar features sturdy rivets, D-ring, and a standard buckle clasp. Each area of widened leather sports a floral-inspired brooch.

This collar is perfect for that extra little something to fit your short dog’s big personality and match your own. It does border on a Western look and could be worn equally well by both male and female pups.

Blueberry Pet Holo Glitter with Flower

Is your dog a diva? Then you need this Most Coveted Holo Glitter collar with removable flower by Blueberry Pet. It screams, “look at me. I’m a su-paw-star!” The flower can be removed, for when your Corgi feels like dressing down, but the holographic glitter keeps on shining.

This collar is perfect for the over the top Corgi, and owner, who can carry off a little extra glitz and glam. Made of high-quality polyester webbing, and closed with vintage gold-toned classic buckle hardware, it’s reliable as well as perfectly sassy in every way. Even if it looks fragile, the sturdy buckle should help this collar hold up on all your pup’s adventures.

OmniPet Signature Leather Heart

This well-made leather collar displays metal hearts instead of studs like the classic leather-metal look, available in red, pink, blue, and black. Perfect for dogs that want just a touch of class with their timeless appeal and friendly grin. Not to mention, the leather material is sure to hold up a little bit better than some other choices.

The Corgi in your life is sure to love it, in whatever color you choose. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, this simple yet classy collar is a great choice.

GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

This nylon collar by GoTags isn’t just reflective for safety, but it’s also personalized with your dog’s name and phone number. Perfect for those dogs that tend to wander off, it eliminates the worry that lost tags will stop good Samaritans from getting your contact info.

You don’t have to personalize the collar with your phone number, however, and can choose to put short messages on the collar instead.

You get 25 characters, including spaces, to personalize the collar for your fur baby. It has 5 color options, with 15 options for thread color.

Another perk? It’s machine washable and perfect for pups who like to get a bit dirty while playing.

Halti OptiFit Headcollar

This collar is less fancy and more service. The headcollar offers greater control over spunky dogs with pulling issues. If your Corgi is headstrong or used to walking you, this collar is perfect for you. Available in black with red trim, this collar could be your secret weapon for pull-free walking.

This collar is also approved for use in lure coursing and coursing trials according to AKC rules. If your herding dog participates in these contests or has a pulling issue, this collar may become your favorite purchase.

OmniPet Spiked & Studded Latigo

OmniPet brings us this classic spiked and studded look in a svelte leather collar perfect for your Corgi with attitude. Available in both burgundy and black leather, with a metal buckle, this collar looks “hard” but is surprisingly soft and supple. If you love the look of a “little tuffy,” this is perfect.

The one complaint that we’ve found is some sizing issues, where the collar runs small. You’ll probably want to order a size up to make sure it fits right.

Pettsie Bow Tie Dog Collar

Last, but definitely not least, the Pettsie Bow Tie collar is not just deliciously hip, it’s made of hemp—a highly renewable resource that every environmentally conscious Corgi will appreciate. Sporting a lightweight 100 percent birch wood bow tie, this adjustable collar has a plastic buckle.

The durable fashion statement collar comes with one more irresistible extra: a matching hemp friendship bracelet for you! This collar and bracelet combo has a lot to love.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to address some of the most frequently asked questions we come across about Corgi collars. The more you know, the better, when it comes to buying gear for your buddy.

Does my dog need a collar?

When you leave your house, your dog needs a collar or harness to attach a lead, to keep him and other animals safe. While your dog does not need a collar indoors, it can be easier to put one on them when you go outside if they wear one full time. You also need a spot for tags, whether rabies vaccine records or registration tags. So, collars are a good idea for your Corgi full time. That has a hidden benefit of allowing you to also dress up your best friend with cool gear.

How much does a dog collar cost?

Dog collar costs vary greatly, from a few dollars to astoundingly expensive ones with real precious stones. On average, you can expect to invest anywhere from $10 to $40, depending on the size and materials used.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar?

That depends on your local, county, and state laws. Most places have leash laws but don’t mandate a collar, only that the dog be securely leashed.


Your Corgi is quirky, energetic, and likely loves to be out and about. Choosing the perfect collar for a Corgi isn’t super complicated, you want to make sure it fits well, isn’t too wide, and above all, makes you smile every time you see it. If you aren’t sure where to start with the best Corgi collar, try giving one of the highly-rated products above a try!

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