8 Best Dog Collars for German Shorthaired Pointer in 2024

Does your dog need a new collar, but you don’t know which one is best? Choosing a collar for your German shorthaired pointer is an essential task because collars help to keep your pup safe.

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Since this is a hunting breed, you will need to make sure whatever collar you choose is sturdy and durable. Even if you never plan to use your pup for hunting, it will still need plenty of exercise and outdoor time, which means that you want a heavy-duty collar that you can easily wash to keep it clean.

By ensuring you buy the right collar, you can help make your dog more comfortable, safe, and easier to control. Nothing is worse than a pup running out of control, especially a high-energy German shorthaired pointer that can probably run faster and longer than you.

As you look at the options available, keep in mind the specific traits of this breed. Issues such as pulling and never-ending energy will play a huge role in the decisions you make to ensure you get the right collar that will work for your dog. You also want to think about your pup’s temperament since, despite their breed, dogs are a lot like humans in that they have individual personalities. When you focus on the needs of your pet, you can find a collar that is a perfect fit.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Collar for German Shorthaired Pointer

According to the American Kennel Club, a German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium-sized sporting dog. They can weigh up to 70 pounds and have boundless energy, which means you need to ensure your dog receives proper training to allow you to keep it under control.

The good news is this breed is easy to train because it is eager to please. This friendly dog is incredibly loving and will do pretty much anything to make you proud as it will develop a secure bond with you.

When it comes to German shorthaired pointer collars, a wrong choice can make it tough to control your dog and can lead to injuries for you and the pup. Temperament plays a significant role in choosing the right collar and ensuring it will be adequate.

German shorthaired pointers are powerful dogs. They have a lot of lean muscle, so it makes them quick as well. If you lose control, then your dog can get away fast and end up in trouble. Always choose a collar that has a sturdy buckle or closure because this breed will break a weak one.

Keep in mind that these dogs also pull, so you want a collar that will help tame this. As a pup, you may need to use a harness to avoid throat injuries and to curb pulling urges.

If you take your pup hunting, then you also have additional concerns. Your dog will need to be safe, so you want visibility aspects to a collar. You also need to think about your pup’s ID tags. It needs to wear them in case it gets away from you, but the noise from them clinking together can scare off prey, so a collar with tag silencing can be a good option.

Different Types of Dog Collars for German Shorthaired Pointer

There is a range of different styles in dog collars from which you can choose. Most styles will work for a German shorthaired pointer, but some may be a better choice, especially during the training years.

The most common and easiest to find option is a standard flat collar. It lays flat on the neck and usually has a closure that buckles or snaps together. Many of these have plastic closures, so be cautious about this. They may not be strong enough for your pup, especially if you have not completed training. Another issue with this collar is it is easy for a dog to slip out. Since this breed is crafty, curious, and independent, this might be an issue you face.

The Humane Society explains an alternative to a standard collar is a martingale collar. It is a self-tightening collar that will close on your dog’s neck when it pulls. The style works well for this breed since it has pulling issues and is an ideal collar to use during training, but you would not want to use it as an everyday collar because of the choking potential. It is also a much better choice over choker chains, which are often too extreme and could hurt your pup. As long as you put this on and adjust it correctly, it should not choke your dog but offer gentle redirection.

A head collar is another option. It looks like a horse bridle and contains a muzzle. If your pup has issues with being too excited about meeting other dogs or people, many of these head collars have the option to tighten the muzzle to curb problems.

It also allows you to stay in control better than other collars that have you lead from the neck area because you can guide your pup by its nose. Because it is ideal for use with strong dogs, this may work the best for the energy level you will get with this breed. Again, this is not an everyday collar but rather a training collar only.

Harnesses are the last option. They work like a vest that goes around your pup’s body, taking pressure off the head or neck. They may clip in the back or front. Back-clip harnesses are not the best choice for the German shorthaired pointer because it can lead to pulling, which is already an issue. A front clip style is the better choice as it makes it easier to control pulling. You may want to use a harness when your dog is a puppy since it is a little more gentle than other collars.

Overall Best Dog Collar for German Shorthaired Pointer

Blueberry Pet Classic Dog Collar

The best everyday wear collar for your German shorthaired pointer, in my opinion, is the Blueberry Pet Classic Dog Collar. It is a standard flat design that comes in a range of colors with matching leashes. You can get it in sizes from extra small to large, which means you should have no trouble getting different sizes as your pup grows.

It is durable and well-made using nylon, a strong material that will stand up to this breed. It also won’t stretch out of shape, so you’ll be able to get a lot of use from it before you need to replace it due to your dog’s growth. The buckle is recycled plastic, making it not only tough but also eco-friendly, which is a nice perk. You can also wash it in your washing machine, so it is simple to keep clean.

The design is simple and works perfectly fine for general wear. You will need to buy another collar for training, but that is something you have to do anyway because training collars are not for everyday wear.

7 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for German Shorthaired Pointer

I want to give you a few more options from which to choose if the Blueberry collar doesn’t suit your tastes. Remember, you want to grab up a training collar, which I provide you with some excellent choices in those.

Mighty Paw All-Metal Hardware Reflective Dog Collar

The Mighty Paw dog collar is another option with reflective properties. It uses lightweight alloy and nylon webbing to provide a secure fit. The quick-release snap buckle helps with safety, especially out in the field hunting where something might snag your pup.

Coming in sizes from small to large, it also features tag silencers, which is ideal if you take your pup hunting. Combine that with the reflective stitching, and you get an ideal collar for a sporting dog.

Frisco Martingale Dog Collar with Buckle

The martingale style makes for an excellent training collar for the German shorthaired pointer. This one from Frisco comes in multiple color choices and sizes small to large. It has a separate ring for ID tags and is easy to clean.

The collar is woven nylon, giving it strength and durability to stand up to the demands your pup will put on it. It should handle an extreme puller as you work through those urges and get your dog on track to follow your commands.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar

The headcollar design of this PetSafe collar helps discourage an independent canine that doesn’t seem to respond well to your training tactics. If you have a dog that exhibits a strong personality, then this might be the right choice for a training collar. It lets you lead easier and reduces pulling since it attaches on the head.

Don’t worry about comfort, though. Your pup will be fine thanks to the neoprene padding. It also puts pressure on the back of the head and is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. It comes in sizes petite to extra large and in many color options.

Pawtitas Reflective Dog Collar

If you want to take your dog out hunting, you will need to consider its safety. This collar from Pawtitas has reflective stitching that will help make your pup more visible even in low light. It is one solid strip of fabric, giving it strength, and has special weaving to increase durability.

The collar is tear-resistant and reinforced to make it ideal for rugged conditions or a powerful dog. It comes in sizes from extra small to large and in a range of colors.

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

If leather is the look you want for your dog, then this Logical leather collar is for you. It has full-grain leather with a padded lining for comfort since leather can be stiff and could cause irritation. It comes in sizes small to extra large with a few color options.

It is easy to care for since it is waterproof and you can wipe off dirt. The hardware is incredibly durable with a secure buckle. It won’t fray like cloth colors and is sturdy. This collar makes an excellent choice for an energetic breed like the German shorthaired pointer.

Halti Dog Headcollar

The Halti headcollar comes in four sizes to find the perfect fit. It provides a gentle and pain-free way to steer your pup and stop pulling. The lead comes from the nose and not the head, which may be more suitable for finicky animals than other headcollar designs.

The collar does have a muzzle option that allows you to tighten it when needed. It’s simple to loosen and tighten while also not putting pressure on the neck for comfort. It also doesn’t have metal parts that contact skin, which can protect your dog against skin irritation or fur damage.

OmniPet RealTree APC Kwik Klip Dog Collar

With RealTree fabric, this collar is perfect for hunting and RealTree fans. It features a high-impact plastic Kwik Klip buckle that lets you take it off or put it on quickly. It is adjustable for a proper fit from pup to adult and comes in sizes small to large.

The sturdy collar is nylon and comes in three widths. You can also buy a matching leash. It comes in your choice of standard camo or pink camo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special needs for a hunting dog collar?

Since the German shorthaired pointer is a sporting dog, you may want to take your pup with you on a hunt. If you do, make sure the collar you choose has waterproof properties and is easy to clean. You should either select camo or hunter orange. It also helps if the collar is resistant to odors if you hunt prey with strong scent aversions. Finally, look for features that will allow you to put on the tags without them jingling together.

How do I measure my dog for a collar?

It depends on the type of collar. Those that go around the head require special measuring, and the manufacturer should supply you with instructions for this. Neck collars are a little easier because you just measure around your pup’s neck and add two inches.

How do I know it’s time for a new collar?

Beyond the obvious reasons of breakage or stretching, you also need to consider your dog’s size. If you buy a collar when it is a pup, then you will need to change collars throughout its stages of growth. American Humane suggests that you make sure you can always fit two fingers under the collar to ensure proper fit. If it is too tight, then it is time to get a new collar. Check puppies weekly for fit. You should also check older dogs often as collar fit may change with the season or weight fluctuations.

The Right Fit

Finding the right German shorthaired pointer collar means paying attention to your dog’s needs. Once you get to know your dog, you will understand the type of collar that will work best, and any of the highly-rated options I list here are a top-notch choice.

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