Best Dog Dental Chews 2023 : Chew Toys For Clean & Healthy Teeth

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is a vital part of health and wellbeing, but it can be tough to care for teeth regularly. Some dogs struggle with tooth brushing and frequent trips to the vet to clean hardened plaque and tarter can be expensive.

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Dental chews take advantage of most dogs’ natural chewing urge to help maintain proper dental care. These chews use the chewing motion to scrape plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth and maintain better dental health in between official cleanings.

Let’s take a look at some dental chews that are great for your dog’s health and answer a few questions you may have about them.

Different Uses For Dental Treats

Dental chews are specifically meant to help your dog’s teeth, but some serve a dual or multi-purpose. If you’re hesitant to buy a treat that’s solely about your dog’s teeth, you may want to consider a dental chew that can be used as something else.

Dental Chews With Supplements – Some dental chews can also contain supplements that help address a health issue your dog struggles with. For older dogs, you can choose a dental chew that also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. You could also find chews that help with digestive issues, skin and coat issues, or just about any other health concern you have.

Dental Chews for Puppies – Puppy chews can help distract puppies from their urge to chew on all your stuff. They’re long-lasting and build dental health from the very beginning while serving to distract a puppy from destroying your favorite shoes. Make sure the dental chew you get is low calorie and long-lasting, but these can be a lifesaver for power chewers.

Dental Chews for Training – After a long training session, you may want to give your puppy or dog something more to look forward to. A dental chew can be a great way to top off a great training session by allowing your dog to relax with a chew for longer enjoyment. Again, make sure it’s low calorie, but this could be a good end cap to some of your sessions.

Different Forms of Dental Chews

Not all chews have the same form or function. Some dogs may prefer one style over another, so consider your dog’s personality and preferences in order to get the most from your dental chew. Here are a few common types.

  • Rawhide chews
  • Dental Bones
  • Dental biscuits
  • Dental Chews
  • Chew Toys

Rawhide chews are a natural type of dental chew that can really work to scrape that plaque and tartar. They’re long-lasting and come in different sizes for different kinds of dogs. If your dog is a massive power chewer, they can be large enough to accommodate versus a smaller dog with a tiny mouth.

Dental chews, bones, and biscuits are shorter lasting, but frequently have other benefits added in. Some freshen breath, some address the health concerns we talked about above like joint support, and some are intended for quick sessions just before or after brushing. They’re great for multiple purposes.

Chew toys are bones that last a much longer time. Eventually, your dog will consume them, but things like Nylabones are great for power chewers who go through basic toys and treats far too quickly. They allow your dog to decide when it wants to consume them and are good to have around for all-purpose maintenance. Plus, if your puppy is prone to chewing up things around your house, this is the ultimate distraction.

Special Types of Dental Chews

Some chews are specially made for certain conditions, life stages, or breed sizes. Others are intended to reduce the digestive effects or allergies of some sensitive dogs. Let’s take a look at some special cases.

  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Limited ingredient
  • Single Ingredient
  • Power Chewers

Gluten and grain free dental chews are suitable for dogs already on that particular sort of diet. Be careful of some of the ingredients in grain and gluten-free foods, however. Peas and potatoes have been linked to an enlarged heart, but those ingredients aren’t always in a specific dental chew.

Limited ingredient and single ingredient chews are suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. If your dog has trouble with a lot of ingredients and tends to digest poorly, these could be a good option. You’ve done a lot of work to eliminate troublesome ingredients in your dog’s meals, so don’t add them back in with a chew.

Power chewers move through most standard chews too quickly to get any real benefit on the teeth. Chews make to be long lasting even for power chewers withstand being consumed for long enough to be efficient at cleaning the teeth off. If your dog is a large breed that finishes most dental chews in a matter of minutes, these could be a better choice.

Here are our top 10 picks:

Best Dental Dog Chews

Milkbone Brushing Chews

Most Affordable

Milkbone is a standard among dog treats, and their dental chews are simple treats designed to be given occasionally. The chews are specially formulated to provide excellent mouthfeel and help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth.

The design twists in your dog’s mouth so that they reach more of the tooth surface. Ridges help get between teeth and provide a better scraping surface. They cut down on tarter and bad breath and provide other essential vitamins and minerals to support not only dental health but other systems as well.

They’re easy to find online and in most stores and come in a large enough size that’s convenient. They also come in multiple sizes so that you can consider your dog’s unique mouth. They do contain chicken by-product meal, so be careful if your dog is allergic to poultry.

Greenies Dog Dental Chews

Most Popular

Greenies was one of the original dental chews and helped bring dental awareness to the forefront. Greenies use a unique formula to help scrape tartar and plaque and freshen breath. They’re designed specifically to reach a much bigger surface area and to remove gum disease-causing pathogens. The unique texture and shape encourage longer chewing as well.

They come in a variety of sizes to support multiple breeds, but the most common size is simply the regular. They’re filled with vitamins and minerals also to promote healthy teeth and bones and ease digestion. Most dogs love the texture and can happily chew for long enough to get into the crevices of the teeth.

They’re made in the United States and are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. They do contain some ingredients that might not be suitable for very sensitive tummies so talk to your vet before introducing them if your dog is on a limited ingredient diet.

8 More Really Good Dental Chews

Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Mixed Cheese Dog Treat

These dog chews are formulated to be a healthier, sensitive alternative to rawhide chews. They’re 100% natural and contain an excellent flavor and odor that most dogs love. They’re an excellent consistency to help scrape the teeth and satisfy that urge to chew that most dogs experience.

They’re made in the united states from just a handful of ingredients and are lactose-free and gluten-free. They contain no cheap fillers such as corn or soy and no artificial ingredients that can affect digestion. There are only three ingredients, including a hard cheese that’s suitable for lactose intolerant dogs, so your sensitive dog should be better able to digest them.

These are an enjoyable alternative to some treats that use a lot of different ingredients, but they can be smelly and messy. Make sure your pet receives them outdoors or on a hard surface that’s unlikely to stain. Also, check with your vet if your dog has weight issues and is on a restricted calorie diet.

Bones and Chews All Natural Dental Treats

Bones and Chew’s dental chews help clean teeth and freshen breath with all-natural ingredients designed to please your dog’s sense of taste and provide a satisfying mouthfeel. They’re easy to digest and contain no added sugars that can pack on the calories.

The six-point shape helps scrub the surface of the tooth, removing tartar and plaque, while providing a more substantial chewing feeling. These are good if you have a consistent chewer in your house because it can distract from destroying all your things. The texture is attractive to chewers of all life stages and helps keep your dog’s interest long term.

They contain no cheap fillers, artificial ingredients, and are made in the United States. They don’t come in different sizes, but you could break them up for smaller dogs to chew. All ingredients are sourced from responsible providers in the United States as well.

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews For Dogs

This is a daily chew designed to break down dangerous tartar and plaque to maintain your dog’s everyday dental health. The unique shape gets in hard to reach places while satisfying your dog’s natural need to chew.

They contain pork protein and a simple ingredients list that shouldn’t interfere with digestion. They help freshen breath and reduced overall tartar in clinical studies. They’re dissolvable for better absorption, and it helps form a barrier to new plaque and tartar over time, improving the overall health of your dog’s teeth.

They do contain soy, so be careful if your dog is allergic to those ingredients. Discuss with your vet if this type of treat could help with your dog’s daily dental concerns.

Nylabone Durachew Dental Bone

For power chewers out there, Nylabone offers an alternative to the standard dog chew. These bones are designed for long term chewing, helping scrape the teeth thoroughly while encouraging your dog to spend more time overall chewing.

The unique shape and surface of the dinosaur get in hard to reach places while helping cut down on your power chewer’s destructive tendencies. They’re safe and non-edible, so you won’t end up messing with your dog’s digestion or calorie intake. The nylon is infused with chicken flavor to keep your dog interested, and when the toy is scraped sufficiently, you can replace it with a new one.

Make sure you inspect the chew daily to make sure there aren’t any splinters or broken pieces. The nylon is safe to chew, but dogs shouldn’t swallow large pieces, so discard any damaged toy that’s showing real signs of wear and tear.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones Dental Chews

Blue Buffalo’s dental chews use all-natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s dental health as well as other systems such as bones or immunity. They’re designed to mimic the texture of bones in the wild and to keep your dog interested long enough to chew and help remove tartar and plaque.

These are grain and gluten-free, so your dogs with allergies shouldn’t be bothered. They help freshen breath and contain no artificial ingredients or cheap fillers. They’re also free of poultry by-product meals. They’re suitable for adult dogs and senior dogs with no unique dental concerns.

They do contain potatoes and peas, so talk to your vet if you’re worried about your dog’s heart risks. Most grain-free treats are, but since these are intended to give regularly, you may want the guidance of your vet before starting.

Virbac CET Hextra Premium Dental Chews

Virbac’s expertise in dental health has happened over the course of 25 years in the industry. These chews use a patented formula designed to remove heavy tartar and plaque deposits throughout regular use and improve the overall dental health picture.

The treats are coated in a unique substance that encourages the breakup of tartar and plaque and helps whiten and strengthen teeth. They’re a great shape and flavor, keeping up your dog’s interest and lasting long enough for most dogs to be genuinely effective.

They’re one of the top brands recommended by veterinarians and are the perfect every day treat to encourage your dog to chew and improve overall dental health. The beef hide is a natural abrasive and encourages your dog’s natural chewing needs for a long-lasting, interesting chew that most dogs are happy to use.

Make sure you talk to your vet about these chews because of the formulation, especially if your dog has a sensitive tummy. Also, be sure to check with your vet for any severe dental issues.

Get Naked Weight Management Dental Chews

If your dog struggles with weight issues, any extra treat could make the problem worse. These dental chews are designed to help your dog maintain tooth health without adding in excess calories or artificial ingredients that can interrupt digestion.

They provide a grain-free treat with just 25 calories. These can be used every day even in dogs that are on a restricted calorie diet. Flaxseed helps support normal digestion while fruits and vegetables provide critical vitamins and minerals. The recipe supports a healthy immune system and includes prebiotics for healthier gut flora.

They contain no gluten, corn, or soy, and have no poultry by-product meals. The treat is an excellent alternative to standard dental chews and works well with a restricted calorie diet and for dogs with weight troubles in general.

Zesty Paws Hip and Joint Dental Chews

For joint support, Zesty paws formula uses a blend of ingredients designed to help support strong muscles and encourage joint healing. The chews scrape the teeth and promote dental health while offering a wholesome combination of ingredients that also support other systems.

Hemp protein and omega fatty acids help support joints and muscles, strengthening connections and encouraging mobility. Holistic ingredients like turmeric help reduce inflammation while natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin could help reverse the effects of aging and cartilage loss.

It contains just a handful of ingredients and is designed to ease digestion, support healthy systems, and never discourage your dog from eating regular meals. The recipe contains no cheap fillers such as corn or soy and no artificial ingredients that can affect digestion. Discuss with your vet if your senior dog has lots of dental pain, but for standard dental cleanings, these should be enough support.


Your dog’s dental health is a vital part of maintaining overall health and wellbeing. While dental chews can’t take the place of regular brushing and veterinary visits, chews can help maintain dental health in between visits and brushing.

Dental treats take advantage of your dog’s natural desire to chew and can often kill two birds with one stone. They can distract your power chewer from getting destructive and offer other benefits such as weight management or joint support. Talk with your vet to see which dental chew is the best option for your canine companion.

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