9 Best Dog Harnesses for Doberman Pinschers in 2023

Doberman Harness

Dobermans are striking dogs and you aren’t wrong if you believe they’re extremely powerful. Everything from the lean muscle tone to the alert gait tells you this dog requires a massive amount of control and a knowledgeable handler to show what they can really do.

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It’s not that Dobermans are naturally aggressive. Rather, they’re a high energy breed with the power to cause a lot of chaos. Once you have the tools and training in place to handle their natural curiosity and drive, you’ll have a loyal, loving dog on your hands. They’re great with families and are an intelligent, curious breed.

Doberman Pinschers have high energy needs and a great way to get that out is daily exercise. Hooking a leash to the collar puts stress on a dog’s skeleton, however. Since Dobermans are highly powerful, you risk losing control at best and severe damage to the spine at worse. Choose a harness instead.

A harness can redistribute the power of your Doberman’s pull and help you apply control when you really need it. Harnesses are safer for your dog and more comfortable for both of you, so to help you decide, we’ve put together a list of our six favorite harnesses for Dobermans. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you may have about how to choose and what to expect. Let’s take a look.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses for Doberman Pinschers

There are a few different types of harnesses you can choose for your Doberman. They all have their own pros and cons, so check through the list carefully to find one that matches your particular Doberman’s temperament and comfort level. In addition, you should also consider how the harness impacts your control and your dog’s safety.

  • Back Clip Harnesses: Great for positioning and the most common to find. These are comfortable and prevent the leash from getting tangled. The downside? Less control because your Doberman can use their powerful chest to pull.
  • Front Clip: These are great for controlling a rambunctious dog because they make it more difficult for your Doberman to use its center of gravity to pull. They’re more likely to cause the leash to tangle around your Doberman’s legs if you aren’t careful.
  • Dual Clip: These clip in two places, one for positioning and the other to kick in when your dog is pulling. They’re harder to get on and off and could be confusing if this is your first dog harness.
  • Step In Harnesses: Step-ins are some of the most comfortable harnesses for your dog to use, but they do require some maneuvering to get positioning correct. Also, they can take longer to put on if your Doberman isn’t well trained.

A word about choke collars, however. Some people will recommend a choke collar for a “dangerous” breed like a Doberman, but unless you’re highly trained, these are far too dangerous.

Without proper control and understanding of how the collar works, you risk far more damage to your dog in a short period of time. It’s better to invest in a harness that will give you control without damaging your dog’s neck and spine – or risking death altogether.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Doberman

Dobermans have high energy and very powerful. Their curious personalities and driven nature can make them tough to control once they lock onto something they want. This will never be the type of dog that walks leash-less, and they’ll always need some measure of control to help them make good choices when that squirrel is around.

A harness is there to help with those choices. Your Doberman Pinscher needs training and you should never rely solely on the harness to bring out good behavior. A combination of training and a harness that fits your experience level and your dog’s comfort can help you enjoy your Doberman’s natural personality without safety concerns.

The right harness should fit well without causing chafing or rubbing. It should help you control your Doberman in addition to the training. You should be able to put on the harness correctly every time and adjust it based on your Doberman’s body size and weight.

Puppies and seniors, who both could experience issues with their muscles and skeletal structure, should have softer harnesses with more flexibility to prevent accidental injuries. In addition, their harnesses should be light enough to wear every day.

Adult Dobermans without any health issues can take a heavier harness and may need the extra reminder to be on their best behavior. Your adult Doberman’s harness should be strong enough to keep your dog under control, but make sure it doesn’t rub in spots or cause pain when in use.

Materials like heavy-duty nylon provide enough resistance that the harness won’t break but are somewhat flexible for comfort.

Best Doberman Dog Harness

Here are our top 8 picks:

Kurgo TruFit Smart Harness

Best Overall

The Kurgo TruFit harness features five separate adjustment points so that you get a perfect fit every time. Dobermans are a barrel-chested breed that can be tough to fit, so having those custom adjustments can really make the difference.

The harness functions as a walking harness that transitions seamlessly to a car restraint system, so your energetic Doberman never has to go without a safety harness. It’s a durable nylon material with steel nesting buckles and comes in a range of sizes.

The buckle is in the back, making it simple to transition from the car to walking and back, but be aware that this may give your Doberman more power throughout the walk.

Combine this harness with rigorous leash training and you’ll have a wonderful, easy set-up. It’s crash tested and highly rated, so you can drive without worrying about your Doberman’s safety.

6 More Highly Rated Dog Harnesses for Doberman Pinschers

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo’s harness is an affordable harness with comfortable straps and chest piece. It helps redistribute the weight of your Doberman throughout the walk and is durable enough to last through many years of use.

It uses durable nylon material and industrial strength hardware that can withstand your Doberman Pinscher’s power. It’s comfortably designed to be worn for longer periods of time without chafing or rubbing. It features reflective stitching, which can be great for dark colored dogs, and easy release clips that make using it a snap.

It comes in multiple sizes and has a little extra padding across the chest to increase comfort and help with positioning. Two harness points help keep it all in place. It’s not rated as a car harness and it only comes in one color, however.

That said, it’s a great alternative to some of our more expensive harnesses.

Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure 3M Reflective Dog Harness

For a harness that offers maximum control and fully supports your Doberman, there’s no better option than the Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure 3M Reflective Dog Harness. Although it looks intricate, snapping this adjustable harness on only takes a couple of seconds.

In addition to adjustable straps, the harness also includes a front attachment for maximum control and helps reduce pressure on the neck and spine. Along with eliminating stress on the throat, there’s a lightweight inner mesh lining and extra sponge padding to add extra comfort for your dog. The outer layer includes durable oxford cloth as well as 3M reflective material that will keep your Doberman visible at night or in areas with low lighting.

IceFang Tactical Dog Harness

The IceFang is great for working dogs who may need to carry a few attachments and will be working or exercising in more extreme environments. It’s still easy to wear, however, with padding and no chafing.

It features a heavy-duty nylon with industrial strength hardware and a safety handle for quick stops. This feature makes it great for training service or working dogs and is designed to give you even more control in an emergency.

The stitching is reinforced at areas that bear heavy loads and it has multiple adjustment points to allow you to get the perfect fit for your barrel-chested dog.

This model’s nylon has a high tensile strength, so it’s well suited for a lot of abuse and testing the limits of what your Doberman can do in a work or service role. It also looks cool with an aggressive design and straps for easy accessorizing.

Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness

If you are looking for a comfortable fit for your dog that will still provide some added control, this Frisco harness might be your best choice. The high-quality nylon webbing is both comfortable and durable, so you’re not only providing your dog with comfort, but you’re sure to get a lot of use out of your harness.

The O-ring leash attachment on the front of the harness redirects your dog’s attention back to you and your walk without causing neck strain and the buckles on either side are fast-release making it easy to get the harness on and off your Doberman pup. Another great added feature is the inclusion of a D-clip on the back of the harness so it can be used more like a traditional harness if you prefer, as well.

Frisco encourages you pet owners to follow their specific sizing instructions to insure a “paw-fect” fit for every dog.

YogaDog Heavy Duty Dog Harness

For particularly rambunctious Dobermans, the YogaDog harness could be just the thing to put control back in your hands. It features soft padding with reflective stitching and strong hardware designed to withstand up to 450 pounds of pressure from pulling.

It has both a long, rear leash attachment and a special short leash function for quick stops or service training. It’s built to withstand a lot of force and gives you extra control in crowded areas or when there’s a lot of temptation for your Doberman to take off. It has adjustable straps and easy click buckles to make getting the harness on or off a whole lot easier.

This harness is also great for those with Dobermans in a position to work or be of service in areas where there’s high energy and you need extra control.

Buddy Belts Classic Dog Harness

Buddy Belts may not be suitable for a full grown, adult Doberman in its prime, but for senior Dobermans who can’t handle the weight of a fully padded, tactical harness and have lost a lot of the energy of their youth, it’s a great option. It’s minimal and requires very little maneuvering to get right.

It’s suitable for seniors who may be experiencing pain in joints or in the back and don’t need a lot to maintain control. Your senior dog should still be getting regular (light) exercise and this could be a great, simple option that won’t cause excess stress on the skeleton and can be placed directly on the ground to step into without much fuss. It comes in a variety of colors and is easy to get on and off.

Again, there isn’t enough control for a Doberman at the height of youth, but for seniors who need more delicate treatment, it’s an excellent choice.

Best Harness for a Doberman Puppy

Puppia Soft Black Trim Dog Harness

For every day use, you don’t want a complicated or heavy duty harness on your puppy. Lightweight, simple, and convenient to use, the Puppia dog harness is your best bet for your Doberman pinscher puppy.

The Puppia harness is great for everyday use for your puppy because it has a soft and comfortable design along with a lightweight material. Made from soft air mesh with a quick release buckle, the Puppia harness is comfortable and simple to use, while still durable for all types and sizes of dogs.

Users of the Puppia harness recommend measuring your dog using the sizing instructions so that you can be sure of a comfortable fit for your puppy.

Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Harness

Blueberry Pet harnesses are adorable and one of the best harnesses around for puppies. There’s plenty of padding for comfort and some give within the mesh that can help reduce chafing even for rambunctious puppies. It’s adjustable at the neck and chest and features reflective stitching for safety during night walks.

The material is durable nylon with tough hardware that can withstand puppy pulling, but it’s lightweight enough that puppies can easily get used to wearing it. The design is two separate vests connected by straps, so the padding is easy to position and avoids excess chafing or rubbing.

Polyester seaming is reinforced and durable, and the entire design is affordable. You won’t worry about spending too much on a harness your Doberman will outgrow soon.

A heavy, cumbersome harness could discourage your puppy from wearing one willingly, but Blueberry Pet’s harness is one of the few that are light enough accommodate puppies, yet strong enough to handle the strength and energy of a growing Doberman.

Tips for Getting Your Doberman Pinscher Accustomed to Using a Harness

If you haven’t been using a harness for your Doberman, you may find walking or running with your Doberman is a little bit wild. Even the best-trained Doberman holds a lot of power and it’s likely you’ve experienced that brief panic when your Doberman temporarily forgets training to sniff out a particularly interesting tree.

Use these tips below to switch to a harness and help make your experience more peaceful.

  1. Start early – Beginning harness training in puppyhood helps your Doberman get accustomed before they’re powerful enough to really resist. Make it a part of your puppy training early on and you may not have problems later with your full-grown adult.
  2. Choose the right one – Not all harnesses are created equal. Some cause discomfort depending on how your Doberman moves and some are just annoying for your Doberman’s personality. If your Doberman resists, you may have better luck with a different kind.
  3. Give plenty of treats – Whether a puppy or your adult dog, give you Doberman treats when it shows interest in the harness. It will associate the harness with only good things and could be more inclined to wear the harness without a fight.
  4. Desensitize – You should also begin by having the harness off but around the house where your Doberman can interact with it and become desensitized to it. Offer treats when your Doberman seems interested or just praise, and your Doberman will begin to associate the harness with good things.
  5. Focus on the positive – Never punish your Doberman for refusing to put the harness on or not wanting to interact with it. You want to focus only on the behavior you’d like to see to allow your Doberman to develop happy feelings around the harness. Dogs can sometimes be confused by harsh language or tones and associate your displeasure with the harness itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just use a collar and leash? The short answer is no. The long answer is that while Dobermans definitely need a collar, the purpose of the collar is to provide identification. With the type of power your Doberman can display, allowing that kind of pressure to fall regularly on the neck can cause serious damage to your Doberman’s spine and muscle groups while also giving you less control than with a harness. Avoid the temptation to attach the leash to a collar and get something healthier for your dog and more stable for you to control.
  • How do I get the right fit for my Doberman’s harness? Dobermans are barrel-chested dogs, so it’s highly important that you measure the girth of your dog’s chest. Add the length and neck size and you have a good idea of the size you’re working with. All harnesses should have sizing guides, so follow those instead of making a guess. If you’re stuck between two sizes, it’s best to move up a size and use the adjustments to customize the fit.
  • How do I adjust the harness correctly? You’ll want to be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s body without being able to easily wiggle your fingers but without having to maneuver to work your fingers in. This ensures that your harness won’t be escapable, but your Doberman doesn’t run the risk of cutting off blood or causing serious chafing and discomfort.


Harnessing your Doberman Pinscher can be the difference between a miserable walk full of stress and one that’s pleasant for both the dog and you. A harness helps you control your Doberman’s energy and curious spirit and allows you both to take full advantage of your exercise outside.

The harnesses on our list should provide years of dependable service and are simple solutions to owning such a powerful breed. Get back out there and stop worrying.

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