6 Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds in 2023

Greyhounds are regal dogs with a grace nearly unmatched in the canine world. They’re runners and delicate personalities that love nothing more than snuggling with their humans. They can also take off faster than lightning, and once your Greyhound locks onto something, it’s over.

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Greyhounds will require a lot of targeted activity to keep their weight down and to help them alleviate some of their energy. They need daily, lengthy exercise, and it’s best if they have a safe place to run freely. Greyhounds can’t ever be trained to be off-leash, but they will still need a lot of exercise.

Once exercise is over, they’ll need a comfortable place to rest. Greyhounds aren’t super large dogs, but they will need some space to stretch out and get comfortable. The bed you choose should allow your dog to relax and be supported while maintaining proper body temperature.

If you aren’t sure what to choose for your dog bed, we can certainly help you out. We’ve got our top picks for Greyhound beds in 2023 to get you started. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you may have about how to choose the right one and what to expect. Let’s take a look.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Bed for Greyhounds

Greyhounds aren’t known for being destructive, but any dog bed should be durable enough to offer long term comfort. It’s best to look for materials that can hold up to some wear and tear and can be cleaned regularly.

First, the exterior should be soft and comfortable, but the best option is a removable cover that can be machine washed. If the cover doesn’t come off, it should be easily spot cleaned to ensure stains don’t become permanent. Look for materials like microfiber or microsuede.

The interior materials need to withstand the weight of your dog without flattening or developing lumpy spots. Even better if the padding can be spot cleaned or even laundered. The filler should be dense enough to keep your dog’s hips and joints off the floor and provide extra comfort.

Some dogs may like to curl up while others sprawl, so choose a bed that considers this. Greyhounds don’t have a thick coat, so they may appreciate materials that help reflect body heat onto them to help them stay just a little warmer.

Seaming and things like zippers or buttons should be robust and durable. You don’t want things falling apart after a few wash cycles. Whether you choose an orthopedic bed, pillow style, or something else, make sure it’s supportive enough and durable enough to withstand a little wear and tear from your sweet furry companion.

Seniors benefit from orthopedic beds that are more supportive, and puppies can always grow into a bed. Unlike a collar, a puppy can have a bed to grow into, and it could help start training earlier. A good bed can always help you get your puppy started on the right foot with training, manners, and establishing boundaries in the right way.

Different Types of Dog Beds for Greyhounds

You have a few different options when it comes to dog beds. One could be more appropriate than the other, depending on your Greyhound’s personality.

Orthopedic Beds

Orthopedic beds use memory foam to conform to your Greyhound’s body and support the hips and spine. These are more of an investment, but they are great for seniors or injured greyhounds particularly. They are typically more expensive, but they often last longer than your average bed and are definitely worth the investment if you’ve got a senior dog.

Pillow Beds

Pillow style beds use a different type of filler, like polyfill to support your dog’s weight. Pillow style can be a little more affordable than orthopedic, and they’re an excellent option for those of you on a budget. Some pillow-style beds can be a little lumpy and less supportive, so make sure you get one that will still support your dog’s spine and hips.

Donut/Bolster Beds

If your Greyhound likes to curl up or have head support, a donut or bolster bed could be a good option. Bolster beds can have arms on one to three sides while a donut style sinks in the middle to create a little cocoon style bed. Both encourage your dog to curl up and could be useful for anxiety. Donut beds encourage burrowing while bolsters offer security.

Flat Beds

Flat beds are great for things like crates and for a bed that can be stored out of sight. The best ones us a memory foam layer or a supportive polyfill. They’re also great as a secondary bed for when you need to move your dog in the car or if you have a second friend over to play. They’re still great options and are sometimes very affordable.


Cot style beds are excellent for outdoors because they help keep your Greyhound off the ground and circulate air. In the heat, that could be an excellent option for ensuring your Greyhound doesn’t overheat. They can be difficult to keep inside if they don’t have proper feet protection because they could scratch your floors. They’re practically non-negotiable if your dog spends a lot of time outside with you.

Overall Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds:

Our favorite dog bed is a beautiful all-purpose bed that should keep your Greyhound comfortable. It’s easy to clean and not super expensive, but worth the price. It uses lots of supportive and soft materials that can take some wear and tear. No matter your Greyhound’s personality, we think you’ll love this one.

Frisco Orthopedic Textured Plush

Best Overall

Our first dog bed is a sofa style bed with three bolsters to support your dog’s head. It has an orthopedic pad to keep the spine straight and gently conform to your dog’s body while reducing pressure points around the hips. It’s comfortable and supportive and won’t ever flatten.

You can remove the cover and machine wash it to keep it fresh. It has durable seaming and an ultra-strong zipper that won’t rip or tear. Shredded memory foam helps increase air circulation, and foam is also naturally antimicrobial. It’s not too expensive, and it’s durable enough to provide years of service while supporting your dog’s body and providing a gently comfortable sleep surface.

5 More Highly Rated Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Let’s look now at a few alternatives to our favorite dog bed. They’re excellent in certain situations and could be great alternatives to our top pick.

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Donut

If your Greyhound stays cold or loves to curl up, this pet bed option could be a great one. It’s a soft, donut style that reflects body heat onto the dog to keep it warm. It’s comfortable and supportive and has lots of support for your Greyhound’s head and neck.

Water-resistant nylon on the bottom protects your floors, and it’s machine washable to keep it fresh and smelling great. The sides also allow your Greyhound to burrow a little bit, and it can also help reduce some of your Greyhound’s anxiety. It’s especially great for Greyhounds that love to burrow a bit to get comfortable.

FurHaven Orthopedic Couch

Another bolsters style bed with three arms for support. The orthopedic base is excellent for supporting the hips and spine and reducing pressure points. It won’t flatten unnaturally or allow your dog’s bones to grind against the floor. It’s a good mid-tier price range that can gently reassure anxious dogs or give senior dogs something to rest their heads on.

It features a removable, washable cover in a durable material that won’t show dirt and grime. Your dog can curl up or sprawl out, and it always has support for the head and neck regardless of the sleeping position. It also has a water-resistant base to protect your floors in case of an accident.

Pet Fusion Ultimate Lounge Solid Memory Foam Bed

The solid memory foam bed is a beautiful option for senior dogs who need complete support. It gently conforms to your dog’s body allow the spine to rest straight and removing pressure points from areas like the hips. It’s easily washed and features a highly structured design.

The arms wrap around three sides offering support for your dog’s head and neck. It has a neutral color scheme and looks great with a variety of decor. A small opening in the front helps make it easier for your dog to climb in and out, and the memory foam won’t wear unevenly or flatten over time.

Brindle Plush Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed

If you need a supportive bed that can easily be stored out of sight, this could be a good option. It’s a flat style that can fit under most furniture, but it offers orthopedic support that gently conforms to your dog’s body to support the spine and keep pressure off the hips. It’s soft and easy to clean with a removable cover.

Seaming is reinforced, and you should be able to move it quickly when you need it to be out of sight. It also uses a durable yet neutral material to help it blend in with your decor. It has two layers of memory foam, a top contouring layer, and a bottom layer of high-density foam. It helps keep your dog’s spine aligned and makes it easier to get comfortable. It also allows your dog to truly sprawl out.

K&H Pet Products Cuddle Bed

This huge pillow style bed is an excellent addition to your dog’s life. It’s a pillow style with an overstuffed middle and a soft chenille style fabric. It has a layer of material that prevents the bed from sliding around and also helps protect floors from damage in case of an accident.

You can remove the cover to wash, and it uses a premium polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s better for the environment. It’s comfortable and doesn’t flatten out too much while your dog burrows around. The gently raised sides encourage your dogs to spread out or to curl up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need a bed?

Beds are a pretty important part of your dog’s life for a few reasons. First, they offer a place for your dog to feel safe and comforted. If your Greyhound experiences anxiety, this could help establish essential boundaries.

Beds are also helpful for training purposes. If you don’t want your Greyhound jumping on furniture or guests, having a place for your Greyhound to go can be helpful. It’s always easier to teach your dog to do something than not to do something.

Beds are a crucial part of your senior dog’s life because a supportive bed is an excellent option for aging joints and bones. You can find a place for your dog to sleep comfortably and avoid making any injuries or pain worse.

What is a good bed for dogs who chew?

Dogs who chew always have a reason. If your dog is nervous chewer or a bored chewer, getting to the root of the problem is the only way you’re going to save your bed. Offering toys to help alleviate bored chewing or making sure your dog is getting enough exercise and time with you are reasonable solutions.

Beds that don’t have arms or a knobbly fabric could also be a good way to discourage chewing. If your dog is curious or has pieces that fit easily into the mouth, it might be more likely to chew (or at least try it out).

What is an orthopedic dog bed?

Orthopedic dog beds use layers of memory foam to conform to your dog’s body and keep the spine straight. They also relieve pressure around common pressure points such as the hips or shoulders. If your dog has trouble with pain, these could be a lifesaver.

Does my dog need an orthopedic bed?

Dogs don’t typically need an orthopedic bed, but they’re always worth it if you have it in your budget. It could be the difference between your dog sleeping soundly and pacing throughout the night.

How expensive are dog beds?

Dog beds come in every type of budget luckily, so you should be able to find one without sacrificing too much of your wishlist. Keep an eye out for sales and look for beds that don’t use super-premium materials. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s still supportive and is washable.


Greyhounds may be gentle and graceful, but they still need a place to lay down. A good bed helps prevent pain and pressure while offering your dog a supportive place to sleep. They can help keep your dog off the furniture and provide a place for your dog to feel truly safe. Once your Greyhound has a specific place to go, it can easily curl up and sleep or relax while you’re hanging out.

Making sure your Greyhound has everything it needs to feel safe and happy is part of what makes having a dog worthwhile. Give your dog reassurance and something comfortable so that your quality time together is restful and easy.

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