8 Best Dog Collars for Dachshunds in 2024

More commonly referred to as “weiner dogs,” Dachshunds may be fun-sized, but they often have vivacious personalities. While these dogs might never be up for any strenuous exercise, they always enjoy cuddling up to their human companions.

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Historically, Dachshunds were known as “badger dogs” for the enthusiastic way they weeded badgers out of their dens. Nowadays, Dachshunds don’t spend too much time underground, but they’ll gladly follow you wherever you go.

Before you take your Dachshund on any adventures, you’ll need to purchase a collar. Although buying a collar might seem as simple as picking the first one you see in the store, finding one that’s comfortable, durable, and well-fitting can be a challenge.

Luckily, you don’t need to raid the nearest pet shop or scour the endless results on Amazon—we’ve already done the legwork for you. Keep reading for an in-depth look at what to shop for, the best Dachshund collars of 2024 that we recommend, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What to Look for When Buying a Collar for your Dachshund

Picking the right collar for your Dachshund is about more than just finding one that seems to be the right size. If you aren’t careful, you may end up wasting your money on something that doesn’t even last a week or making endless returns on collars that don’t fit correctly. Fortunately, you can avoid these mistakes by focusing on durability, comfort, and adjustability when you’re shopping.

The first element to focus on is durability. It can be difficult to know whether a collar is durable based solely on appearance, but looking at the materials can help you figure it out. Collars that use materials like tear-resistant nylon webbing or thick polyester tend to hold up better in the long run than those that use cheap plastic or rubber.

Even if the collar is capable of lasting forever, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will be comfortable. The same materials that make the collar tough can also make it uncomfortable for your Dachshund to wear. Although you can never completely tell what will cause discomfort beforehand, you can look for collars that include extra padding or soft leather on the interior.

Adjustability is another key factor you’ll want to watch out for. While Dachshunds aren’t the largest or fastest-growing breed, the collar you place on a Dachshund puppy will not be the same one you place on an adult Dachshund. If you want to avoid buying new sizes, your best bet is to look for a collar with plenty of room for adjustment.

If your Dachshund barely fits in the collar or it must be adjusted to the largest size, you might want to consider purchasing the next size up or going for another option. Even if this makes your search a little more time-consuming, the last thing you want is to purchase a collar that your Dachshund grows out of it within a few months.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Dachshunds

Along with knowing exactly what factors you should be looking for in a Dachshund collar, you should also know that there are several different types too.

The first collar type you should be aware of is the reflective collar or light-up collar. If you plan on bringing your Dachshund along for any late-night adventures, you’ll want them to be visible in the dark. The best way to do this is by using a reflective collar—or a light-up collar if you want your pup to stick out. The reflective stitching in these collars makes them reflect in low lighting.

Another common collar type is a choke chain. While they were once commonly used, choke chains are now a controversial choice. Choke chains work by placing pressure on your dog’s throat when they aggressively pull on the lead. This pressure can sometimes be enough that it chokes your dog until they stop pulling.

Given the Dachshund’s small size and relatively easy-going temperament, choke chains are not a common choice for this breed since they can do more harm than good. What may be a much safer and less extreme alternative is a martingale collar. When your Dachshund tries to slip out of their collar or pull on the leash, the martingale collar will apply pressure, but not enough to choke your pup or restrict their airway.

If your Dachshund does manage to get away, you might want to consider investing in a GPS tracking collar. While more expensive than a regular collar, these tracking devices can pay off if you live in a bustling city or wooded area. Instead of putting up lost dog signs and hoping for the best, you can just use the GPS collar to track your Dachshund down.

The last major collar type to be aware of is the electronic training collar or shock collar. While not as common with Dachshunds, some owners might use a shock collar to discourage bad habits like excessive barking (or as a way to keep their Dachshunds in the yard).

Best Dog Collar for Dachshunds

Many Dachshund collars stand out, but only one can be the best of the best. This is what we’ve picked:

Yellow Dog Design New Polka-Dotted Small Dog Collar

Best for Every Day Use

For a collar that your Dachshund can wear to the park, around the house or just out for a neighborhood stroll, there’s no better option than the Yellow Dog Design New Polka-Dotted Small Dog collar. With an original design specifically created by Yellow Dog designers, this work of art uses color-fast polyester that’s meant to retain its vibrant look over time.

Adjusting this collar is also effortless since it uses easy-clip plastic buckles as well as a metal D-ring that you can hook your leash onto. Since it’s made and manufactured in North Carolina, purchasing this collar also means supporting USA-based businesses.

7 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for Dachshunds

Why stop with just one? We’ve got seven more picks that make our list for the best Dachshund collars.

Petrainer 99DBB Remote Dog Training Collar

Best Electronic Training Collar

While an electronic training collar might not always be a common choice for Dachshunds, that doesn’t mean you won’t need one. A shock collar might be your best option when it comes to stopping excessive barking or keeping your Dachshund confined to the backyard. If that is the case, you’ll need something reliable like the Petrainer 99DBB Remote Dog Training Collar.

With a waterproof receiver that can help you manage your dog up to 330 yards away, there are four different training modes for you to pick from. Unlike some options, there’s no need to worry about replacing the batteries—you can easily recharge the receiver and e-collar together when you’re finished with training time.

Country Brook Design Tie-Dye Martingale Dog Collar with Leash

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

If you’ve got an escape artist on your hands, you might want to consider investing in the Country Brook Design Tie-Dye Martingale Dog Collar with Leash. Not only will your Dachshund be the talk of the dog park with this collar’s fashionable design but the high-quality hardware and fabric ensure that it can withstand every adventure your pup embarks on.

Since it’s handmade in the USA, purchasing this collar means two things: in addition to supporting a US-based business, you will also know that you’re getting a top-notch product too.

Max and Neo Dog Gear MAX Reflective Dog Collar

Best Reflective Collar

If you plan on taking a Dachshund for a walk before the sun comes up (or while it’s setting), the Max and Neo Dog Gear MAX Reflective Dog Collar might be exactly what you need. With soft, padded nylon material that’s designed for comfort, the chances of this collar irritating your Dachshund’s skin are much lower than some other picks.

The reflective stitching on the outside of the collar, however, can help keep your Dachshund more visible by reflecting headlights and other nearby light sources. If you’re worried about your Dachshund breaking free, it’s worth noting that this collar also uses a metal buckle with an anodized gunmetal finish for extra durability.

Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar

Best Light Up LED Collar

Sometimes you need more visibility than the reflective stitching on a collar can provide. In that case, your best option may be the Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar. When you’re out on that night time walk or jog, the illuminating strips on the side of the collar will provide you with the extra visibility you need.

If you’re truly worried about your Dachshund blending in, you can always switch to the rapid flashing or slow flashing modes with just the click of a button. Since the collar must be charged, it’s worth noting that one hour of charge can give you up to five hours of illumination.

Perri’s Black Padded Leather Dog Collar

Best Leather Collar

If your Dachshund has sensitive skin or just doesn’t enjoy wearing nylon and polyester collars, it might be time to think about purchasing a leather collar like the Perri’s Black Padded Leather Dog collar instead. Designed locally in the US by Amish craftsmen, this product features lambskin leather that’s been dyed to match the Dachshund’s naturally dark coat.

The collar will also go well with just about any leash you hook it onto so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues (or spending more money than you have to).

Link AKC GPS Activity Monitor Dog Collar

Best GPS Collar

Dachshunds, especially purebreds, are popular, in-demand dogs. It only makes sense that you’d want to keep track of your precious pup wherever they go. Even if your dog never wanders off on their own, a tracking collar like the Link AKC GPS Activity Monitor Dog Collar can make sure nobody snatches him up either.

By dialing into the AT&T national network coverage, your Dachshund is trackable just about anywhere—even in up to three feet of water. The actual monitoring process is fairly simple too: there’s no need for complicated logins or passwords every time you want to check on your pup. All you need to do is press a few buttons on your smartphone.

Keep in mind that purchasing this collar will also likely mean signing up for a small monthly service plan too.

Red Dingo Design Daisy Chain Dog Collar

Best for Dachshund Puppies

Just because a collar is a correct fit for a Dachshund adult doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best option for a growing Dachshund puppy. Fortunately, we’ve included an option for tiny pups too: the Red Dingo Design Daisy Chain Dog collar.

The secure nylon webbing ensures that the collar will hold up while the fashionable pattern makes sure your Dachshund will always look their best when they’re out and about. Since the material is meant to be abrasion-resistant, it’s unlikely that it will irritate or chafe your pup’s skin the same way that other products might.

If you’re worried about your Dachshund breaking the collar, it’s worth adding that the Red Dingo collar also includes a trademarked, extra-strength Bucklebone clip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big does the collar need to be for an adult Dachshund?

Although it can vary from dog to dog, most adult Dachshunds have a neck size between twelve to fifteen inches. Depending on the collar, this might be the small or medium size. Keep in mind that every product has an individual sizing chart so you’ll want to compare your Dachshund’s specific measurements to their chart.

Is it a legal requirement for my Dachshund to wear a collar?

In many cases, your Dachshund will not be legally required to wear a collar. That being said, there may be dog parks or public areas that require all dogs to be on a leash—regardless of the breed. Before traveling anywhere, you should check with your destination’s local government to make sure they don’t have any specific restrictions about Dachshunds. It might seem tedious, but double-checking could save you a hefty fine.

What size collar should I buy for my Dachshund puppy?

Typically, Dachshund puppies have small necks and may require an extra-small or small size. Before purchasing, however, you’ll want to check the sizing chart against your pup’s measurements. Don’t forget that your puppy’s neck will continue to grow so you should buy a collar that leaves room for adjustment.

How do I know if my Dachshund’s collar is uncomfortable?

While it can be difficult to tell whether or not the collar is uncomfortable, you should look for signs of skin irritation and chafing when you take it off. Visible signs of skin irritation can indicate that the collar is too tight or that the material may be too rough for your Dachshund’s sensitive skin.


You’ve got all the tools and knowledge to find the best Dachshund collars, and if you haven’t already, it might be time to start the process. However, if you’re still a little unsure, don’t feel shy about trying one of the top-rated Dachshund collars that we’ve reviewed for you above!

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