6 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers in 2024

Originally bred from the “Yellow Retriever” and the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel, Golden Retrievers were made for the rugged terrain and perpetually rainy climate of Scotland.

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While many of them were hunting dogs, dog enthusiasts around the world fell in love with their affectionate nature. Today, Golden Retrievers may join their owners on hunting trips, but they’re also family companions.

Anyone who has ever owned a Retriever can tell you that, while this breed requires plenty of training, they’re also sensible and loyal to a fault. Besides plenty of patience, another thing you’ll need for your Retriever is a crate.

Without a crate, your Retriever may end up hiding beneath furniture, under the covers, or in small spaces they shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, finding the right crate for your Golden Retriever isn’t always the easiest task—not all of them may be as durable or comfortable as they say. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess—we’ve already gathered a list of the best Golden Retriever crates of 2024.

What is a Good Crate Size for Golden Retrievers?

Most of the time, fully-grown Golden Retrievers will require a large or extra-large crate size. In many cases, this means purchasing a crate that’s around forty-two to forty-eight inches long.

If you don’t want to purchase two separate crates for a puppy and an adult, you can look for a crate that includes a divider. These dividers allow you to section off parts of the crate as your Retriever continues to get bigger. As they grow, you can section off less and less of the crate until your Golden Retriever can use the entire space.

Keep in mind that any cage you purchase should give your Retriever enough room to move around as well as comfortably sit up in the cage. If your Golden Retriever’s head touches the top of the crate (or they have to remain in an awkward position to fit), you can assume the crate is too small.

However, if there’s more than enough room for your Golden Retriever to walk around, the crate might be just a little too big. Unnecessary large crates can inhibit house training—your Retriever may be tempted to use the bathroom on one side of the crate and then lay on the other side.

What to Look for in a Good Crate for Golden Retrievers

When you purchase a crate for your Golden Retriever, you’ll need to think about sizing and what kind of environment you live in.

Before purchasing anything, it’s a good idea to check whether or not the crate you’re looking at comes in the size you need. Some crates may be specifically designed for the toy or small breeds while others are made for medium and large breeds like the Golden Retriever. Typically, crates designed for larger dogs tend to be sturdier and withstand more wear and tear.

Another thing to consider what kind of environment the crate will be in. If you plan to travel frequently with your Retriever, a lightweight plastic cage would be a much better choice than a bulky wire cage. However, if you live in an extremely hot climate, plastic cages don’t provide much ventilation.

Safety is always the priority when crate shopping. You want to be sure, regardless of what kind of crate you buy, that your Retriever feels safe inside their crate. Many dogs consider their crates to be safe spaces or sanctuaries. Try looking for crates that employ safety measures so your Retriever can’t slip out (or accidentally snag themselves on a sharp corner).

Different Types of Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

There are plenty of different kinds of cages out there—and the type you need may depend on your circumstances and individual needs.

Wire dog crates often look a lot like cages, but they may be one of the most humane choices available. Unlike some other types, which use tiny slots of holes, wire crates use bars made from metal sheets or thick wire that provide plenty of ventilation and air-flow. Owners who live in hotter climates tend to use wire crates more frequently.

Wire cages also frequently come with dividers as well so that you can section off certain areas until your Golden Retriever gets bigger. The one disadvantage that many owners find with metal cages is the smarter dogs may be able to escape if they try hard enough.

For a kennel that won’t let your pup pull a disappearing act, a plastic crate is a good option. Some owners refer to plastic crates as “pet carriers” since they allow for easy transportation of your Golden Retriever. If you plan to travel by airplane or car, plastic crates often work to your advantage since they provide your Retriever with more security.

If you’re looking for a more stylish choice, a wooden dog crate may be exactly what you need. While wire and plastic cages may work both indoors and outdoors, wooden crates are almost always made for inside the home. They also tend to be heavier so many owners choose not to use them as travel kennels.

Overall Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

You might know what to look for, but now it’s time to think about which of the best Golden Retriever crates will work for you:

Paws & Pals Double-Door Folding Wire Dog Crate

Best Overall

When you’re out of the house, there’s no better way to keep your Golden Retriever safe and sound than with the Paws & Pals Double-Down Folding Wire Dog Crate. With steel wire that will hold up against even the most aggressive of chewers, this crate is designed for durability. It even includes an extra coating to ensure it doesn’t rust or corrode in extreme temperatures.

If your pup has an accident, all you need to do is remove the tray for a quick-clean and then put it back inside when you’re finished. Anytime you need to store the kennel, this crate has a collapsible design so that you can fold it up.

5 More Highly Rated Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

We’ve gone ahead and found five more crates that can suit the unique needs of Golden Retrievers from all walks of life:

Precision Pet Products Double Door Dog Crate

Although some may classify the Golden Retriever as a large breed, it can be difficult to find a size that fits them. In some cases, your Retriever may straddle the line between medium and large (or even large and extra-large). The good news is that the Precision Pet Products Double-Door Dog Crate is all about just that: precision.

Since it comes in a variety of different sizes and is designed to withstand aggressive chewers, chances are that you’ll be able to find the perfect fit. If you need to transport the cage anywhere, it also comes with a convenient handle you can use.

MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate

One issue that many Golden Retrievers run into is that, as their puppy grows, they end up buying multiple crates. Fortunately, that isn’t a problem with the MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate. Since it has a divider panel, you can section off certain areas of the crate until your Golden Retriever is big enough to use them.

Not only does this kennel also include two different doors for your Golden Retriever to walk in and out of, but the plastic handles make the crate easier to carry and transport over long distances.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate

Whether your Golden Retriever is a rambunctious puppy or a mature adult, the Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate comes in a variety of different sizes to pick from. Unlike some other choices, you don’t need to spend hours trying to set the crate up—it’s easy to assemble and designed to be convenient.

Although it includes durable mesh panels so that your Golden Retriever receives all the ventilation he needs, not even the sneakiest escape artists could slip out of this kennel. In addition to three zippered doors, there’s also locking mechanisms to make sure your pup is secure.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Dog Crate

Although a full-grown Golden Retriever may never be easy to pick up, the EliteField 3-Door Folding Dog Crate can make transporting your dog a little easier. With three different doors so that your Retriever can enter and exit anyway they want to, the crate uses mesh panels for maximum ventilation.

The sturdy steel tubing and easy-to-clean polyester mean that this product gives you both convenience and durability. Not only is the kennel difficult for your Retriever to rip or tear, but it’s also easy to clean as well. If there’s an accident, all you need to do is pop the crate in the washing machine.

Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Dog Crate

Once your Golden Retriever gets old enough, you may not need to lock them inside their crate every time you go out. However, it can be difficult to choose between allowing your Retriever free reign and keeping certain areas of your home from being torn apart. Fortunately, with the Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Dog Crate, you don’t need to choose.

Since this smooth wooden crate also includes a “gate mode” you can prevent your pup from going into certain areas by turning the kennel into a gate. Some owners may even use the fence mode to restrict their Retrievers from going outside.

Tips for Crate Training Golden Retrievers

You might know what crate to buy for your Golden Retriever, but that doesn’t mean you know how to correctly crate train your pup. Luckily, we’ve highlighted a few tips that may help make the process a little easier:

  1. Use a command word to signal when you want your Golden Retriever to enter their crate. For instance, you could use “kennel” and point at the crate. Once our pup has entered, you can give them a treat.
  2. Never use the crate as a form of punishment. Your Golden Retriever’s crate should be their safe space, but they won’t feel secure if they view spending time in the kennel as a bad thing.
  3. You should never leave your Golden Retriever in their crate for too long. A dog who spends hours in a crate is not getting enough exercise or social interaction (and may become depressed or anxious).
  4. Once you can trust your Golden Retriever not to destroy the house while you’re gone, allow them to use the kennel voluntarily.
  5. Allow your Golden Retriever to explore the crate on his own. If you lock your Retriever in a new space, your pup’s first reaction may be to freak out. Before you leave your Retriever in the kennel, allow him to discover the crate.
  6. Place the crate in a part of the house where people frequently hang out. Your Golden Retriever may be more likely to spend time in their crate if they don’t feel isolated from their family. Areas like the living room or bedroom can be a good place to put the kennel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my Golden Retriever be in the crate?

Golden Retrievers who are less than six months old should only spend less than three or four hours in their crates. Since a crate doesn’t allow your Retriever to move around freely, spending long periods in a kennel can cause your pup to become anxious.

Is it cruel to crate train a pet?

As long as you do it correctly, crate training is very humane. Once your Golden Retriever has been crate trained, they may often voluntarily use their kennel as a safe or secure spot to relax.

Why should I crate train my Golden Retriever?

When your Golden Retriever is young, leaving them alone can be a disaster (and even unsafe). Many owners choose to crate train their Golden Retrievers so that they’ll have a secure, safe space they can go while they’re alone.

Why can’t I buy my Golden Retriever a bigger crate?

The reason that you need to measure your Retriever before you purchase a crate is that, while bigger crates may mean more room, they can also intimidate your pup too. In some cases, being locked in the crate can feel like being locked inside another room. Some Retrievers may even take advantage of larger crates by using the bathroom (since they can easily just walk to the other side).

How do I know if the crate is comfortable?

Your Golden Retriever may not be able to tell you if the crate is comfortable vocally, but they’ll find other ways to let you know. If your pup refuses to use the crate on their own, it may be a sign that they need comfier bedding or extra padding.


Now that you understand what the best Golden Retriever crates are, it may be time to begin the process of finding the one that’s right for your pup. If you still aren’t sure where to begin, feel free to try one of the kennels we’ve listed above.

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