8 Best Dog Toys for Miniature Schnauzers in 2023

Miniature Schnauzers are easy to recognize thanks to their unique mustache. These small dogs were used as hunting dogs in Germany during the 19th century. Their mustache is actually useful for catching small prey like rats.

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There are three different types of Schnauzers. Miniatures Schnauzers were obtained by breeding standard Schnauzers to obtain smaller dogs. They typically measure between 12 and 14 inches. These small dogs are courageous, resilient, obedient, and very friendly.

They are fun and energetic little dogs who can play rough! They need regular exercise, and you can keep your miniature Schnauzer busy and entertained with the right toys.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Your Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer used to be working dogs. They were either used for hunting or left to run around on farms to get rid of rats. These dogs enjoy working and need activities to prevent boredom.

Playing as a Social Activity

Miniature Schnauzers are friendly and playful dogs who make fantastic companions. They will get attached to their owners and want to feel like they’re part of the family.

They love playtime as long as it’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with their owners. Toys you can use to fetch, and other social games like balls and Frisbees will be a big hit. You can also use soft toys or rope toys to play tug-of-war.

Toys That Encourage Exercise

Weight gain is a common issue with small breeds. Miniature Schnauzers can gain weight if they don’t get enough exercise, which results in a wide range of health problems.

Thankfully, you can prevent weight gain by providing plenty of opportunities to play and exercise. Going for daily walks will help with weight control, but you should also offer toys that are appealing and exciting. We recommend toys with built-in squeakers since most dogs love noise stimulation.

Sturdy Toys

Miniature Schnauzers belong to the terrier family. They share some of the characteristics you will typically find in terrier dogs, such as being spunky and energetic.

These little dogs can get rough with their toys! They will surprise you with their toughness and determination. They can easily destroy soft toys, which is why it’s best to avoid toys with stuffing.

Look for durable toys with quality materials like nylon or rubber. If you offer soft toys, make sure they’re not easy to destroy and contain minimal stuffing.

Toys for Stimulation and Anxiety

Miniature Schnauzers are intelligent dogs who were bred to be working dogs. They can get bored and turn to destructive behaviors if they don’t have anything to do.

You can keep your pooch entertained with a variety of toys and games. Make sure your pet has access to different toys they can use when they’re bored, including chew toys or treat-dispensing toys.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers are small but spunky. These energetic dogs are loyal, fun, and love to spend time with their owners. They need daily exercise to stay in shape and prevent weight gain. Playing helps alleviate boredom, anxiety, and prevents destructive behaviors.

Even though these dogs are small and look like a toy breed, they are full of energy and can play rough. Remember that you’re not getting a toy dog that needs minimal activity! Provide toys that can withstand rough chewing and playing. Choose long-lasting chew toys, avoid toys that could be damaged and become a choking hazard, and don’t offer any soft toys with stuffing.

An adult miniature Schnauzer needs at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. Playing fetch is often a favorite activity because it’s a game with a social element, and these dogs usually love chasing things.

As puppies, miniature Schnauzers are very enthusiastic and energetic. Playtime will help you bond with your new puppy and is an opportunity to teach a few simple commands. Your puppy also needs chew toys and other items they can use to relieve anxiety when they’re alone.

Miniature Schnauzers tend to have unique personalities. Owners often say that their Schnauzer has their own sense of humor! Most Schnauzers have a chasing instinct and love fetching toys, but favorite toys and activities can differ a lot from one pup to another. Introduce different toys to see what your pooch is drawn to, but keep in mind that this breed needs sturdy, quality toys!

Overall Best Dog Toys for Miniature Schnauzers

We’ve compared different dog toys to choose the best products for that energetic breed.

Overall Best:KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

This rubber ball is an excellent choice because KONG is a well-known brand that offers quality dog toys. This toy will last a long time, even if your miniature Schnauzer gets rough with it. It’s resistant to puncture, and the rubber texture delivers plenty of bounce to make chasing the ball even more fun.

The size is ideal for a small dog, and it’s a toy you can use to play with your dog or for independent play.

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Most miniature Schnauzers love chasing toys. You can introduce variety by using different balls.

This ball is an interesting option because it glows in the dark. All you have to do is place the ball under a source of light for a few minutes, and it will retain its luminescence for twenty to thirty minutes.

Chasing a bright object makes playtime more exciting, and it’s easier to keep track of the ball if you play during the evening or in an area with a lot of vegetation.

KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toy

We love this toy because it has a soft texture and is resistant enough to be safe for a dog who chews on everything. The toy features knotted ropes for durability. Your dog will enjoy the texture of the knotted ropes when they chew on the toy, and you can use the ropes to play tug-of-war.

There is a built-in squeaker that makes the toy more appealing. Your dog will enjoy the noise stimulation, and using the squeaker is a fun way of initiating a playtime session. The toy is a safe choice since there is very little stuffing.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball Dog Toy

This ball features indentations, so your miniature Schnauzer can grab it and carry it easily. Your pooch can also grab the ball and manipulate it with their paws.

You can fill the inside of the ball with treats, peanut butter, yogurt, or food kibbles. Your dog has to roll the ball to get the food or treats to come out.

It’s a fun activity that will keep your pup entertained for a while. The treats are a good way of rewarding your dog for interacting with their toys when they’re bored or anxious.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toy

If your miniature Schnauzer enjoys playing with sticks, this toy is going to be a big hit. It’s a sturdy and durable chew toy with a natural wood smell.

It’s shaped like a tree branch. There are different ridges and elements that provide your dog with different angles for holding the toy and chewing on it. This toy is a fun way of promoting dental health, and chewing will help relieve anxiety.

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Dog Toy

We recommend this toy because it will help keep your dog’s teeth clean, and it promotes healthy gums by promoting circulation. It’s a bone-shaped toy with two rawhide pieces. There are nylon and rubber rings next to the rawhide elements that will clean your dog’s teeth while they chew on the rawhide.

You can get rawhide refills once your dog has eaten these elements. This toy will be appealing to any dog who enjoys chewing, and your dog will enjoy the different textures of the rawhide, nylon, and rubber elements.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

These are the toys we recommend to help your new puppy use their energy!

Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy

This sturdy rope toy features a series of knots in the middle and additional knots at the extremities. Chewing on the knots is ideal for an anxious or teething puppy, and your dog will enjoy the different sensations they can experience by chewing on the rope itself or on the knots.

You can use this toy to teach your puppy to fetch or use it to socialize your puppy by playing tug-of-war.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Start Kit Triple Pack

Puppies need softer chew toys because their teeth and gum are more delicate. Chewing is essential when they’re teething, and it helps curb destructive behaviors.

This pack of three chew toys represents an excellent value, and the bone-shaped chew toys are adapted to the needs of your puppy. We think it’s a great way of providing your puppy with different options to keep themselves busy when they’re bored or anxious.

Tips for Entertaining Your Miniature Schnauzer

Each miniature Schnauzer has their own personality and preferences! Most dogs from that breed possess a chasing instinct and will enjoy running after toys, but some miniature Schnauzers have a calmer temperament.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of playtime with your pooch:

  1. Miniature Schnauzers are social dogs. Playing is an occasion to interact with the people they love the most. If you can, turn playtime into a family activity. This is especially important if you have a young puppy who needs socialization.
  2. Take advantage of your dog’s chasing instinct by teaching them to fetch toys. Fetch will quickly become a favorite game and help your pooch stay active.
  3. Miniature Schnauzers need stimulation to relieve anxiety and boredom. Noise stimulation is usually a big hit among terrier dogs. Squeaky toys will make playtime more fun, and noise stimulation can be interesting when your dog is alone.
  4. You might notice some destructive behaviors like chewing if your miniature Schnauzer has to be alone during the day. Provide plenty of chew toys to help with anxiety and boredom.
  5. Your dog needs daily exercise, walks, and playtime. Being active on a daily basis will help with weight control and behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still wondering which toys would be best for your miniature Schnauzer? Read on.

Which toys are best for the temperament and activity level of this breed?

Personality and temperament can vary from one miniature Schnauzer to another. Some are highly energetic, while others are calmer.

It’s best to promote daily exercise and playtime so that your pup can maintain a healthy weight. Toys that are stimulating will help you initiate playtime and keep your dog entertained. We recommend toys with built-in squeakers and flavored chew toys. Don’t hesitate to introduce a variety of toys to see what your dog likes!

What should you look for when purchasing a toy?

Miniature Schnauzers can get rough with their toys. Choose quality products with plenty of excellent reviews. Look for well-known brands, and make sure the toys you choose are made from durable materials.

Avoid soft toys with stuffing. Your dog could easily damage these toys, and the stuffing would become a choking hazard. Supervise your dog when introducing a new toy, inspect toys regularly, and throw away damaged toys.

What will make your miniature Schnauzer happy during playtime?

Miniature Schnauzer love spending time with their owners! It’s important to provide toys they can use when they’re alone and get bored or anxious.

However, these fun and playful dogs will thrive if you provide daily playtime sessions that involve the entire family. Your miniature Schnauzer will love the attention, and social games will keep them happy and entertained.


We selected durable toys with excellent reviews because miniature Schnauzers need durable toys. We recommend introducing different types of toys to see what is appealing to your pooch since miniature Schnauzers usually have unique personalities and preferences.

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