8 Best Dog Collars for German Shepherds in 2024

With their signature black and brown coats, it’s hard to miss the German Shepherd’s muscular form. Most commonly known for their courage, obedience, and intelligence, it’s no wonder this breed has a long history of working alongside military and police personnel.

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Originally, a cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz, bred German Shepherds as herding dogs. Many of the same qualities that people admire in German Shepherds today were the result of careful breeding by Stephanitz and others. Once the demand for sheepherders began to dwindle, German Shepherds were seen as the perfect K-9 worker. With careful training, these dogs worked alongside police and military officers all around the world.

Today, when they aren’t working on K-9 units, German Shepherds are most likely trying to cuddle up with their human companions. If you own a Shepherd or are planning to get one, you might already know how much training and care these dogs require. In addition to plenty of time and energy, your Shepherd will also need essentials like toys, a harness, and a collar.

Contrary to what some owners might tell you, purchasing a collar for your German Shepherd is crucial. Not only does it have leash attachments, but it also helps identify your German Shepherd if they happen to wander off.

Unfortunately, the hard part isn’t usually deciding whether or not to buy a collar–it’s finding the right collar. Some collars might not fit correctly, may chafe your dog’s skin, or just might not last more than a week. The good news, however, is that we’ve done the legwork for you–keep reading for more details about the different types of collars as well as our top picks for the best German Shepherd collars.

What to Look for When Buying a Collar for your German Shepherd

When you’re collar shopping for your pup, there are certain features to pay attention to–such as durability, adjustability, and comfort.

Even if you purchase the correct collar size for your German Shepherd, the chances are that it isn’t a perfect fit. The more that you can adjust the collar, the more likely it is to fit better. If you’re purchasing a collar for a growing German Shepherd puppy, adjustability is even more important. Collars that include buckles or sliders are often more adjustable than ones that don’t.

Durability is another element that can make or break a good collar. German Shepherds tend to be an adventurous breed that loves to rough-house, and if you let them, they’ll easily rip apart a collar within a week. While you can’t always determine how durable a collar is before purchasing it, keep in mind that collars that use durable nylon or polyester tend to last longer than those that don’t use sturdy materials.

The last feature to think about is comfort. Even if the collar fits your German Shepherd correctly, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s comfortable. Collars that use certain rough materials may end up leaving chafe marks behind. One way to keep this from happening is by looking at soft or padded collars that intentionally take measures to prevent skin irritation.

Different Types of Dog Collars for German Shepherds

You might assume that all collars are the same, but there are actually several different types to pick from—and not all of them serve the same purpose.

A choke chain, for instance, is designed to discourage your German Shepherd from pulling on the leash when you walk. The collar does this by applying pressure to your Shepherd’s neck when they pull and gently “choking” them until they stop. While choke chains used to be more popular, many owners have since stopped using them.

What many consider a safer and more humane alternative to the choke chain is a martingale collar. Usually with a loop, a martingale collar will tighten on your Shepherd’s neck when they pull, but not enough to actually choke them. Many martingale collars use humane “closure” features to ensure they don’t apply enough pressure to cause harm.

The shock collar, while controversial, is not unpopular among German Shepherd owners. To prevent excessive barking or to keep their dogs enclosed within a yard, an electronic training collar can help prevent bad behaviors in stubborn or aggressive Shepherds who don’t respond to other forms of training.

Another collar to familiarize yourself with is the reflective collar. When you take your German Shepherd out for a nighttime walk, visibility is crucial. Reflective collars use materials that reflect light in dark spaces–which can help drivers and pedestrians spot your German Shepherd in the dark.

Best Dog Collar for German Shepherds

While there are plenty of dog collars that might be suitable for your German Shepherd, only one can be the best. Check out what we recommend:

EzyDog Checkmate Dog Collar

Best for Every Day Use

For day-to-day use, there’s almost no better option for your German Shepherd than the EzyDog Checkmate Dog Collar. With durable nylon material, the chances of your pup tearing this collar apart are slim.

If your German Shepherd has a bad habit of aggressively pulling on the lead or trying to slip out of his collar, it might be a relief to know that the EzyDog Checkmate Collar is also a martingale collar that will slightly tighten. While this won’t choke or harm your German Shepherd, it might be enough to discourage these bad behaviors in the future.

7 More Highly Rated Dog Collars for German Shepherds

Not every German Shepherd has the same needs, which is why we’ve highlighted seven more of the best German Shepherd collars for you to look at:

Hot Spot Pets Wireless Waterproof Dog Training Collar

Best Electronic Training Collar

Sometimes a martingale collar or obedience training isn’t enough to discourage bad behavior. In that case, the Hot Spot Pets Wireless Waterproof Dog Training Collar may be the ideal choice. As long as your German Shepherd remains with an 800-yard-range, you can use the collar to give either a static shock, beep, or vibration.

Since the intensity of correction matters, there are seven different modes that you can use. It’s worth noting that this collar is also waterproof so you don’t need to worry as much about whatever trouble your German Shepherd might stumble into.

When you don’t need it anymore, you can always recharge the collar easily (and because it has a long-lasting memory function, you shouldn’t need to pair it again either).

PetSafe Premier Quick Snap Martingale Collar

Best No Slip Martingale Collar

If you already know that your German Shepherd enjoys pulling a “Houdini” act with their collar, you might want to consider investing in something like the PetSafe Premier Quick Snap Martingale Collar. With durable nylon and a quick-release buckle, pulling this collar on and off your Shepherd will feel effortless.

However, since the collar tightens when your dog tries to pull, their chances of escaping it are minimal. Keep in mind that while martingale collars like this one are designed for safety and security, it’s not recommended that your German Shepherd  wear this collar while they’re unsupervised.

GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

Best Reflective Collar

For the perfect combination of durability and comfort, the GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar is an ideal option. The collar uses extra-durable BioThane webbing to make sure that it holds up as well as non-corrosive D-ring that’s meant to be long-lasting.

Although many reflective collars might include a place for identification tags, very few of them allow you to laser-engrave up to twenty-five letters on the collar too. Even at night, your German Shepherd’s name will stand out.

Keep in mind that the collar comes in five different adjustable sizes as well as three different color options for you to pick from.

Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace Dog Collar

Best Light Up LED Collar

Regardless of what time you plan to take your German Shepherd out at, almost nothing shines brighter than the Nite Ize NiteHowl Safety Dog Collar. With colorful LED-lights that make the collar pop in low lighting, pedestrians and drivers will have a much easier time spotting your Shepherd while you’re out and about.

In addition to being weather-resistant, this collar is also painless to put on too. Instead of trying to hassle with buckles or straps, all you need to do is securely slip it over your German Shepherd’s head. Keep in mind that, depending on how visible you want your German Shepherd to be, you can switch the collar from steady light to flash mode.

Weaver Pet Sundance Leather Dog Collar

Best Leather Collar

To fit your German Shepherd’s wild, adventurous personality, there’s no better option than the Weaver Pet Sundance Dog Collar. With high-quality skirting leather and oil-rubbed hardware, this collar is handmade locally within the United States.

To add a little extra durability, the collar is riveted at specific stress points to prevent common damages, rips or tears. Whether you’re heading out west or just taking your German Shepherd for a stroll in the park, one thing is for sure: he’ll look just like the spirited cowboy he is.

Link AKC GPS & Activity Monitor Dog Collar

Best GPS Collar

Purchasing a martingale collar can help prevent your German Shepherd from escaping the collar. It doesn’t mean your dog won’t ever wander off while they’re still wearing it. If you already know you own an escape artist, it might be time to think about investing in a tracking collar like the Link AKC GPS Activity & Monitor Smart Collar.

Now, with just the touch of a few buttons on your smartphone, you can determine your German Shepherd’s location at any point during the day. Since the collar is also designed to be waterproof up to three feet, you don’t need to worry about losing track of your Shepherd if they decide to take a dip in the pool.

Yellow Dog Design Comics Printed Dog Collar

Best for German Shepherd Puppies

If your German Shepherd is a superhero or comic book fan, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t deck them out in the Yellow Dog Design Comics Print Adjustable Dog Collar. With this fashionable collar, your German Shepherd puppy will be the talk of the town.

The stylish design is made with durable polyester that’s designed to keep its vibrant appearance as well as resist chewing or fraying over time. Even once your German Shepherd grows into an adult, this collar should still be as bright as the first day you purchased it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my collar be for an adult German Shepherd?

Although every German Shepherd is different, this breed tends to have a unique head shape and a thick neck. Most of the time, an adult German Shepherd’s neck will measure in between eighteen to twenty-four inches wide. While that specific size may vary from collar to collar, you’ll usually need to purchase a large or extra-large.

What size collar should I buy for a German Shepherd puppy?

Like adults, individual sizing charts and breed differences make it difficult to determine what specific size collar that your German Shepherd should wear. Before you buy anything, be sure to measure your puppy’s neck and compare it the product’s sizing chart. Keep in mind that, since puppies will grow, you’ll want to buy a collar that can be adjusted to a bigger size.

Is it a legal requirement for my German Shepherd to wear a collar?

Although different areas have different rules about whether or not a German Shepherd needs to be leashed or wear a collar out in public, many places do prefer it. If you aren’t sure whether or not your current state or city has a law about it, check with a local government official. More often than not, laws regarding dog safety are made by local governments rather than state governments.

How do I know if the collar is uncomfortable for my German Shepherd to wear?

Since your German Shepherd won’t come out and tell you if the collar is too uncomfortable, you’ll need to look for signs of skin irritation. After you take the collar off, look for areas of redness or chafe marks. If the irritation continues after you’ve adjusted the collar, you may want to try a different one (or take your German Shepherd into the vet for a check-up).

Which is the best German Shepherd collars type for my dog?

The best type of collar will usually depend on your German Shepherd’s individual needs. If your pup tries to escape frequently, you might want to invest in a martingale collar or GPS tracking collar. If you know that you’ll need to take your pup out for a few nighttime walks, you may also want to invest in a reflective or light-up collar.


Given all the different types and kinds of collars out there, picking the right one for your German Shepherd can be an intimidating process. Not only do you have to worry about durability and comfort, but you also have to figure out what kind of collar you’ll need for your pup’s specific needs.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hardest part for you–if you aren’t sure where to start looking for the best German Shepherd collars, feel free to try out one of the top picks we’ve listed for you above.

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