6 Best Brushes for a Goldendoodle: Our 2024 Doodle Brush Guide

Goldendoodles are one of the most popular of all designer or “hybrid” dogs. They are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Golden Retrievers are well-known for having a wonderful temperament and being a great family dog. Poodles have a non-shedding coat that makes them a good choice for people who are allergic to dogs. Both breeds are very intelligent and easy to train. By combining the two breeds to produce the Goldendoodle, breeders try to produce a friendly, smart family dog that doesn’t shed.

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In actuality, most Goldendoodles shed very little or not at all. However, they don’t all have the same kind of coat. They can have one of three different kinds of coat: a wavy coat that is usually low maintenance – but they can shed some. These coats have a texture like human hair. Goldendoodles can also have a curly coat like a Poodle. These coats don’t shed and if they are kept short they are easy to manage. If they are long, they require more grooming. Finally, Goldendoodles can have a “fleece” coat. These coats have loose curls and feel soft to the touch. They feel more like hair than wool. Puppies with fleece coats don’t need much coat care but when their adult hair is coming in, they need more grooming. After they have all of their adult hair they typically remain very soft. Some of these dogs will shed more than others but most of the dogs with these coats are suitable for people with allergies.

Even though they shed less than most other breeds, Goldendoodles do require regular brushing, occasional baths, and a little trimming now and then, depending on their coat type. Regular brushing will remove dead hair and prevent mats from forming.

What is the Best Goldendoodle Dog Brush?

There are many good brushes for your Goldendoodle’s coat. Here’s what to look for in a good brush for Goldendoodles.

What to look for in a Good Brush for a Goldendoodle

With so many different kinds of dogs in the world, there are lots of different brushes and other grooming products available. Since Goldendoodles can have different coat types, different dogs can need different brushes. Here are some things to look for in a good brush for your Goldendoodle.

Many good brushes have wooden handles and backs. This is because wood absorbs the oils from your dog’s skin, helping to distribute it through his coat. For a long time wooden brushes were considered the best for grooming and many owners and groomers still consider them best today.

Some brushes with plastic handles and backs can be cheap and inferior in quality but not all of them. It depends on how the brush is made, how it feels, and other factors. Some of these brushes are ergonomic so they fit in your hand well and they’re comfortable to use. Brushes with rubber handles can also makes these brushes more comfortable to use.

Good quality brushes should be well-made and durable. Reading product reviews from groomers and owners who have used the brushes is always helpful. If people report that a brush only lasted a few months, then it’s not worth buying.

Good quality brushes should be comfortable on your dog’s skin and coat when used correctly (any brush or grooming product could irritate your dog’s skin if used incorrectly). And it should, ideally, help your dog look good if it’s the right brush for your dog’s coat. Sometimes it does take some trial and error to choose the best brush for your dog. Most professional groomers have drawers of brushes they have bought to try out before finding a few that they use most often.

Different Types of Brushes for Goldendoodles

There are three different types of brushes and, depending on your Goldendoodle’s coat type, you may need one or more of them.

Bristle brushes vary according to the spacing between the bristles and the length of the bristles. Dogs with long coats tend to need widely-spaced, long bristles. Dogs with short coats need bristles that are closer together and shorter. A dog with coarse hair needs stiffer bristles while a dog with soft hair needs softer bristles. If your Goldendoodle has a curly coat you may not need a regular bristle brush. He may only need a pin brush for grooming and a slicker brush after baths and to cope with any small mats. However, dogs with fleecy or wavy coats may need this kind of brush. You can also use these brushes on Goldendoodle puppies. Historically, the best bristle brushes have had boar bristles or a mix of boar and nylon bristles. Brushes that have only nylon bristles tend to break the hair.

Wire pin brushes may or may not have rubber-tipped ends. Most do not. Pin brushes are a good choice for dogs with medium to long coats and dogs with woolly or curly coats. They are a good choice for most Goldendoodles. Pin brushes have “pins” that separate the hairs in your dog’s coat. A good pin brush should have a good cushion with pins that are strong and smooth. The handle should be comfortable for you to hold. When using a pin brush you shouldn’t scrape your dog’s skin with it. The goal is to brush the hair, not the skin. As with bristle brushes, pin brushes come with pins in different lengths and densities. One common problem with pin brushes is that some of them have a tendency for the pins to push in to the cushion after you use them a while. You can pull the pins back out to where they are supposed to be but once they become loosened the pin brush become less effective.

Slicker brushes have many fine, tiny wire pins set in a cushion bed. These brushes are especially helpful when removing small mats and tangles. They are also good to use after giving a dog a bath. The pins are bendable or flexible. They are very small but you should be careful not to use a slicker over the same place on your dog’s body repeatedly or you could irritate the skin.

Other grooming items that can be useful when grooming a Goldendoodle include a dematting tool to make removing mats easy; and a comb such as a Greyhound comb or finishing comb. Dematting tools include things like the Mars Coat King, the Furminator, undercoat rakes, dematting combs, and others. If your dog has a frequent problem with mats and regular grooming doesn’t solve it, you might consider one of these products. However, you do need to be careful because most of these tools are very sharp. They involved cutting or splitting mats in some way. You might also consider using a detangling conditioner to try to prevent your dog’s coat from tangling or matting so easily. Brushing and grooming your dog often is usually the best way to prevent mats.

If you need a comb for your Goldendoodle, there are many good ones. We like Greyhound combs which are easy to find.

Overall Best Goldendoodle Brush

BEST VALUE: Andis Premium Large Firm Pet Slicker Brush

We like this slicker from Andis with an ergonomic, anti-slip, soft-grip handle and quality construction. The ergonomic handle means less hand fatigue. It has fine wire pins to remove dead hair from your Goldendoodle’s coat. Great for removing tangles and mats, as well as dirt and debris from the coat. This large slicker is good for medium and large dogs, especially dogs with denser fur but it’s also good for other dogs. Andis is another top name in dog grooming products.


5 more Top Quality Goldendoodle Brushes

There are plenty of other pin brushes, slicker brushes, and bristle brushes available. Here are some of the other top quality brushes we like for grooming your Goldendoodle.

JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

The JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin is created specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. Metal teeth in two different lengths lift shedding hair from the undercoat and loosen lightly matted portions of fur. The brush’s teeth are turned 90 degrees away from the skin keeping them parallel to the skin to prevent “raking” the skin. This makes grooming more comfortable for your Goldendoodle. We are happy to recommend this oval pin brush from JW Pet Gripsoft as one of the best brushes for Goldendoodles.

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Another pin brush we like from Andis is the Premium Large Pin Pet Brush. It’s great for removing tangles, dirt, and loose hair. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to avoid any hand or wrist fatigue when you’re grooming your dog. This brush is also great because it distributes your Goldendoodle’s natural oils throughout his or her coat, promoting growth and healthy looking hair.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush has quickly won the respect of pet owners. It removes loose undercoat, tangles, and mats. It’s good for dogs of all sizes and coat types. And the bristles/pins can slip deep into your dog’s coat without scratching his skin. Perhaps what pet owners like best is the slicker’s self-cleaning function. Click a button and the pins retract, making the hair easy to wipe off. The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker has a comfort, anti-slip grip to prevent wrist strain.

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

This combination bristle and pin brush from Safari is popular with many dog owners. It’s good for anyone who has a medium or large dog. The bristle side distributes your dog’s natural oils through his coat when you brush. The pin brush side separates the hair and keeps it free of mats and tangles. Great for lifting out loose hair and any debris. This combo brush is a good way to promote a shiny, healthy coat for your Goldendoodle.

Four Paws Magic Coat Pin Brush for Dogs

The Four Paws Magic Coat Pin Brush for Dogs has comfort tips to make grooming a comfortable experience for your Goldendoodle. The metal pins help to reduce knots and tangles, keeping your dog’s coat looking well-groomed. Another feature that many pet owners love is the massaging effect of the pins that stimulate the dog’s skin and promote healthy coat growth and shine.


Although there are lots of brushes, taking care of your Goldendoodle’s coat is not really that difficult. Use a slicker brush to work on minor tangles or mats. The slicker is also good to gently brush out your dog after a bath. Use a pin brush on your dog if he has longer or curlier hair. If your dog has longer hair or fleecy/wavy coat, a bristle brush can also be useful. Basically, use what works on your dog’s particular coat. It may take a little trial and error to find out what works best on your dog. Remember that your Goldendoodle’s coat can change from when he’s a puppy to when he’s an adult dog. That’s not unusual. As this happens you may need to add a brush so you can take care of your dog’s coat in the best way.best dog brush for a goldendoodle

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