4 Best Great Dane Dog Crates in 2024

Looking for the best Great Dane crates for your canine companion? We’ve decided to put together a complete guide for you to check out. We’re going to cover all of the different types available, how to choose the correct size, and our favorite picks!

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Keep on reading to find out everything you’d ever need to know about the best Great Dane crates out there. At the end of our guide, we’ll even give you our greatest tips on how best to crate train your big, lovable dog!

Different Types of Great Dane Crates

Before taking a look at what specific model crates are available, let’s explore what types you can purchase. There are several different materials used in the construction of crates and they all have pros and cons. Here they are:

  1. Hard-sided: Heavy duty crates are ideal for larger breeds of dog, such as the Great Dane. They’re tough to escape from and built to last. If you’re looking for something secure (while still being comfortable), these are ideal. Due to the way they’re built, however, these type of crates are usually a pain to move around.
  2. Wire: These type of crates are often the most portable of the lot (as they’re sometimes collapsible) and can be a great choice for your Great Dane if they enjoy looking around while relaxing. They’re well-ventilated and easy to clean. The only downside is that they can sometimes be quite heavy and make a lot of noise if your dog is the rowdy kind.
  3. Soft-sided: As comfortable and plush as soft-sided crates are they’re also not best suited for larger dogs like Great Danes. They’re perfect for small dogs because of how soft and lightweight they are. You’ll never fit a big dog in these, though!
  4. Portable: Portable crates are perfect for pups and ideal to travel with. Unfortunately, much like soft-sided versions, it’d be near impossible to find a portable crate big enough to fit a Great Dane in (and be light enough to carry around). There are larger options which are portable due to being able to fold them down or take them apart, however.
  5. Plastic: The plastic variety of crates are great options for shy dogs who love a little seclusion and enclosure while they nap away. They’re not as easy to clean as other crates out there but they are usually really simple to store (more often than not they split into two parts). Another great point for plastic crates is the fact that they’re not as easy to escape from as others.
  6. Furniture Style: Sometimes known as fashion crates, the ‘furniture style’ option is a great choice for dog owners who are conscious about how their crates look. Functional and great to look at, they can be used as side tables and coffee tables at the same time as being a dog crate. The only downside to these crates is the fact they’re made of wood and can be damaged by overactive dogs.

As your dog is a Great Dane, there will be several options above which simply aren’t suitable for you to purchase. Your pet isn’t going to fit into a small, soft-sided crate and it may be too active to be trusted in a furniture style model.

Don’t worry, though, as there are plenty of other choices for you to go with. Wire models and hard-sided crates are the perfect way to keep a Great Dane secure. We’ll dive deeper into the different crates on the market a little later, though,

Now that you have a better idea of the different type of crates available, let’s take a look at how best to determine what size crate you’ll need for your pet Great Dane.

How to Determine Which Size of Crate to Get for a Great Dane

Great Danes are naturally a large breed of dogs. At full maturity, they can weigh up to 200 pounds! Even when they’re puppies, Great Danes can be huge compared to other breeds. Because of this, finding a crate large enough to house your doggy best friend can be a bit of a headache.

With such long legs and a long body, it can sometimes be hard to estimate the correct size crate. If you’re unsure what size to go for, and don’t want to play the guessing game, here’s how you measure:

  1. For the length, measure from nose to tail (add an extra 2-4 inches).
  2. For the height, measure from the top of the head – or ears, if large and erect – to the floor.
  3. For the width, simply measure the widest part of your dog (and add a few inches).
Once you have all of these figures, it’ll be easy to find a crate that will fit your dog perfectly (while still giving it enough room to relax and be comfortable). Make sure you add those extra inches on to your measurements and don’t just buy the smallest possible size. It’s important that your dog is comfortable and can rest properly inside the crate.

Now that you know how to measure and you know the different types of crates available, let’s see what models there are out there and take a look at their pros and cons.

Overall Best Great Dane Crate

We’re starting off our list of the best Great Dane crates with our overall top pick! It might be an unusual choice, but we thought you’d love to hear our opinion straight off the bat. Here’s our best of the bunch:

Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate

This Frisco model of dog crate is absolutely perfect for big Great Danes who need enough room to be comfortable and secure. It’s an inexpensive, wire crate and comes fitted with two doors, for added ease-of-use. What’s not to love about it?

The plastic pan in the base is super easy to clean and ensures your dog is always going to be comfortable. Speaking of comfort, this thing can fit huge dogs (just look at the name – XX-Large Heavy Duty). No matter what size your Great Dane is, it’ll have more than enough room to rest and relax in here.

The very few cons we saw in customer reviews stated that it can be a pain to put together on your own and is hard to move. The weight is to be expected when you consider the size of this thing. With regards to putting it together, recruit a friend to give you a hand if you’re having trouble.

With such a high-quality crate (at an amazing price point), we can’t recommend this model enough. It’ll be perfect for your Great Dane and will teach them all about obedience and relaxing. Here’s a quick look at a few pros and cons so you can learn more at a glance:


  • Rugged and built for big dogs
  • Two doors for convenience
  • Multiple latches and locks
  • The perfect size for Great Danes
  • Super easy to clean


  • Can be tough to put together
  • Heavy when moving

Now that you know what our overall best is, let’s check out the rest…

3 More Top Rated XXL Crates for Great Danes

We might have suggested our top pick first, but these next three models are still some of the best on the market. Check out our other top-rated suggestions for XXL dogs:

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

If you’re looking for something super sturdy, heavy-duty, and as secure as they come, then this Impact dog crate model is the perfect purchase. It’s strong, aluminum build won’t budge when your dog tries to chew its way out and it’s non-corrosive – even better!

Here’s the pros and cons:


  • Strong as they come
  • Large enough for the biggest breeds
  • Easily folds down for storage/travel
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Customizable


  • Not the best for extremely anxious dogs
  • More expensive than other options

Next up we have…

MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate

This crate – from WidWest – is super-sized and has the perfect amount of room for your Great Dane to relax and feel comfortable. The wire material allows your dog to look around and feel at ease when he’s inside.

Here’s the pros and cons:


  • Double door configuration
  • Easy to clean tray
  • Three secure latches
  • Huge (for large breeds)


  • Tough to assemble if you’re inexperienced
  • Hard to move around
  • Wire crates can be noisy

Finally, the last entry…

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

Another crate from MidWest on our list; this is a huge, wire crate and is extra useful for rambunctious dogs who need a lot of room to relax in. This giant crate is sturdy, made to last, and will provide ample security for your Great Dane.

Here’s the pros and cons:


  • No hassle to clean
  • Made for large breeds – extra roomy
  • Drop pin construction wire
  • L-hook (to stop bending and bowing)
  • Two doors


  • Once again, another crate you might need a hand putting together
  • As with all wire crates, these can be noisy when your dog moves around

So, we’ve covered the crates available on the market – what’s next?

5 Tips to Introduce your Great Dane to their New Crate

Now that you have a better idea of what type of crate to choose for your Great Dane, let’s move on to a list of tips for how to introduce your pet to their new crate. Crating can be a great way to train your dog, keep them safe, and teach them obedience sensibly.

Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Place the crate somewhere where you, your family, and the dog spend a lot of time. They’ll be more inclined to enter it and will feel more comfortable. It’s important for your dog to be as at ease as possible.
  2. Putting a soft blanket, towel, or favorite dog toy in the inside of the crate will encourage your Great Dane to get inside and make them feel more at ease. They’ll also be more inclined to nap in there.
  3. Another great way to encourage your dog to get inside the crate of their own volition is to place treats inside for it. You can use tasty treats like pieces of chicken (or other meats) or just dog biscuits.
  4. Each time you feed your dog, try and do it by placing the food bowl inside of the crate. If they’re hesitant about getting inside then put it right at the entrance and move it further inside each meal to get them used to it.
  5. Only leave your dog at home alone in the crate when they’re fully used to the process and completely comfortable. Your dog might become uneasy if you try and leave it alone in there too soon and will be hesitant to get back in again.

Of course, all dogs are different, and dogs with large personalities (like Great Danes) can sometimes be troublesome and mischievous when they’re first learning how to use their crate properly. Stick at it and make sure you utilize our tips properly. Sooner or later, your dog will feel at home in their new crate.

If your pet is acting up and feeling anxious and nervous around the crate, perhaps it’d be a good idea to work with a professional dog trainer. These guys can help your dog learn obedience and become used to the crate – so it might be worth a shot!

So, that’s it – we’ve reached the end of our complete guide to the best Great Dane crates. Now let’s move on to our final thoughts.

The Conclusion

With all of the great crates we’ve listed, you’ll have a lot of options to look at for your Great Dane. Hopefully, some of the advice we’ve provided make it easier for you to choose which one will best suit your canine companion.

We hope that our handy tips and in-depth guide help you make the best decision for you and your dog!

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